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Do you know that you can make money on NNU Income Program using smartphone in a very simple but different ways?
Before reading further, this blog post is for those who are tired of asking questions such as:

‘What are the best ways to make money in Nigeria as a student?’, ‘How to make money with N1000 in Nigeria?’, ‘How can I make money online without doing anything?’ and so on.

If those are the type of questions you have been surfing for, then welcome to this blog.

I want to tell you about a simple business you can easily do with your smartphone or laptop which will fetches you at least N50,000 per month depending on how punctual and serious you are. But before then, let me ask you: Have you ever heard about a particular website in Nigeria that pay you for reading news, commenting and posting sponsored posts on your Facebook or twitter page?

There are few of this type of website but I will introduce you to one (which is the first and most trusted out of the rest). This website I’m talking about is KNOWN AS ‘www,nnu,ng’ under a program called NNU Income Program. In my previous article, I talk about 7 Ways You Can Also Make Money Online

NOTE: You will only be paid for sharing sponsored post on your Facebook or twitter page. But, if you share any other news which are not ‘sponsored’, you won’t earn from it. You are allow to share for your own interest but forget about getting paid for it.

How to Increase Your Earning on NNU Income Program

To learn how to boost your earning through NNU Affiliate Program (NAP), you can consider the following tips:
•    USE SOCIAL MEDIA: I personally got to know this opportunity through social media platform (Facebook) and I joined after many days of researching about the program.

There are 200,000+ members of NNU income program in Nigeria out of 190,000,000 Nigerians. You can tap more people to join using your affiliate link from your social media pages. Convince them to the best of your ability with every legit means you can use.

READ: Effective Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business

•    FACE TO FACE PROSPECTING: Another way you can increase your referrals is by telling people around you including your family members, friends and neighbours to join you and make sure you show them enough proof to convince them.

•    WRITE A REVIEW: If you are blogger, this is another way to boost your NNU Income. All you have to do is to write an SEO friendly article with your special affiliate link embedded and, you might be lucky to gain more people joining you.

RECOMMENDED: How To Start a Free Money Making Blog

•    MAKE A VIDEO: If you have a YouTube channel or other video streaming account, you can make a well informative video which can be in form of tutorial, comedy skit, wealth creation etc. Most people are attracted by what they see and, if you video is captivating enough, you can earn more referrals.

•    CONTRIBUTE ON FORUMS, GROUPS or CHANNELS: This is another most effective ways to increase your earning on NNU Income Program. You can comment on forums or any social media pages related to business and quickly introduce them to NNU Income Program and how they can make money from it. Make sure you leave your telephone number and shortened affiliate link behind on every contribution you made.

CONCLUSION: You can make money on NNU Income Program if you follow all the 5 tips I aligned above. Also, you can click here to join if you haven’t register. If you have any questions or would like to know more about NNU Income Program, you can contact me here or use the comment box below this article to relay your comment(s).

Please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and share this amazing post with your friends and family members using the social media sharing buttons attached on this page.



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      Affiliate Marketing

      10 Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria to Make Money Fast



      Affiliate marketing is one of the top 10 ways to earn passively without stressing yourself and spending a dime. If that’s what you would like to try, let me show you the best affiliate programs in Nigeria and how you can get started immediately.

      But What is Affiliate Marketing?

      Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing that you earn based on your performance.

      What does that mean?

      It means that the more items purchased via your affiliate link, the more profit you make.

      Some items have a higher commission percentage than others, in Jumia Nigeria for example, smartphones and most of its accessories have a 2% commission percentage while products that may not be popular have as high as 5%, 10%, or 15% commission percentage.

      This amount in percentage varies among companies.

      The minimum withdrawal amount is another factor to choose from when choosing a firm to be affiliated with.

      Reputation is another thing you should look out for, this is probably the first thing you should check, This can be done via personal research about the company.

      Some overlook this, but in a case where a customer clicks on your link to a particular product or service and whatever reason chooses not to buy initially, after a few hours, days, or weeks he/she may choose to purchase the item.

      This is called Cookie Timeout, before a sale can be attributed to you a cookie indicating that your link was clicked must be active on the browser of anyone who clicks on your link.

      Like commission percentage, this also varies among companies as some programs offer 24 hours, some 2 weeks, some 30 days while others may give up to 90 days.

      These and more you should consider before choosing an affiliate program.

      In this article, I’ve done most of the work for you it is your choice to choose which of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria suits you better.

