10 Best Asset Management Companies in Nigeria (2022)


Are you in search for the best asset management companies in Nigeria?

If yes, then I’m glad I got a blog post to walk you through 10 of the best asset management companies who has been doing a great job and, has been proven to be among the big lions in the industry.

But you may be asking…..

Why Asset Management Companies in Nigeria?

Before then, we need to know the importance of an asset management company.

An Asset Management Companies in Nigeria are firms setup and responsible for ensuring that properties or wealth in Nigeria are kept, stored, handled, used, protected and available when needed.

With the ever increasing amount of wealth acquisition, it’s without doubt that most of us as humans lack the management skills needed to effectively manage our assets. This has led to the establishment of asset management companies who are professionals when it comes to asset management in Nigeria.

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This article seeks to introduce some of these best asset management firms available in Nigeria today and you can decide to try any of them out.

Top Asset Management Companies in Nigeria

They are:

1.      Asset Management Cooperation of Nigeria (AMCON):

Established in 2010, by the Nigerian federal government in conjunction with the Central Bank of Nigeria, AMCON has proven to be a worthy asset management entity, with a mission to improve the economy of Nigeria.

They promise Professionalism, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness/Equity, Excellence in the services they offer.

They’ve continued to deliver on their promise since their establishment, and they’re even doing more which includes; aiding banks to sell non-profit loans, fueling of lending ideology among financial institutions and many more.

2.      Lead Capital PLC

Lead Capital PLC is a pan-African asset management firm with offices across different states of Nigeria and in cities around the African continent.

They were established in 1987 with the aim of making their clients fulfill their goals of asset management.

Their team of experts are always willing to help those who have thought it wise to manage their assets, this has led to them  having an excellent success rate many areas of asset management including; restructuring of state owned infrastructure and many more in the last two and half decade of business.

All these have been done with a high level of honesty and integrity making them one of the top asset management firms in the country.

3.      Sterling Asset Management Trust Limited

Sterling is also one of the top asset management companies in Nigeria that you should check out.

They’ve got positive reviews from their users. Individuals or firms with high net worth shouldn’t look past Sterling as they tend to be the best for individuals or companies with such high net worth, whether public or private.

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For the past thirty four years, they’ve continued to cater for the management needs of both public and private sector corporations. Other services rendered are trusteeship and property development.

4.      Tower Asset Management Limited

Here is another top asset advisory firm, Tower Asset Management Limited is an asset management firm with experience in stock broking. They offer the following services;

  • Brokerage Advisory Service — They offer advisory services to brokers with the use of latest technological equipment to go with it.
  • Investment Advisory Service — With this you get valuable advice on your investment by reducing the risks involved.
  • Customized Investment Services — This is more like a personal advisory service on investments where personal advice on investments.

With Tower Asset you’re assured of quality, best price amongst others and transparent.

5.      Apel Asset Management Limited

Apel has been established to financial happiness with their innovative products and services that has been streamlined to cater for all your investment needs. They offer wealth management services with their seasoned team of experts.

Whatever your wealth management needs may be Apel has got you covered.

They’ve also got other services to complement their wealth/asset management plan, they provide; Apel child education trust — which caters for the best legacy you can give to your kid which is education, Portfolio management, Apel eFund, Apel trust target scheme and Apel investment note which compliments your asset management needs.

With services and professionalism, they perfectly fit to be included in the list of top asset management companies in Nigeria.

6.      Atlantic Global Asset Management

This is an Asian owned asset management firm with firm roots in the continent of Nigeria, they’ve got highly qualified experts which has proven to be the best around.

Some of the services on offer includes;

  • Capital Management — Your capital is well taken care of, with their innovative technology that simplify the process of capital management.
  • Cryptocurrency — With advanced technologies provided by A.G.A.M with a combination of experts in the crypto industry, they offer the best blockchain you can offer.

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Another advantage of this firm is its global coverage as it is found in every continent of the world today.

7.      Forte Asset Management Plc

This is a world class wealth management firm with many with the aim of making families or individuals independent financially. It’s owned and managed by a top veterans in the field of asset management.

For the past decade and half Forte Asset Management has been on a mission of filling the void in the investment landscape.

With the use of passive and active management skills, they deliver the best in modern asset management. At Forte, your needs as a customer are taken as priority with their team of seasoned asset managers.

If you care for life after retirement, Forte got your back with great plans to prepare you for life after retirement. Forte also guarantees peace of mind with their investment management plans which you can check out on their site.

8.      Pac Asset Management Limited

Licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Pac Asset Management Limited offer management services on equities, real estate and alternative investments.

With their customized asset portfolio you’re assured of well-crafted services that suits your needs.

They also offer advisory services on alternative investment such as real estates and other forms of properties. They’ve got wide range of products to choose from, variety is the spice of life and this is shown in PACAM services.

9.      Covenant Asset Management, LLC

Another big fish in the sea of wealth/asset management with lots of personalized services to for individuals, government, businesses, non-profit organizations and high worth personalities.

For the past twenty years, they’ve offered investment advisory services to more than 100 top net worth personalities worldwide, this has been done with high level of confidentiality, diligence, integrity and honesty.

The following are available accounts you open with Covenant Asset; Investment Management, Individual Retirement, Real Estate, and Cash Management accounts.

All these are achieved by the presence of highly skilled and hardworking professionals who are always ready to serve you at any point they’re called upon.

10.  Cowry Asset Management

Cowry Asset focuses primarily on real estate management. For individuals or businesses with real estate investments may want to try out their services as they got the best plans on offer by an asset management firm.

Estate management services on Cowry includes; renovation, re-leasing and sale/purchase of landed properties. Other services available are;

  • Property Trading — This is carried out by a team of experts on behalf of the clients
  • Facility Management — Facilities which requires little touches here and there are well taken care of.
  • Securities Trading
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Consulting

Wrapping up

They are many reasons you may want to manage your assets as an individual, a business or cooperate organization. But, whatever reasons you may want to go into asset management companies in Nigeria listed above are your best bet.

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