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You’re thinking of applying for e-Passport or the international passport in Nigeria and you don’t know the easiest way to get through it, you have been asking, surfing the internet for the best answer until you land here, right?

That’s quite great! If you’ve checked one of the blog posts on the google first page, you’ll realized that the procedure and requirements written there seems to be too much and impossible for you to get.

For instance, one of the requirements says you need to get a letter from your state governor or a high official person in your town…. Well, I didn’t get any letter from anybody before I applied and got my international passport in Nigeria.

So here, I’m going to tell you the exact step-by-step guide I used to get the Nigeria’s International Passport (e-Passport), the cost and the requirements.

Before proceeding, let me say something about the Nigerian International Passport, e-Passport;

About the International Passport in Nigeria

The international passport in Nigeria is an official document issued by the federal government of Nigeria through one of her agencies, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), headed by the minister of Interior.

The Nigeria’s International Passport is one of the official documents that proves you’re a Nigerian. Although we have the National Identification Number (NIN) on our National ID card, the Voters Identification Number (VIN) on our voters’ card etc., but this e-passport or the International Passport in Nigeria stands out.

Apart from the fact that this document can prove your national identity (anywhere in the world), you can also use this passport to travel to some African countries, if you’re thinking of going outside Africa’s continent, you’ll need to have your Nigeria’s International Passport, VISA and buy ticket for you to be able to travel the world!

But how can you apply for this International Passport in Nigeria and get the paper processed very fast? The first anti-dote is to have all the requirements in place, so what are the requirements?

Requirements to Get the International Passport in Nigeria

I’m going to tell the official requirements according to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) and then, tell you what I personally took to their office here in Osun State, Nigeria.

Here are they – What I prepared;

  • My National ID card (the slip though)
  • Birth certificate
  • Court affidavit (because I changed my names, so the name on the National ID card is different from the name on the birth certificate, but I have the court affidavit to valid all my documents)
  • Passport photograph – Note that the size required to be used in international passport is quite different from the normal one you can use in bank or anywhere. So, I took another passport photograph right opposite the NIS office.
  • Utility Bill – just in case they want to validate my address, but it was useless then.
  • I even went along with my registered business name’ certificate, also it was useless.

So, those are what I prepared that made me to be enrolled and captured for the Nigerian international passport that day.

Let talk about the fee, I know you would have been asking yourself that how much does it cost to get the international passport in Nigeria?

Okay, I’m also going to tell you the official price and how much I paid;

The Cost of Getting the International Passport in Nigeria

The official cost of getting the international passport in Nigeria is now N70,000 for 64-pages which will last for 10 years and N35,000 for same 64-pages which will last for 5 years. For the 32-pages, it cost N25,000 which will last for 5 years.

To understand it better, here are the cost of international passport in Nigeria;

  • N70,000 for 64-pages standard passport with 10 years validity
  • N35,000 for 64-pages standard passport with 5 years validity
  • N25,000 for 32-pages standard passport with 5 years validity.

But personally, I applied for the 32-papers (5 years validity) and I paid N30,000. Other money spent like the one I used to take passport photograph, the transport fare and other tips are not included.

The agent collected N30,000 from me before he enrolled me for the international passport and after paying the agent, I didn’t give a dime to anybody! I don’t know if the agent paid the Nigeria Immigration Service or not, all I know is that I wasn’t questioned by the officers in charge of capturing data.

So, after getting my requirements and money in place, I boarded a cab to the Nigeria Immigration Office, Osun State branch in Osogbo – the state capital.

I didn’t know where the office is situated, so I searched on Google Map and I got an idea of the route, before I miss my way. My point here is that, you should be sure of where you’re going before leaving your house.

You can search on google like; ‘Nigeria Immigration Office + in + Your State’. For example, ‘Nigeria Immigration Office in Abia State’. From that, you can simply get the idea of where you’re going because google map will tell you the streets along the road and the landmarks.

If you’re in Osun State and you’re thinking of getting your international passport in Osogbo, here is how I got to the office;

I boarded a cab to Osogbo garage and from there to the NIS office along Gbongan road. The Nigeria Immigration office in Osogbo, Osun State is very close to SUBEB office, around the Nursing house, the Osun State’s Surveyors’ office and other important places are around. But you can use the SUBEB office and Osun state Nursing house as your landmark to describe where you’re going to.

