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Have you ever think of starting recharge card printing business in Nigeria but don’t know how?

I guess that’s why you landed here.

There are tons of business ideas in Nigeria which you can engage yourself in, to become your own boss. Either you’re thinking of making money as a student in Nigeria, a stay-at-home wife, or a frustrated graduate, I dedicate this blog to you all to get new business ideas around you and how you can make hefty income online.

Here, I have shared different business ideas ranging from how to start egg delivery business in Nigeria and others. But, this post is a guide for those who wish to venture into the recharge card printing business in Nigeria with “infinite” money-making possibilities.

Whatever your question about this business maybe, this post has got you covered. All you need is to keep your eyes wide not to miss any words here.

But you may be asking…..

Is Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria Profitable?

Yes, it is profitable!

In fact, this business has been turning many Nigerians who venture into it to become financially stable. I bet you can even do well to join the lead of those making money in Nigeria from the Recharge Card business.

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But to be sincere, it takes diligence, dedication, and a little bit of “hard-work”. I know you already know this already.

Proofs the Recharge Card Printing Business is Profitable in Nigeria

Recent reports have from NCC (Nigeria Communication Commission) shows that there are presently 173 million active subscribers in Nigeria’s telecoms industry. The number is pretty huge and you too can earn a lot of money if you tap into this great pool of subscribers.

According to recent statistics, Nigerians spend about N197 billion on data subscription per monthly, and N256 billion on airtime purchase across different telecoms. Totally N453 billion every month!

This is to prove the huge amount of money being made in the sector which you can partake in.

How Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria Works

In recharge card printing business in Nigeria, your job is to get the PINs, print them out on standard sheets of paper (at least that’s what we use these days), give them out to distributors or better still — if you’ve got time, engage in the distribution yourself.

So you see it’s pretty simple, there isn’t much stress, just sit in front of your PC and begin printing out money, sorry recharge cards.

Here is another big deal…..

Just like the food business, this is one business that isn’t fading away anytime soon. The reason is, as long as we yearn for communication, people will always buy recharge cards, either for data or airtime.

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Most people spend more than N20,000 monthly on data only, some spend a similar amount on airtime. This seems like an interesting business (it’s actually interesting) that’s why I’ve decided to write about it.

How can I really start this business?

Let see the requirements before getting started.

Requirements for Starting Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

  • Laptop:

This should be the number one tool on your list, with this you can print any amount of recharge card.

  • Email address:

Recharge PINs will be sent to you via email so you’ll be needing it

  • Recharge Card Printing software:

They are lots of recharge card printing software available for purchase, with at least N10,000 you can get a good software – Get the recharge card printing software for just N9,500 with us

  • Paper:

Paper, it’s also a necessity, you’ll be needing much of it. You can start with little quantity in the meantime.

  • Internet connection:

You won’t be needing much of it — but just so you know

  • Printer:

Any basic printer that can print legibly will be good for a start.

Now, let start discussing what you’re here for;

Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria: Step-by-Step Guide to Start

1.   Get the requirements

With the aforementioned equipment in place, you’re well on your way to starting this lucrative business.

We don’t need to talk too much about this. But you may be asking…

How much do I need to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria?

Well, to start this recharge card printing business in Nigeria, take a look at this break down:

  • Laptop – Fairly used will cost N40,000 upwards
  • Recharge Card Printing Software – N10,000 (contact me to get yours)
  • Standard A4 Paper – N2,000
  • Printer – You can get from N20,000
  • Data connection – Your usual data connection is enough
  • PINs – let say N95 for a card, making N9,500 for 100 pieces of recharge card

The total is approximate to N80,000.

But in most cases, you may have a laptop… So deducting that means you need something like N45,000 to start this business.

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But what if you’re lucky to get the recharge card printing software for free? It means you’ll need to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria with just N35,000.

So, you’ve got the requirement, let move on to the next step.

2.  Define Your Model for this Business:

You need to decide if you’d like to be a major dealer, or you just won’t go on and print.

Being a major dealer will require you to get a store, and much more equipment, otherwise you could just be basic and make use of your living space.

Also you’ll need to decide on which network(s) you’ll like to print. Do you want to be printing all the four major networks, what amount will you be printing out?

All these should come to your mind, for starters, I’ll suggest you start with one network — the one that’s popular in your vicinity. Once that’s sorted out, think of the value of the voucher you’d like to print, N100, N200, N500, or N1,000.

