How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Truexgold in Nigeria

Ever heard about Or have you been looking for an easy, reliable but yet, profitable, and quick way to buy and sell your bitcoin in Nigeria? If yes, then look no more, as I’m going to introduce one of the best digital currency exchangers in the country to you right in this blog post.

And I will also show you how to buy and sell bitcoin on Truexgold; which is one of the many digital currencies you can exchange on the platform. Before I show you these steps, let’s take a look at bitcoin – the currency we’d be exchanging here;

If you’re new to bitcoin, you might have been asking that;

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has been around for a decade and counting. It’s a form of money, but unlike the conventional money, it is decentralized; it has no bank regulating its flow. 

Over the last couple of years, bitcoin is slowly getting wider acceptance as many merchants now accept it as a means of making payments. If you also work online, most platforms have an option to pay you with bitcoin. 

In certain countries, the currency has begun to get more credence, it’s being slowly used but not regulated. 

Despite all these, trading bitcoin is one good way of making money online, this can be achieved in many ways like exchange and mining. We’ll be discussing the former, but you may ask, why should I invest in bitcoin? Is it even worth it? Well, the answer is yes, and I’ll tell you why.

Why Invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria?

This is the question on the minds of many, and I’ll start by saying this: when a thing is owned by many people, it has little value; if it’s owned by a few persons, it is valuable! 

Presently, bitcoin is the most valuable form of money in the world; more valuable than the United State’s Dollar, Pounds, Euro, and all other forms of conventional and digital money. 

Although its price is inconsistent – which is the thing with all forms of money, it still holds more value, and one can make money whilst trading it for other conventional forms of money.

One of the cool reasons why you should consider looking into this currency is its flexibility as a means of payment. You can send money to anyone, and anywhere in the world without any form of restriction, no bank could block you for carrying out transactions with it, government policies are non-existent in the world of bitcoin. 

Most Nigerians make money trading bitcoin, and some have lost money in this business which is quite unfortunate. The big problem is that there are lots of bad apples in the crate, lots of scammers posing to be legit, and you might easily fall prey to their antics. 

To help salvage this situation, I’ll again love to introduce you to – a platform for cryptocurrency exchange; with all the major currencies available. will buy your bitcoin or sell to you without cheating or “ripping” you. But most people ask, which you might have also been thinking right now that;

Is Legit or Scam

Truexgold is legit! 

Truexgold is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where any Nigerian can exchange various forms of digital currencies. But the most bankable reason about this platform is that it has been around for quite some time now, and so far, they’ve remained true to delivering the best crypto exchange service in Nigeria. 

Well, a man can be old with grey hair and still be useless. But has been in the bitcoin buying and selling game for a while, and they’re still useful, strong, and legit.

A lot of positive feedback has been given by users of this platform, this speaks volumes of their credibility in this field. You can check them here:

It’s pretty easy to exchange any form of currency via; they’ve got highly skilled personnel who put in their “A-game” to make sure you keep coming back for business. 

Truexgold offers some of the best rates in the market across all the available currencies. They have a partially automated system that makes transactions much faster and efficient. 

Visit to get started. Signing up should take some clicks and you could begin exchanging right away. 

Requirements to Get Started on Truexgold

Before heading on the start exchanging, here are certain things to have;

1. You Must be a Nigerian: 

Truexgold is currently serving Nigerians and so to be able to carry out any transaction, you have to be a citizen.

2. A crypto wallet/address:

This is where you hold your digital currencies. There are quite a good number of wallets out there, kindly make sure you have one already.

3. Bank Account:

This is a no-brainer! Anyone willing to engage in financial transactions ought to have this. 

The requirements below are not compulsory but may be needed for additional verification. Without verification, there are automatic limits imposed on your account, and you may not be able to carry out a certain volume of transactions without a verified account. 

In order to verify, you need to have carried out at least 10 transactions on this platform, with addition to the following;

4. A Regulatory ID Card:

Having any of the government-issued ID cards is important here. Truexgold suggests you have either an International Passport, National ID Card, or a Driver’s License, any of these will work just fine.

5. Face/ID/Date Verification:

This is done by most crypto exchange firms; you have to take a picture of yourself holding your ID card and a paper showing the day’s date. So, your picture should clearly show your face, your ID, and a paper with an inscription of today’s date if you’re signing up today. 

Below is what it should look like:

Truexgold Verification Demo

6. Phone Number:

You should get a call from the account operator to verify your number.

These are what you need in order to start exchanging on; with these in place, I think it’s time I show you how to buy and sell bitcoin on Truexgold.

 How to Buy bitcoin on Truexgold

Buying bitcoin via Truexgold is quite easy, and you can do that with these few steps;

  1. Visit their official and only website:

For mobile users, you would need to switch to the original website by tapping on the “Go to Original site“, which can be found at the bottom. This is the best way to transact.

2. On the site, tap “Exchange” on the horizontal dashboard

Truexgold Exchange


3. Since we’re buying bitcoin, we have to select Naira (NGN) on the left, which should show us a handful of options on the right, which we’re to select BTC.

Naira to Bitcoin on Truexgold

4. Click on “Bitcoin BTC” on the right, or the Bitcoin logo, to enter the exchange panel

5. On the panel, fill out the required information, answer the mathematical captcha, then click on “EXCHANGE”.

N.B. The minimum amount you can buy is N4,000.

6. Right after that, you’d be promoted to create order; read and agree to the Ts and Cs, then select “CREATE ORDER”

Buy Bitcoin on Truexgold

7. On the next page that pops up, you’d be given instructions on how to pay and verify your payment. Follow the instructions, submit the required information, and then tap “PAID”.

How to Pay on Truexgold

8. Upon verification of the transaction, your corresponding value of BTC would be sent to your wallet. This usually takes between 5 minutes – 1 hour during working hours, but could be longer outside working hours.

These are the steps to take in order to buy BTC on

But sometimes, you may have bitcoin in your wallet and you need to sell it. So, what if you want to sell bitcoin on Truexgold? Well, here is…

How to Sell bitcoin on Truexgold

  1. Repeat steps 1&2 above.
  2. For the sale of bitcoin, we are to select BTC on the left.

Sell Bitcoin on Truexgold

N.B. On Truexgold, you pay on the left and then, receive on the right.

  1. Tap on the Naira logo on the right. You’d be taken to the exchange panel.
  2. Fill out the required information, take note of the minimum BTC value, solve the mathematical captcha, then select “EXCHANGE”.
  3. On the next page, you’d be shown a brief summary of your transaction details. You need to accept the terms and conditions, then select “CREATE ORDER”.

Create Order on Truexgold

  1. Next up, you would be given an address to pay the required amount of bitcoin. After successful transfer, verify your transaction, then select “PAID”.

How to Pay on Truexgold with BTC

When confirmed, Truexgold will send the equivalent Naira value to your bank account.

That’s all – On How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Truexgold in Nigeria

If you have any question or face any technical issue, you can see how to contact the’s admin on the website or better still, you can use the following to contact them;

Skype: Truexgold.admin

Email address:

Telegram: OfficialTrueXgold

Contact form:

Remember, this is a legit exchange platform, so you have nothing to worry about. Just follow the instructions, get your account verified, and you could exchange all day, no matter the amount but below 100BTC tho.

If this blog post is helpful, kindly share with your friends by clicking on the social media icons floating here. If you have any questions regarding buying and selling bitcoin on Truexgold, please contact the admin responsible using the contact details above.

Also, I’ll be happy if you can tell me and other readers your experience on by using the comment box below.


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