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Do you want to learn a tech skill but don’t know the best place or platform to learn it from? Introducing AltSchool Africa, one of the best and most reliable platforms to learn digital skills in Nigeria and other African countries.

Tech is the new oil, but unlike the actual crude oil and other mineral resources that are by default owned and controlled by the government (in Nigeria), Tech is different. You can learn any digital skill in Nigeria and make a lot of money without taking any permission from anyone.

The journey is not as smooth as it sounds. It takes some people 2-3 years to learn before making their first dollar online. Some have to give up because the whole process of acquiring a tech skill feels daunting while some people are very interested but don’t know a tech skill to learn and where to learn it.

If you are interested in learning a tech skill, AltSchool Africa will help you and you will learn “how” in this blog post.

About AltSchool Africa 

AltSchool Africa is one of the best platforms to acquire a digital skill in Nigeria and some African countries. It was founded in 2021 by Adewale Yusuf, Akintunde Sultan, and Opeyemi Awoyemi of Jobberman.com to offer effective tech skill training in Nigeria and other countries.

You might wonder Why AltSchool Africa is one of the best tech skill learning platforms in Nigeria. Let’s talk about that.

Why Should I Choose AltSchool Africa?

  • One of the major reasons why people choose AltSchool Africa is that you get a diploma certificate once you complete any one-year program from one of its schools. 
  • AltSchool Africa also offers affordable and flexible pricing plans and with over 50 courses taught by professionals in their respective industries, 5 different schools that cover different programs, and 60,000 students who have successfully graduated from the school from over 100 countries, AltSchool Africa is your one-stop platform to learn tech skills in Nigeria.
  • The tech school runs virtually and it’s open to everyone whether you are a student or someone working 9-5.
  • Another interesting reason why AltSchool Africa is one of the best is that you are not just paying to learn a tech skill, they care about your growth, they will help you secure a (mostly paid) internship with companies where you can put what you have learned into use and start building your professional career.
Student Review on Altschool Africa
Student Review on AltSchool Africa

Not only that, they are there to help you from the first day you decide to Kickstart your tech career with them till you graduate and secure your first job.

How Much Does It Cost to Learn a Tech Skill at AltSchool Africa?

The Application fee is $10 or N14,000

The tuition fee of AltSchool Africa is straightforward, “learn $1 per day”. Meaning it costs $30 per month and $290 per year.

To get the certificate, you will pay $100.

To sum everything up, AltSchool Africa costs $410 to learn a tech skill for 9 months with a guaranteed internship of 3 months.

Is the $410 fee to learn a tech skill at AltSchool Africa worth it?

Yes, it does if you can be bold enough to make such an Investment in your future.

AltSchool Africa offers a world-class learning experience, 9 months of training, 3 months of internship, friendly program managers you can talk to, tutors who are always ready to answer your questions and guide you, and flexible payment options.

If you can’t afford $410, you can enroll in some programs that cost only $100 and run in a few weeks.

Click here to get started.

Pro tip: Look out for scholarship options on AltSchool Africa because celebrities, companies, and generous individuals occasionally pay up to 30% of student school fees. Some can even pay 100% if you’re lucky, all you have to do is pay the Application fee of N14,000 or $10 and pass the entrance test.

AltSchool Africa Scholarship
Scholarship section on AltSchool Africa LMS

Let’s talk about what you can learn at AltSchool Africa.

Tech Skills You Can Learn at AltSchool Africa

AltSchool Africa has 5 different schools, under each school, you can pick a track you are interested in. 

The school and career paths are:

School of Engineering

Under AltSchool Africa’s School of Engineering, you can choose to learn how to become a software engineer focusing on either:

  • Frontend Engineer
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Backend Engineering.

If you ever want to become a web developer, this school is for you. 

School of Product

In this school, you can learn:

  • Product Design 
  • Product Marketing 
  • Product Management 

These career paths may seem too new to you, but below is a brief explanation.

You have probably seen different websites and mobile apps before or at least you’re reading this on a blog (a typical website). 

The beautiful structure, layout, typography, color combination, use of images, and anything you see on mobile apps and websites are designed by some people called “Product designers”.