Link up with me and I will connect you with someone great!

3.   Contact the Network Provider

After this you can go ahead and visit any of their offices to get official information from them.

Or you could follow these procedures:

·        Starting Recharge Card Printing Business with MTN Nigeria:

Send an email stating your intent to this email address >>

·        Starting Recharge Card Printing Business with 9Mobile Nigeria:

Send an email stating you’ll like to start printing their recharge vouchers >>

·        Starting Recharge Card Printing Business with GLO Nigeria:

You’ll have to visit their store in other to get started. You can see a list of stores near you here:

·        Starting Recharge Card Printing Business with Airtel Nigeria:

Just like Globacom, you’ll still need to pay them a visit to get more info, you can check out their stores here >>

After contacting them, the next thing is to;

4.  Getting the Recharge Card Printing Software

Recharge printing software is of many types and got many requirements. You can get the software from the telecoms, or any dealer you’re dealing with.

The recharge card printing software has the ability to decrypt encrypted PINs that’ll be sent to you (normally via email).

These PINs are encrypted so as to prevent interception from malicious persons who may try to steal the PINs, if you’ve sent the PINs and you don’t have the corresponding software to decrypt it, it’s basically useless. So that’s the importance of this software — helping to cut losses and reduce risks.

This software can be purchased ranging from N10,000 upwards – and it’s once in lifetime payment as long as you installed it in your PC and back up the file somewhere safe. Contact me to get you the recharge card printing software in Nigeria.

5. Getting To Recharge PINs

Upon registering with a dealer or telco (which I can link you up with), you’d be given official communication channels, software, and other helpful guides.

Using the appropriate communication channels, you could request for PINs and they’ll be forwarded to you via your provided email (what you used during registration), with the aid of the software, you can decrypt the PINs, so as to enable the move to the next step.

How much is Recharge Card ePins in Nigeria

According to my experience with this business, you can get the N100 recharge PINs for as low as N95 – N97 for each 100 recharge cards in Nigeria.

The N200 recharge card ePins can be gotten at the rate of N193.

But here is the truth you need to know;

The bulky (or more) ePins you buy and print, the more profit you’ll earn

Recharge card printing business in Nigeria is profitable, but become of the low earning on N100 cards, some people have given up. Meanwhile, if you’re printing the N100 cards together with other units like N200 and upward, you’ll earn some profit at the end of the day.

6.   Printing

Remember I told you we’ll be needing a printer in this business, well it’s time we put it into use.

After decrypting the encrypted PINs using the software on your PC, you’re almost ready to start making your first profit from the recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

Also, you’ll need the standard A4 paper for your printing, your printer quality should be very good so as to increase legibility because subscribers don’t like stressing their eyes.

Print as many copies as you be able to sell, once this is done, you can start distributing your products.

NOTE: You can only print out the number of PINs you bought. It’s not something that you buy once and it will start multiplying itself.

7.   Marketing your recharge cards to customers

I’m tempted to say that this is one of the most important factors to consider before starting a recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

This is where the market survey comes in, you’ll need to know recharge card retailers and wholesalers in your vicinity, establish a business relationship with them. You can even start by selling at a discounted rate.

All these should be done to attract your initial customers, which will in the long run introduce you to other wholesalers/retailers.

You could decide to go to the lone-wolf-way and do this on your own, or you could employ someone who will be in charge of distributing the vouchers to your customers.

Whichever path suits you based on your budget, you’re at liberty to choose.

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8. Register Your Business Name

You have done some great job and I strongly commend you for that.

But that’s not all you need to. In order to fully establish your recharge card printing business in Nigeria, you’ll need to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC.

Registering your business will boost your morale and your potential customers will trust that you’re the perfect recharge card printing dealer they can rely on, without getting scammed.

So, how I register my business name in Nigeria?

Good question!

To register your business name in Nigeria, you’ll need to choose a unique business name, reserve the name on the CAC portal, Get availability code, register your business, get approval, download and upload documents and finally collect your business name registration certificate.

I know that the explanation above might sounds difficult but, don’t worry as I fully got you covered.

I have written a blog post that can help you with how you can perfectly register your business in Nigeria. Go here to read it now!

