7 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business

Are you looking for the best social media marketing or promotion tips for business?
I know that’s what brought you but sorry for the rhetoric question.
As you have known, Social media marketing can help you to transform your business from scratch to success by giving your business more customers and those who are ready to invest more in the business.

According to recent reports about the use of social media sites, almost two billion people are always active on social media sites daily (averagely though). Some wise marketers and business owners have use this great tools to bring the best out of their respective businesses.

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I can guess right that you have been using these tools also to build an empire for your business but all to no avail. Also, I know you want to try again and implement the right social marketing strategy for your business (good of you for not giving up; at least, winners never quit).
Here in this article, I will open your eyes to the best social media marketing tips for business and how you can implement these tips and achieve your goals your business through social media.

What is Social media marketing?

Society media marketing (SMM) is a strategic process of voicing out your business’ products and services to targeted people through the use of social media platforms.

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In more meaningful way, social media marketing is the process of creating contents about your business, uploading videos and pictures etc to the social media sites in order to promote a product, brand or service.

7 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips Promote Your Business

No matter how big or meager your business brand is, you must still make use of social media to promote it either by doing social media sharing or running ads on social media platforms.

In my future article about social media marketing for business, I’m going to write about how you can choose the best social media platforms for your business promotion and marketing, how social media can help you grow your business and the importance of social marketing for your business.
But before then, let talk about amazing social media marketing tips for your business.

7 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business

Are you fully ready to embrace the passion behind successful promotion of business with marketing on social media? Below are the few social media marketing tips you can get started with in 2018:-

==> (1) Social Media Content Planning:-
This is my first tip for you on how to promote your business effectively and efficiently with social media.
Why do you need to plan on contents before you can make good use of social media?
If you are going for shopping in a very luxurious supermarket, you will have to make plan on what you want to buy and spend so that you will be satisfied and at the same time, safe yourself from spending extravagantly on what you really don’t need.

The word “Planning” is not just writing down what you want to do but, it also involves the reason you are doing it, what can your targeted audience gain from it and how the contents itself will woos your targeted audience. A simplified adage says: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. For you to have a successful social media promotion for your business, you need to plan on the contents you will be sharing or advertising.

How can you Implement the effective Social media Content Planning?

All you need to do is quite simple. Below are the best ways to do social media content planning for your business:-

• [a] Do Keywords & Competitive Research:- Before writing any content for your business, make sure that the first thing you do is keywords research. know the big lions who are already ranking with the keywords and those brands targeting the same audience with you and use any of the ready-made tools to analyse your keywords & competitive research such as:-
*. SemRush.com
*. Keywordspy.com
*. Ahref.com
*. Etc (you can google for more keywords research tools).

• [b] Your Audience Interest:- Before or After your keywords & competitive research, it’s very compulsory that you want to create a content having your targeted audience in mind. According to an SEO blogger, he advised that we should write for people and nothing more. Though ranking on search engines is important but what is the use of ranking without readers’ interest?

• [c] Spy on Other Business Owners and Marketers:- You may have seen how people keep more engaging with some of your buddies and competitors in business industry on social media, spy on how and what they are doing to drive more engagement on social media.

==> (2) Come Up with Great Social Contents
Does this sound the same with the previous point? NO!
Here, you have done your social media content planning but the next step is to show you planning & research in this content.
Write impressively as if you are writing a love or congratulator letter to your loved ones. Be consistent with perfect area of online marketing.

Publish well research contents on the chosen social media sites for your business promotion regularly in order to keep your patronizers and audience more engaged and glue to your timeline, group and page. If you post great social media contents consistently, your targeted audience will always be ready to yarn for more even if you are not able to post anything.

Don’t just post unnecessarily, let the contents you are about to share on social media create a meaningful impact on your audience, leaves footprints in the sand of time and should be more interesting to read, though a good readers reads to gain not to be entertained but, if the article is boring on its own, readers will just scroll your content off.

==> (3)Make use of Photos, infographics & Videos
Have you heard the saying that action speaks louder than words? Visual stuffs like photos, infographics and videos plays a very important roles in social media marketing for business.

What we see with our own eyes stores in our brain than what we read. According to a social media marketer, he said good content with a tally picture gains engagement from the audience the most and also, an infographics alone can woo a client for you.