Product Managers are like supervisors who ensure every member of the team gets their tasks done and finally, ensure the product (can be a website or app) is delivered before the deadline.

Product Marketers bridge the gap between a product and customers on how to sell the product.

(Google more about these career paths)

If you are good with design and want to embark on it fully as a career, then AltSchool Africa’s School of Design is for you.

  • School of Data

Today’s world is not only powered by electricity but also by data. Data helps companies, small, medium, or big to make the right decision, target the right customers, and increase their profitability.

At AltSchool Africa’s School of Data, you can learn to become a 

  • Data Analyst 
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer. 

If you want to embark on a career in AI/ML (artificial intelligence or machine learning), starting as a data scientist will help.

  • School of Creative Economy

Two programs you can learn at this school are:

  • Navigating the music business
  • Content Creation

You already know that music is a lucrative business and the challenges of becoming a paid musician. If you want to become a good music artist, check out this school.

Recommended: How to Promote Your Music in Nigeria

Content creation is a tech skill in Nigeria that some people discover and their lives are transformed. 

Speaking of content creation, you are familiar with tech content creators like Fola Fosudo, KeganTech, etc., or if you want to go into the entertainment part, you probably know the likes of MrMacaroni, Bro Shaggi, KieKie, etc. 

These people are making a lot of money from content creation. And if you would like to become a profitable content creator in Nigeria but don’t know how to get started, AltSchool Africa’s School of Content Creation is for you.

  • School of Business

You may not like any of the schools mentioned above because you like sales, or want to learn how to increase your business visibility online, and convert leads to paying customers, this school will help you.

AltSchool Africa’s School of Business offers two programs, one to teach you 

  • How to prospect a client and close the deal, the other one is 
  • Digital marketing.

They also have courses you can take in a few weeks such as Mobile Content Mastery taught by Mr Macaroni, KieKie, Aproko Doctor, and other professional tutors.

When writing this content, these are the schools and career paths available at AltSchool Africa. Kindly check their website for updated information.

How to Start Learning a Tech Skill in Nigeria with AltSchool Africa

Learning tech skills with AltSchool Africa is in 3 processes aligned below:

  • Apply online, and pay the application fee
  • Take an entrance assessment test
  • Start learning 

Application process

To apply for any of AltSchool Africa’s programs, you have to do it online and kindly note that the application fee is a non-refundable amount of N14,000 or $10.

To register, click here and fill in your details correctly.

You can pay with your card or bank transfer.

Assessment Process

After your application fee has been confirmed, you’ll be sent some materials you can study for your entrance assessment. The materials are an introduction to computer science (basic information) and an introduction to the program you are applying to.

Note that these materials will be in your LMS (learning management system) account which you’ll be provided alongside the date for your assessment after your application has been confirmed.

Altschool Africa Study Kit
Study Kit Session on AltSchool Africa LMS

Watch the videos and try to understand the concept.

Quick advice, you can use Chat GPT as your study partner.

Sit for the online assessment (and pass it).

Learning Process

If you pass your assessment successfully, you’ll be admitted into the school you applied for and that begins your learning journey for the next 9 months!

Other things to Know about AltSchool Africa

  • The communication channel is Slack
  • The learning method is via videos and online classes with tutors
  • Frequent meetings with your program manager for updates, tips, and information
  • Career talk by professionals in the industry to help you endure the learning process 
  • Networking with people
  • Fully remote and virtual 
  • Training duration is 9 months and 3 months for internship
  • No record of a scam

If you have any questions regarding AltSchool Africa, you can check their website for contact information or ask your questions on Twitter and tag @HackSultan (one of the founders).

If you have questions about a specific digital skill, feel free to drop it in the comment box below.

Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen Gbolagadehttps://www.stephengade.com/
Stephen is a Frontend engineer, technical writer, owner and part-time blogger here at Gbolamedia, incoming data scientist, an enthusiastic cynophilist, and a curious introvert. Stephen is currently available for full-time, part-time or contract-base role. Contact him here: on WhatsApp or check him on Linkedin


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