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Do you want to know the top Health Maintenance Organization or HMO in Nigeria? If you’ve been following our updates, you might have seen why getting a health insurance plan in Nigeria is quite beneficial. 

Despite the less complicated process of achieving this, a huge problem lies in choosing the best or one of the best. Which is why I’ll be showing you some of the top HMOs in the country you might want to check out.

The government has its own scheme (the NHIS) which addresses this need, but this leaves you with little to no options. Conversely, the private HMOs give you a wide range of options to pick from. Also, the services are flexible and meet the demands of varying personalities. 

There are various ways to get a good and affordable health insurance plan in Nigeria: one of those ways is through an insurance broker. And also, the best way to get a reliable health insurer is to find a good Health Maintenance Organization or HMO in Nigeria.

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There are lots of HMOs out there which could help in simplifying the process of getting a plan. But you may want to know;

What is an HMO in Nigeria and How Does it Work?

HMO is an abbreviation for Health Maintenance Organization. It is a network or a company that gives provision for health insurance coverage for a certain period of time (either monthly or yearly). Basically, this organization is made of medical or health insurers who work together to make sure their clients are given proper medical care by doctors at a very discount fee.

Let take a look at top Health Maintenance Organizations in Nigeria below

Health Insurance: Top HMO in Nigeria & Their Contacts

1. Hygeia HMO

Hygeia is an award-winning health management organization with a presence in Nigeria and some other African nations. Since launching in 1986, they have been a reputable name in the private health sector of the country. 

With branches scattered across various states; they are able to provide world-class health services to all and sundry. They remain focused on improving the health care of Nigerians, this they do by offering a wide variety of plans to suit your needs.

How to Contact Hygeia HMO in Nigeria:

Address: Bank of Industry Building (BOI), 2nd Floor, 21/22 Marina, Lagos.

Hygeia HMO’s Tel No: 08120910005, 08087183142, 08189242956


The second best HMO or health management organization in Nigeria on our list is AVON. This is another wonderful care provider with lots of health plans to choose from. Avon provides one of the best health insurance plans in the country; they are not only great but affordable. You don’t have to break the bank!

To make things easier, you could get a plan today by signing up online. With the customers at heart, they have a 24/7 contact center where you can lodge complaints and get help from their expert team of health professionals. 

You also get a large network of health care centers across Nigeria which is a big plus for you.

How to Contact Avon HMO in Nigeria

Address: 29 Rumens Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

Telephone: 01-2779800, 07002779800

3. Liberty Health/Total Health Trust HMO

THT is another wonderful option worth checking out. It’s an international brand with a presence in almost half of the African continent and more. Nigeria seems to have enjoyed quite a lot since operations began in the late 90s.

THT offers a good number of health plans for corporations, SMEs, individuals, and even multinationals. These plans are quite good, with awesome benefits which gives you good value for money. 

In Nigeria, they’ve got over a thousand health care providers scattered around the country, this makes it easier to get sound health services no matter where you find yourself.

How to Contact THT HMO in Nigeria

Address: 2 Marconi Road, Palmgrove Estate, Lagos.

TEL No: 07090858575, 07090858202, 08034021430

4. Integrated Healthcare HMO

In a fast-changing world with lots of innovations being brought to the fore, certain health problems rely on technology to get better results. This is what you get from an HMO in Nigeria who doesn’t just treat these problems but is focused on preventing these problems. 

With constant enlightenment, it’s much easier to have a healthier society by adhering to preventive measures.

Integrated Healthcare caters for different levels of society; from small businesses to large corporations, tertiary institutions, and individuals at large. With care centers around various parts of the country; they have been able to provide good health services, which is well monitored by a team of experts in different fields.

How to Contact Integrated Healthcare HMO in Nigeria

Address: 12 Jos Street, Area 3, Garki, Abuja.

Tel No: 08070833373, 08051322662

5. Prohealth HMO

This is another household name in terms of healthcare delivery in Nigeria. They’ve been around for quite some time with a lot of positive remarks from customers.

