List of BIC or SWIFT Codes of Nigerian Banks – for International Money Transfer


Have you ever been asked to input your Nigerian Banks’ Swift Code when you’re trying to make a payment with your card or want to receive some funds through wire or international money transfer? If yes, and that’s why you’re here, I will show you all the SWIFT codes of Nigerian Banks as it is in 2020.

If you’ve been trying to receive some money through “international transfer” to your local bank in Nigeria from overseas countries like the USA, Holland, etc., you’ll be required to enter IBAN, Name, Name of your Bank, Address, Swift code, and other personal data before the transaction can be successfully processed.

Unlike inter-bank transactions in Nigeria where you only need to give your Name, Bank Name, and Account Number to the person hoping to send you money and you’re good to go. Without this swift code, you won’t be able to receive your money at your local bank in Nigeria.

But you may be asking that…

What is a Swift Code

First, SWIFT is an abbreviation for ‘Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication’.

From the acronym, a SWIFT code is a worldwide accepted unique form of identification to identify and locate a bank or a financial institution. This enables all banks in the world to exchange transactions without any problem.

No wonder, the SWIFT code is also referred to as BIC

BIC is also an abbreviation that stands for ‘Business Identifier Code’

In my own experience, it’s either you’re asked for a SWIFT code or BIC. So, always remember that SWIFT CODE and BIC are the same codes that I will be showing you (Nigerian Banks’ Swift Codes or BIC).

Also, note that the SWIFT code or BIC is used to identify the headquarters of your bank. If they need to identify your bank’s branch (that you’re using exactly), they’ll ask for your bank sorting code instead which is just 6 characters which are figures.

SWIFT Code or BIC is usually 8 or 11 characters. And if it’s 8, it identifies the headquarters but if it’s 11 characters, it identifies the branch. But all Swift codes of Nigerian Banks are just 8 characters, meaning that it will identify the headquarters of your bank.

You may also want to know how they get these SWIFT codes for Nigerian Banks right? Okay, I’ll tell you.

BIC or Swift codes of Nigerian Banks are just like other banks or financial institutions in the world. Here is how they’re gotten;

How SWIFT Codes or BIC Are Formed

Note the first 8 characters long and then the next 3 characters. I will be using the GT bank swift code (GTBINGLA) as a specimen for you to understand better;

  • 4 characters that come FIRST stand for BANK Code which are letters (e.g. GTBI)
  • 2 characters that come NEXT stand for country code (for Nigeria, it is NG)
  • The NEXT 2 characters stand for the Location code of the headquarters Bank (for GT, it is Lagos, so the Location code is LA)

That’s how Guaranty Trust Bank got its own Swift code, which is GTBI + NG + LA which is equal to GTBINLA.

But what if you see 11 characters long swift code, What do the last 3 characters stand for?

  • The LAST 3 characters stand for Branch code.

But in most cases, only the 8 characters will be good especially if you’re using your Nigerian Bank Swift Code.

Note that ‘NGLA’ comes last in all swift codes of Nigerian Banks because all head offices of banks in Nigeria are located in LAGOS, Nigeria except Stanbic IBTC.

Now, let’s talk about what you’re here to check – all BIC or Swift codes of Nigerian Banks;

All SWIFT Codes of Nigerian Banks

Here are the SWIFT codes for all Nigerian Banks in ascending order:

  1. Access Bank SWIFT Code – ABNGNGLA
  2. Central Bank of Nigeria SWIFT Code – CBNINGLA
  4. Diamond Bank SWIFT Code – DBLNNGLA
  6. Equitorial Bank SWIFT Code – EQUTNGLA
  7. First Bank of Nigeria SWIFT Code – FBNINGLA
  8. First City Monument Bank (FCMB) SWIFT Code– FCMBNGLA
  9. Fidelity Bank of Nigeria SWIFT Code – FIDTNGLA
  10. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) SWIFT Code – GTBINGLA
  11. Heritage Bank SWIFT Code – HBCLNGLA
  12. Unity Bank SWIFT Code – ICITNGLA
  13. Jaiz Bank SWIFT Code – JAIZNGLA
  14. Polaris Bank SWIFT Code – PRDTNGLA
  15. Sterling Bank SWIFT Code – NAMENGLA
  16. Bank PHB SWIFT Code – PLNINGLA
  17. Keystone Bank SWIFT Code – PLNINGLA
  18. Skye Bank SWIFT Code – PRDTNGLA
  19. Stanbic IBTC SWIFT Code – SBICNGLX
  20. Standard Chartered Bank SWIFT Code – SCBLNGLA
  21. Union Bank SWIFT Code – UBNINGLA
  22. United Bank for Africa (UBA) SWIFT Code – UNAFNGLA
  24. Zenith Bank SWIFT Code – ZEIBNGLA

So, that’s the list of all SWIFT Codes of Nigeria Banks

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