After registering your business successfully, you’re now eligible to do your recharge card printing business in Nigeria without any issue.

But note that this is advisable but not compulsory.

Wrapping up: Start a Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

Contact me to get you the recharge card printing software, activation code.

We’ve taken through the steps required for starting a recharge card printing business in Nigeria, as you can see, it isn’t much of difficult business, yet you still make good amount of money.

If your customer base increases, it’ll be advisable you expand, employ more hands, and maybe get a shop if you don’t have one.

Thanks for reading.

Kindly subscribe to our newsletter and stay connected for more business ideas and make money online tips in Nigeria!

Stephen is a Frontend engineer, technical writer, owner and part-time blogger here at Gbolamedia, incoming data scientist, an enthusiastic cynophilist, and a curious introvert. Stephen is currently available for full-time, part-time or contract-base role. Contact him here: on WhatsApp or check him on Linkedin



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                    Shopping with Heroshe: Shipping from the UK to Nigeria and Ghana



                    As the world has become a global village with the internet, borders are no longer barriers to shopping, especially in African countries. Heroshe continues to defy the odds with her seamless shopping experience on the continent.

                    The first time I used Heroshe to ship some items from the USA to my place here in Nigeria, I became an unofficial ambassador of the company. Not just me, a lot of people are giving the company great reviews too.

                    If you need a succinct review of Heroshe, kindly check the previous post published here.

                    Previously, Heroshe only shipped from the USA to Nigeria, but the good news now is that Heroshe has started facilitating shipments from the UK to Nigeria and Ghana.

                    What does this new update mean?

                    You now have more choices to buy a range of products from any store in the UK or USA and get it to your place in Nigeria or Ghana.

                    For instance, if you want to buy anything gadgets or appliances, you know that USA online stores like Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, etc. are there for you. 

                    The UK is known for luxury brands for fashion and apparel ranging from classic tailoring on London’s Savile Row to trendy streetwear from brands like Topshop. Or maybe footwear from brands like Clarks and Dr. Martens. Or stylish and eclectic home decor items from classic homeware at John Lewis to contemporary designs at Habitat.

                    This new update from Heroshe really opens the door to a broader range of products!

                    How to Ship Items from the UK Using Heroshe

                    Just like shipping from the US, the process remains simple and efficient, ensuring that shopping across from the UK stores to Nigeria and Ghana is a hassle-free experience.

                    Here’s how to start;

                    1. Sign Up or Log In

                    If this is your first time hearing about Heroshe, you will need to create an account before you can do anything.

                    If you click here to sign up, you’ll be given $2 in your Heroshe wallet, I will also earn the same for inviting you (Note that this is not compulsory).

                    If you’re an existing user, simply login to your account.

                    1. Get Your UK Address

                    You don’t need to do or pay for anything, once you sign up successfully, login to your account, and your personalized UK address will be waiting for you.

                    You can use this address on any store you’re shopping from, as the personalized address acts as a local point of contact between you and the store vendor.

                    Once the vendor sends the item(s) to your UK address, Heroshe will take over the rest.

                    1. Start Shopping

                    Go to any UK store of your choice, go to the settings tab, and change your location or address to this personalized UK address given to you by Heroshe.

                    (Note that you don’t need a VPN while you’re exploring items on the UK stores, in fact, don’t use a VPN at all as the online stores may detect it and your account may be banned.)

                    Once you change the address on the store to your UK address, start browsing for items, add items to your cart, and proceed to checkout.

                    1. Delivery to Your UK Address

                    Once you are done paying for the items, the online store will send your package to the UK address you added.

                    And Heroshe will immediately notify you once they receive your items.

                    From there, you can start tracking the day you’ll receive the items in Nigeria or Ghana.

                    1. Get your items in Nigeria or Ghana

                    After 14 days the items get to your UK address, and Heroshe will send them to your country.

                    Note that you will need to use PayPal to top up your Heroshe wallet so that you can pay the shipping fee. If you don’t have one, watch this YouTube video for a guide to create one for free.

                    If you’re in Nigeria, your items will land in Lagos, if you’re in Ghana, they will send the item to your house directly.

                    You can then go to the Lagos warehouse and pick up your item free of charge.

                    But if you’re not in Lagos, don’t worry, Heroshe is not leaving you yet, until you get and confirm the item(s). At this junction, you can ask Heroshe to ship the items down to your city but you’ll pay a small fee of course.

