List of VISA Free Countries for Nigerians with International Passport


Visa Free countries for Nigerians with international passport holders.

Are you thinking of traveling out of Nigeria, and you’ve been surfing online for countries you can visit with your international passport without a VISA?

This may be a case if you’re traveling for a vacation, trying to expand your business or growing your network.

Some are not traveling for a purpose but they’re just tired of this country an they’re looking for any opportunity just to find a greener pasture someone outside the country. Are you in this category?

You’re not alone! Many people are like you, in fact, the current #EndSars (protest against police brutality in Nigeria), bad government and democratic system in the country is pushing some people to just leave the country.

READ or WATCH: Broadcast or Full Text of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Speech on #EndSars Protest

Here we have 44 (forty four) different VISA Free countries for Nigerians with International Passport. (I will update the list as soon as new country/countries add Nigeria accept Nigerians to enter their country without a traveling VISA).

Okay! On the list, we have 5 Asian countries, 7 Oceania countries, 3 countries in North America and 29 African countries you can visit from Nigeria without a VISA.

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Note that some of these countries will only offer you 30-days, 90-days or 3-months VISA free while other countries do not specify when you will leave their country.

As a Nigerian, Can I Travel to South Africa With My International Passport Only?

No! You can’t travel or visit South Africa without having a VISA. If you’ve gotten your international passport already, then go and apply for a VISA and you’re good to go.

If you’re thinking of ask in “why?”, I don’t know too. But you know South Africa is not part of ECOWAS and there was a time some Nigerians and South Africans were fighting which was tagged “#Xenophobia” then.

According to a report, they said Nigerians are trying to take over in South Africa and South Africans won’t ever agree to that.

I think they’re trying to safeguard their country, you also know how Nigeria reputation is know globally…

Well, here is the list;

Full List of VISA Free Countries You Can Visit With Only Nigerian International Passport

1. Bangladesh (ASIA) — VISA on Arrival

2. Barbados (North America) — 6 Months VISA Free

3. Benin Republic (AFRICA) — VISA Free

4. Burkina Faso (AFRICA) — VISA Free

5. Burundi (AFRICA) — A Months VISA on Arrival

6. Cameroon (AFRICA) — VISA Free

7. Cape Verde (AFRICA) — VISA on Arrival

8. Chad (AFRICA) — VISA Free

9. Comoros Island (AFRICA) — VISA on Arrival

10. Cote D’ivoire (AFRICA) — VISA FREE

11. Djibouti (AFRICA) — VISA on Arrival

12. Dominican Republic (North America) — 21 days VISA Free

13. Fiji Island (Oceania) — 4 Months VISA free

14. Gambia (AFRICA) — 3 Months VISA Free

15. Georgia (ASIA/EUROPE) — VISA on Arrival

16. Ghana (AFRICA) — VISA Free

17. Guinea Republic (AFRICA) — VISA Free

18. Guinea Bissau (AFRICA) — 3 Months VISA Free

19. Haiti (North America) — 3 Months VISA Free

20. Iran (Asia) — VISA on arrival

21. Kenya (AFRICA) — 3 Months VISA Free

22. Liberia (AFRICA) — VISA Free

23. Madagascar (AFRICA) — 3 Months VISA Free

24. Maldives (ASIA) — 30 days VISA on arrival

25. Mali (AFRICA) — VISA Free

26. Mauritania (AFRICA) — Visa on arrival

27. Mauritius (AFRICA) — 30 months VISA free

28. Micronesia (Oceania) — 30 days VISA free

29. Mozambique (AFRICA) — 30 Days VISA on Arrival

30. Nauru (Oceania) — VISA on arrival

31. Niger Republic (AFRICA) — VISA Free

32. Palau (Oceania) — 30 Days VISA on Arrival

33. Samoa (Oceania) — 2 Months VISA on arrival

34. Senegal (AFRICA) — VISA Free

35. Seychelles (AFRICA) — 30 days VISA on arrival

36. Sierra Leone (AFRICA) — VISA Free

37. Somalia (AFRICA) — Visa on Arrival

38. Sri Lanka (ASIA) — Electronic Travel Authorization

39. Tanzania (AFRICA) — VISA on arrival

40. Timor-leste (ASIA) — 30 Days VISA on arrival

41. Togo (AFRICA) — VISA Free

42. Tuvalu (Oceania) — 30 Days VISA on arrival

43. Uganda (AFRICA) — VISA on arrival

44. Vanuatu (Oceania) — 30 days VISA Free

So that’s all!

Conclusion: VISA Free Countries for Nigerians with International Passport Holders

If you’re thinking of traveling to any of these VISA free countries, ensure you have a purpose or someone you’re going to meet (with certainty)… Because there are countless report of human trafficking and I’m sure you’re not ready to jump from frying pan to fire.

If you need to travel to any country beyond these VISA free countries for Nigerian international passport holders, you can do your research on google on how to apply for a traveling VISA in Nigeria. Although, I’m going to write on this topic soon.

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