The 23 Startups that Received the 2022 Black Founders Fund (by Google) in Nigeria


Startups in Nigeria are really doing well if we are honest. Recently 23 of them received the Google black founder fund meant to help them scale their startup in terms of funding, and other add-ons like access to mentorship and Google products.

The Black Founder Fund is a program by the tech giant, Google to have investible startups in Africa with funding and some other benefits such as access to mentoring and Google cloud credit.

With this initiative, Google has been able to help startups owned by a black founder with over $20M in just two years of launching the program (established in 2020).

Note that this capital is not a loan or an exchange for equity in the startup, it is totally free because according to the tech giant, “If we want technology to work for everyone, it needs to be built by everyone”, so Google is putting the words into action by providing capital to startups using technology to provide a solution.

This year, Google committed $4M to help 60 startups selected across different countries in Africa, 23 out of these startups only are from Nigeria, which is roughly 38% of the accepted startups.

Below are the startups in Nigeria that receive the Black Founder Fund in 2022.

  • Awabah 

Awabah is a digital pension service for the workforce in Africa, the founder’s name is Tunju Andrews

  • Booking Africa 

BookingAfrica Connects freelancers with Brands, and Businesses, a startup by Fade Ogunro

  • Clafiya

A MedTech startup that lets people have access to primary healthcare in the comfort of their homes, a startup founded by Jennie Nwokoye

  • Eden life

Eden life provides dry cleaning, food delivery, and home care services to businesses and individuals. (by Nadayar Enegesi)

  • Estate Intel

A proptech startup that deals with data about the real estate market in Africa (Dolapo Omidire)

  • Flex Finance

Flex finance helps businesses manage and issue credit cards to their employees (Yemi Olulana)

  • Gamr

Gamr is a startup in Africa building infrastructure for games (Eniola Edun)

  • Haul247

A logistics tech startup in Nigeria that connects manufacturing companies and farmers with trucks and warehouses (Sehinde Afolayan)

  • Healthtracka

Another health tech startup in Nigeria that focuses on delivering medical lab-test and diagnosis right to people in the comfort of their homes (founder: Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson)

  • HerVest

A fintech for women in Africa to manage their finance digitally (founder: Solape Akinpelu)

  • Kyshi

A fintech for Africans to transfer and receive money globally in different currencies (Founder: Ayo Akindele)

  • Life Bank

Life Bank is another health tech startup that provides access to safe supply systems for hospitals in Africa (Founder: Temie Giwa-Tunbosun)

  • Norebase

Norebase is a startup for startups in Africa to register new businesses, protect intellectual property, and expand to other African countries (Founder: Tola Onayemi)

  • OneHealth

A MedTech startup delivering medicines and healthcare solutions to both health practitioners and individuals in Africa (founder: Adeola Alli)

  • Pivo

Pivo is a fintech startup providing financial services to supply chain SMEs (Founder: Nkiru Amadi-Emina)

  • QShop

QShop allows business owners to create their own e-commerce website and manage it. (Founder: Tarebi Alebiosu)

  • Scapays

Scrapays recover recyclable materials and make them available to industries that need them (founder: Tope Sulaimon)

  • Shiip

A logistics tech startup in Africa that provides warehousing and freight for businesses and individuals (Founder: Quadry Olalekan)

  • Spleet

A proptech and financial startup in Nigeria making it easier for people to rent homes (Founder: Tola Adesanya)

  • Stears

Another data-focused startup in Nigeria that aims to become the world’s most trusted African data source (founder: Preston Ideh)

  • TeraWork

It’s a freelancing startup that focuses on projecting African freelancers to the world (Founder: Femi Taiwo)

  • Topset

An EdTech startup in Nigeria that is building a solution to make quality education delivered across the continent. (Founder: Yvonne Williams)

  • WellaHealth

A health tech startup that provides affordable and quality healthcare to patients. (Founder: Neto Ikpeme).

These are the Nigeria startups that received the 2022 Black Founder Fund… Congratulations to them and kudos for taking Nigeria to the world.

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If you would like to know all the African startups that got accepted in this 2022 Black Founders Fund, check below;

The 2022 Recipient of the Black Founders Fund

  2. AJUA 
  4. BAG
  6. BEE
  9. BUILT 
  10. BuuPass 
  11. Cauri Money
  12. Clafiya
  13. ClinicPesa
  14. Cova
  15. Creditais
  16. DohYangu 
  17. Easy Matatu
  18. Eden Life 
  19. Estate Intel
  20. Eversend
  21. Exuus
  22. Flex Finance
  23. FlexPay
  24. Gamr
  25. Garri Logistics 
  26. Haul247
  27. Healthlane 
  28. Healthtracka
  29. HerVest
  30. Kapsule
  31. Keep IT Cool
  32. KUDIGO
  33. Kyshi 
  34. Leja 
  35. LifeBank
  36. Mapha 
  37. Norebase 
  38. OneHealth
  39. PesaChoice 
  40. Pindo 
  41. PivoAfrica
  42. QShop
  43. Reka
  44. Scrapays
  45. Shiip
  46. Solutech
  47. Spleet
  48. Stears
  49. Synnefa
  50. Technovera 
  52. TIBU Health
  53. Topset 
  54. TopUp Mama 
  55. Wellahealth
  56. Xente
  57. Zanifu
  58. ZayRide
  59. Zuberi
  60. ZuriHealth

Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen Gbolagade
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