                    In my own case, I live in Osun State, here in Nigeria and Heroshe sent the item to me via a logistics company, not even a public bus.

                    So either you go to the Lagos warehouse to pick up your item for free, or you pay a small fee to have it delivered to your city. Either way, Heroshe promises you will get your items.

                    Shipping from the UK to Nigeria or Ghana is as simple as that. 

                    But there’s a problem. 

                    Not with Heroshe but with Nigeria and/or Ghana. Most of the time, it is very difficult to pay for items in foreign stores.

                    You did nothing wrong but your card will be declined because of where you’re coming from.

                    That’s a really big problem.

                    We thought virtual dollar card providers were here to help but they all turned out to be something we’d never expect.

                    Don’t give up, Heroshe can still help you.

                    Aside from shipping, Heroshe also offers “Buy for Me” services.

                    What is Heroshe’s Buy for Me?

                    Heroshe - Shipping from the UK

                    Image Credit:

                    Picture the Heroshe’s Buy for Me as someone you send to the market to help you buy groceries. 

                    You give an item of what you want to buy to the person, you give the person the money to buy the items and also, you pay for his time and transport.

                    All you have to do is to expect the person to hand over the groceries to you.

                    That makes sense right?

                    Heroshe can become your shopper, all you need to do is to contact them that you would like to use their Buy for Me services and the customer care rep will take it up with you.

                    UPDATE: I contacted Heroshe support a few hours ago and I learned that the buy-for-me service is currently on hold, so depending on when you are reading this, kindly contact the support if the service is available.

                    What you need to know about Heroshe’s Buy for Me services

                    • Heroshe will not recommend or scout for items, you will send them links to your preferred items and they’ll buy them for you.
                    • Heroshe’s Buy for Me services cost an additional 20%. E.g if the item you’re buying is $200, you’ll be paying $240 in total or its equivalent in your local currency.
                    • Paying the 20% additional fee doesn’t mean you’ll not pay for shipping, you’ll still pay for shipping.

                    And that takes us to the next big question;

                    How much does Heroshe charge for shipping items from the UK?

                    Heroshe charges $8 per lb or pound to ship from the UK down to Lagos in Nigeria where you can go pick it up for free.

                    If you cannot go to the Lagos pickup station for your items, Heroshe will charge you an additional $15 to send the item to your house in Lagos.

                    If you’re outside Lagos, Heroshe charges an additional $20 to get the item to your city.

                    Heroshe doesn’t have a pickup station in Ghana for now, so the cost to get your item from the UK to your house in Ghana is $18 per lb or pound.

                    It is also worth noting that Heroshe would round up any float to a whole number.

                    For instance, if the weight of the item you want to ship is 10.5, heroshe will round it up to 11. If it’s 2.5, it’ll become 3.

                    What’s the breakdown to ship from the UK to Nigeria or Ghana?

                    The breakdown to ship your items from the UK to Nigeria or Ghana with Heroshe (Let’s assume the weight is 4.5 lbs) will look like this:

                    • If you’re shipping to Ghana

                    Cost of item —- $200

                    Buy for me  —- $40

                    Ship to Ghana – $90 (5 x 18)

                    Total           —– $330

                    So you’ll be paying Heroshe a total cost of $330 and if you can pay for the item yourself, remove the Buy for Me, you’ll now be paying $290.

                    • If you’re shipping to Nigeria 

                    Cost of item ——- $200

                    Buy for Me  ——- $40

                    Ship to Lagos —- $40 (5 x 8)

                    Total             —— $280

                    If you can pay for the item yourself, you’ll be paying $240 to Heroshe. If you want to get the item in your house in Lagos, you’ll be paying an additional $15. If you’re outside Lagos, you’ll pay an additional $20.

                    If you want to pay yourself, you might consider using reliable card providers. For instance, Chipper Cash works for me

                    Start shopping beyond borders with Heroshe!

                    Heroshe’s expansion to support shipping from the UK to Nigeria and Ghana marks a significant stride towards creating a truly global shopping experience. 

                    With its user-friendly platform, cost-saving features, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Heroshe continues to be a frontrunner in transforming international shopping into a seamless, accessible, and exciting endeavor. Say goodbye to borders and hello to a world of shopping possibilities with Heroshe.