Here is how to get your international passport when applying online;

How to Apply Online for an International Passport in Nigeria:

  • Visit the NigerianImmigration Services portal or click this link
  • Select the passport For now, the default type which is “Standard” is what you’re going to choose.
  • Select processing country.
  • Fill and Complete application form.
  • Upload scanned copies of required documents.
  • Select preferred payment method which can through using your ATM card.
  • After successful payment, an application ID and a reference number will be given to you
  • Proceed to print out Guarantor’s form and have it certified
  • Submit the completed application form with other needed document in person at National Immigration or passport office around you
  • After submitting the forms yourself at the office, you’ll be enrolled for biometrics (otherwise known as “capturing”)
  • After completing your biometrics, you’ll be told to come back at a given day for your international passport.

So, that’s how to apply online for international passport in Nigeria. But let me tell you how I did my own…

So, how did I get my international passport in Nigeria?

Let me explain how I did it and then, I will explain other method to get your international passport in Nigeria (according to the Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS).

How to Get Your International Passport in Nigeria using Offline Method (exactly what I did)

I didn’t use the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) portal but I went to their office myself (the offline method).

NOTE: I will also advice you do this, you can apply online as some folks said applying online will lets you get your international passport faster. But make sure you visit their office.

So, here is how to apply for international passport in Nigeria using offline method;

·       Go the NIS Office in your state

After gotten to the office, I didn’t enter immediately as I noticed a lot of people outside and some kiosks with computers in them.

SO, I approached one of the men in the kiosk who happened to be a photographer and one of the agents working ‘outside’ the office. I asked him which office should I go to register for the Nigeria’s international passport.

Immediately, he asked me to wait for a while…

I waited for few minutes and he came back to me that, ‘they’ can enroll me for capturing in that same kiosk and they’ll direct me to the right person who will get me registered.

At this junction, I felt like leaving the place immediately because I don’t want to be scammed. But to my surprise, some NIS officers came to the same kiosk to request for registration form from that man (because those officers also have gotten their own client ‘like me’ who need to get their own international passport).

·       I used an Agent

Then, I believed that these people are legit before of what I saw and perceived that day.

NOTE: you need to be very careful before you trust any random person to be an agent, even if you see anybody wearing the Nigeria Immigration uniform and he/she tell you to bring money for faster enrolment and capturing, don’t trust that person because we’re in Nigeria, anything can happen.

But if you’re lucky to see a smart and trusted agent or NIS officer, kindly go for them.

Back to how I got my international passport.

·       Pay the fee

So, the man told me the cost of getting my international passport during that period is N30,000 – although, I prepared N35,000 but I tried negotiating with the agent to reduced it to N25,000 or something below that N30k but he said that’s the normal price (30k) even if I talked to those officer to help me.

Without wasting time, I agreed. And I asked him how are we going to start?

·       Submit the Documents with you

He told me to bring my National ID card and birth certificate, I gave them to him with my affidavit.

But remember I said the names on my National ID card and Birth certificate is quite different but the court affidavit validates all data to be correct.

The man looked at it and returned the Birth certificate and the affidavit back to me, he said that the difference in names might create confusion and disturbed my capturing to be successful.

I asked, what about the other requirements asked, such as the letters and other stuffs demanded by the NIS before getting an international passport in Nigeria? He said I shouldn’t worry about that. But if I have them, I can give them to him and he’ll add them.

I said ‘NO’ because I didn’t even have those stuffs and he immediately proceed the registration form, generated some slips and I signed on them.

He later told one of his staff to take me inside the Nigeria Immigration office and meet a certain officer, that officer was asked to submit my photocopied documents and generated slips to the right office, which he did. And I was asked to wait till it’s my turn for capturing.

·       BIOMETRICS: Your Data Will Be Captured by the Nigeria Immigration Service

I got to the NIS office by 10:20am on Monday but before It’s my turn to be captured, it’s already after 4:00pm – meaning that I waited for good 6 hours!

NOTE: make sure you’re fully prepared, because a lot of people are trying to get their Nigeria International Passport every day. So, you must determine to sacrifice that say to get your own passport.

You know that ‘this country don tire peson sef’ but not everybody is travelling out of the country but some people are trying to get an official document that they use to verify what they’ve applied for, such as PayPal, Payoneer and so on.

So, that’s how I was able to registered and got my international passport in Nigeria without taking those bunch of requirements to them.

·       Finally, Get your International Passport

But you may want to know when I finally got the international passport right? Here is what you need to know;

How Long Does It Take to Get the International Passport in Nigeria?