      The 10 best affiliate programs in Nigeria;

      1. PeerFly Affiliate Program

      This is the best affiliate program I can recommend to you if you want to venture into affiliate marketing. It’s a cost-per-action affiliate platform.

      With PeerFly your level of expertise doesn’t matter much. It’s easy to use with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of products.

      There are numerous payment options like PayPal and Bitcoin.

      How to sign up for PeerFly Affiliate Program

      Kindly click here and follow the next procedures

      1. TravelStart Affiliate Program

      Another top affiliate program, TravelStart is an online booking company that lets you advertise offers and get paid.

      You earn by posting campaigns on your blog, website, or search landing page.

      One of the cool benefits of becoming a TravelStart associate is the ability to choose your payment frequency. You can choose to be paid daily if you wish.

      You also get the best tracking technology to track your referrals in real-time.

      How to sign up for the TravelStart Affiliate Program

      Go to this link >>>> HERE to sign up

      1. Gearbest Associate Program

      Although this is a Chinese brand, you have the opportunity to become an affiliate marketer with Gearbest.

      The Gearbest platform offers unlimited earning potential with 100,000+ high-quality products which you can earn as high as 14% on commissions.

      As a member of the Gearbest associate program, you’d get free product samples for review. There’s also a bonus reward for top affiliate marketers monthly.

      You are entitled to six methods of payment with Gearbest, PayPal, Webmoney, Bank transfer, Gearbest gift card, Gearbest points, and Gearbest product coupons.

      The cookie timeout with Gearbest is set at 30 after clicking your link.

      All these come at no cost so what are you waiting for? Join here!

      1. Amazon Associate Program

      Amazon is the most popular e-commerce marketplace in the world and so is their associate platform.

      With millions of products waiting to be advertised, you can earn huge sums working as an Amazon associate.

      Growing as an associate with Amazon is quite different, as you’ll need a site with a good amount of traffic in other to be successful.

      Amazon’s reputation, wide range of quality products, and other amazing features make this one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria.

      How to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria

      To get started, kindly go HERE and sign up.

      1. Shopify Affiliate Program

      If you’re interested in e-commerce, you’d have come across the name Shopify!

      Shopify is shaping the future of e-commerce in Nigeria and the world.

      Whether you’re a content creator, entrepreneur, or influencer you can earn as an affiliate with Shopify.

      With a cool support structure and many amazing features, you should be making cool cash with Shopify’s affiliate program.

      To sign up for the Shopify Affiliate Program, click here.

      1. HostGator Affiliate Program

      HostGator is one of the best web hosting platforms with a wide variety of sites hosted on this platform.

      You can join its affiliate program and begin earning.

      Your Hostgator Affiliate’s earning structure should look like this;

      1 – 5 persons >>> $50 per signup

      6 – 10 >>> $75 per signup

      11 – 20 >>> $100 per signup

      21+ >>> $125 per signup

      How does this work?

      With your website, blog, or social media platform you can promote HostGator services by posting affiliate links to your audience.

      After a successful signup, you’d be paid via PayPal or Check.

      SIGN UP HERE and start making money!

      1. Jumia Nigeria Affiliate Program

      Jumia Nigeria is the best destination for fashion, electronics, and grocery products.

      With over 50 thousand local partners and more, the Jumia affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria.

      You earn by sharing products and offers with your friends and fans.

      You can start earning by signing up HERE, Registration is free and your account will be activated within 24 hours.

      After registration, you can advertise using a wide variety of banners, feeds, and deep link generators.

      With Jumia’s affiliate program, you’ll be able to earn a commission of up to 11% when a customer buys a product using your link within 30 days.

      As one of the top affiliate programs in Nigeria, you’re provided with comprehensive reporting tools to analyze and improve your sales.

      1. AliExpress Affiliate Program

      One of the best affiliate programs, the AliExpress affiliate marketing program is free and easy to use.

      AliExpress offers one of the best affiliate programs with a commission rate of some products as high as 50%.

      With buyers from more than 200 countries, you can earn more as an affiliate with AliExpress.

      How to Sign up for AliExpress Affiliate Program

      Kindly click here, then follow the next procedures.

      1. Konga YuBoss Affiliate Program

      Konga recently merged with Yudula to become the leading e-commerce platform in Nigeria and Africa.

      And just like Jumia, their affiliate program, Konga YuBoss Program is one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria.