                    This update not only reflects Heroshe’s commitment to customer satisfaction but also its dedication to staying at the forefront of international shopping trends. 

                    As the world of e-commerce continues to evolve, Heroshe remains a reliable companion for shoppers seeking the best of both local and global markets.

                    Sign up here to get started.

                    If you have any questions that are not covered in this blog post, kindly contact Heroshe customer support on Twitter or on the website.

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                    How to Get Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) in Nigeria



                    Getting a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) in Nigeria is very simple, fast, and free of charge. I’ll be showing you how to get one for yourself or your business.

                    But before then, Why do you need TIN?

                    Taxpayer Identification Number (or “TIN”) is simply a number attached to you or your business that keeps track of your tax history.

                    it is an important number that every individual and business must have because it is your responsibility as a citizen of a country or a business in that country to pay Tax to the government.

                    Recently, a popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo was given a 7-day ultimatum to pay her ₦18m tax bill or she’ll be probed.

                    I was trying to create an Upwork account last week and I was asked to drop my TIN before I can fully utilize Upwork’s services.

                    Aside from paying Taxes, you need a TIN if you want to open a corporate bank account for your business or company.

                    And depending on what you need from Banks or any institution such as a loan or grant, they may require your TIN.

                    If you’re a freelancer or someone trying to apply for a job abroad, your TIN may be compulsory before you’re considered.

                    So let me show you how to get Personal and Business TIN in Nigeria starting with personal first;

                    How to Get Personal TIN in Nigeria

                    You can decide to visit the local FIRS in your city or local government to apply manually or you do it online.

                    If you want to do it online yourself, continue reading.

                    The requirement to Get a Personal TIN in Nigeria

                    • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
                    • National Identification Number (NIN)
                    • Date of Birth
                    • An Email Address
                    • A passport photograph

                    If you have those items in place, let’s go!

                    Step 1: Go to this link:


                    Step 2: Fill in all the details and hit the search button.

                    Note: The reason why you’re searching is that it is very possible that a TIN has been automatically created for you.

                    Step 3: If no record is found, proceed to submit a request by filling in the next form

                    Step 4: Once you submit a request, you’ll receive a confirmation email that your request has been processed.

                    Here is what it looks like:

                    Taxpayer identification number TIN in Nigeria


                    Note: Your request ID should be hidden from any other person.


                    Now you’re asked to wait while your request is processed.

                    Now the question is how long will it take to get your TIN?

                    The answer is within a week.

                    I got mine in just 5 days (weekends included).

                    The Taxpayer identification number TIN in Nigeria


                    That’s how the email with your TIN will look like.

                    Now, let’s talk about non-individual taxpayer numbers.

                    How to get Non-individual TIN for your business, company, or startup in Nigeria

                    Just like we did individual TIN, the same approach is applicable here.

                    But let’s talk about the requirements.

                    Requirements to Get Non-individual TIN in Nigeria

                    • Your CAC registration details

                    That simply means you must have registered your business, startup, or company with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

                    If you haven’t, read this guide on how to register your business in Nigeria. For a company or startup, you should use the service of a lawyer.

                    Note: TIN is always registered for your business or company automatically upon registering with CAC. So you may not need to create TIN as a standalone.

                    But if there’s a reason TIN is not created for you, proceed to do it yourself.

                    Here is how:

                    Step 1: Go to this link:


                    Step 2: Fill in the details required and submit your request.

                    Step 3: Wait for a confirmation email and subsequently wait for your TIN in a few days.

                    That’s how everything about getting a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) in Nigeria.

                    But here are a few questions and answers about TIN registration in Nigeria

                    Q: How much does it cost to get a TIN in Nigeria?

                    A: It’s free of charge.

                    Q: How long does it take to get a TIN in Nigeria?

                    A: Less than a week.

                    Q: Who needs a TIN in Nigeria?

                    A: Every individual and business entity in the country.

                    Q: How do I verify a TIN in Nigeria?

                    A: To verify a TIN, go to, and fill in the details accordingly.

                    Q: How do I get a TIN certificate in Nigeria?

                    A: Go to the link above, once you verify, a button to download the certificate.

                    That’s How to Getting a TIN in Nigeria 

                    If you have any further questions about Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) in Nigeria, kindly consult the local FIRS office in your local government.

