Canada Visa Application in Nigeria: Requirements & How to Apply


How do I get a visa to Canada in Nigeria?

This is a question a friend asked me a few days ago because he read about some job opportunities that may favor him, and it was so wise for him to ask because of people scamming people with Canada visa applications. Aside from that friend, I know there is currently a trend in Nigeria called “Japa” meaning to escape or move on. 

A lot of people from African countries are trying to escape to developed countries like Canada because of the opportunities awaiting them there. Some people are not trying to “escape” the situation in their country, but they are going to Canada for tourism, education, work, vacation or to relocate to a new country. Whatever your reason is, the first step to making this dream come true is to apply for a visa to Canada.

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Let’s talk about the Canadian visa application fee, requirements, and how to apply.

Canada Visa Requirements in Nigeria

Before making an attempt to apply for a visa to Canada in Nigeria, you have to decide which type of visa you need, as that will determine what you need to prepare. But regardless of the type of visa, here are the requirements to apply for a Canadian visa:

  • An international passport:

A valid international passport is compulsory to travel to most Countries in the world. To apply for a Canadian visa, your passport must have at least 6 months of remaining validity.

If you are trying to get a passport in Nigeria, here is a guide for you.

  • Good Financial status or support:

Whether you’re going there to work or for a tour, you need to present proof that shows you can “bankroll” your expenses while staying in Canada. If you are supporting yourself, you can use your bank statement but if someone is sponsoring you, you will need to get a letter from the person.

  • Clean criminal record:

Although this is not proof that you are trustworthy or reliable, it’s proof that you have been law-abiding to some extent. To apply for a visa to Canada, a clean criminal record is required, most people would present a police clearance which is good.

  • Letter of invitation:

If you’re going to Canada to study, visit someone, or work, you need to provide a letter that you have been offered admission by a school in Canada, employed by someone in Canada, or invited by someone.

  • Good Medical report:

Yes, you have good health but you have to present proof. You may be required to present or undergo a medical examination to be sure you’re not going to Canada to infect people over there. For example, a coronavirus test result may be required and you must have been vaccinated.

A valid debit or credit card:

Since you are applying for a Canadian visa online, you will need a card to make your payment online. If you’re in countries like Nigeria where local cards are declined for international payments, you can get a virtual or dollar card from your bank.

A camera or scanner:

Just to get electronic copies of your document. If you don’t have any of these and your smartphone’s camera is good, you can use it to snap your documents but make sure they’re clear and well-cropped.

Important notice: You are required to apply for a visa to Canada online unless you have a disability that will prevent you from doing so. 

These are just the general requirements. Again, depending on the visa type you are applying for, you may be required to provide something that’s not listed here. The best thing to do is to go to Canada properly to be sure.

Canada Visa Application

If you meet these requirements, kindly note that your Canada visa application may not be approved if you have in one way violated human rights, or engaged in criminal or organized crime.

After getting the requirements ready, the next big deal is to start applying and here we go:

Canada Visa Application in Nigeria: How to apply

  • Decide the type of visa you need

If you’re going there to visit someone or tour the country, you can apply for a visit visa while you apply for a work visa if you are going to Canada to work. They are all visas but with different requirements. If you’re a student and you have been offered admission in Canada, you may not need a Visa if the Canadian government has approved your study permit alongside your admission.

  • Visit Canada’s immigration website to apply

You will need to create an account with a valid email address and depending on the type of visa you are applying for, kindly check the respective link below:

NOTE: These links will not direct you to a page where you will start applying but to check for instruction that works for you personally as you will be asked some questions and later be provided with some steps to take further.

If you are applying for a work permit to Canada and you need to take your family members along, they must also apply for a visa. Your wife/husband can also apply for a work visa while your dependent children apply for a study visa.

  • Follow the prompt questionnaires and submit your application

After accessing your eligibility status from the links shared above, and getting the documents asked of you, you can proceed to apply. Make sure you answer all questions correctly and as honestly as you can, if you don’t understand a question, you can ask for help rather than guess and miss your visa approval.

If you are sure that you have answered all the questions correctly and uploaded all the required documents, review them again, make your payment, and submit your visa application.

  • Wait for a response

You have to wait until a visa officer decides if your application will be approved or not. But note that the time waiting for a response can span weeks or even months.

If your application is approved, congratulations – you will receive a confirmation email in your registered email address, so keep an eye on it from time to time and ensure you check your spam folder because sometimes, life-changing emails may be hiding there.

  • Plan your trip and travel to Canada

The next thing is to start planning your trip, getting a plane ticket, your passport ready, and other travel documents you may need. Don’t forget that the money you paid while applying for a visa is not your transport fare, that’s the processing fee. You’ll need to pay for the plane ticket.

When everything is ready, go to the airport and enjoy your trip to Canada. Kindly avoid any temptation that may trigger you to stay outside your visa condition as you may be punished if caught. The punishment can be severe as banning you from visiting the country for a while.

That’s how you can apply for a visa to Canada. But if you’re still not sure how to handle the application process, it is advisable you use the service of someone who knows about it like a travel agency, but be careful as most travel agents out there are scammers or traffickers.

But wait, there is an important question we haven’t covered…

How much does it cost to apply for a Canada visa in Nigeria? Don’t you think it is wise to ask? Let’s talk about it

How much does it cost to apply for a Canada visa in Nigeria?

The cost of processing a visa to Canada in Nigeria varies with respect to the type of visa you are applying for. Below is a quick overview of how much you will be paying;

  • Canada study permit costs $150 per person
  • Canadian work permit costs $155 per person
  • A visitor visa to Canada costs $100 per person
  • Canada’s citizenship application costs $630 per adult and $100 for less than 18 years old
  • (Permanent residence) The business immigration processing fee is $1,625 per person
  • (Permanent residence) The economic immigration processing fee is $1,365 per person
  • (Permanent residence) Family sponsorship costs $1,080 for adults and $155 per dependent child

Then as part of the processing fee, you will also pay for:

  • Biometrics costs $85 per person and more cheaper if you are applying as a family or group
  • The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Processing Fee which is $7

NOTE: All dollars are Canadian dollars not USD.

Kindly check the full list of Canadian visa processing fees here

How much do I need to travel to Canada?

This depends on which type of visa you are trying to process and your location to determine how much the plane ticket will be. If you have this information, then it is easy to predict roughly how much you will be spending altogether to move to Canada.

Let me do a sample calculation for you.

I’m in Nigeria and let’s say I’m trying to apply for a visa to Canada to work, I will be going for a work permit. The calculation goes as follows:

  • Work permit – $150
  • Biometric – $85
  • eTA – $7

Sub-total ($150 + 85 + 7) = $242.

My brain will tell me to prepare for $300 which I will make ready to pay when filling out my application form.

  • Plane ticket – $2,000 – $8,000

**This price is obtained by using a flight booking website to check the Economic flight from Lagos to Canada.

Let’s say I’m able to get a nice deal at $3,000 for a plane ticket and assume that the Canadian Dollar is the same as US Dollars, the total money I’m planning to spend is ($3,000 + 300) = $3,300

That, in Nigerian naira, is NGN 1.5m in CBN rate and NGN2.5m…

To apply for a visa to Canada is not as expensive as getting a plane to the country, you must be financially strong if you are sponsoring yourself because from your estimated processing and ticket booking fees, remember you have to present proof that you can bankroll your expenses.

You can start saving for your next travel if you need to do so. I hope this blog post helps, safe journey.

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog post is not a travel agent and he’s not affiliated to Canada’s immigration. If you have any question that this blog post doesn’t answer, kindly forward it to a professional or contact the Canadian embassy in your country.

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