      How can you earn with Konga?

      Sign up here.

      After this, you can start promoting products using your affiliate link on your website, social media, forums, and via email.

      You can earn as much as 9% commission for each item bought through you.

      You’ll receive materials that’ll train you to become a better affiliate marketer.

      This and more make the Konga, one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria.

      1. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

      Bet9ja is the largest sports betting website in Nigeria.

      They offer seamless opportunities for their users to enjoy the best sports betting experience in the country and, this has really boosted both their online popularity and trust.

      Just like other websites, you can make money with the Bet9ja Affiliate Program by first registering as an affiliate marketer on their website, getting your unique affiliate link, sharing or embedding in your website, and making cool cash!

      Here is where to sign up HERE

      Let me remind you that as a new affiliate, you’re going to enjoy up to 50% of accumulated earnings from your referrals.

      You can make up to N100k per month because people really love sports betting in Nigeria;

      Sports betting is gradually becoming part of our culture and I’m sure you’re going to get paid if you really join this affiliate program.

      You’ve seen the 10 best affiliate programs in Nigeria, they are reputable brands, they’re all free to join easy to use and they offer a wide range of products.

      You could also try the affiliate program also known as the referral system, pays N1,000 per referral. I haven’t tried it myself but my friend Prosper Noah wrote an article on that… you can read the full article here on his post: Review: Nigeria’s No.1 Refer & Earn Platform (Make N150k Monthly)

      If you’ve been nursing ambitions of becoming an affiliate marketer in Nigeria or you’re already an affiliate marketer, you should check out these programs to make more money online.

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      Affiliate Marketing

      How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business (the right way)



      You have heard about affiliate marketing but you don’t know what exactly it is, or maybe you have the idea but you don’t know how to start making money from it.

      In this blog post, I will be explaining in detail what it means and how you can start the right way.

      Although there are many ways to make money online today, affiliate marketing is a faster and stress-free way to start cashing out if done well.

      But before I start showing you the guide, let me remind you what affiliate marketing is.

      What is Affiliate Marketing?

      Affiliate Marketing is a type of strategic business based on performance where you are paid a specific percentage for each visitor or customer brought to a business.

      Do not confuse this for referral marketing, Affiliate marketing is based on the motivation to make money but referral marketing has to do with trust from the customer.

      Because of its low profile in comparison to search engines, emails, and site syndication, advertisers often overlook affiliate marketing, but it plays a very important role in e-commerce today.

      In today’s world of e-commerce, companies prefer the use of affiliates to advertise their products because they pay no fee for adverts unless a purchase is made.

      How Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria Works

      Let’s say you’re an affiliate marketer with Jumia (we’ll talk about the best affiliate marketing program in subsequent posts). If you wish to market a product and get paid, the process is pretty much easy.

      After getting your affiliate account you’d be given an affiliate link for recognition purposes. With this in place, anyone who buys a product using your link earns you a commission.

      The commission you get is dependent on the popularity of the product, the more popular a product is the lower the commission, and if the product is less popular, the commission would be higher.

      The percentage of the commission of the various products provided by the merchant is usually specified. So if you want to earn more you should go for products with a high commission rate.

      When it comes to affiliate marketing, we have;

      • Pay per click: You gain commission for each visitor or customer who visits the site through your affiliate link.
      • Pay per sale: In this form, you are paid for each item purchased using your affiliate link.
      • Pay per lead: You get paid when a visitor using your affiliate link visits a site and fills up the contact form. This is like a pay-per-click in which the customer doesn’t need to purchase anything.

      Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

      • About 95% of affiliate marketing programs are free to join
      • No loss or shortage
      • Portability! You can work from any location
      • Little to no experience in marketing is required

      Having that in mind, let go to how you can really make money with affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria

      Step-by-Step Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

      If you want to start this form of marketing in Nigeria, follow the steps below;

      1. Pick a specific Niche

      Before getting into affiliate marketing you have to define your niche.

      Your niche should be an area in which you’re well versed. It makes it easier to market products you have good knowledge of.

      Choosing a specific area to focus on will make you target a specified audience which will increase your conversions, instead of promoting to a wide public.

      Some niches have their sub-niche which you can also choose from. In fashion, we may have sub-niches like make-up, skincare, etc. You can choose to focus on sub-niches too.

      Why is picking a niche important?