                    Or contact the Joint Tax Board below

                    Contact Jtb for TIN in Nigeria

                    Now you don’t have any problem getting a TIN in Nigeria. You’re welcome.


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                    GIG Logistics Branches and Location (Addresses) in Nigeria



                    GIG Logistics by GIG Mobility is one of the leading logistics companies in Nigeria due to the company’s mode of operation. Delivery is fast and the fee is not as expensive as other competitors.

                    If you’re trying to ship your stuff across the country, or to other countries like in Africa, the USA, the UK, etc., GIG Logistics can be your sure plug.

                    But as a new customer, you may not know how to contact them. The good news is that you can do more with the company via their website ( 

                    But in case you need to visit one of their branches very close to you, and you don’t know where to go, I will be covering that in this blog post.

                    RELATED: How to Start A Successful Logistics Business

                    Important Notice: In case you don’t find your city on the list, don’t panic. GIG Logistics can still deliver to you but you may need to contact them via email or telephone call if you’re the one sending.

                    If you’re not sending but receiving, you don’t need to stress yourself, just be available when it’s time for delivery.

                    GIG Logistics Delivery Vans

                    GIG Logistics Delivery Vans

                    You can easily click on your state in the table of content below rather than scrolling and scrolling till you miss what you’re looking for.

                    Here are the locations;

                    GIG Logistics branches and location in Nigeria

                    • GIG Logistics Head Office in Nigeria

                    GIG Logistics Digital Hub. No 1 Sunday Ogunyade Street, Gbagada Expressway, Beside Eterna Fuel Station, Gbagada Lagos, Nigeria.

                    • Abuja (FCT)


                    SICCONS PLAZA, Opposite Unity House, Beside Lifemate Furniture, Garki Area 11


                    House 38, 3rd Avenue Gwarimpa, Opposite Union Bank Abuja.


                    No 10 Ajibade plaza beside okay Japan Electronics.Park Road Gwagwalada .

                    Kubwa 1

                    Block, 43, Gado Nasko way, opp 2/2 Court Kubwa.

                    Kubwa 2

                    Opposite Ignobis hotel plot 17 Gidin dutse layout, kubwa.

                    Utako 2

                    Abraham Plaza, Suite A13 Plot, 6 A.E. Ekukinam St, Utako Abuja

                    Wuse 2

                    80 Aminu Kano crescents opposite Sherif plaza beside Wema Bank Banex wuse 2

                    Maraba Experience Center



                    Madalla by Mobil, along Abuja – Kaduna Express Road.

                    Utako 1

                    Plot 113 I.V.W. Osisiogu Street, beside Utako Police Station Utako Abuja.


                    206, Zuba Market, Opp. Lagos Line, Zuba

                    • Lagos State

                    Alaba International

                    Cs1 Ground Floor Corner Stone Plaza By Dobbil Avenue Along Phone Village Road, Electronics Section Alaba International Market.

                    Ajah 1

                    KM 25, Lekki-Epe Express way, Ajiwe-Ajah.

                    Ajah 2

                    KM 22, Lekki-Epe Express way, Opp. Jeffrey’s Plaza, by Abraham Adesanya Roundabout, Ajah.


                    41 Shasha Road, Akowonjo Junction, Dopemu, Lagos.


                    Km 36, Lekki-Epe Express Way, by Ogunfayo Bus Stop, Eputu, Awoyaya Lagos.

                    Cele Okota

                    103, Okota Road, Cele.


                    1st Avenue Road, Festac first gate, besides INEC office, Festac town, Lagos.


                    7, Hospital Rd, Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos.

                    Gbagada Express Center

                    GIG Logistics Digital Hub. No 1 Sunday Ogunyade Street, Gbagada Expressway,Beside Eterna Fuel Station, Gbagada Lagos


                    9, Medical Road, former Simbiat Abiola Way, Opp, Zenith Bank.


                    103 Awolowo road, Ikoyi Lagos.


                    16 Ikosi Road, Ketu Lagos.


                    Sabo Road Garage, Ikorodu.


                    29, Idimu Road, Opp. Local Govt, Council, Ikotun, Lagos.


                    13C Ilupeju Byepass, Ilupeju, Lagos.

                    International trade fair

                    Shop D77 & D78, Abia Plaza, BBA, Lagos Int’ Trade Fair Complex, Lagos.


                    164, Lagos Abeokuta Express Way, beside Diamond Bank, Lagos.


