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9 Best Referral Apps to Make Money in Nigeria (Updated 2020)



Do you know there are some referral apps to make money in Nigeria? Yes, they are and I’m going to show you a few of those apps that I recommend for people who’re thinking of making money online without a capital.

If you’ve been looking for a way to earn extra cash, make some money online while using your smartphone, or you’re just looking to have multiple streams of income, then you will need to stick around to see how you could make some money with the referral apps I’ll be sharing with you right here.

Before we begin, there are certain things you need to have your mind;

Pros and Cons of Referral Apps to Make Money in Nigeria

1. The amount is usually small

This is the reality you have to face when using these services or mobile apps which ask you to refer and earn. The amount you get per referral isn’t that big enough, but it could be enough to recharge your phone and buy a data plan. 

With this in mind, many people get discouraged and never make any effort. But the truth is: you can make a lot of money from referral apps in Nigeria. 

2. Your earning potential is unlimited

Maybe you don’t know this, but hey, it’s the truth! The key to making much or less cash is dependent on you; how many people can you get to begin using the service, the more people that use your link or code, meet the necessary requirements, then the more you can earn. 

There are lots of smart ways to do this; make use of your social handles, your instant messaging apps, your blog, or website, whichever you have.

3. You don’t need a skill

The apps I’ll be sharing with you today are quite useful in different aspects besides the referral benefits. As useful as they are, they don’t require any form of skill; if you can make use of a smartphone, then these apps will come in handy. 

Generating a referral link or code is quite easy; some even generate these for you. 

So if you’re ready to start making money, join me as I show you these money-making apps…

P.S. All these apps can be found on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

 The Top 7 Referral Apps to Make Money in Nigeria

1. Piggyvest App

Piggyvest is a savings and investment platform that gives you lots of benefits. With Piggyvest, you can save money for rainy days, save up for that project or item you wish to purchase, you could also save just for the sake of saving.

The mobile apps encourage you to develop a saving habit, which for me is really helpful and could help in many ways. While saving – which is the primary aim of the app, you get to enjoy interests on your savings. These interests come in on a monthly basis, and they are much better than what your commercial bank gives you.

You also make money for referring your friends to use Piggyvest; anyone who signs up with your referral link completes their profile, gives you, and that person N1,000 each. The money will be unlocked to your account when the person fulfills all the requirements.

Now, Imagine you send your Piggyvest referral links to like 50 people either on WhatsApp, Facebook or you just recommend the good stuff Piggyvest is doing, and 15 people sign up till they complete their registration, you’ve made N15,000 without any hard labor!

Pretty good, right? 

To start making money from the Piggyvest referral program, click this link to register and you’ll get N1,000.

But you must also complete your registration and deposit some money to show you’re ready to start saving with them. Finally, tell other people you referred to do the same…

Nobody is going to lose, you’re all going to make money from these referral apps.

2. Chipper Cash App

The absence of a unifying currency makes it a challenge to send and receive money across Africa. With Chipper Cash, this challenge is made easier as you can now send and receive money from Nigeria to any of these African countries: Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Chipper Cash makes it easier to send and receive money to friends, families, colleagues, and business partners in any of these countries. While sending money, you can make some extra cash by referring your friends to use the Chipper Cash; and you can both make more money by referring more friends to start using Chipper Cash App.

3. Branch App

The branch is a lending platform that offers you personal loans to finance your personal projects. That is; loans from Branch are designed to meet personal needs rather than business needs. With a few easy steps, you get to sign and receive your first loan.

Getting a loan is quite fast after approval, it’s disbursed to your account within 5 minutes. 

Also, Branch offers some of the best rates on interests. If you refer a friend, you both get N500 as a reward. The more people you refer, the more money you will earn.

4. JumiaPay NIGERIA (formerly Jumia One)

JumiaPay, formerly Jumia One, is an app by eCommerce giant in Africa, Jumia. This apps lets you send or make payments online easily. With JumiaPay, you can make bill payments like; cable/TV subscription, electricity bills, airtime, and data. 

You can also make hotel reservations, book a flight, book a ride, purchase movie tickets and also, order for food.

JumiaPay provides a safe gateway for initiating these payments; either from your bank account, debit card, or credit card. Transactions are free, and you also get discounts for certain transactions, therefore, saving money in the process. 

Inviting your friends to use this app gives you N500 when they spend above N500 in purchases or bill payments.