      It’s pretty much easier to market a product to a specific group, this is because your audience is interested in your products, and this will be much easier for them to patronize you since they’ve got interest in what you’re marketing.

      This is the most important step to carry out before starting an affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

      2. Create a Blog or Social Media Account

      This is one of the steps to take when you wish to start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria.

      The reason for owning a blog or social media account is that it’s the easiest way to advertise your products as an affiliate marketer.

      How is this possible?

      As a blog owner, you have the ability to post banners and links to your products, whenever someone visits your site, the person may see your banners, if interested, they make the purchase and you earn your commission, and that’s very convenient.

      The same applies to social media users but in this case, a website or blog is more advisable.

      Getting any of these is pretty easy these days, this is why I’m advising you to own a blog or social media account before moving to the next step.

      3. Register for an Affiliate Program

      With the two points mentioned above, you can now register for an affiliate program and start making money.

      There are numerous platforms that you can join when starting an affiliate in Nigeria.

      But before you join any affiliate program you have to consider some things that should convince you that such an affiliate program is legit and high-paying.

      The essence is to run away from being scammed by hungry Ad networks or income program owners in Nigeria.

      What to Consider Before Starting Affiliate Marketing

      • The Company’s Reputation – The reputable nature of the company will make it easier to get customers to buy. Is their payment option as prompt as possible?

      You can find out about a company’s reputation by asking those who’ve used them, reviews, and personal research.

      • Payments Options – What is the minimum withdrawal balance? How fast are their payments? What’s the commission percentage?

      You should know all these. The commission percentage for various products should be known, because the higher the percentage, the higher you earn.

      The minimum withdrawal balance should be okay with you, Most companies offer a minimum of N5000, and some offer lesser amounts, whichever suits you, the choice is yours to make.

      Remember that PayPal payment gateway isn’t reliable but most affiliate programs make sure of it.

      I will advise you to choose a program that pays directly to your local bank account.

      • Available Promotion Options – As said earlier, a social media account, a blog or a website simplifies the processes you can make sales out of the affiliate marketing business.

      Your objective when trying to start an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria is to check if these options are available. Some may offer all, others will give you fewer options.

      Some companies will prefer online while some may be against it.

      • Sales Support – In a situation where a customer complains about a product, or delay in delivery, who do you as an affiliate marketer turn to?

      Sale support! As an aspiring affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you need to check if this is supported by the company you choose to work with.

      After taking these things into consideration and you’re convinced enough to start, don’t hesitate again.

      As a tip, the following should be supported; the ability to use social media accounts or blogs for marketing, and the ability to market online since the world is a global village.

      With this in place, you can begin making money as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

      4. Start Promoting!

      After achieving all the above, it’s high time you start promoting, you can do it with either your social media account, blog, website, or whatever means are provided in the contract agreement.

      Here are a few ways you can promote your affiliate links or products in Nigeria and anywhere you may be:

      • Blogging: This is a super method to promote your affiliate links or products as mentioned earlier. Write reviews about the affiliate products and optimize them for SEO, for them to rank higher on search engines.
      • Social Media Marketing: You can share the link to your affiliate products directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

      But I recommend Facebook and Instagram. In fact, Instagram is a very sure way to make money online through affiliate marketing.

      • Email Marketing: You can as well get active Email addresses related to the products you’re affiliated with.

      The main option here is to create a highly attractive title for the Email’s subject, an attractive body of content, and a good CTA for the recipient to patronize the products you’re promoting.

      • Recommendation: Apart from these methods of promotion aligned above, you can recommend the products to your friends, family, and anybody who might be interested.

      Guide those who are convinced enough to buy from your affiliate link(s) and tell them to tell more people like them.

      UPDATED: Check here for the Best Affiliate programs in Nigeria

      Rounding OFF – Starting Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

      Starting an affiliate marketing in Nigeria is a lot easier and you too can start. It’s one of the best ways to make money online.

      You have nothing to lose in the business, all you have to do is to sign up and promote the affiliated products.

      There are many Nigerians who are currently cashing out monthly on some of these affiliate programs available in the country.

      It’s very convenient as you can earn while asleep.  

      In my next article, I’m going to discuss about top 10 affiliate programs for Nigerians.