Well, according to the Nigeria Immigration service, NIS, it should take nothing more than 2-weeks (or 14 days) to get your international passport in Nigeria.

That’s what they also told me.

They even said If I’m lucky to meet and tip a high-ranking officer, I can get it within a week because some people do it get within 48 hours.

You know the country we are living in, Nigeria na.

But to be sincere with you, I got my international passport after 3 months!

So, don’t fall for the scam that you’ll get it within 2 weeks, if care is not taken, you can get it after 6 months.

But well, let agreed that you can get your international passport in Nigeria within 2 weeks provided you’re lucky.

So, that’s it on getting international passport in Nigeria – and other information

Note that I shared my personal experience here, to show you exactly how I got mine. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you the same way it worked for me, that’s why I also talk about the how the Nigeria Immigration Service said you can get international passport in Nigeria.

Don’t forget that your National ID card (I mean the slip given to you by the NIMC) is very important as well, don’t forget to take it along.

Do you have any question about this? Kindly ask below and I’ll see ‘if’ I can answer them or do more research on it.

If you’re a business owner, have you register your business with the CAC? If ‘no’, I can help you to get your business name registered and get you the original certificate and documents. Click here to contact me.

That’s it, but don’t forget that if this blog post helped you, it can also help a lot of people within your circle. So, kindly share with your friends by clicking on the floating social media icons.

And you can also join my mailing list to get important updates like this and other making money online opportunities and job vacancies.

Thanks for visiting and I wish to see you soon!

Stephen is a Frontend engineer, technical writer, owner and part-time blogger here at Gbolamedia, incoming data scientist, an enthusiastic cynophilist, and a curious introvert. Stephen is currently available for full-time, part-time or contract-base role. Contact him here: on WhatsApp or check him on Linkedin

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Canada Visa Application: Requirements & How to Apply in 2023



“How do I get a visa to Canada?” – This is a question a friend asked me a few days ago because he read about some job opportunities that may favor him, and it was so wise for him to ask because of people scamming people with Canada visa applications. Aside from that friend, I know there is currently a trend in Nigeria called “Japa” meaning to escape or move on. 

A lot of people from African countries are trying to escape to developed countries like Canada because of the opportunities awaiting them there. Some people are not trying to “escape” the situation in their country, but they are going to Canada for tourism, education, work, vacation or to relocate to a new country. Whatever your reason is, the first step to making this dream come true is to apply for a visa to Canada.

RELATED: List of visa-free countries you can visit

Let’s talk about the Canadian visa application fee, requirements, and how to apply.

Canada Visa Requirements: Documents Needed

Before making an attempt to apply for a visa to Canada, you have to decide which type of visa you need, as that will determine what you need to prepare. But regardless of the type of visa, here are the requirements to apply for a Canadian visa:

  • An international passport:

A valid international passport is compulsory to travel to most Countries in the world. To apply for a Canadian visa, your passport must have at least 6 months of remaining validity.

If you are trying to get a passport in Nigeria, here is a guide for you.

  • Good Financial status or support:

Whether you’re going there to work or for a tour, you need to present proof that shows you can “bankroll” your expenses while staying in Canada. If you are supporting yourself, you can use your bank statement but if someone is sponsoring you, you will need to get a letter from the person.

  • Clean criminal record:

Although this is not proof that you are trustworthy or reliable, it’s proof that you have been law-abiding to some extent. To apply for a visa to Canada, a clean criminal record is required, most people would present a police clearance which is good.

  • Letter of invitation:

If you’re going to Canada may be to study, visit someone, or work, you need to provide a letter that you have been offered admission by a school in Canada, employed by someone in Canada, or invited by someone.

  • Good Medical report:

Yes, you have good health but you have to present proof. You may be required to present or undergo a medical examination to be sure you’re not going to Canada to infect people over there. For example, a coronavirus test result may be required and you must have been vaccinated.

A valid debit or credit card:

Since you are applying for a Canadian visa online, you will need a card to make your payment online. If you’re in countries like Nigeria where local cards are declined for international payments, you can get a virtual or dollar card from your bank.

A camera or scanner:

Just to get electronic copies of your document. If you don’t have any of these and your smartphone’s camera is good, you can use it to snap your documents but make sure they’re clear and well-cropped.

Important notice: You are required to apply for a visa to Canada online unless you have a disability that will prevent you from doing so. 

These are just the general requirements. Again, depending on the visa type you are applying for, you may be required to provide something that’s not listed here. The best thing to do is to go to Canada properly to be sure.