I could remember that I used my first N500 to buy airtime on the same app, lol 

To be serious, JumiaPay is one of the best referral apps to make money in Nigeria, and I don’t need to tell you who Jumia is, do I?

5. Carbon App

This was formerly known as PayLater. In previous times, it offered loans to all its users. A few years ago, it changed the nomenclature to Carbon, and with that change came a lot of functionalities. 

Today, you can take loans, invest money, and make payments securely on the Carbon app. As a Nigerian, you get instant loans of up to N1 million for any purpose.

Everything on the app is done free of charge; free transfer of funds, cashback on an early loan payment, zero charges on bill payments, and collateral-free loans. 

You can earn extra money on the Carbon app by referring your friends. The amount per referral is N500 which you get when they repay their first loan.

6. Cowrywise App

This is another saving and investment platform that lets you save money securely. Cowrywise offers some of the best returns on investment with its awesome rates. It also offers bank-grade security for all your savings and investment.

In a bid to help you earn more, Cowrywise rewards you and your friends for using their services. Basically, you and your friends get N250 when they sign up with your referral link or invite code. Subsequently, you can earn as much as N350 per referral as a Campus Ambassador, or N500 per referral as a Corporate Ambassador.

If you’re in school, you can make money from this referral app in Nigeria by recommending to your course mates, friends, and a blast to student discussion groups (if it’s allowed).

7. FairMoney App

FairMoney is an app with lots of financial benefits. You get access to loans of up to N500,000 on the app with no form of collateral. Once you submit your application, it’s quickly reviewed and you get a loan you’re eligible for. 

Asides getting loans, you can do much more with the app; you can make bill payments, buy movie tickets, purchase airtime and data, all at a discounted rate. Inviting a friend gets you N500 as loan discounts.

8. Luno App

From the title, you should understand that this app lets you buy various kinds of cryptocurrencies, especially BTC and ETH. You can as well sell your digital currency to other users, easy and fast. 

Aside from trading, you can use the Luno app as a wallet to store your money. This makes it easier to conduct trade on the app. For each invited user that buys bitcoin worth N5,000, you get a little token of N250 worth of BTC to start building your crypto portfolio. 

And the amazing thing is that the N250 worth of BTC can turn to N2,500 BTC if the price of bitcoin crazily rises.

To get started, click here to register on Luno and you’ll be awarded your bonus when you buy another coin.

9. VFD Bank App

Ok, off your hat for the big daddy!

VFD bank is just like Piggyvest or Cowryrise but, V has some amazing features that make it stand out among these save and invest apps in Nigeria.

With V Bank, you can send or receive money to/from anybody with any bank account in Nigeria and, you can set daily or monthly budgets, pay bills online, and do a lot of amazing stuff with the V bank app.

VFD Bank is a platform that’s fully supported by award-winning music producer and record label owner, Don Jazzy, and the like of Cubana Chiefpriest with some notable celebrities.

Learn more about Vblank Ng here…

So, how is V Bank a good referral app to make money in Nigeria?

Well, there’s a program called “Veelager” on the platform which allows you to earn by referring people to start their new bank on VFD.

In the first step, that’s if you refer 25 people to start banking with VFD and they did, you’ll earn N30,000 if they start banking just like they do with other banks in Nigeria. 

N30k is not the maximum, if you put everything to this VFD’s villager program, you can earn up to N2m in a month!

To get started, copy this code 👉 N8AXD then go to play store to download the VFD app, enter this code as referral code to start your journaling to the V world. 

And that’s it about – Top Referral Apps to Make Money in Nigeria

Note that few links are affiliate links. If you sign up and start taking action, I may earn a commission, which you can also earn if you refer other people to join you.

I’ll wrap this up here, which of these apps have made you some money? Do you have any others not listed? Kindly let me know in the comment box below.

And if this blog post helps you, can you share with your friends on social media about these referral apps to make money in Nigeria? If yes, click on the floating social media icons here.

You can also subscribe to the mailing list in other to receive a notification whenever I publish a blog post like this.

Au revoir!

