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If you’re planning to get health insurance in Nigeria but need someone to guide you through the process, then this blog post is for you. 

You’ll learn different types of Health insurance available in the country, the requirements, and why you need to get health insurance for yourself and family members in Nigeria. NOTE: I’m not a health specialist, this blog post is an outcome of my research and my way of promoting helpful information.

Before going into the details, let me brief the meaning of the term “insurance”;

What is Insurance?

Insurance is a means of indemnity against a future occurrence of an uncertain event or risk. According to Wikipedia, Indemnity is a contractual obligation of one party to compensate for the loss incurred on another party.

This is the general definition for all types of insurance, which health insurance falls into. I’ll be reviewing health insurance in Nigeria, how it has fared, different types, and many more. 

But you may want to know;

How is Health Insurance in Nigeria?

Sadly, only a little percentage of the Nigerian population has their health insured, this shows how concerned we are about our health care generally in the country. We’re not sure about the reason for apathy or lack of interest in health insurance in the country.

But I hope after reading this, you’d have got yourself one if you don’t have one already. 

Is Getting Health Insurance in Nigeria Expensive?

Not at all, getting health insurance is not expensive in Nigeria – in fact, the Nigerian government launched a program in May 1999 to cater to this need. The federal government agency responsible for health insurance in Nigeria, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) caters for citizens especially those in the public sectors, private sectors, and entrepreneurs. 

The NHIS also supports children below age 5, inmates, and people living with disabilities.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in Nigeria?

The cost varies according to the plan you’re buying. But typically, you can get a Health Insurance in Nigeria for as low as N3,500 – N4,500 per month. For Instance, you get a personal plan for N45,000 0r N55,000 annually and this is different (much cheaper) if you’re buying for your family or staff. 

I will explain more about this plan and pricing before I round up.

Why Should I Get Health Insurance in Nigeria?

Health care in Nigeria is a major concern for many, although some do lack interest. It’s important we do all the best we can to safeguard ourselves – health-wise. With a good health insurance plan in Nigeria, you could start now to prepare for future uncertainties as to the definition earlier suggests. There are a lot of insurance firms offering this form of insurance in the country.

Here are other few reasons why you should get your health insured;

The benefit of Health Insurance

Health insurance comes with some good benefits that make our lives much better overall. These are some of the benefits;

1. Cuts down on health risks

There are so many health-related risks that we Nigerians get exposed to, they may be through birth, airborne, waterborne, pollution, and many more. A good health insurance plan offers you regular check-ups that could spot and prevent any form of health-related problem.

2. Access to Finance

This could be a lifesaver in terms of emergency where some funds are required to kickstart a treatment. With money offered by the different Health Insurance firms in Nigeria, you could finance any form of treatment – at least to an extent. Some HMOs grant you up to N250,000 for surgeries, any additional fee above that will have to be paid by you.

3. Family Protection

One other good benefit of having an insurance plan is an overall healthy-looking family. A healthy family is a happy family, and nobody wouldn’t want to have that. Getting a family plan today will lead to a much healthier family and also protects all involved against unforeseen health hazards.

4. Increases Savings

Purchasing a plan from any of the HMO’s cut down on your medical expenses. In the long run, you get to save a lot of money which can be channeled towards other areas of your life. Continuing this will save you a lot of money.

Getting health insurance is a wonderful opportunity right? You could begin enjoying the benefits if you choose to start today. You need to check if you’re qualified or not. Below are a few requirements expected from anybody who wants to get health insurance in Nigeria;

Requirements for Getting Health Insurance in Nigeria

Before going ahead to apply for that health plan, here are some requirements to have in mind;

1. Citizen or Non-citizen

Before getting a Health Insurance plan in Nigeria you have to be a citizen of the country – by birth, naturalization, or any other means. As all countries place the health of its citizens above non-citizens. This gives you access to all forms of health insurance especially that provided by the federal government. 

If you’re not a citizen, don’t worry, Private HMO’s do offer plans for non-citizens as well and you can still enjoy the same benefit.

2. Must Fall Into Any of The Following:

  • Public Sector – You must be employed in any government-owned institution.
  • Private Sector – Must be an employee of a registered private firm operating within the country
  • Informal Sector – Running a business which doesn’t fall into any of the above categories with complete tax payments
  • Student – A student in the country across all levels
  • Children – This is usually below the age of five (5)
  • Inmates – Inmates also have access to health insurance plans from any HMO.

