10 Latest Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria (2022)


If you’re a smart Nigeria student, frustrated graduate or someone looking for a side job, then you may be among the hundred thousand people searching for the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Google Trends absolutely shows that keywords like “earn money in Nigeria”, “make money online in Nigeria”, “What can I do to make money online legally in Nigeria” and some related searches pertaining to these “making money online in Nigeria”.

Either you landed here through one of those “queries” above or through a social media hyping, you will learn some important ways you can easily earn a living working legally online in this country.

There are tons of people who makes a living online and which I’m personally among them.

Few of these people who are making hefty income online doesn’t have any offline business but yet, they are living a good life. While some are optimistic about making money online in Nigeria, others are still skeptical as to the genuineness of ways they can make few bucks using the internet, even if you tell them that you’re making money online, they will call you a scammer of “Yahoo-Yahoo boy”.

But whichever option you choose know this; the world is moving at an incredible fast pace and one of the ways to join the race is by going online, many offline businesses are beginning to utilize the internet to promote their businesses, ADs, campaigns, product information etc. are slowly drifting away from our traditional marketing platforms – TV and radio.

One of the unique benefits of doing business online is that; it opens up doors to reach a broad spectrum of audience unlike the normal offline business which has a limited reach. Another advantage of doing businesses online is its convenience; the ability to make money at any time and at your defined pace.

But you may be asking…..

What Do I Need to Make Money Online in Nigeria?

Before getting started with your online trade there are some basic things you need to take care of, I’ll be summarizing them below:

  • An Internet Enabled Device: There are many devices today which can access the internet but for making money online you’ll be needing a smartphone, tablet, PC or a laptop.

Based on experience and best practices, I’ll suggest you make use of a laptop; this will fasten things a little for you and it’s portable which means you’re going to make money even when on the go.

This are one of the many reasons why most online business persons prefer laptops to other gadgets when it comes to making money online in Nigeria. And if you can’t afford a laptop you can start with your smartphone or tablet.

  • A RELIABLE Internet Service Provider (ISP): I know this might sound like an irony to most Nigerians, but before you begin to make money online in Nigeria you’ll need to have good internet connectivity. I noted during my intro that ‘the world is moving at an incredible fast pace’ and you’ll need fast internet service if you want to succeed.

I will not be suggesting any Nigerian ISP to you because when it comes to internet speed a lot of things are considered; your location is key when it come to your ISP, my preferred internet service provider may not be the best in your location so you’ll have to experiment with different ISPs to choose the most suitable option.

NOTE: When choosing your ISP or gadget I’ll advise you go for the best specs; for your internet provider, go for the one with good 3G or 4G coverage. For your gadget, a laptop with 4GB RAM and above, 250+ GB ROM, a powerful processor and good battery life should serve you well.

  • YOUR PASSION: If you really want to make money online in Nigeria, then you need to have burning desire for it, irrespective of what people may be saying. Your passion is also what will keep you moving forward when it seems like things is not working for you as planned.

Now that you’ve gotten the above in place, it’s time I show you some of the ways as to which you can make money online in Nigeria.

Are you ready? If yes, let’s dive in straight away!

10 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

  1. Blogging:

This is the most trending means of making money online in Nigeria and I’m sure you’re aware of this. People like Linda Ikeji, Jide Ogunsanya, Uche Pedro, Afeez Makinde and many others has been making money right from the time they got the secret to how money can be made through blogging in Nigeria.

I can’t tell you that blogging is easy or tedious but all i know is that if you having burning passion to make it like other people (Top Nigerian Bloggers) I mentioned above, then you’re going to make money blogging in Nigeria.

All you need is few capital to create your own blog. If you’re a student or don’t really have money, you can start for as low as N5,000 to buy a domain name and you will have to learn how to create a blog using Google free publishing platform, Blogspot. Many YouTube videos and article are there on the web to help you.

  1. Freelancing

This should be my number one way of making money online in Nigeria but most people aren’t convinced enough that Freelancing really pay in Nigeria.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is an act of offering services by selling your skills to your prospective clients without a long term contract agreement and you get paid.