My name is Stephen Gbolagade, people say I'm a multi-skilled guy. I guess maybe because I'm a Blogger, Website Designer, SEO specialist, Content Writer, Business coach, Digital Marketer, and Self-taught Frontend Developer. But what do I have to say about myself? My contents, personality, and services will say and prove the person I am to you. __________________________________________________________________________You can hire me for Music Promotion, Website Design or Blog Setup, Marketing and any Digital-based tasks! __________________________________________________________________________ Contact me here on Facebook :: Instagram :: WhatsApp __________________________________________________________________________ If you're inspired by me and think it's necessary to buy me a cup of coffee, you can give me a tip HERE 👌

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    Make Money Online

    15 Best Sports Betting Websites in Nigeria: Check them out!



    If you’ve been looking for a way to make money online and you think betting is not illegal to you, let’s talk about these 15 best sports betting websites in Nigeria. You know that the business of sports betting or gambling (regulated by the government), is one very lucrative business for those who are disciplined enough. 

    As a business, a lot of people have made whooping amounts from wagering on sporting events. We have tons of people who make millions and hundreds of thousands of Naira. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard someone celebrating his/her winning luck.

    Please note:

    Maybe, you are just thinking of venturing into sports betting or you’re doing it already, I want to use this medium to tell you that I do not endorse betting, gambling, or anything related to it. You’re betting at your own risk or luck! 

    Also, I don’t endorse any of these websites mentioned here, this post is not sponsored by any sports betting company in Nigeria. So, you should bet responsibly.

    Now, for you to attain success in sports betting in Nigeria or anywhere, a lot of factors need to be put into consideration. One of such factors is the bookie you choose for placing your bets. Certain bookies offer some services that others don’t. Some pay faster than others, while others may have many options to wager on.

    Whatever the case may be, your goal in any business is to make some profit. This is why I’ve listed out some of the best bookies sports betting websites in Nigeria that you can place your bets on and smile to the bank.

    Best Sports Betting Websites in Nigeria

    #1. 1xBet

    1xBet made its way to the Nigerian market a few years back and has since won the hearts of punters around the country. 1xBet has a huge collection of sporting events to choose from plus a wide variety of options to bet on. 

    1xBet is a Russian firm and is one of FC Barcelona’s top sponsors. But why should you use 1xBet for your sports betting in Nigeria? 

    With 1xBet there are many ways to make money from sports events as you have features like Bet Builder, Best Odds, Offers, and Gifts (on your birthday, anniversary, and other milestones). 

    …and the big deal;

    You are paid instantly upon winnings and withdrawal to a bank account takes just a few minutes. You get a 100% deposit on your first deposit and other bonuses as well. 1xGames is another option to make money using the 1xBet mobile app.

    #2. SportyBet

    If you’re familiar with online sports betting in Nigeria, then you must have heard about SportyBet. It’s one of the best sports betting websites in Nigeria that simplifies betting. The site is user friendly and easy to use. But the majority of users prefer to go with the app.

    And just like 1xBet above, SportyBet offers instant payments and instant withdrawals on any amount. SportyBet also offers you some of the best odds in the market on different sporting events. But you don’t get as many options as 1xBet but you get the popular options and more.

    #3. BetKing 

    Launched in 2018, BetKing is at the top echelon of sports betting websites in Nigeria. You want to know why? 

    BetKing came into the industry with lots of innovative ideas that made punters smile to the bank. The introduction of BetKing saw the introduction of much bigger odds than their competition at the time.

    Today, there are millions of branches scattered across the 36 states for those who love to bet offline. They’ve also got a clean and easy to understand website (mobile and desktop) for those looking to make money from the convenience of their home.

    Looking for a betting site to place your bets, then BetKing’s offline and online portals are your best option.

    #4. Bet9ja

    Everyone knows about Bet9ja. Yes, every punter as they’re one of the pioneers of the Nigerian sports betting industry. As the name suggests, it’s a sports betting website for Nigerians.

    Over the years, Bet9ja has simplified the process of betting. And yes, they’ve got the simplest and easy-to-use website among other sports betting providers in the country. 

    Bet9ja also supports a wide variety of options to place your bets on.

    #5. NairaBet

    NairaBet has been around for over a decade in the Nigerian sports betting scene. They are the oldest bookmaker in the country. And at some point, they lost favor in the eyes of punters across the country. Right now, NairaBet is on an upward spiral as the introduction of new services and features are now giving other bookies a run for their money. 

    With NairaBet you’ve got access to some of the best odds across various sports. The newly revamped website is also user-friendly for those who wish to play online. Plus, you’re assured of your winnings. Finally, NairaBet also has a blog where tips and important updates are dropped from time to time. So do well to check that as well.