Canada Visa Application


If you meet these requirements, kindly note that your Canada visa application may not be approved if you have in one way violated human rights, or engaged in criminal or organized crime.

After getting the requirements ready, the next big deal is to start applying and here we go:

Canada Visa Application: How to apply for a visa to Canada

  • Decide the type of visa you need

If you’re going there to visit someone or tour the country, you can apply for a visit visa while you apply for a work visa if you are going to Canada to work. They are all visas but with different requirements. If you’re a student and you have been offered admission in Canada, you may not need a Visa if the Canadian government has approved your study permit alongside your admission.

  • Visit Canada’s immigration website to apply

You will need to create an account with a valid email address and depending on the type of visa you are applying for, kindly check the respective link below:

NOTE: These links will not direct you to a page where you will start applying but to check for instruction that works for you personally as you will be asked some questions and later be provided with some steps to take further.

If you are applying for a work permit to Canada and you need to take your family members along, they must also apply for a visa. Your wife/husband can also apply for a work visa while your dependent children apply for a study visa.

  • Follow the prompt questionnaires and submit your application

After accessing your eligibility status from the links shared above, and getting the documents asked of you, you can proceed to apply. Make sure you answer all questions correctly and as honestly as you can, if you don’t understand a question, you can ask for help than guess and miss your visa approval.

If you are sure that you have answered all the questions correctly and uploaded all the required documents, review them again, make your payment and submit your visa application.

  • Wait for a response

You have to wait until a visa officer decides if your application will be approved or not. But note that the time waiting for a response can span weeks or even months.

If your application is approved, congratulations – you will receive a confirmation email in your registered email address, so keep eye on it from time to time and ensure you check your spam folder because sometimes, life-changing emails may be hiding there.

  • Plan your trip and travel to Canada

The next thing is to start planning your trip, getting a plane ticket, your passport ready and other travel documents you may need. Don’t forget that the money you paid while applying for a visa is not your transport fare, that’s the processing fee. You’ll need to pay for the plane ticket.

When everything is ready, go to the airport and enjoy your trip to Canada. Kindly avoid any temptation that may trigger you to stay outside your visa condition as you may be punished if caught. The punishment can be severe as banning you from visiting the country for a while.

That’s how you can apply for a visa to Canada. But if you’re still not sure how to handle the application process, it is advisable you use the service of someone who knows about it like a travel agency, but be careful as most travel agents out there are scammers or traffickers.

But wait, there is an important question we haven’t covered… How much does it cost to apply for the visa? Don’t you think it is wise to ask? Let’s talk about it

Canada Visa Processing Fee: How much does it cost to apply for a Canada visa?

The cost of processing a visa to Canada varies with respect to the type of visa you are applying for. Below is a quick overview of how much you will be paying;

  • Canada study permit costs $150 per person
  • Canadian work permit costs $155 per person
  • A visitor visa to Canada costs $100 per person
  • Canada’s citizenship application costs $630 per adult and $100 for less than 18 years old
  • (Permanent residence) The business immigration processing fee is $1,625 per person
  • (Permanent residence) The economic immigration processing fee is $1,365 per person
  • (Permanent residence) Family sponsorship costs $1,080 for adults and $155 per dependent child

Then as part of the processing fee, you will also pay for:

  • Biometrics costs $85 per person and more cheaper if you are applying as a family or group
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Processing Fee which is $7

NOTE: All dollars are Canadian dollars not USD.

Kindly check the full list of Canadian visa processing fees here

How much do I need to travel to Canada?

This depends on which type of visa you are trying to process and your location to determine how much the plane ticket will be. If you have this information, then it is easy to predict roughly how much you will be spending altogether to move to Canada.

Let me do a sample calculation for you.

I’m in Nigeria and let’s say I’m trying to apply for a visa to Canada to work, I will be going for a work permit. The calculation goes as follows:

  • Work permit – $150
  • Biometric – $85
  • eTA – $7

Sub-total ($150 + 85 + 7) = $242.

My brain will tell me to prepare for $300 which I will make ready to pay when filling out my application form.

  • Plane ticket – $2,000 – $8,000

**This price is gotten by using a flight booking website to check the Economic flight from Lagos to Canada.

Let’s say I’m able to get a nice deal at $3,000 for a plane ticket and assume that the Canadian Dollar is the same as US Dollars, the total money I’ll planning to spend is ($3,000 + 300) = $3,300

That, in Nigerian naira, is NGN 1.5m in CBN rate and NGN2.5m…

To apply for a visa to Canada is not as expensive as getting a plane to the country, you must be financially strong if you are sponsoring yourself because from your estimated processing and ticket booking fees, remember you have to present proof that you can bankroll your expenses.