Like most online businesses, freelancing offers flexibility, more time to engage in other activities and general convenience while making money. If you have skills or services to offer then freelancing is another way to make money online in Nigeria.

The amazing reason why freelancing is my best source of income is that, I can make X10 money i make from blogging (in a year) in just 1 month! Freelancing is a very lucrative online business, especially to the black hands of Nigeria’s smart entrepreneurs.

What are the high paying skills to make money online in Nigeria?

Skills like web design, graphic design, Content writing, online marketing etc. are amongst the wide variety of services you can start offering as a freelancer.

Some may ask, how can I start selling my skills? The following sites are among the top freelance sites which bring together buyers and sellers of different skills and services; Jo-lancer, ASUQU, Fiverr, Upwork, Craigslist, SourceGig, Elance and Alance.co.

If you’d be going into freelancing, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with these sites. But read this guide on starting out as a successful freelancer in Nigeria. This article will help you with the strategic tips on how you can start making money online in Nigeria as a Freelancer.

  1. Cryptocurrency

Do you know people are making real money online in Nigeria with cryptocurrency?

In case you don’t know what I mean by ‘cryptocurrency’, it basically a digital currency. Example includes; Bitcoin, Ethereum, RedCoin etc.

People are making money insanely with Bitcoin and other e-Currencies in Nigeria. You can make up to a million naira trading any of these digital currencies.

This method requires a little arithmetical skill because you’ll dealing with figures at constant changing rate. There are several ways to make money using this medium; mining and cryptocurrency exchange are among the many ways to make money with cryptocurrency.

READ HERE: How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in Nigeria


  1. Affiliate Marketing

As the name suggests, affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which you’re credited a specified amount (known as commission) when someone purchases or use the service or product in which you’re marketing.

How does affiliate marketing works?

At the point of registration as an affiliate marketer you’d be given an affiliate link, if anyone purchases or uses a service with your link you’ll be paid a certain commission specified in the terms of service.

In clearer explanation, let say i have a big company that sells shoes. My marketing team will have a section for “affiliate marketers” where any interested person that i didn’t hire, will sign up to help me sell some of my shoes.

Remember, i didn’t hired them (affiliate marketers) but they can help me sell the shoes while i give them commission on each pair of shoes they sell. Let say, they sell the shoes at the rate of $100 and commission on each shoe is 20%, that means i will give them $20 on each shoes they sell.

If they are consistent and very brilliant in marketing, they can sell like 20 shoes per month, which is $20 x 20 shoes….. They make whooping $400 in a month!

Some of the places you can work as an affiliate marketer includes; Jumia, Alibaba, Amazon, clickbank etc


  1. Digital Marketing

Marketing as we know it is the promotion of a product or service.

Today, marketing has now gone more digital which means you can promote your product or service at the comfort of your home. Some firms pay good sums to promote their product or service online.

Unlike most ways of making money online, digital marketing requires adequate training. Therefore, it’s pertinent you get a good knowledge in this field before jumping in.

After your training you’d be able to make money online in Nigeria while offering digital marketing services.

There some skills you can learn under digital marketing to make money online in Nigeria. They includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization (or SEO): This is the process of ranking a website high on search engines (like google, bing, yandex etc.) in order to gain traffic. This skill is enough to fetch you the average of $250 per month…
  • App Store optimization, ASO
  • Video Marketing
  • Music Promotion
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC, CPC, CPA marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • and so on

You can learn any of these and start making money with them.


  1. Social Media Influencing

There are average more than two billion users of social media daily and I’m sure you’re one of them. Social media has turned to useful money making machine as there is advancement in Information Communication Technology, ICT.

If you really want to make money online in Nigeria, then you need to learn all the hacks to turn your social media profiles to what earn you money.

There are several ways you can make money online with social media but I will not like to pin you that with its explanation right on this page.

Here is an article I’ve wrote about how you can make money on Instagram, reading the article will give you all the ideas you need to make money on other social media sites, especially the famous Instagram


  1. Vlogging

This is the opposite of blogging. In blogging, you’re going to deal with sharing of information through texts on your blog with your readers in order to gather more traffic, sales or money.