Prohealth partners with hundreds of care centers around the country to give customers the best of health services. Their plans are efficient, yet affordable, to cater for a vast variety of individuals and businesses.

How to Contact ProHealth HMO

Address: 62 Lobito Crescent, Off Ademola Adetokunbo Wuse II Abuja.

Tel No: 08062691967, 08033497651, 08033903647

6. Novo Health Africa HMO

Novo is an accredited health management organization operating in Nigeria and other neighboring countries. Their quality of service has earned them a place on our list. 

Their plans are well suited to cater to different personalities; from individuals to retailers and also those in the formal economy.

With a good number of partners, they’re able to carry out regular sensitization across various communities in Nigeria. This, plus their world-class services makes them one of the top HMO in Nigeria.

How to Contact Health Africa HMO in Nigeria

Address: 1, Adekola Balogun Street Off Remi Olowude Street, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

Tel No: 08174602236, 08174602025

7. Reliance Nigeria HMO

Reliance – a reliable health management organization with lots of goodies available to its numerous customers. They provide healthcare services that are quite affordable by almost everyone. 

These different plans are customized to accommodate all in the society; from the high ranking politician to a civil servant working for the government.

Getting a plan with Reliance gives you access to quality health professionals, no matter where you are in the country. You’re also entitled to the best healthcare facilities across Nigeria, with good support and supervision; making sure you get the best care.

How to Contact Reliance Nigeria HMO

Address: 18 Jimoh Oladehinde Street, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel NO: 0700-RELIANCE (0700-73542623)

8. Swift HMO

The term “Swift” depicts speed. This HMO doesn’t only provide health services in a timely manner, but they employ the services of high-quality professionals, backed by the latest medical technologies, to provide one of the best health services in the country. These services are of great quality, but they are also quite affordable.

Swift is focused on preventive care, which is one of the features of a good HMO. You’re offered free medical check-ups at intervals, access to a PCP for a year, and you also get to learn from their regular sensitization campaigns.

What’s more? There’s 24/7 customer support, the use of cutting-edge medical technologies, and access to some of the best doctors in Nigeria.

How to Contact Swift HMO in Nigeria

Address: 2 Fabac Close, off Ligali Ayorinde St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel No: 0701 351 5523

9. Princeton HMO

Launched in 1999, Princeton has continually worked to promote a healthy lifestyle for all Nigerians. They offer some of the best healthcare services which are suitable for you regardless of your age, level of education, or social status.

Princeton HMO bridges the gap between the citizens and medical facilities in the country. This is achieved by partnering with the best hospitals and care facilities in the country, in order to provide top quality and affordable health services.

How to Contact Princeton HMO 

Address: Block A, Suite 30, Alausa Shopping Mall, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja

Phone: 0700 400 4000

10. RedCare HMO

We wrap up our list of the best HMO in Nigeria with another wonderful brand – RedCare. A firm that is focused on delivering quality health services throughout Nigeria; with plans ranging from corporate to private individuals.

RedCare works simultaneously with expert healthcare personnel to promote a healthy lifestyle in the country. With its network of over 600 hospitals across various cities in the country, they are able to cater for the health needs of Nigerians regardless of their location.

How to Contact Redcare HMO in Nigeria

Address: 41 Gbolade Adebanjo St, Ilupeju 100001, Lagos

Tel No: 0700 733 2273

Rounding Off: Best HMO in Nigeria

So, here are the top Health Maintenance Organizations or HMO in Nigeria. They’ve been set up to cater for all your healthcare needs, why don’t you try any of them and see what difference it makes!

Disclaimer: The addresses and telephone numbers are gotten from NHIS official website as listed here

Don’t forget to share the blog post if it’s helpful to you and If you’re an HMO operating in Nigeria, we can write a sponsored post to review and promote your business, just contact me here and let’s talk.

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