    #6. BetWinner

    BetWinner has made its name in the online betting sphere in Nigeria. Launched in 2018, BetWinner offers some of the best betting services in the market right now.

    Also, they’ve got high odds across sporting events like football, basketball, hockey, horse racing, and many more. 

    …and also;

    Deposit and withdrawals are instant as long as all requirements are met. Plus, you also get periodic bonuses to spice up your sports betting.

    #7. Melbet

    Next on our list of best sports betting websites in Nigeria is Melbet. Now Melbet has been in the sports betting scene for years before coming to the Nigerian market just a couple of years back. 

    Melbet offers ways of making money on both the website and mobile app. You’ve got over 2,000 games to wager on, including Roulette, Slots, eSports, Live Casino, Video Poker, Scratch Cards, Arcade Games, Craps, Dice, and a host of others. 

    And yes, you get some of the best odds on various sporting markets.

    #8. 22 Bet

    One of the latest sports betting providers giving other websites a run for their money—22Bet is here to stay and they’ve already captured the hearts of Nigerian punters in just a few months (as of writing).

    Aside from numerous sports and games to wager on, 22Bet offers you a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options like credit/debit card (VISA and MasterCard), Neteller, AstroPay, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum), and many more. 

    Also, you get amazing bonuses upon registration as a new user.

    #9. MSport

    Though still relatively new in the industry, MSport has got some of the best sports betting services on offer in Nigeria. 

    Looking for a bookie with high odds? 

    Then don’t hesitate to check out MSport. MSport also provides other amazing features like Accumulator Bonus, X-Cut, Share a Bet-Get Stake Back, Virtual Sports, and lots of Games.

    #10. ZeBet

    Not a popular name as they’re still new to the biz. But hey, take nothing away from them as ZeBet allows you to place bets on over 20 sporting events. 

    Additionally, you are also given numerous options to wager on across various sporting events.

    #11. Bet Biga

    From the name, you should already know the standout feature of this bookie, but just in case you don’t, it’s the BIG ODDS across the supported sporting events. But that’s not all, as Bet Biga also gives you access to different virtual sports, live casinos, and games.

    #12. BetWay

    Another interesting betting provider worth checking out. BetWay checks some critical boxes that make a bookie unique but you might forgive them in certain areas as there’s always room for improvement. 

    Just like other sports betting websites in Nigeria, you get the best odds on sports using BetWay. And a feature that may come in handy is the “Free Data” option that lets you bet on pre-match and live events without making use of your data balance (Ts and Cs apply). 

    #13. Access Bet

    Access Bet is another top bookie to make some money from sports betting. The good part? They’ve got you covered whether online or offline with best-in-class betting services. 

    In the Nigerian betting sphere, Access Bet is the pioneer of the now-famous ‘Cut-One’ (or two, three, etc.) The permutation that pays you even when all events don’t win. And on the website, they’ve got a dedicated tab for statistics of different teams across different sports.

    #14. Bet Farm

    Bet Farm is your best location to get some of the best odds in sports betting in Nigeria. With an easy-to-use website, you can instantly place your bets on the different options available. You’re also guaranteed instant deposits and withdrawals using the multiple financing options.

    #15. BetPawa

    BetPawa wraps it for us in our list of best sports betting websites in Nigeria. They’ve got amazing services for various Real Sports, Virtual Sports, and Lottery options. 

    A cool feature to check out is the airtime deposit feature that lets you deposit money into your account using your MTN airtime balance. This could come in handy in case there’s no money in your bank account.

    Final Say: Best Sports Betting Websites in Nigeria

    Note that betting is like football, just as you know. You can’t hold anyone accountable for your loss or win, so place your bet responsibly. Like I said earlier, I do not endorse any of these websites and also, this is not a sponsored post. 

    Just in case you have any questions or have any difficulty using any of these sport betting websites, kindly contact the website owner or assigned customer care officer to attend to you through the website contact options or page.

    So, there you have it — the best sports betting websites in Nigeria. Which do you use currently and which would you like to use? Will it be 1xBet, MSport, BetKing, or BetPawa? Let’s hear from you!

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    Make Money Online

    How To Make Money on Picoworkers In Nigeria: Complete Simple Tasks!



    Hey guys, It’s been a while I update you with how to make money online, I’m sorry for that, and today, I’ll be sharing an interesting way that you can use to make money online on Picoworkers in Nigeria without paying a dime!