You can start saving for your next travel if you need to do so. I hope this blog post helps, safe journey.

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog post is not a travel agent and he’s not affiliated to Canada’s immigration. If you have any question that this blog post doesn’t answer, kindly forward it to a professional or contact the Canadian embassy in your country.

If you found this blog post “How to Apply for a Visa to Canada“, kindly share it with your friends and if you like, you can buy me a coffee to support us.

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Travels & Tourism

10 Most Luxurious Hotels in Africa for Your Next Vacation



Hotels in Africa have rich hospitality, great customer, dynamic ocean views, and all the features you could get from a good hotel.

Africa is known for its hospitality and rich culture. This is evident in their hotels and homes in general, but the former is on our watch list today. In terms of luxury, Africa has lots of historic and luxurious hotels and we’ll be revealing the top 10 luxurious hotels in Africa.

Before then, kindly be informed that these hotels are expensive, unlike the regular ones you’re familiar with. But of course, you know that “money kills delicious soup”.

Now, sit tight, and let’s ride.

Top 10 Luxurious Hotels in Africa

1. Riad Kheirredine — Marrakech, Morocco

Hotels in Africa - Riad Kheirredine

Riad Kheirredine in Morocco – (Photo Credit:

In terms of luxurious hotels in Africa, the Riad Kheirredinehas to be our favorite choice. The hotel has lots of special features and services that make it top our list and I’ll be outlining those.

It’s a five-star hotel, of course, located in the heart of Marrakesh in a clean and serene environment. Visiting the Riad Kheirredine for the first time, you feel a change in the scent of the atmosphere with lovely perfumed rooms. Security is top-notch, you don’t have to worry about your car or belongings getting stolen.

They’ve also got a means of air transport, free and fast WiFi, concierge, soundproof room, pool and man more. The best part has to be the food, the Riad Kheirredine serves both local and international dishes.

Make Your reservation here:

2. The Oberoi Beach Resort — Mauritius

Hotels in Africa - The Oberoi

The Oberoi Resorts in Mauritius – (Photo Credit:

Don’t get confused by the “beach”, it’s actually a hotel – a five-star hotel in the lovely nation, Mauritius. The good thing about this hotel is its close proximity to other recreational centers which you can visit to get a new feel of things outside the hotel.

Aside from that, customer service is quite good, very tranquil environment – perfect for unwinding after a stressful day or long trip.

There are lots of activities to engage in while enjoying your stay. A tennis court, a fitness center for keeping fit and also a nice swimming pool.

Get a room here:

3. Dar Ayniwen Garden Hotel & Bird Zoo – Morocco

Hotels in Africa - Dar Ayniwen Garden Hotel & Bird Zoo

Dar Ayniwen Garden Hotel & Bird Zoo – (Photo Credit:

The hotels from the Northern part of Africa seem to be dominating our list, let’s see what the Dar Ayniwen Garden Hotel has in stock.

The Dar Ayniwen Garden Hotel & Bird Zoo has a charming atmosphere that engulfs you on entering the premises. The vast land houses some of the best rooms, lodges, and other recreational facilities in Morocco. It’s quite close to the airport, getting there from the Menara airport isn’t difficult.

The hotel boasts of a fully air-conditioned room with a hot bath, cable TV, and coffee maker. Also, there’s free Wi-Fi for customers, a patio, and a large swimming pool.

Get a room here:

4. La Maison Arabe – Morocco

Hotels in Africa - La Maison Arabe

La Maison Arabe – (Photo Credit:

The Maison Arabe is a very prestigious hotel and has the best of rooms, suites, and lodges that you’ll need from a five-star hotel.

The meals – they’ve got the best of cooks, preparing tasty meals and dishes. Occasionally, top music stars are invited to entertain the visitors.

The Maison Arabe has 26 well-furnished rooms and suites, 2 large swimming pools, a minibar, free internet access, and a shuttle bus to transport you to and fro the annex. There’s also a spa, for those who’ll want it.

Book a room here:

5. The Oyster Box – South Africa

Hotels in Africa - The Oyster Box

The Oyster Box in ZA – (Photo Credit:

The Oyster Box is one of the best hotels in Africa, actually, I’ll say it’s the best in South Africa in my opinion. With lots of fully furnished and well-decorated rooms — they’re actually 86 in number. Hospitality is of the highest level with well-trained staff for the job. 

