Recharge Card

You’re interested in starting a recharge business in Nigeria? I know that’s why you landed on this page.

As I mentioned in the blog post that drives you here, you need a recharge card printing software and licence before you can be able to start this business for real.

And the for both Recharge printing software and Licence in Nigeria varies, some vendors sell like N20,0000 or N15,000 but we are selling for just N10,000

In fact, because you’re buying after reading from my blog, we will give you a N500 discount to compensate you as my beloved reader.

I believe you landed here after searching for the keyword; “how to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria” – that’s the same way tens of people like you landed here daily and some contact me to kickstart their business.

You need to hurry and buy your software + licence in order to avoid any delay.

Contact me specially for this by filling the form below:

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I’m waiting for you!