    Sounds interesting? Yea, I know but you are not paying a dime doesn’t mean you’re going to see the money without working for it. In fact, you’re actually going to do little work online and earn a few dollars.

    But if you’re new to these making money online stuffs or you’ve been scammed online before, you might be thinking that this is another scheme to collect money from you or waste your time. But I’m telling you that Picoworkers is an exception!

    Also, if you have never made any money online before, you can start making money online with Picoworkers and maybe, explore more in my previous online money making tips. 

    But to be honest with you, you may probably not earn $100 at once on Picoworkers, but the little $2, $5, $10, and so on, will definitely amount to hundreds of dollars (provided you’re patient and not greedy… )

    RELATED: How to Make Money on Fiverr

    Ok, let’s get to where we are actually heading to!

    UPDATED: Below, I recommended you use a VPN or an Epic browser to bypass your identity, the reason is that the site didn’t support Nigeria but you can now register without using any VPN or Epic browser.

    Requirements to Make Money on Picoworkers in Nigeria

    You will be needing the following;

    1. Good Internet connection.

    2. A good Laptop or PC.

    3. A good smartphone

    4. A cryptocurrency wallet or PayPal account.

    5. A valid email address (preferably Gmail).

    6. A VPN enabled browser or device

    I’m sure you will have all these requirements in place, but if you’re having problems with a cryptocurrency wallet, create a free one on Luno now!

    And if you have the requirements ready, let’s start;

    How to Make Money Online on Picoworkers in Nigeria

    First, Picoworkers is a freelancing marketplace where freelancers can get paid for offering a service or selling a virtual product without meeting or seeing the seller. 

    Although Picoworkers can’t be compared to the likes of FIVERR, Upwork, and another top online marketplace, you can definitely earn even without selling or rendering a service!

    Like I said earlier, you are not going to pay a dime but you’re going to work on Picoworkers before you can make money. But don’t be afraid, it’s not a task you cannot handle.

    NOTE: Make sure you are using a VPN or download EPIC Browser on Google Playstore or your PC, this will enable you to have access to the actual website we have been talking about.

    Why Epic Browser?

    Epic Privacy Browser is one of the best VPN-enabled browsers, it has built-in privacy features. This browser will protect your identity online.

    PS: This is not a fraudulent act, you are just trying to get access to the website and that’s all!

    Making Money Online in Nigeria with Picoworkers

    Here is how:

    • Go to the website here: Make sure you use this link, this will give you a $0.50 welcome bonus 
    • After registration, kindly verify your email address. Go ahead and complete your profile. For your location, set it to Nigeria.  If you’ve done that, it’s time to look for jobs.
    • On your dashboard, click on “Small Jobs” to see all available jobs/tasks. 

    These tasks are pretty easy to execute. On Picoworkers, you can see micro jobs like subscribing to a YouTube channel, creating a Gmail account, creating a YouTube account, visiting a website, visiting and clicking on 1/2/3 sections of a website, registering for a service, submitting your email address, and lots of small jobs.

    They are easy tasks, right? Now the amount per task ranges from 1 – 100 cents. Pretty small, but when accumulated, you have a lot. The amounts are attached to each job. And you’ll also see how many people did the task and how many are required to complete that task.

    Carrying Out a Task/Job on Picoworkers in Nigeria

    • On the Small Jobs page, look for a suitable job. The higher the pay, the higher the difficulty. So, look for a task you’re okay with.
    • Next, click on the job you want to do and read the provided instructions. 
    • Carry out the task. Once completed, click on “I Accept This Job” under the job description.
    • Next, you’ll be required to provide evidence that you did the job. It could be a title of a video, a title of a post on a website, a URL to a post or YouTube video, or whatever is specified in the job description.
    • After providing proof, click on “I Confirm That I Have Completed This Task” and viola, the amount will be added to your “Pending” balance. This is different from your main balance.

    Once the task provider confirms that you’ve completed the task, the money will move to your main balance. However, if the job provider doesn’t approve after seven days, Picoworkers automatically approve it.

    That’s how to make money on Picoworkers, don’t forget to sign up using this link

    How to Withdraw from Picoworkers

    Unlike most “online money-making sites”, Picoworkers make it easy to withdraw your funds. Withdrawals are approved after 10 days of putting in a request. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 + service charge. Basically, you need to have above five dollars before putting in a withdrawal request.