If you’re looking to have a romantic outing, business meetings, or other social events, the Oyster Box is the perfect box. The hotel has great ocean views, two big-sized swimming pools, a free complimentary breakfast, a fitness center, and a spa.

Book a room here:

6. Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa – Tanzania

Hotels in Africa - Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa – (Photo Credit:

This wonderful edifice located in the eastern part of Africa is one great spot for family recreation and romantic outings. It’s sited close to the airport – a 10-minute drive from the airport to Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa.

Hospitality is pretty much okay, with good customer service, exotic and well-spaced rooms, and delicious meals. The hotel has a quintessential touch of nature to it plus a great ocean view.

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villa also avails you of family rooms, a private balcony, room service, a minibar a standard-sized indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Book a room:

Here are related blog posts on this topic:

7. Hemingways – Kenya

Hotels in Africa - Hemingways

Hemingways in Kenya (Photo Credit:

Set in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, Hemingway provides top-class hotel services to visitors in a serene and squeaky clean environment. The hotel is in close proximity to recreational venues like the David Sheldrick wildlife and the Nairobi national park. The classic spa is great for winding away your stresses.

A fully equipped bar and lounge, unique mini bar, free breakfast, and an air transport facility. At Hemingway’s, customers satisfaction is a top priority, there’s also a butler service for customers. All these you get at a relatively affordable price.

Book a space:

8. Pod Camps Bay – South Africa

Hotels in Africa - Pod Camps Bay

Pod Camps Bay in ZA – (Photo Credit:

A hotel with a quintessential look of nature, a hotel most loved by tourists and locals alike, the Pod Camps Bay fails to disappoint, it offers all you’d ever need from a world-class hotel. The Pod Camps are subtly decorated naturally, hence it’s loved by all – who doesn’t love nature?

Staff attendance ticks all the right boxes, spacious and well-decorated room to maximize your comfort. You enjoy every paid at the Pod Camps with world-class service.

The hotel houses lots of lovely rooms with free WiFi, a fitness place, coffee-making machines, free breakfast, and great mountain views.

Get a room here:

  1. Zanzi Hotel and Resort – Tanzania

Hotels in Africa - Zanzi Hotels

Zanzi Hotel – (Photo Credit: Timbuktutravel)

Another wonderful place to be, Zanzi resort tick all the right boxes a luxurious hotel should have. There’s good hospitality, natural scenery, and well-furnished rooms.

The bouquet consists of both local and international dishes from the best chef. Drinks are of all classes and types, the rooms – very exquisite!

These hotels provide you with a private beach, bridal suite, air transport facility, fitness center, patio, and air-conditioned rooms.

Book a room here:

10. The One Above – South Africa

Hotels in Africa - One Above Hotel

One Above Hotel in ZA – (Photo Credit:

The award-winning One Above is truly above, the name speaks for it. Set in Cape Town, South Africa’s most beautiful city, the One Above is truly a home away from home with all the luxury you could wish for.

The One Above is perfect for a family time out or holiday, business meets, or other social events. Its gorgeous views, excellent customer service, tasty meals, and a wide assortment of drink all enclosed in state-of-the-art rooms makes it more special.

Get a room here:

Do you know other luxurious hotels in Africa?

Africa has got lots of luxury hotels and suites, above you’ve been treated to the top 10 amongst them. Which will you be visiting? Or have you been to any, let’s hear from you!

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Canada Visa Application in Nigeria: How to Permanently Move to Canada



You definitely have a lot of questions about Canada Visa Application in Nigeria and how you can thereafter move to Canada (through the Express Entry Program) by taking the right and legal procedures.

Yes, I get it. Some of you would love to visit other foreign nations to explore the serene landscapes and captivating beauty. Travel for a vacation, or you just want to move over and live out the rest of your life. 

I know the rate at which moving to Canada from Nigeria was trending during the result of #EndSars protests, you’re aware of that too. But why Canada and not any other countries?

But Why Would You Want to Move to Canada from Nigeria?

I’m not going to start narrating the situation of this country called Nigeria, we both know what’s happening here. But here is the reason why some Nigerians and even foreigners want to move to Canada;

  • Job opportunities are so high in Canada for professional and skilled migrants
  • There’s trading opportunities in Canada
  • Canada has one of the best health facilities in the world at most affordable cost.
  • Education in Canada is very affordable too.
  • There’s no ban, embargo or restriction for anybody qualified to apply for Canada visa

But with all these benefits this country has to offer, that doesn’t mean Canada visa application in Nigeria is that easy, else everybody would have moved to Canada.

