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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Lil Fap - "Passion" (Free Mp3 Download)

Lil Fap - "Passion" (Free Mp3 Download)

Lil Fap has drop another song under the label of CTC Music Entertainment which he christened "Passion". A song where he shared his hustles and experiences towards his plights in making things right in life.

The blogger and singer have something to say to us in this single to energize our own "Passion" irrespective of what we are facing. Scoop it below:-

Download: Lil Fap - "Passion" mp3 below:-


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Wizkid Unveils "Sounds From The Other Side" Artwork And Was Backslashed By Fans

Wizkid Unveils "Sound From The Other Side" Official Album's Artwork

After winning the "Best International Act (Africa)", the Chief Executive Officer of StarBoy Records, Wizkid has finally release the artwork of his anticipating album which he titled "Sound From The Other Side" which is expected to be fully released by July 14, 2017.

The Album, "Sounds From The Other Side" by Wizkid contains 12-track song which he has already released five out of the twelve-track album. The previously released 5 songs include:

• "Come Closer" ft Drake
• "Sweet Love“
• “African Bad Gyal” ft Chris Brown
• "Daddy Yo”
• "Naughty Ride” ft Major Lazer.

After YAGI Boss, Lil Kesh shared the artwork via his Instagram page, alot of fans really turned up for it with many likes and comments.

But, back slashes follows immediately Wizkid shared the graphical representation of his project's artwork on his verified twitter account where his fans think that the artwork is too childish and it was designed by amateur who is just learning how to use "Corel Draw" and some feel that Wizkid has disappointed them with the "Wack Artwork" but, some fans still geared him up saying, "The songs is what they want Not a mere Artwork".

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Wizkid And Davido Beef Still Continues - The War Between The "StarBoy" and The "30billion Gangs"

Wizkid and Davido's Diss Ensued - War Between the "StarBoy" and the "30billion Gangs"

How Did Fight between Wizkid and Davido Started? What caused the fight between Wizkid and Davido

Wizkid and Dammy Krane's Fight, Wizkid and Linda Ikeji's Fight

Right from the start, Wizkid and Davido is far from being friends as the two top artistes were always seen shading themselves on social medias. This has been the major trends between the two big and famous artistes.

This new diss started on twitter following the victory of Wizkid as he was crowned "The Best International Act From Africa" at the 2017 BET Awards where Davido, Wizkid, Tekno & Mr Eazi was nominated including other four artistes from South Africa (3) and Ghana (1). Read Full List of Nominated African Artistes For 2017 Edition of BET Awards and their countries here.

We know about Wizkid and Dammy Krane fight which some people believes it contributed to the destruction of Dammy Krane's career as the artiste is eligible to establish his own record label but after physical combat with Wizkid, he had never move forward nor backward again and currently, Dammy Krane is under Davido who is also one of the greatest hostile to Wizkid.

How the fight and Diss Between Wizkid and Davido Started on Twitter

We all know that Wizkid and Davido has been having feuds some years ago but this week trending diss between the two artistes can not be easily assumed. But, what we see is that Wizkid was the first person to start the diss. On Wizkid verified twitter account, he tweet: "The future you (Davido) see is better than the footballer you don't see". Wizkid quoted this dissing statement from the latest and trending single by Davido which he titled "Fall" where Davido Said in the lyrics that: "All my friends called my 'Cristiano', Mr. 'Ronaldo', omo 'Nintendo'...". According to Davido, he was praising himself as a good player in the music industry and of course, Wizkid feel too jealous and he definitely come back to reply him after he won the "BET Award" where he had defeated 7 other artistes including Davido.

With what Wizkid has said, Davido who is currently on his "30billion World Tour" did not turn deaf ear to it as the artiste striked back without any delay. He replied to Wizkid via twitter and his answer read thus: "The footballer that follows you and you don't see, is better than the DRAKE that never Come Close." This response from Davido really served my day as the answer was well quoted. This davido's response to Davido implies that he is greater than Wizkid who makes mouths around. Recently after the released of "Fall", the world famous and most paid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid followed Davido on Instagram which makes Davido as the first person in Nigeria and among the rarest in Africa that Cristiano Ronaldo will follows on Social media. Davido feels to elated as he sees that as huge success but to Wizkid, he is just like a kid who is trying to beg for food from foreign artistes like Drake, Chris brown and others.