    To withdraw, click on “Withdraw” on your dashboard. Next, click on “Place a new withdrawal request”. Choose your preferred withdrawal method: Ethereum, Litecoin, or PayPal.

    CONCLUSION: Making Money Online on Picoworkers in Nigeria

    That’s it: how to make money online in Nigeria using Picoworkers. I hope you found this post helpful. If you did, do well to share it with your friends. If you have questions or suggestions, speak to us in the comments.

    If you are a fashion designer or you’re passionate about fashion, check this post on how to make money as a fashion blogger or how to create a money-making YouTube channel here.

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    Make Money Online

    10 Surefire Ways to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria & Globally



    Do you want to know how you can make money on Facebook in Nigeria or anywhere in the world? I guess that’s why you are here because you’re curious to learn how you can turn the time you spend on the social media app to cool CASH!

    Today I’ll be showing you ten simple ways to earn some bucks on Facebook. Of course, there are many ways to make money online and social media platforms are playing vital roles in making these possible. Not only the fact that they can help your business grow, but you can also earn independently on them without selling anything, I will show you how.

    But before then, you can check this related article on How to Make Money on Instagram.

    Okay, back to the actual journey; Facebook is no longer a chat-only social media platform. It is an all-encompassing ecosystem for people around the world. This huge community creates an enabling environment for businesses of all kinds to thrive.

    When I say huge, I mean more than 2.7 billion people in the world are active monthly on this platform, not to talk of several million in-active people. In Nigeria, more than 27 million people are regular users of Facebook.

    But, few hundreds of these people know how to make money on Facebook in Nigeria and just millions out of the regular users in the world. 

    So, here are what you should do to make money on Facebook…

    Surefire Ways to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria and All Over the World

    1. Sell Directly on Facebook

    Do you run a business that sells products or services? Are you a fashion designer, shoemaker, graphic designer, or dropshipper or you have some courses (eBooks or videos) to sell? Your Facebook timeline can help you reach more people. I know you’ll be thinking that you’ve been doing that for a while but you’re not making sales.

    This is the most basic way you can make money on Facebook today. It is the simplest form. You don’t need to pay for anything. You don’t need to have certain skills or qualifications… but you need to know how to sell. 

    On your “What’s on your mind?” box—where you normally post updates. There’s an option at the bottom: Sell Something. Once you select this option, you can then post whatever item you have for sale.

    It’s pretty straightforward. Just post the product or service, add a description, you could also add your price if it’s convenient for you. Once you’ve done this, interested friends or followers will contact you to proceed with the sale.

    But people on your timeline are mostly friends and family members who may naturally find it difficult to patronize you, there is a way out;

    Join Commerce Groups and Pages!

    Put simply: join buy and sell groups. And there you are asking: why should I join commercial groups when I can make sales directly on my timeline?

    The answer: The same reason why people go to popular markets to sell. 

    You see…not everyone on your timeline will be interested in your product or service. But just like the traditional market, commerce groups bring buyers and sellers together.

    You’re more likely to make sales on these kinds of groups than on your timeline. 

    2. Become An Influencer on Facebook

    Let me ask you, how does the like of Sydney Talker, Nasty Blaq, Broda Shaggi and those Instagram comedian make money, do they sell disks? No! They make money on Facebook and other social media platform by helping brands to advertise products or services.

    Do you have a huge amount of friends or lots of followers on your Facebook page or group? If yes, then you can utilize this option. But if NO, you’ll need to have a little knowledge of digital marketing in order to advertise your page to get more likes and followers and engagement.

    Also, you need to do something that can keep your followers engaged. As said earlier, the like of Broda Shaggi makes money on Facebook, but what do they do before that? They simply share their skits and people engaged massively with it.

    You can also look for a way to keep Facebook users engaged, you can do that by posting videos that will attract people.

    Once you’ve got all these, here’s how it works. Top brands reach out to you and pay you to advertise their product on your timeline. If you’re creative, you could make a lot of money from this method alone.

    Influencer marketing is an effective way of creating publicity about a product or service. Brands have realized this and that’s why they spend money on influencer marketing.

    3. Become a Freelance Facebook Page Manager

    I know you currently own a Facebook account. And you manage everything that has to do with it. How about managing an account for people or brands who can’t manage theirs for a reason or two? 

