How to Register Your Business in Nigeria with CAC – [Online & Offline Methods]

In one of my articles, I have highlighted 10 complete guides on how to start a business in Nigeria (Click here to read) and, I said you must register the business you want to start in Nigeria with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission).

Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission is a governmental agency with the full power as given to them by Company and Allied Matters Act 1990, Pursuant to section 659 to register all business organization or individual business in Nigeria.
If anybody dream of starting a business in Nigeria without registering such business with CAC, then he is planning to face the wrath of the law because, they believes that you can only run an illegal business without the prior knowledge of the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC.

How Do I Register My Business in Nigeria with CAC?

The steps are just “three” and easy. But you must have a budget of at least, N12,000 or more. Here in this tutorial, am going to talk about two methods you can use to Register your business with CAC in Nigeria.

So, let start;

Method 1: Offline or Walk-in Steps To Register Your Business in Nigeria with CAC

Step 1
Ask for the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission and submit your business name for availability search.
After submitting your business name, you will be given a form (Form 1) which you will collect with just N200. After collecting the form, fill in your details (required information only) with block (capital) letters. In the form, you will be ask to write your preferred business name and another alternative business name incase the original name you want is not available.

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Step 2
Go back to the CAC office after three days of completing stage 1 (above). Ask if the business name you want to register is available and if luckily it’s available, proceed with the registration obtain another form again which may cost N250 or more, fill the form as required.

Note:- if you want to register your business as Limited company e.g GbolaMedia Nigeria Limited, you will obtain another form (known as Incorporation form) in order for your business to be incorporated as you want. The Incorporation form cost N500.

For mere business name registration, for limited liability etc… Please, Download this free guide about registering your business in Nigeria with CAC {Click Here}

Step 3
After filling the form in stage 2 #above, don’t submit it but rather take it to any high court (either federal or state, I don’t think we have local high court in Nigeria).
The main reason why you are talking the form to high court is to have it attested by the court, attestation of business name registration form cost N250 only.
While you are at the court, ask for the Attestation unit in the court and proceed with your journey.

After the court attestation, go back to the CAC office with the form and submit it. After you submit it, a person will check it all over and append his/her signature on it and then pass it to the next person who will just type it into the computer and make any correction (if likely), then print it out for you.

You will be asked to make a final payment (varies from N10,000) for the complete registration onto their Bank Account.

After payment, your business name has been totally registered and certified in Nigeria. After a week, go back to the CAC office for your business certificate and, if you registered for Limited company, your certificate will find its way to you without stressing yourself.

Method 2: Steps To Register Your Business in Nigeria with CAC through the Internet

Step 1
Go to “” via your mobile phone or laptop and sign up as a “New Customer” and provide all the required information.
After that, sign in and do your business name search by clicking on “‘Name availability Search'”. Enter your preferred business name and alternative businesses name.
Continue to fill the form with your active phone number and Email included. Submit the form and you will be asked to pay certain amount of money like N500 which you will pay through your ATM card.

After doing that successfully, wait till after three working days for the completion of the name search.

Step 2
After three working days, sign in again to your account with CAC and check if your business name is available and approved for registration. If it has been approved, proceed to download the letter of Approval and take note of a certain certain there (that’s your approval number).

After downloading the approval letter, go back to the website and start your business registration by clicking on “Registration” at the left top corner of the current page. Input your approval number in the text area provided and click on enter to proceed.

When you are asked about the nature of your business, write what your business do offers and I will advice you to include “General Contracts” so you can do anything and offer anything with your business without doing any business registration again. For instance, if you are a fast food restaurant owner, their is a possibility that you may want to extend your business to offering catering services, decorations, event management etc… So, include “General Contracts” to avoid any arrant expenditures in the future.

Also, select “Zero” if you were asked about additional copies of Certified true copy and documents but, if you are registering a liability company, don’t select “Zero”.

After filling the form wisely and completely, submit it and you will be asked to pay a sum of N10,000 which you can pay with your ATM card. After payment, you will be given a form which you will print out and submit physically for final completion.

Step 3
After downloading the last form in step 2 #above, print it out and make the photocopies (just two copies is okay) of the following documents:-
** The approval of business name document
** All receipt of payment from Remitta and CAC and,
** The form you received upon payment for business name.

After getting the photocopies of these documents, take it with your two passport Photographs which you will go and attest with stamp duty fee of N250 in the high court of law (federal or state), and finally submit your forms to the CAC office.

After doing this, wait for a week to get your business certificate from the CAC office.

Wrapping Up: How To Register Your Business In Nigeria with CAC

It’s very important to register the business you want to start or have started in Nigeria and, the only accredited organization empowered with the law is the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC.

I have aligned three steps each on how you can get your business fully registered in Nigeria with CAC under the Offline and Online methods.

I hope this information is helpful to you? Please leave a comment below and kindly share this!


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