      Before then, please don’t forget to comment below and share this interesting article with your friends on social media who might be interested in starting an affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

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      Affiliate Marketing

      Cash Awoof – Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Spending A Dime



      Do you think you can make money online in Nigeria without spending or investing any bucks?
      Well, you can! Not all business or ‘make money online in Nigeria’ scheme required a lot of investment.
      Their is an ongoing income program in Nigeria where it’s possible to earn you about ₦40,000 (40,000 naira) in a month without much stress or investing all your hard-earned money.
      This program is different from some ‘make money online in Nigeria’ scheme that promises you fortune but takes away your little expecting cash on the so-called income platforms.
      A new beginning and sure platform is here where you can possibly make ₦40,000 or more in a month without spending a dime. Yes, you can make money online in Nigeria while spending few of your time only.

      So, what is this Cash Awoof?

      It’s called “CashAwoof“. Cash Awoof is ‘Pay to Participate’ program where your are paid for registering on the platform as a member and engaging daily with the website through your registered account.
      You are not just paid for registering but also by doing activities like, login daily, reading news, connect with friends, watching video skits, commenting on the website contents, referring and registering your friends, taking quiz tests and many more activities awaiting you.
      Cash Awoof unlike other income programs where you can make money in Nigeria, doesn’t required you to pay any membership fee of ₦1600 or more but, you join Cash Awoof for free and you get ₦1000 as sign up bonus upon your registration.

      But, how can you make ₦40,000 or more with Cash Awoof?

      Here is the breakdown of how you can earn such amount on Cash Awoof within any investment.
      • Sign up bonus ==> ₦1000
      • Daily login ==> ₦50 (making ₦1500 in a month)
      • Referral ==> ₦100 (₦1000 if you have 10 referrals per day and that’s ₦30,000 in a month)
      • Reading news ==> ₦1 (limited to 50 news per day and that’s ₦1500 in a month)
      • Commenting on news ==> ₦2 (if you comments 50 times daily, that’s ₦3000 in a month).
      • For friends connection on the website ==> ₦1 (If you can send to 100 per day, that’s ₦3000 in a month)
      • For watching videos ==> ₦2 to ₦10 (if you watch 20 videos at ₦3 on average, that’s ₦1800 in a month)

      Now, how does CashAwoof Nigeria earns you ₦40,000 in a month?

      Let do the grand total of the breakdown above.

      That’s ==> ₦1000 + ₦1500 + ₦30000 + ₦1500 + ₦3000 + ₦3000 + ₦1800 = ₦41800
      That means you can possibly make up to ₦42,000 on Cash Awoof right? But in case if you are not online in a day or so, let approximate it to ₦40,000. Don’t you think this is another way for you to make money in Nigeria without any stress?
      But wait,
      You may be thinking that how are we going to be making money without paying a dime like other platforms. Here is how CashAwoof make their money:
      Cash Awoof make their money from your presence and engagement with the website. It’s a way to appreciate you for time spent daily and how earnest you are to make money in Nigeria.
      And most of all reason, Cash Awoof shares with its members from the profit they are from Sponsored Posts or Campaigns on their platform.
      You can make money in Nigeria without spending a dime but by just doing what you love doing always like connecting and chatting  with friends, watching comedy skits or highlights, reading news and many more.

      How to Get Paid on CashAwoof

      After your registration, go to your profile and add your bank account details. After that, start participating and engaging with activities on the website as we have discussed earlier and stand chances of making money online in Nigeria without paying a dime.
      The minimum withdrawal is ₦20,000 per month and you are going to be alerted by the end of the following month.

      Is Cash Awoof Legit or Scam?

      According to the business model and what we have break down above, you should know and trust that this is not a scam!
      Just join today and experience it yourself. Remember, you are not asked to pay a certain fee and no admin will ask for such as long as the business model is adhere to.
      That’s how you can make ₦40000 monthly in Nigeria without paying a dime.
      In case you have any questions relating to this, kindly contact the Admin on WhatsApp: +971521626170 or mail him: pr(at) You can also use the live chat feature available for members in the website.
      Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I (Stephen Olgade, owner of this blog), is not assuring or discouraging you about this platform. I strongly believe that to make money online in Nigeria, you need to sacrifice something and among those thing is ‘taking risks’.
      As long as Cash Awoof business model does not required you to pay a dime, you can try it out and it works, that means you are lucky to be part of such program that requires no investment but buy just doing what you love doing.
      So, that’s what I have to say about this income program. But I’ll be glad if you can let me know your view about this make money online scheme by using the comment box below and if you found this helpful, kindly share it with your friends on social media.


      Thanks for your understanding.

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