    You can’t expect the likes of Dangote, Tony Elumelu, and other big brand owners to manage their company social media handles, they hire someone to do that for them.

    Hey, I know you’re thinking that it’s not possible for those big men to hire you… I get you, the chances are rare to be honest, because they hire an HRO company to employ such staff. 

    But what if I tell you that there are people who are ready to pay you like their Facebook manager? Yes, I have worked with different people and I have earned by helping them to manage their Facebook pages, you too can!

    Interesting right?

    Here is what you need to do:

    Go to a freelancing platform, set up an account as a social media or Facebook page manager, and start sending requests to those in need of your service.

    I recommend freelancing platforms like FIVERR and Upwork, check the two websites and search for “Facebook page manager”, you’ll be surprised to see the amazing results.

    4. Affiliate Marketing

    This is one of the ways most people make money on Facebook. Affiliate marketing is almost similar to influencer marketing. The difference between the two is in payment: you get paid upfront to promote a certain product or service as an influencer. 

    With affiliate marketing, you get commissions for each product or service bought or used via your affiliate link. Many brands today also utilize affiliate or partner programs to publicize their products and services.

    One good reason you should utilize affiliate marketing is that there is no limit on how much you can earn. Unless the product or service goes out of stock.

    If this is what you can do, check these top 10 affiliate programs and how to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

    5. Join & Monetize Facebook Creator Studio

    Content creators! Facebook got something for you. If you’ve not heard of Creator Studio by Facebook, well…you’ve been missing out.

    Facebook Creator Studio can be likened to WordPress for blogging. It comes with various tools to help you create quality content. But that’s not all. You can make lots of money by monetizing your Page. Oh yes! You need to have a page with good engagement.

    Aside from influence marketing, you can also make money on Facebook by joining the Facebook creator studio and of course, you need something that will make you eligible for this, before you can be approved for its monetization.

    You need to be a content creator, I mean you should have been doing something that keeps people engaged. some content creators earn some dollars through this facebook monetization.

    According to Facebook, these are the few ways to monetize on Facebook using the creator studio, they are through;

    • Branded content: This is when you collaborate with brands by publishing content that features the brand.
    • Subscription groups: This is when you allow only those who pay you to join your Facebook group
    • Fans subscriptions: You fans can support you by donating some funds every month
    • In-stream ads: This lets you earn money on Facebook by displaying short video ads in your videos

    This is very interesting, but you need to work hard and build an engaging audience. Also, you need to meet Facebook monetization policies.

    6. Make Use of Short Links Services

    This method won’t generate a lot of money but it’s a good way to earn passive income. It has to do with URL shortening services.

    If you’re offering a free product or service… let’s say free download for instance. This method will compensate you for using short URLs. 

    Followers who click on such links may be shown a few seconds AD after which they can skip ahead to the main page. The more people who click on your shortened URL, the more money you make.

    You can google search for paid link shorteners and apply for as many as possible, and get some links that people will love to read, shorten them and share to some Facebook groups (but don’t over-do this to avoid spamming and Facebook hates that, you might be restricted for a while).

    7. Utilize Facebook Instant Articles/Audience Network

    Just like Google AdSense, the Audience Network from Facebook allow publishers to earn money from their articles or videos. This method of making money on Facebook is quite similar to the one above.

    As a blogger, you can take advantage of instant articles and make money as you publish posts. 

    Vloggers are not left out! They do make the most money as people tend to sway towards videos. If you create lots of authentic and entertaining videos, go ahead and get a page if you don’t have one already. 

    8. Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Shop

    It’s sad to tell you that this feature is not available in Nigeria, China, and some part of the world. Facebook marketplace allows its users to have an online store on Facebook for free.

    You know how online stores mean; you can upload your products and sell. That’s exactly what the Facebook marketplace is meant for. 

    9. Fundraising

    Just like we have crowdfunding platforms, where you can raise money for a cause, you can also do that on Facebook. Go your settings or menu area in your Facebook app and you’ll see it there. 

    I don’t need to explain this much, it is straightforward.

    CONCLUSION – How to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria & Beyond

    There you go 10 ways to make money on Facebook. 

    Recap: A recent study carried out by Statistica shows that Facebook has over 2.7 billion users worldwide. Out of which 1 billion of those are active users.

    Almost everyone is on Facebook these days. Research even shows that people spend more time on social media sites than any other site in the world. 

    So what stops you from utilizing this medium to make money?


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