The episodes of Wizkid fights with other top celebrities is always stunning and crazy. Wizkid have also fought with Linda Ikeji, the most richest and famous blogger in Africa which lasted for months due to Wizkid's secrets exposed by the female blogger. Although, the duel between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji was reported to have been solved but since then, Linda Ikeja has not even by mistake made mention of Wizkid's name or his affairs, music and update via her blog again.

Only God knows the reason why Wizkid has become an enemy to some Nigeria top celebrities. May God help them to settle the feuds.... You have any comment or perception towards this post? Please, kindly scroll down and use the comment box below.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Kenya General Elections: "Insult The Government, Publish False Political Content on Social Media Platforms And Enjoy 5 Years Jail Term" - Kenyan Government Warns Bloggers And Citizens

Kenya General Election: Insult Government On Social Media And Enjoy 5 Years Imprisonment - Kenyan Government

Kenyan citizens including non-citizens has been warned by the government as the general election is drawing near, to avoid sharing and making up of false and defaming contents on social media platforms should be inflicted with a fine of Sh1 million or a five years jail term is the victim is caught by the police or any law enforcement agencies.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding The Ability To Control World's Affair

According to a statement shared by the Communication Authority and the National Cohesion & Integration Commission, the two agencies promised to support the motions to punish Kenya citizen who is found to be faulted with this rule or creating violence on the internet by sharing fake or propaganda news about politics.

Tanzanian President, John Magafuli Ban Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School
    “Every social media articles shall be punished using a modern language that avoids a sound and words that contribute to hate speech, ethnic contempt, and causations to violence,” “All comments shall be polite, truthful and respectful.” - Says the Regulation.

The commission added that those people caught with publication of fake news will be liable to face harsh action with respect to NCI Act, which explained that those who are caught in this act will have to face 5 years jail term or a fine payment of Sh1 million. The commission shall leave the defaulters to be punished according to the law.

Bloggers and social media users who were fond of publishing political sponsored post and content respectively will be forced by the law to reveal their real identities and how they are associated with political party or a politician who acts as their "godfathers".

The regulations added that those bloggers or social media addicts who were found of publishing content on social media handles will have to "authenticate, validate the source and truthfulness of their content".

The regulations finally concluded that the current Kenyan government will not take the spreading of misleading rumours granted and will be punished with a 5 years jail term or a fine of Sh1 million.

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From Spain, 23 Nigerians Were Deported Again For Committing Offences

From Spain, 23 Nigerians Were Deported For Committing Various Offences

Recently, about 179 Nigerians voluntarily deported themselves from Libya and this has been the case a couple of months ago. Yesterday, another 23 citizens of Nigeria were also deported from Spain by Spanish government for their felonious acts in the country.

The 23 deported Nigerians followed the immediate deportation of 34 Nigerians who were sent back to this country, Nigeria from six European countries also for committing some felonious act of Immigration-related offences.

According to the Police official, Joshua Alabi who was the spokesman of the Lagos Airport Police Command said the 23 deported citizens which consists of 21 males and 2 females, were deported to Nigeria in a grand style aircraft with EC-IZO as its registration number.

    READ: "I Will Still Go Back To The Prison, The Place Is A Badge of Honour For Me" - Kemi Olunloyo
    READ: Rape Crimes Increased To 124 in Kano State, Nigeria

The Police official also added that the deported citizens were welcomed by Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Person, NAPTIP officers including the police officers and officials of NDLEA & National Immigration Service respectively.

    READ: Why 179 Nigerians Were Deported From Libya

With respect to Alabi, 9 out of the deported citizens were on deportation with others due to drug-related offences and were handed over to officials of National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency, NDLEA and 2 of them deportees who were on deportation due to criminal offences were handed over to the police and the remaining 12 were deported due to accusation of going against the country's immigration rules and they were set free to go to their different destinations.