But Vlogging is somehow different. All you need to do is to create a very useful video and start sharing with your subscribed audience on YouTube.

Yes, Money can be made on YouTube with your creativity either you’re a comedian, singer, techie or digital nomad, you can make money online in Nigeria by sharing videos on YouTube.

There are many ways to Make Money on Youtube, it can be Google AdSense or Promotional offers (A.k.A Sponsored Post). I know few people who are making hefty income by just sharing their videos on YouTube.


  1. Online Survey

There are different companies that needed reviews or rating especially the start-ups in order to build more trust and acquire more customers. So to achieve this, they sometimes bring up an opportunity for people to rate or review them.

This is what I’m saying, If I’m just starting a new company or I have a company that I want people to buy or use my service, I will do anything legally to attract them.

If you’re a business owner, one of the best way to attract more sales is to build portfolios and good testimonies from customers. So, online survey is like building more testimonies for a company.

In most cases, these companies needed these reviews to know about how they can increase their productivity, branding and how to meet customers’ satisfaction.

If you’re lucky to participate in any of these online survey, then you’re going to make money online wherever you are, because these companies are going to pay you for your time.

There are tons of websites that conduct online surveys, among them is Capterra. You can get more of theses sites by searching on google.


  1. Dropshipping

Have you ever think of becoming an ecommerce entrepreneur, I mean selling of some products like bags, shoes and other but you don’t have money to start?

Here is the good news!

You can make money online in Nigeria by becoming a “dropshipper”.

What is dropshipping and who’s a dropshipper?

Dropshipping in simple explanation is selling of products without buying or having the products with you or in stock.

To save our time, this is what I mean;

If I have interest in selling the products on AliExpress but unfortunately, I don’t have money to buy and ship this products to my place, I can selling use a plugin a dropship to my website.

This plugin will import these products’ images, titles, descriptions and prices into my website. Then I will start promoting them on my website and if I can edit the details of each product.

The amazing thing is that, if a product cost $25, I can edit it to $55. If any person buy it, I will give $25 to AliExpress and my profit on that single product will be $30.

This is far lucrative than affiliate marketing if you are ready to invest. The investment is to create your own website and buy the AliDrop plugin.

A dropshipper is someone engaged in this business.


  1. E-currency Exchanger

There are different type of e-Currencies.

What’s E-currency?

This is the type of currency that can online be spend on the internet. They can’t be withdraw as physical money or currency notes until you exchange them.

There are different types of these e-Currencies such as the famous Bitcoin, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies.

We also have e-Currencies like Perfect Money. We also have the like of PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill.

Although, PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill can be withdrawn to local bank but the exchange rate by these local bank is very bad. Of course, they will try to make their own gain from each withdrawal but it’s better to exchange with a legit person if the money is below $1,000.

A lot of people has taken this as their serious job. They exchange e-Currencies with local currencies and thereby making some tip or commission.

These exchanger are making money from each money they exchanges.

Some guys has even upgraded to the level of establishing their own Cryptocurrency exchange companies and having a Cryptocurrency Website Exchange in Nigeria.

If you can learn the tactics behind it, then you’re going to join the leagues of guys making money online in Nigeria with ease of mind at your own convenience.



I’ll like to correct an illusion that is held by most Nigerians when it comes to online money making. Many people see it as a quick way to get rich, so they delve into the online space hoping the hit it big with a single shot and when things don’t go as planned, frustration sets in and everything goes south.

Making money online is quite easy but going into it to make it big immediately may be devastating. There are numerous ways to make money online in Nigeria today, most of these requires little or no skill(s) while some, you’ll need to be adequately trained. Whichever means you choose you’re assured of making money.

Above all, I will like you to take action on any of these 10 ways I’ve aligned above and come back here to share the testimony.

But NOTE: If you need to learn any of these skills, I and my team will passionately train you and guide you through the process of making money online as a freelancer. If you’re ready to be mentored, just shoot us a message by contacting us here.

If this article is helpful to you, then I’m sure it’s going to be helpful to others. Please kindly share with your friends using the social media sharing buttons below and don’t forget to comment below.


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