With the above, you can see how easy getting a health insurance plan can be.

There are lots of private firms which offer more better insurance services, but let talk about getting started;

How to Apply and Get a Health Insurance in Nigeria

This is where everyone tends to get stuck – getting that health insurance plan. Many believe it’s more like a tedious task, but I can guarantee you it’s not. You probably don’t know how simplified the whole process is, but don’t worry, I’ll try my best to explain.

There are various HMO’s (Health Management Organizations) offering this service out there, each with varying degrees of offers and pricing. You need to choose one which will be pretty favorable to you, or you could simply apply for the NHIS program. Whichever you choose, they certainly provide similar services in a different kind of way, and registration is also quite similar. 

Now, let talk get started;

1. Visit NHIS or the HMO Website

Whichever platform you tend to go for, public or private, your first step towards registration is via this process. Most certainly, they all have a physical office(s), and since we’re in a digital era, a website too. You’re to visit any of those to start your registration process so as to equip yourself with a good health insurance plan. 

For the NHIS website, go to or

If you prefer to use a private health insurance firm, you can check these top ten insurance companies and visit their website.

After getting to the website, ensure you check the required documents, plans, and pricing, etc., this will give you the best orientation, or maybe you should continue with the agency or not.

2. Fill out All Required Documents

You’ll be offered documents/forms to fill out upon registration, either online or offline. You are to fill out the form with the required information needed. You’d be asked many health-related and personal questions, do ensure that you answer as correctly (and honestly) as possible, and give details where necessary. 

Try to use correct/official information, remember, it’s all about protecting against uncertainties that may occur to you health-wise. Also, do ensure to ask questions when you’re confused or in doubt, and read the terms of service clearly so as to understand what you’re signing up for.

3. Pay the Required Fee(s)

You’ll be required to pay some fee(s) or “premium” in order to complete the registration process. This fee is the amount of money paid to purchase the plan and it’s important to pay so as to complete your registration. The prices differ across various HMO’s, but I’ll be giving you what to expect in terms of pricing below.

Before getting there, let’s see the various types of health insurance Providers in Nigeria;

   Types of Health Insurance Providers in Nigeria

There are quite a number of health insurance types in the country to choose from, you might be familiar with some already, so let’s get started.

1. Health Management Organization (HMO)

HMO gets you more for less and it is suitable for everyone especially newbies. You get a wide range of services including immunization and regular check-ups – these are just two of the many services you get from an HMO. 

In terms of pricing, HMO’s offer lesser prices and you get to pay much lesser premiums when placed side by side with other types of health insurance. Upon registration, you’ll have to choose a primary care physician (PCP) whose job is to see that you are healthy. He/She will also be responsible for referring you to a specialist when the need arises.

2. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

With a PPO you have access to a wide range of doctors and hospitals to seek medical attention. Unlike HMO, you don’t have a PCP so you have a good number of choices to pick from, but it must be in the specified network agreed upon at registration. 

Going against this will leave you in no man’s land as companies offering this service wouldn’t foot the bill. For you to qualify for services rendered by PPO’s an agreed fee must be paid annually in form deductible.

3. Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

Another type of health insurance plan in Nigeria is the Exclusive Provider Organization plan which is quite similar to HMO. You have access to an agreed set of doctors and hospitals but in this case a much wider variety. Because of this, you may pay deductibles and copayments. The amount for premiums is also much higher with EPO.

4. Point of Service (POS)

With the point of service, you get a PSP to work with but there are no charges in the deductibles on services rendered by your PSP. POS is more like the combination of HMO and PPO, this is done in order to increase flexibility and also create a balance. You’ll also have to pay some fee in the form of deductibles before getting the required coverage.

These are some of the health insurance types, but HMOs are more prevalent in Nigeria – about 90% are HMO’s, and the rest shares the remaining 10%.

Health Insurance Plans and Prices in Nigeria

There are three basic plans offered by HMOs in the country, they vary in prices but not that much, so I’ll be giving you an idea of what it looks like.