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Top 25 Most Influential People On The Internet Across The World - TIME

List of 25 Most Influential People On The Internet Across The World - TIME Magazine

You may have been asking that "who are the most influential people on the internet Across The World?" That's a good question as we all know that during our generation, internet has really taken over in our everyday live.

Thanks to TIME Magazine that cleared and answered the question the right way. The Magazine has just released the list of 25 most influential people on the internet where Chrissy Teigen top the list and, USA President, Donald Trump can be found on the list with other celebrities.

Recommended Articles:

    World Survey Poll Shows That Russian President, Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding The Ability To Control The World
    Katy Perry Becomes The Most Followed Human on Twitter
    Top 100 Most Paid Celebrities In The World - Forbes
    Top 5 Most Valuable & Richest Football Club In The World - Forbes

The permalinks above shows the recent released of the world's famous, influential and richest person in the world including a football team. Here, we are going to have our quick survey on the "25 Most Influential People on The Internet".
Read below:-

25 Most Influential People On The Internet Across The World

-1• Chrissy Teigen
-2• Matt Drudge
-3• J.K Rowling
-4• Cater Wilkerson
-5• Yao Chen
-6• Brian Reed
-7• BTS
-8• Alexei Navalny
-8• Donald Trump
-9• Matt Furie
-10• Steven Puritt
-11• Bana Alabed
-13• Gigi Gorgeous
-14• Jonathan Sun
-15• Katy Perry
-16• Kim Kardashian
-17• Joanne the scammer
-18• Founders of the Indivisible Guide
-19• Rihanna
-20• Chance the Rapper
-21• Ariel Martin
-22• Cassey Ho
-23• Huda Kattan
-24• Mark Fischbach
-25• Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin

That's all... Do you have any view or comment pertaining to this list? Please let share ideas through the comment box below.

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Tyson Fury: I Will Beat Anthony Joshua Before 180,000 Fans In Lagos, Nigeria

Tyson Fury: I Will Beat Anthony Joshua Before 180,000 Fans In Lagos, His Hometown

After Anthony Joshua gained more popularity, awards, wealth and international recognitions across the globe due to his championship at the world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury who is also a retired heavyweight champion has been pestering on Anthony Joshua in order to defeat him and collect the championship belts from him.

The British heavyweight, Tyson Fury has vowed that he will beat Anthony Joshua who is a citizen of Nigeria from the city of Lagos.

Tyson Fury has been calling out Anthony Joshua in a fight ever since he wad crowned the world heavyweight champion after defeating Ukraine's boxing legend, Wladimir Klitschko at the final match.

According to interview with iFilm TV, Tyson Fury said, the fight between him and Anthony Joshua may not be at Wembley, it might be in Nigeria in Lagos city where he heard that there is 180,000 seater there.

He continued that, he is considering he is the Nigerian Nightmare and said they will go over there (Lagos, Nigeria) or it could at Croke Park in Ireland that has the capacity of accommodating alot of people or likewise, at Wembley stadium.

During different interviews with Tyson Fury, he has been hinting that he will return to the ring for a short at the WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight belts at September.

Tyson Fury is said to have been banned from pertaking in any official fights due to his drug addicts but now, he seems he is overburden with how Anthony Joshua was crowned as the world heavyweight champion. Let look forward for the fight between the two lions... Who will win? Any predictions and if it's right shall be rewarded. Drop your view(s) below.

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Russian President, Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding Ability To Control World's Affairs - Survey Polls

Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding World Affairs

Recently, a survey was polled in thirty-seven, 37 countries in the world where more people around the world believes in The Russian President, Vladimir Putin than American President, Donald Trump on the issues of making things right and controlling the world.

After the survey, 27 percent of the people who partook says they have more confidence in Russian President, Vladimir Putin while 22 percent says they have more confidence in American President, Donald Trump. The two outcomes here is very far to the task when compared with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel whom 42 percent of the people says they have confidence.