But today, we are going to talk about how to apply for a Canada Visa in Nigeria, the needed requirements and other important stuff.

SO, let’s start going to Canada!

But wait,

We need to know which type of Visa we will need before we can proceed to a Canada visa application in Nigeria because without it, we are just going to punch the air. Here are the different types of Visa in Canada;

Types of Visa in Canada

We have different types of Visas which serve different purposes. You need to be very careful when applying for a Canada Visa from Nigeria or any part of the world. 

Basically we have the Permanent and Temporary Visa (with Single or Multiple entry). But these Visas in Canada are splits into different types that may suit your purpose for visiting or moving to Canada.

Below are the type of Visa we have;

  • Student Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Express Entry Program
  • Business Class Immigration
  • Canadian Experience Class Visa
  • Work Permits
  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Provincial Nomination Programs
  • Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP)
  • Super Visas for Parents and Grandparents
  • Family-Sponsorship Program
  • Quebec -Selected Skilled Workers Program

And so on… Kindly get a good tour or travel agency to help you make the best decision based on what you’re going to do over there before you start your visa application.

Requirements for Canada Visa Application in Nigeria

This post is focused on those who choose to move to Canada from Nigeria permanently (Express Entry Program). So, let’s get our permanent visa, shall we? Here’s are your requirements for getting a Canada Visa in Nigeria:

  • Government-issued ID card

This is a no-brainer. If you’re looking to get a Canada visa, then you should have either a Nationality ID, Permanent Voters Card, Drivers License, and of course, your International Passport.

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  • Passport Photograph

Two photographs will be required of you when applying for a Canada visa. They shouldn’t be older than six months with a background color as white. If applying online, you’ll need just one passport.

  • Good health via Medical Examination:

Every nation has its own health challenges they currently face. While they try to fight these ailments amongst its citizens, it would be an exercise in futility if foreigners with illness are admitted into the country. So, be sure to make sure you’re physically and mentally sound before you jump unto the Canada Visa application.

  • Clean Criminal Record:

A clean criminal record is another determining factor if you’d be admitted into Canada or not. You’ll have to get police clearance from your resident country. And sometimes, a security clearance from other foreign countries you’ve lived in for at least six months.

  • Prepare the Canada visa fees:

Proof of payment for visa and Canada PR fees makes up the list of requirements. To make a payment, visit the IRCC official website. Here a sneak peek into what you’ll be paying for 

  • Processing Fee: ≈825 CAD or N245,000
  • Right of PR Fee: ≈500 CAD or N149,000
  • Biometrics Fee: ≈85 CAD or N26,000

IRCC advises that all payments should be made together. These fees apply to each individual. If you’ve got kids or will be traveling with a child, you’re charged ¢225 per child. There is a discount on biometrics fees when applying as a family with at least two people. 

  • Good Financial background or Backup

It’s expected that you have a means of income currently and in the past 6 months before your application. A bank statement will need to be presented alongside other important documents.

  • Ties to Nigeria

A very sketchy aspect of Canada visa application in Nigeria has to do with ties to your country, Nigeria. You’re more likely to gain admittance into foreign nations if you’ve got credible ties to your home country. A house, for instance, a business entity, and in some cases, family (immediate or extended). So, make sure you’ve got the necessary documents to show for this.

  • A Cover Letter

This is important and needs to be well-crafted. This letter would explain your reason for application. Travel agencies may help with this. Or better still, if you choose to craft one yourself, feel free to check out samples online for guidance. It should contain important details about your trip, its duration, and more.

  • Language requirements

Since you can read and write in English, then you’ve got an edge. Fluency in another language like French will give you more points.

  • Educational requirements

You’ll be needing your degrees along with transcripts. There are different tests you’ll have to take as well. First, you’ll have to take the questionnaire. This will determine what kind of job you’ll be offered. Questions are asked in different fields from age, nationality, education, occupation, and more. 

Though this on its own won’t hinder your chance of getting a permanent residency, your answers must be honest.

Next, you’ll have to take either the following English or French language test, or both, to stand a better chance. For English, we’ve got CELPIP (Canada English Language Proficiency Index Program) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System). 

The latter is popular in this part of the world and there are lots of blog posts, threads, and forum topics that would help you ace this test. 