1. Personal Plan

This is the first and the most sought after insurance plan. A personal plan covers only a specific individual. The plan may include services like; specialist consultation, surgeries (to an extent), drug prescription, eye care, physiotherapy, x-ray, and many more. Some of these services are covered to an extent so you have to pay the rest.

Price of Health Insurance Personal Plan: N45,000 – N55,000 annually

2. Family Plan

The family plan covers more people for less. The number of members in this plan varies, but it’s usually between 3 – 5 members. The coverage provided is quite similar to the individual plan but at a subsidized rate. Also, certain services are limited in number so as to accommodate the large number of members involved.

Price of Health Insurance Family Plan: N15,000 – N25,000 annually/individual

3. Corporate Plan

As the name suggests, this plan applies to all corporate organizations, small and large businesses, and enterprises. Many organizations do offer health insurance to their workers, but certain members of the organization may be excluded from this policy. 

Getting a corporate plan for your company is quite easy; you need to have a certain number of employees before applying. 

Price of Health Insurance Corporate Plan: For pricing, it varies and usually not disclosed to the general public.

That’s All On – How to Get a Health Insurance in Nigeria

Getting a health insurance plan in Nigeria helps in many ways and it’s important to have one no matter who you are. So there you have it, all you need to know about health insurance in Nigeria.

If you have any question, kindly consult your physician or medical doctor, but if you’re versatile about this health insurance issue and you notice you can help with some corrections, kindly send your contribution to

I am a front-end developer, part-time blogger, incoming data scientist, an enthusiastic cynophilist, and a curious introvert. I'm available for side gigs and partnerships. Contact me here: on WhatsApp or check me on Linkedin

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How to Get Auto or Vehicle Insurance in Nigeria (Updated 2022)



If you got a ride, you might want to invest in some additional form of protection against mishaps that could occur in the future, hence, you might want to know how to get vehicle insurance in Nigeria. If this is what you’re planning to do soon, then you deserve some accolades, because sadly, we don’t have many car owners in the country with this form of protection, and you don’t want to be in that class. 

Join me as I take you through the various aspects of vehicle insurance in Nigeria

Insurance is really big business these days, there are lots of them which do a lot to provide cover to various aspects of human and material things. One of the types of insurance we have is vehicle insurance. 

What is Vehicle Insurance?

Vehicle insurance may also be called auto insurance in Nigeria, car insurance, or motor insurance. These names, all make it seem we could insure only one kind of vehicle – cars. This isn’t quite the case.

But vehicle insurance is more encompassing.

Vehicle insurance covers any loss or damage incurred by a road vehicle; from trucks to lorries, SUVs, tricycles, saloon cars, and even motorcycles. It also covers damages or accidents caused due to collision with other vehicles, or internal damage. Other forms of damages caused by natural disasters, weather, or fire are also taken care of. 

Furthermore, you might get cover against theft with some providers. 

Let’s see what you’ll need to prepare before you can get a good vehicle or auto insurance in Nigeria;

Requirements to Getting Auto or Vehicle Insurance in Nigeria

Here are what you would be needed before applying for vehicle insurance in Nigeria;

1. Driver’s License

Getting a Drivers’ Licence is the first and most important requirement for owning vehicle insurance in Nigeria. This is a license like any other, which shows you’re qualified in all ramifications to drive a vehicle in Nigeria. 

For commercial transport owners seeking to purchase this for their vehicles, you may not be required to provide a license outrightly, but your drivers should own one – a valid one.

2. Vehicle Particulars

Certain particulars about your vehicle will have to be verified before handing you an auto insurance policy. Having all the required documents ready beforehand is a good step to take. 

This may also include something like the engine, VIN, and chassis number.

These are the two basic requirements needed for getting vehicle insurance in Nigeria. You may be required to provide additional documents after evaluating your application, but this rarely occurs.

Now, let’s talk about getting our vehicles insured;

How to Get Auto or Vehicle Insurance in Nigeria

1. Know What You Need

This first part could be tricky, which is why I’ll be helping out with it. We have a couple of auto insurance plans which I’ll be telling you about in a moment. This is the first step towards getting a good cover for your vehicle. 

At the end of this post, you should have made up your mind on which of the plans to purchase. Truth is, not all plans are applicable to all vehicles. The current condition of your vehicle would determine what plan you should settle for. 