You can try to make good photos, infographics and videos for your social media marketing strategy.
Make use of tools like Canva for your pictures and infographics while tools like YouTube and Vimeo and other video hosting sites can be of help for your videos’ creation while after creating your videos, you will be given a link to share to all your social media platforms or, you can choose to share directly without copying link – all you have to do is click on the social media icons below the created video and you are done.

==> (4) Choose and Run Ads on Top Social Media Sites:-
In this stage, you will need to spend some bucks at least, you are running you brand for FREE. Don’t worry, you are not going to spend millions of dollars, you will only spend what you can afford to spend.
Running ads on social media sites will take your business beyond your expectations; it will give you more traffic and engagements than your own manual sharing.

I will advice every beginners to start ads on Facebook, why? Facebook is the largest social media site in the world with the most important and useful in-built tools which will make everything better for your business social media marketing.

How to Run Facebook Ads for Effective Social media marketing for your Business

• The first thing you must do is to create a Facebook page

• After creating a Facebook page with complete profile set up (Make use of your brand logo as your page profile pics, write what your business offers in the description text area, input your business URL in the website area, put your phone number and customize your page address once and for all.)

• Now, after setting up your page, you can now run Facebook ads but, you must have at least, a good and acceptable MasterCard for payment. There are at least, three ways you can run Facebook ads, they are:-

    # Boosting of page to gain more likes
    # Promoting website
    # promotion your content by Post Boasting

Knowing that in mind, you can choose anyone of those three above but, I will advice you to experiment on the whole three. You don’t need to spend much, you can spend $5 on each of them, totalling to $15.
After paying for the ads, wait and see the change in your business.

Other Social media Sites You Can Also Promote Your Ads Are:-
• Etc.

==> (5) Add Content Marketing with Social Media Marketing:-
Writing great contents on social media sites every day may gain you more engagement but, the content is just a waste. Building a blog for your business will create an empire of followers and active blog readers for you.
Once you build a loyal followers on social media will enable you to post your new content and make sure your readers can find new stuff about your business right away.

The simple logic I want you to gain here is simple,
* Build followers on social media
* write great content in your blog
* Bring the loyal followers from social media to your blog
* Keep creating great contents on your blog and keep sharing it to your followers on social media
* Make them to hunger for more great contents
* Continue doing this and see the changes in your business.

Content marketing and social media marketing benefit each other.

How can you connect both your blog’s content with your business’ customers and followers through social media?

The answer is simple…. Just by sharing URL links of your blog contents to your followers on social media.

Another way to gain more followers is to help other people within or outside your industry to share the links of their own blog contents and also, help them to retweet their status or messages on twitter, help them to pin their contents’ images or articles to pinterest etc.
By doing this, you are building trust and reliability, other people who you helped to market their products or blog contents will also do the same for you.

==> (6) Track Your Competitors’ Presence on Social Media
I made mentioned about spying on your competitors on social media… Yes, this is a good way to flow with the trending & latest social media marketing for business; you won’t lack behind in the business industry by doing this.

Don’t put your eyes off on your competitors because according to TheBalance, they can give you the orientations to some important tools they use for keywords research and also provides you valuable data for other social media marketing insight.

What I mean tracking or spying on your competitors doesn’t mean you should be copying their contents or any of their copyrighted works but rather check on the techniques or social media marketing channel that is working well for them.
After knowing these tools, try to use them also in a way to beat these competitors of yours!

==> (7) Finally, Make use of Social Media Marketing Analytics
After promoting your business with alot of strategic social media marketing plans and actions, the next thing is track your the success of your social media marketing strategies with tracking tools or data.

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The best tracking tools you can use to determine the success of your social media marketing strategies is the almighty Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the best tools for tracking your social media marketing ups and downs. The tool will help you to measure all your social media engagements including the people that follows your contents and activities on social media platforms the most, as well as telling you what you need to do to improve your social media marketing for your business.
When doing your social media marketing for your business, always put tracking tags to take careful note of every reaches, traffic and engagements.

Wrapping Up
These seven (7) social media marketing tips to promote your business will work effectively for, provided you put everything into action.
From the genesis of this article right to the revelation part, I think everything meet your expectation?

If you have anything to say or ask, please do not hesitate to let me know through the comment box below and, if you found this article helpful, please kindly share with your friends!

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