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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

NNU Income Program - How to Make Money Online Using Smartphone in Nigeria

Do you know that you can make money on NNU Income Program using smartphone in a very simple but different ways? Before reading further, this blog post is for those who are tired of asking questions such as:
‘What are the best ways to make money in Nigeria as a student?’, ‘How to make money with N1000 in Nigeria?’, ‘How can I make money online without doing anything?’ and so on. If those are the type of questions you have been surfing for, then welcome to this blog.

I want to tell you about a simple business you can easily do with your smartphone or laptop which will fetches you at least N50,000 per month depending on how punctual and serious you are. But before then, let me ask you: Have you ever heard about a particular website in Nigeria that pay you for reading news, commenting and posting sponsored posts on your Facebook or twitter page?

There are few of this type of website but I will introduce you to one (which is the first and most trusted out of the rest). This website I’m talking about is KNOWN AS ‘www,nnu,ng’ under a program called ‘NNU Income Program’. In my previous article, I have made a best review about this NNU Income Program and I believed it will help you understand the business more.
NNU Income Program is a wonderful business opportunity where you can make extra hefty money online but some people are confused or are not well informed about how they can make money on it. But I will tell you the different ways and how to make money on this wonderful income program in Nigeria.

How to Make Money on NNU Income Program using smartphone in Nigeria

Make Money On NNU Icome Program


Firstly, there are four different ways you can make money on NNU Income Program which are:
1.    Daily Login Bonus: Whenever you login to your NNU Income Program account, you will earn N50 daily and sometimes, even more but the minimum daily login bonus is N50… 30 days X N50 = N1,500
2.    Sharing Sponsored Posts on Facebook or Twitter: Everyday, a sponsored post is assigned to every members on their respective dashboard and, whenever you share this on Facebook or Twitter page, you will earn N100…. 30 days X N100 = N3000
3.    Commenting: On NNU Income Program, you will earn N2 if you contribute a single comment. And, there is no limit to how many comment you can make per day. Let say you manage to make 25 comments per day.. that is N2 X 25 = N50… In a month, N50 X 30 days = N1,500
4.    NAP: NNU Affiliate Program is the best way to make money on NNU Income Program. As a registered member, you are automatically an affiliate partner of the program. You will earn 62.50% on all successful referral you made. That is N1,000 per single person that become a registered member of NNU community. If you are lucky to prospect just 2 people each day to join using your special affiliate link, you will earn N1000 X 2 = N2000… if you do this in 30 days, you will earn N2000 X 30 = N60,000.

NNU Affiliate Program (NAP) is the best way you can make huge amount of money on NNU income program. If we add all the four different ways to make money on NNU as I’ve aligned above, we get N1,500 + N3,000 + N1,500 + N60,000 which is equivalent to N65,000.
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Before I forget, participants are paid from NARS (NNU Ad Revenue Share). Which means NNU pays from the money they earn through Ads placement on their website which all participants are also making the Ads reach more audience. So in return, NNU will pay you for your help. Also, all those first 3 ways to make money on NNU Income Program can later be increased if their Ad Revenue also increases.

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NOTE: You will only be paid for sharing sponsored post on your Facebook or twitter page. But, if you share any other news which are not ‘sponsored’, you won’t earn from it. You are allow to share for your own interest but forget about getting paid for it.

How to Increase Your Earning on NNU Income Program

To learn how to boost your earning through NNU Affiliate Program (NAP), you can consider the following tips:
•    USE SOCIAL MEDIA: I personally got to know this opportunity through social media platform (Facebook) and I joined after many days of researching about the program. There are 200,000+ members of NNU income program in Nigeria out of 190,000,000 Nigerians. You can tap more people to join using your affiliate link from your social media pages. Convince them to the best of your ability with every legit means you can use.

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•    FACE TO FACE PROSPECTING: Another way you can increase your referrals is by telling people around you including your family members, friends and neighbours to join you and make sure you show them enough proof to convince them.
•    WRITE A REVIEW: If you are blogger, this is another way to boost your NNU Income. All you have to do is to write an SEO friendly article with your special affiliate link embedded and, you might be lucky to gain more people joining you.

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•    MAKE A VIDEO: If you have a YouTube channel or other video streaming account, you can make a well informative video which can be in form of tutorial, comedy skit, wealth creation etc. Most people are attracted by what they see and, if you video is captivating enough, you can earn more referrals.
•    CONTRIBUTE ON FORUMS, GROUPS or CHANNELS: This is another most effective ways to increase your earning on NNU Income Program. You can comment on forums or any social media pages related to business and quickly introduce them to NNU Income Program and how they can make money from it. Make sure you leave your telephone number and shortened affiliate link behind on every contribution you made.

CONCLUSION: You can make money on NNU Income Program if you follow all the 5 tips I aligned above. Also, you can click here to join if you haven’t register. If you have any questions or would like to know more about NNU Income Program, you can contact me here or use the comment box below this article to relay your comment(s).

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