The current value of the car will also be a determining factor in choosing any of the available plans.

2. Choosing an Insurer

This second part has to do with a lot of personal research on some of the insurance firms in Nigeria that could give you good value for your money. Sure there are quite a lot of them, offering various insurance packages to Nigerians but, some may be top-notch in certain types, and in other types, they could perform below par.

This doesn’t mean you should start purchasing several plans from these firms, there are smarter ways to get this done. One good way is by exploring the power of the internet as some of these firms do give information on what you should pay and what you would get from purchasing a plan. 

To help you narrow down the search, here are some of the best options worth looking into; AXA Mansard, AIICO Insurance, Allianz Nigeria Insurance, FBN General Insurance, and Custodian Insurance. 

3. Get the Prerequisites Ready

Certain requirements will need to be met before handing you a vehicle insurance certificate, and you need to get them ready beforehand, you don’t want to get worked up when the time comes. 

The requirements are quite easy to meet as you may already have some of them if you’re a qualified driver. You may be asked for other non-driving-related documents. The two basic prerequisites are mentioned above.

 Now, let’s see the types of vehicle insurance available in Nigeria.

Here is how to Get International Passport in Nigeria

Types of Vehicle Insurance in Nigeria

1. Third-Party Vehicle Insurance

This is the basic form of vehicle insurance in Nigeria and actually, the most common. It covers all damages or injuries that pertains to a third-party. Because of this reason, it has been made mandatory by the Nigerian government that every road driver should have one.

Despite the compulsory nature, many drivers still ply the roads in the country without it. The fact that we don’t have agencies checking this, or better still, incompetency on the part of these firms, has allowed this to go unchecked. 

But it’s quite important to have one, as it could come in handy in case of any emergency.

Third-Party Vehicle insurance in Nigeria could come in two variants, which are:

  1. The Limited offers up to one million nairas in cash for damages on the vehicle of the third-party. Or; 
  2. The Unlimited, which takes care of the death or bodily injury on the third-party. Having these should keep you rest assured while driving.

The other type of auto insurance in Nigeria is;

2. Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

This is otherwise known as the complete auto insurance as it covers everything defined in vehicle insurance, even those covered by third-party vehicle insurance. All losses, damages, or injuries incurred by the policyholder or third-party are covered here.

In any event of a medical emergency arising from vehicular use, you are eligible for medical care. You also get coverage in any event of natural disasters, civil unrest, riots, and strikes. 

Additionally, in the case of a breakdown of your vehicle, it will be towed and the fees are taken care of.

3. Third-Party Fire and Theft Insurance

Another kind of insurance which by the way, is slowly fading away is the Third Party Fire and Theft plan. This plan in essence does the work of the Third Party plan, with the addition of fire and theft. 

Most insurance companies choose not to offer this to their customers as everything is already covered by the comprehensive plan. But if you need more choices, this could come in handy and less expensive as the comprehensive plan. 

With all these, you can see you stand to benefit a lot by owning an auto insurance certificate which isn’t that expensive.

Pricing: The Cost of Vehicle Insurance in Nigeria

People ask on Google that, Is getting vehicle insurance in Nigeria expensive? The answer is NO! Getting vehicle insurance in Nigeria isn’t expensive, but it still baffles me how the majority of vehicle owners neglect this important aspect. 

A report released by has it that about 9.5 million cars in Nigeria are uninsured!

But the fact is, getting a good auto insurance plan wouldn’t leave a hole in your pocket, and it’s quite easy to get. The cost of getting vehicle insurance in Nigeria starts from N5,000 and could go up to N10,000 depending on what plan you get. 

This price range is constant across the board, with a few modifications. You could get to pay higher if you choose to enjoy additional features.

But, do you think getting vehicle insurance is a waste, just like the 9.5 million car owners who haven’t insured their cars in Nigeria? Well, let’s talk about why you need it!

Benefits of Vehicle Insurance in Nigeria

There are lots of good reasons why you need auto insurance, but here are some of the compelling ones;

1. Financial Benefits

The first and the most important reason why you should get auto insurance for your vehicle is the financial benefits you stand to gain. Whichever plan you choose, there are good financial benefits attached to any of the uncertainties that may arise. 

