Online Business: 7 Ways To Make Money Online Legally

Do you want to make money online easily in your country? If yes, then worry no more as am going to walk you through the way to start an online business and top seven (7) ways to make money online in Nigeria, 2018.
Year 2018 was predicted to be very competitive in both offline and online businesses, which will make it a little bit tedious to earn a living easily. But, if you take the right route, you will end in the right destination.

During this era of economic meltdown in almost African countries, it’s hard to secure a job that can satisfies all our needs. And, the issue of dollars and our local currencies inflating/rising up over each other is another eyesore that makes the economy in our countries (African) more competitive and unpredictable.
Buying some foreign goods or products often drain our hard-earned income most of the time. Take for instance, if I want to buy the latest Apple iPhone 8, I know for sure that we are not manufacturing any of Apple products in Nigeria, so I have to buy the Apple iPhone 8 imported to Nigeria.
If the price tag of the phone is $1000, for me to buy it in my country currency note which is Naira (#), I will have to do some calculations.
1 US dollar is currently equivalent to 360 Nigeria’s Naira. ($1 = N360). So, to buy the Apple iPhone 8, I have to buy it with $1000 X 360 = N360,000!

Well, the money is not the problem since that the phone I really want to buy. But, here is the question: “How much do I earn weekly or monthly to buy this expensive phone?”. The minimum wage in my country at present is N18,000 that is $50. So, I will have to work for 20 months (A year and 8 months) before I can buy the Apple iPhone 8 I determined to buy.
But the sad news here is that I don’t work for any wage While the good news is that, I work from home at any convenient time and, I earn more than those who relies on that minimum wages.

How? It’s simply by doing online business… I make money online while doing things I love to do and, it’s 100% legit!

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So, in this article, I will tell you 7 ways you can also make money online in Nigeria if you are thinking to start an online business without any stress and, I promise you that if you take just one of it or multiple choices here in earnest action, 2018 will be very great for you. So, let begin:-

7 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria While Doing Let Online Business

==> (1) Make Money Online by BLOGGING
Blogging is one of the most lucrative business you can do on the internet. According to a report I read on a popular website few years ago, it was estimated that almost 250,000 people across the world are launching a blog everyday.

What is Blogging?
Without much ado, blogging is an online business that a person engaged in to creates and writes meaningful and useful contents to large audience of people on the internet who are interested in your articles. (For full details on blogging, please use the search engines).

How do you Make Money Online by Blogging?
Many ways though but, I will tell you just few that you need to know for now.

* You can earn money by blogging through Google Adsense which I am also using here on GbolaMedia
* You can earn money by blogging through selling Ads spaces on your blog
*You can earn money by blogging through accepting sponsored post
* Etc.

You can start your blog now by starting with any of the following:-
* Joomla
* Drupal
* Et.

I use WordPress on my career blog and blogger which are very good and responsive but, WordPress is the best.

Blogging is one of the best way to make money online but as a newbie, you can’t deal with the setting up for now. I can help you to get started.

Online Business Make Money Online

==> (2) Make Money Online by FREELANCING
Freelancing is another easiest and working way to make money online. Freelancing involves rendering your skilled services to firms or individuals on the internet. You choose to work at your own convenience and, you have every right to set you preferred charge to any service you wish to render.

Services you can offer to nu Money Online as a FREELANCER
The following are services you can render online to make money:-
* Web design
* web development
* graphic design
* search engine optimization (SEO)
* social media marketing
* article writing
* copywriting
* guest posting
* data entry works
* email marketing
* etc.

If you have any or some of these skills aligned above, the next thing is to become a freelancer on the web. How? By joining the freelance marketplace and, apply for job.

Some of the best freelance marketplaces include:
1. Upwork
2. Guru
4. Fiverr
6. Toptal
7. iWriter
8. Simplyhired
9. Project4hire.

Fiverr is the most popular out of them with large buyers and sellers.

==> (3) Make Money Online Through Content Writing
If writing is your best hubby, you can turn it to money making device on the internet.
Professional writers earn thousands of dollars monthly by simply writing for brands and individuals by simply signing up as a seller in any of the freelance marketplace above.
Freelance writers often charge either by per word or all articles at once, but, Pay Per Word (PPW) is the best way of charging your clients. E.g, if your own PPW is $0.1 and you were asked to write 1000 words, then your price for that particular job is $0.1 x 1000 = $100.