The survey was polled to shows how majority of the people didn't trust Donald Trump and he is okay only when he was at his first five months on the American presidential seat.

Out of 100 percent, more than 70 percent goes against Donald Trump's decision to vacate the major international trade deals and his public announcement that the United states of America would pull out of Paris climate record.

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An American, Marco Ramirez Remanded In Kirikiri Prison For Duping Three Nigerians' Company Directors Out of $565,000

An American Citizen, Marco Ramirez Was Remanded At Kirikiri Prison For Duping Three Nigerians In A $565,000 Green Card & Investment Scam

Marco Ramirez who is an American citizen was arrested and remanded at the Kirikiri Prison after court order from Ikeja High Court for Scamming the total sum of $565,000 from three Nigeria citizens in a felonious plight to get them Green card and also to invest in one of the victim's business.

The defaulter, Marco Ramirez who was remanded in Ikeja High Court by Justice Josephine Oyefeso after the EFCC arrested him, pleaded not guilty to any of the 16-count charge filed against him for collecting money from three Nigerians under false pretenses.

According to Prosecutor O. Aigboje who is an EFCC official said, Marco Ramirez allegedly duped three managing directors of three different companies namely: Eagleford Instalodge Group, USA Now Capital Group and Eagleford Instalodge between February and August 2013.

According to the EFCC Prosecutor, Ramirez had obtained the sum of $545,000 from Godson Echejue in pretense of investing in his company at Eaglefold Instalodge Group with the wholesome plight of procuring an American Green Card for him.

Marco Ramirez also fraudulently obtained the sum of $10,000 from Abubakar Umar in order to make him eligible to live conveniently in America through a non-existence investment programme in the US.

Marco Ramirez was also accused by EFCC for receiving the sum of $10,000 illegally from Olukayode Sodimu under the felonious pretense that the money collected from him will be used to fund the facilitation fees with the AIS (America Immigration Services) for a green card.

The EFCC prosecutor, O. Aigboje urged the High Court to remand Ramirez In Prison till the time when he will be face his trial but Marco Ramirez's councel, Chukwudi Maduka also urged the court not to put his client into prison as he was on EFCC Administrative bail.

But finally, the EFCC prosecutor said the EFCC Administrative bail on Marco Ramirez was overstretched and insisted that he should be sent to prison but in the judge, Justice Oyefeso's ruling, she ordered that the defendant, Marco Ramirez should be remanded in Prison until July 3 for bail application hearing.

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Landslide In Sichuan Province, China Left Over 120 People Missing And 40 Houses Buried

In China, 120 People Are Missing And More 40 Houses Were Buried After Landslide In Sichuan Province

It was indeed sad and catastrophic as more than 120 citizens were found missing while just 5 were found and more than 40 houses were totally buried during a gruesome landslide in Southwest China's Sichuan Province as it was confirmed by Chinese State-run Broadcaster China Central Television, CCTV.

READ: From Libya, 179 Nigeria Citizens Voluntarily Deported Themselves To Nigeria.

The gruesome landslide was reported according to CCTV to have occurred at Six O'clock local time in Xinmo village in Mao country. With immediate effect, over 780 rescue workers and emergency response was activated within a glimpse and converged together at the scene.

READ ALSO: Tanzania's President, John Magafuli Imposed Ban On Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School.

During the catastrophic incident, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping ordered an official at the country ministry of Land and Resources to detect the cause of such impromptu landslide. According to report from CCTV, the official said the heavy landslide were complicated and could include rain and unstable rock masses.

ALL READ: In Ibadan Nigeria, Alot of People Including Over 300 Houses Were Destroyed By Flooding.
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Sunday, 25 June 2017

In Rivers State: Governor Nyesom Wike Sacked All His Commissioners

Governor Nyesom Wike of Cross Rivers State Has Also Sacks All His Commissioners

The Cross Rivers State' Governor, Nyesom Wike has recently sacked all his commissioners just 24 hours (A day) after Austin Tam-George, the commissioner for Information in the state resigned from the Wike's administration.