                    20 Ikorodu Express Road, Jibowu, Lagos.

                    Lekki Admiralty

                    No 1A, Wole Ariyo Street, Beside First Bank, Lekki Phase 1.

                    Lekki Admiralty 2

                    Jubilee Mall Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase One, Lekki.

                    Lekki (Fola Osibo)

                    Ground floor Legends Place Mall Plot 29 Fola Osibo Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

                    Igbo Efon

                    Km 17 Scapular plaza Igbo efon.

                    Old Ojo Road

                    Old Ojo Road, by Police Station Lagos.


                    3 Ijaiye Road, Beside FCMB Ogba.


                    62 Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos.


                    No 25 Otto Causeway Opp Iddo bus top, Iddo Ebute Metta Lagos.


                    3, Abeokuta – Lagos Expressway, Sango Ota, Opp. Sango Bridge.


                    26, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos.


                    169, Badagry Expressway, Volkswagen Bus Stop.

                    Victoria Island

                    1436 Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


                    Tejuosho Ultra Modern Market, Ojuelegba Road, Yaba, Lagos.


                    Animashaun Plaza, Beside Petrocam fuel station, Near Epe T-junction, Epe.


                    43, Osolo Way, Ajao Estate, Ekwu Awolo House.

                    • Abia State


                    No 5 Asa Road Former/Old Nitel Building Aba


                    8 Mission Hill, Opposite Villaroy Hotel, Umuahia Main Town


                    No 60 Aba Road, Close to MTN Office at Aba Road, Umuahia.

                    • Adamawa State


                    Plot 2 Bekaji Plaza, Bekaji Karewa Road, By Fire Service Roundabout, Jimeta Yola.

                    • Ekiti State

                    Ado Ekiti Center

                    Soladola petrol station, beside Apc secretariat, opposite moferere junction, along ikere road, Ajilosun

                    • Osun State


                    Ogo Oluwa Bus Stop, Gbangan / Ibadan Road, NIPCO Petrol Station, Osogbo.

                    • Imo State


                    Plot C31, Relief Road, by Relief Junction, Off Egbu Road, Owerri.

                    • Niger State


                    Landmark: After Mr Biggs beside Nepa Office, Farm Center Area, Tunga, Minna – Niger State.

                    • Benue State


                    No 4 Old Otukpo Rd, Opposite Dester’s by Savannah Roundabout.

                    • Kogi State


                    No 1 IBB Way, Adankolo, Lokoja, close to Federal Medical Cente

                    • Nassarawa State


                    Shops 1 & 2 Police Officers Mess, Opposite Polaris Bank, Jos Road, Lafia.

                    • Kebbi State

                    Birnin Kebbi

                    Ahmadu Bello Way opp alhaji boye coca cola Depot Birnin Kebbi, kebbi state.

                    • Katsina State


                    Shema Plaza Ground Floor, Mani Road, by W.T.C Round-About, Katsina State.

                    • Kano State

                    Kano 1

                    No 1 bompai road by Tarawa Balewa way, Opp Grand Central Hotel Kano.

                    Kano 2

                    Centro Plaza, Opposite Buk Old Site, Kabuga, Kano.

                    Kano 3

                    No 32 Zoo Road, Opposite Shoprite, Kano.

                    • Kaduna State

                    Kaduna 1

                    8 Ahmadu Bello Way, Off Kastina Roundabout, City Plaza, Kaduna State

                    Kaduna 2

                    Lagos Garage by Airforce Mami Mando, Kaduna State.

                    Kaduna 3

                    Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway by Command Junction, close to Samrada Fuel Station (beside 911 bakery).


                    Dairu Garba Plaza, 18 Sokoto Road, MTD Junction By Nnpc Filling Station, Sabon Gari, Zaria.

                    • Plateau State

                    Jos 1

                    Plaza 1080, Yakubu Gowon way, Dadin kowa second gate.

                    Jos 2

                    Angwan Soya Zaria Road bypass, Opposite Jankwano Bingham University Teaching Hospital.

                    • Jigawa State


                    Government House Round-About, Asamau House Block B, Number 8, by Airtel Office, Dutse, Jigawa State.