==> (4) Make money online Through CRYPTO-CURRENCY TRADING
“This is the place where the the money of this generation rests”, this is the answer I gave a friend who asked me about this online business.
The crypto trading finally hit the web scene suddenly and since then, everybody is crazily interested in it.

How Does Crypto-currency Trading Work?
Crypto-currency trading work by investing and by earning profits. But how?
You buy some coins with little amount of money and sell it at high price… Not really high price tho, but the price of the coin do increase itself everyday.
For example, one bitcoin (1 Btc) is now more than $17,000… Previously, it was around $4,000, $8,000 etc.
Hadn’t been I have bought one bitcoin (1 BTC) for $8,000 and now that it’s $17,000, I have gained $9,000 just easily like that without sweating.

Crypto currency trading is real. If you are interested to start the crypto trading, below are the list of some Crypto-currency Sites that you can register and start investing:-
* Blockchain
* Coinbase
* Litecoin
* Electroneum
* Etc

==> (5) Make Money Online through YOUTUBE
Have you heard about this that: “YouTube is the second largest website in world and the most popular and use Video website in the world”?
Millions of people across the world stream YouTube everyday either to watch movies’ trailers, comedy skits, tutorial and any other video presentations. While most people advertises their business there.
Whatever they may use YouTube for, the main point here is that, every vlogger is doing it to make money online.

How to Make Money Online through YouTube
The thing is to create a YouTube channel (Click here to create one for free).
After creating and updating your YouTube channel successfully, the next thing is to start uploading videos to your channel and share the videos’ link on social media sites to drive massive traffic (viewers).
After a while of hardworking, you will now enable Google Adsense Monetization just like in blogging.

In YouTube google Adsense monetization, you need large viewers (subscribers). In Nigeria, before your YouTube google Adsense can be approved, you need the minimum of 10,000 views.

Apart from YouTube AdSense Monetization, you can also run sponsored Video Promotion etc.

Sisi Yemi, Cuppy and other big vloggers makes money online through YouTube… So, why can’t you? Just start!

==> (6) Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing
The words, “Affiliate” and “Marketing” has explained itself without much ado.
Affiliate marketing simply involves the promotion of other companies’ products or services while you earn commission at the end of every successful sales made through your special affiliate link.
This is another easiest way to make money online.

How to Make Money Online through Affiliate Marketing
The first thing to get started with affiliate marketing is to sign up with companies that offer such service.

Examples of Companies that offer Affiliate Programs are:-
* Jumia
* Konga
* Amazon
* ClickBank
* CJ
* Bluehost
* Namecheap
* Godaddy
* Etc.

After complete registration on any of the affiliate companies above, you will be giving a special referral links which you can be promoting either through your website or social media platforms.

The more sales made through your affiliate link, the more money you will earn!

==> (7) Writing of EBooks and Selling of Products to Make Money Online
If you have a great idea to impact knowledge or to inspire others through writing, you can turn that great idea into a printed book online and, that is what we call “Ebook”.
The online printed book (Ebook) is now a product that you need to market to potential customers who will buy the book for their own use.

Other Products you can sell online are:-
* Facebook Login, Page and Group
* WordPress Premium plugins and templates
* Imported Goods like Mobile Phones, Laptops and other Electronic gadgets through your ecommerce website.
* You can create a website and sell it
* Domain name and webhosting reselling
* Etc… You can find more by surfing the search engines.

How to sell Ebooks and other products online to make money
* By setting up a eCommerce website and put your products on it
* By marketing it on social media platforms
* Give the ebook to top internet marketers for free and ask them to help you market it in their network
* Run Ads…. Either through google AdWord or other reputable advertising networks.
* Woo clients yourself
* Place it on Amazon when you are targeting the international market
* OkadaBook can help you sell your ebook in Nigeria.
* Etc.

You can make money online by selling creative and useful books.

Editor’s Desk: Online Business – 7 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2018

Am sure that reading this article will have open your eyes to at least, one or two things you can do to start your online business and make money online in Nigeria 2018.

Also, let me tell you that you are going to invest your resources before you can actually make money online. What do I mean by “Your Resources”?
The resources I mean here starts from your money, creativity, skills and your time. If you put this into use, believe me, 2018 will be a total blessings to you.

Are you confused somewhere? Please let me immediately. Am always ready to help you whenever you call on my service…. Free free to let me know anything you will like to know more.

I can do everything you want for you on the internet provided it’s legit. Contact Me now by calling Or Whatsapp messaging on +234 80 6886 6068 or, Click here to Contact Me now

Thanks for reading and please, don’t forget to share!

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