According to Governor Nyesom Wike's Spokesman, Simeon Nwakaudu, on Saturday, he ordered all the state commissioners to Hand over their positions to the permanent secretaries in each of their ministries.

Nwakaudu said:

    “The Cross Rivers State Governor, His Excellency, Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has dismissed the State Executive Council. The governor ordered all the former commissioners to hand over their position to their respective Permanent Secretaries. Governor Wike thanked the former commissioners for their service to the state and wished them well in their future endeavours.”

Governor Wike did not give a reason for dismissing his commissioners. According to report, the governor has earlier sacked the commissioner for works, Bathuel Harrison right before the commissioner for information tender his letter of resignation and finally, the governor dismissed the Executive Council Members of the State.

Governor Wike has joined the league of the Nigerian governors like Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State who have also sacked all his executive members this year without giving a certain reason.

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Tanzania's President, John Magafuli Ban The Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School

Tanzania's President, John Magufuli Ban Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School

President John Magufuli of Tanzania has recently placed "Ban" on any teenage mothers in the country from going back to school. The president made the shocking announcement while he was addressing the residents of Bagamoyo District during his scheduled 3-days Coast Regions tour on Thursday.

President Magufuli said in earnest accusation that those Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) that is pestering the government to allow the teenage mothers to go back to school are Foreign Agents.

The president continued that the girls who are impregnated untimely can join the Vocational Education Training Authority, VETA centres where they will learn how to do vocational jobs like sewing, hairdressing, typing and other jobs but, they are not allowed again to go back to school.

According to Magafuli, if the teenage mothers were given another chance to go back to school, they will become a bad example to other small girls, encouraging them to engage in casual sex just like what they have done:

    “If the government allow such girls back to school then, one very day we will see all the girls who are in Standard One getting pregnant and having babies."

For some time ago, some Non-governmental Organizations have been pressurising the Tanzanian president on the issue of allowing teen mothers back to school but the president refused to heed to them.

The NGOs want the president to signed into the law that teenage mothers should be allowed to go back to school but, the president viewed their pressure as a disturbing one which can never be a millisecond granted. He believed that all the NGOs pressuring him are foreign agents who won't be affected by the rough outcome of allowing teenage mother back to school.

People reaction to this Tanzania's president ban resisting the teenage mothers from going back to school just to avoid the often occurrence of teenage sex and pregnancy in the country is a dream that will never comes true. They believed that teenage sex and pregnancy is part of African culture which is indelible.

Well, let us watch how far the development will go in the country and to be frank and honest, if teenage sex and pregnancy were reduced in the process, don't you think that President Magafuli will leave a legacy behind?

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BET Awards 2017: Wizkid Won The Best International Act (Africa)

BET Awards 2017: Wizkid Wins The International (Africa) Best Act

The Real StarBoy of Africa, Wizkid has Won the BET Awards 2017 - Best International Act (Africa) again. The Nigerian born international singer has been making it back to back since couple of years ago, gaining international recognition and of course, boosting his fame and his riches.

CHECK: Full List of African Nominees For BET Awards 2017 Under Best International Act

Although, the main event is today but yesterday, The BET Africa has congratulated Wizkid as the official winner of this 2017 edition of BET Awards Under the solid category of Best International (Africa) where four Nigerian artistes, three South African artistes and one Ghanaian artiste were nominated.

Download MP3: Wizkid - African Bad Girl Ft Chris Brown

Well as predicted by GbolaMedia, Wizkid has really fulfilled the mandate of his hustle by conquering the foreign music trade for us, bringing every awards that comes his way to Nigeria while repping Nigeria as a country full of talented young people.

Fans has been congratulating Wizkid on Social media for having won another meritorious award at the BET Awards 2017. So, why can't I and why can't you let us wish the great ambassador of Nigeria Music a great success over success? Infact, we should all jump to the social media and start making our congratulatory voice to him known.

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