For the French part of the test, we’ve got TEF Canada and TCF Canada. Being fluent in French will give you an edge if you passed the English test even though the French test isn’t compulsory.

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How to Apply for Canadian Visa in Nigeria (Express Entry)

  • Eligibility for Express Entry in Canada

Having all the requirements listed above doesn’t mean your Canada Visa application in Nigeria is done and dusted. Also, not everybody who applies for a Canadian Visa will be approved, so you need to check your eligibility before you start with your application.

How to be eligible to apply for Canadian Visa

Before you can be approved or eligible to apply for Canadian visa and move to Canada through the Express Entry Program, you must have; 

  • A University or College degree (or education system that is of Canadian post-education standards), 
  • At least one year of skilled or work experience in your field. 
  • And you must be good (not that perfect) in English, French or both.

Note that it is not enforced that you must have graduated from a University, but you must have completed post-secondary education which can meet up with Canadian standards… 

Use this tool to access your Educational eligibility

  • Applying for the Canadian Visa

We begin by applying as a skilled worker from Nigeria to gain permanent residence in Canada. 

Click here to register foe an IRCC account

For choice, you will be choosing the ‘Express Entry’ option on the official IRCC immigration portal. There are other options available, including family sponsorship, Caregivers, Provincial Nominees, Self-employed, Start-up VISA, and more.

Next, you’ll be creating an official account which you can use in signing in. After successful registration, go ahead and log into your account to continue the application process. 

After this, you’ll have to complete your profile. You’ll have to fill out facts about yourself ranging from personal, financial, educational, and more to get a good CSR score. This score is the “cut-off” that determines if you’re able to apply for permanent residency.

Creating an Express Entry account qualifies you for the bi-monthly selection where immigrants are chosen. The higher your score, the better your chances of getting selected. Depending on several factors, you could be picked between 24 hours and a year. If you’re not chosen after this time frame, you will have to create a new profile and re-apply. 

The cut-off CSR score will be posted on the IRCC website. If your score doesn’t meet the minimum score, you can take part in other activities that should improve your score while you wait. And when you finally get picked, you’ll be handed an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR.

  • THEN, Apply for Canada Residency

Once you get the invitation, you have a maximum of 60 days to apply. You’ll be needing all the requirements listed above. You can do this online or visit the nearest VFS to complete the application process offline. For an online application, you’ll have to scan and upload all required documents while you make payments through your debit or credit card.

Depending on when you’re reading this post, the requirements and prices may change. Also, note that fees for online and offline applications may vary. Whether you have your application online or offline, biometrics capturing will be carried out offline. 

After a successful application, you’ll have to wait for your international passport to be requested via email. This also comes with approval for your permanent residency. You may receive this within 30 days to one year. Once received, go ahead and send in your passport and get ready to jet off to Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions: Applying for Canadian Visa

  • How long does it take to get a Canadian visa from Nigeria?

It might take up to 3 months and more than that. But if you’re applying for Canadian visitor visa, it is faster.

  • How many years does Canada give?

You can get a work permit, student visa and other types of visas for as long as Ten years.

  • How much is a flight ticket from Nigeria to Canada in Naira?

To book a flight from Nigeria to Canada in Naira, you will need to budget N270,000 to N305,000 – That is between $720 to $800

  • How do I know if my Canadian visa is approved?

After you might have submitted your passport during the Canadian visa application, you should be expecting an approval stamp on your passport when you receive it back. If you see the approval stamp on your passport, congratulations, you can now move to Canada.

  • Does Canada have an embassy in Nigeria?

Yes, there’s a Canada embassy in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria… Check here for contact information

  • Can I marry in Canada on a visitor visa?

Yes, you can get married or marry someone while on a Visitor visa in Canada, it’s an option for everybody.

  • Is Canada a rich country?

Definitely, YES! Canada is a rich country , the fourth largest exporter of crude petroleum in the world, with GDP of over $1.6 trillion.

CONCLUSION: Canada Visa Application in Nigeria

That’s how you can apply for your Canadian visa in Nigeria and permanently move to Canada.

After Dubai, Canada seems like a liberal nation for now and everyone wants to go there. But due to the high influx of applications, the process usually takes time. It’s not difficult but it can be stressful sometimes. 

You’re advised to do your application online if possible. This will save you from the stress in the time taken to apply. Good luck with your application!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a travel or tour agent and I’m not affiliated with any agency of such. This information is entirely meant to enlighten you and not to convince you. In case you have any correction or comment about this, kindly use the comment box below or contact me here.

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