                    • Taraba State


                    32 Hammaruwa way. Besides former Kashere Filling Station Jalingo.

                    • Oyo state

                    Ibadan 1

                    Town Planning Complex, by Sumal Foods, Ring Road, Ibadan

                    Ibadan 2

                    Suite 5, Kamal memorial plaze, former iyalode complex, opposite funcktionals clothing, bodija – UI road, UI Ibadan.

                    Ibadan 3

                    No 76 Opposite Arisekola Mosque Iwo Road Ibadan.


                    NNPC Mega Station, Opposite Zenith Bank, Star Light, Ogbomosho, Oyo State.

                    • Kwara State

                    Ilorin 1

                    190, Ibrahim Taiwo Road(Upper Taiwo), Opposite Primo Pizza / Chicken Republic, close to new Wema Bank, Ilorin.

                    Ilorin 2

                    No 1 Umar Audi road, Fate Road, Tanke GRA, besides Hotels Mirabilis. Ilorin.

                    • Enugu State

                    Enugu 1

                    7, Market Road, Holy Ghost Park, Opp. State Library, Ogui, Enugu.

                    Enugu 2

                    67, Zik Avenue Uwani Enugu.


                    No 64 Owerrani, Enugu Road, Nsukka.

                    • Edo State


                    202, Uselu Lagos Road, Ugbowo Benin City.


                    112, Akpakpava Road, Benin City.

                    Airport Road

                    Shop 1, Omegatron Plaza, 47 Airport Road, Benin City.

                    Ramat Park

                    42, Benin/Agbor Road, Oregbeni, Ramat Park Benin City, Edo State.


                    Okene Express Way, Opp Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi.


                    Ukpenu Road Opp. Grail Message Centre, Akahia, Ekpoma.

                    • Delta State

                    Asaba 1

                    Asaba Onitsha Expressway, By Head Bridge.

                    Asaba 2

                    445, Nnebisi Road, opposite Zenith Bank, Asaba.

                    Asaba 3


                    Warri 1

                    138, Effurun-Sapele Rd, by Airport Junction Warri.

                    Warri 2

                    116, Effurun-Sapele Warri Road, Effurun Opp. Our Ladies High School.

                    • CrossRiver State


                    29 Ndidem Usang Iso Road ( Aka Marian Road) Calabar.

                    • Bauchi State


                    Shop 7, Yandoka Road, Adjacent MTN office. Opposite First Baptist Church, Bauchi State

                    • Bayelsa State

                    Yenagoa 1

                    Kpansia Epia, Opposite Wema Bank by INEC Junction, Yenogoa

                    Yenagoa 2

                    Pam House, Tamic Road and School Road, Okutukutu By Isaac Boro Expressway, Yenogoa

                    • Anambra State


                    Elite Shopping Complex Opp Crunchies fries, Enugu/Onitsha Expressway, Awka


                    2 Awka Road, By DMGS Junction, Beside All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Onitsha


                    No 73 – Owerri Road, Martina Chukwuma Plaza (Innoson Plaza), Opposite The Salvation Army Church, Umudim Nnewi

                    • Akwa Ibom State

                    Uyo 1

                    3, Monsignor Akpan Avenue, Itam industrial layout, opp Timber Market, Itam.

                    Uyo 2

                    No 108 Oron Road, beside the First bank, Uyo.

                    • Ondo State

                    Akure Center

                    No 22 Oyemekun Road by Cathedral Junction Akure

                    • Rivers State

                    PHC Choba

                    LACFOG PLAZA Adjacent Choba Police Station East-west Road Choba PHC.

                    PHC Woji

                    No 118 Off Woji GRA, Same Building with Miskay Boutique By Bodo Junction, Port Harcourt.

                    PHC Stadium

                    No 9 Stadium Road, Beside Benjack, Port Harcourt

                    PHC Artillery

                    Cocaine Village Junction, Off Aba Rd, opposite Genesis, Rumuogba, Port Harcourt.

                    PHC Peter Odili

                    No 89 Peter Odili Road Port Harcourt.

                    PHC Ada George

                    No 18 Ada George By Okilton Junction, Port Harcourt.

                    • Sokoto State


                    3/4 Maiduguri Road Gawon Nama Area

                    • Zamfara State


                    C 1, A A Master Plaza Canteen Road Gusau.


                    This is the complete list of GIG Logistics and their location in Nigeria. If you have any questions regarding GIG, kindly contact them directly. You can see how to contact them via their website at

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