This would at the same time, save you some good amount of money instead of unnecessary spending

2. Medical Benefits

We tend to find ourselves in a country where some health centers may require some form of advance payment before attending to a patient. 

You or a third-party shouldn’t be one of those patients who lost their lives because of this reason. This is why vehicle insurance is important because it caters to emergency medical expenses in case of any health condition caused by the usage of vehicles. 

Check Here: How to Get Health Insurance in the Country

Remember, your health is your most important asset, and you should always work towards safeguarding it.

3. Legal Benefits

This often happens when damages are incurred by a third-party. Most times, they may sue you for these damages or even loss of life, but these accidents are inevitable, and you don’t want to fall on the wrong side of the law.

This is another good benefit that may save you the stress and money required to go about looking for a good lawyer to defend yourself. But certainly, this doesn’t mean you should be reckless in your driving because you may or may not win the case in the end.

4. Death Benefits

It’s quite a painful experience – the loss of life. This is one of the quirks that come with being a driver; whether it’s a motorcycle, tricycle, a car, or even trucks. The number of road accidents leading to death isn’t a good reflection of the efforts and sensitization put by the road authorities to curb such unfortunate events. 

This doesn’t take the place of a life insurance plan, but it surely does complement it in scenarios like this.

So, here are some of the things you need to know about vehicle insurance in Nigeria. Do you own one? If not, what are you waiting for?!

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How to Get Travel Insurance in Nigeria (Everything You Need to Know)



If you engage in a business which lets you travel frequently, or you love to travel regularly, then you might want to stick around till the end of this post as I’ll be telling you why you need travel insurance in Nigeria, and how to go about having one.

Travel insurance provides cover for uncertainties that may arise when traveling, either locally or internationally. The means of transport in focus here is mostly air transport. It’s a good way to guard against risks that may occur in your journeys.

The risks involved may include trip cancellation, stolen or lost luggage, delay in flight, health conditions, and many more. A lot is being put into consideration when calculating whatever amount you should pay as premium: medical condition, destination country, the value of goods on board are some of those.

However, certain conditions are excluded and this could prevent securing a travel plan in Nigeria. These conditions are not covered by most travel insurance firms, in which case you’ll be responsible for your safety in such events.

They include endemics, pandemics, war, riot, volcano eruptions, terrorism, etc. Some countries are also considered a risk, and therefore not covered, your travel insurance firm may provide you with this information.

Talking of travel insurance firms, let’s see how we can secure good travel insurance in Nigeria for our next journey.

Requirements to Get Travel Insurance in Nigeria

Before being granted a travel insurance certificate, you’d be required to provide most or all of these;

1. Proof of Employment/Income/Studentship

One of the prerequisites considered before obtaining travel insurance in Nigeria is documented proof of employment or income. This could be from your monthly job, business, or side hustle. Also, students who wish to own a certificate will be required to provide a document(s) as proof of studentship.

2. Travel Visa

This is the most common requirement in the list and it’s being requested by all insurance firms. The Schengen Visa in Nigeria for instance automatically qualifies you for a travel insurance plan, as most countries in the region would most likely deny you access to their shores without a “good” travel insurance plan. 

So, do make sure you have your travel visa, and probably your ticket details before applying.

3. Personal/Health Information

You would have to provide certain personal information which may also include the duration of stay or visit, biometrics (if requested), etc. Certain health-related questions will need to be answered in preparation for any event of a medical emergency.

4. Health Insurance Plan

Isn’t it stressful to have a certain insurance plan before getting a different type? I guess it is but deemed necessary for trips to certain countries in the world, especially for a longer duration. This isn’t always required, but your insurance company would ask you to get one if you intend to travel to any country with this requirement.

RELATED: How to Get Health Insurance in Nigeria

5. Proof of Accommodation

You don’t want to be seen loitering the streets of a foreign country. This is why most insurance companies will ask for proof of accommodation or plan to get one upon arrival. This could be a home, a rented apartment, or a hotel. In an event where you don’t supply any of these, you might want to get a friend over there to help in this regard.

Here is how to get started;

How to Get Travel Insurance in Nigeria

Here’s how you can acquire a travel insurance plan in Nigeria in a few easy steps.

1. Secure a travel Visa

The first step to getting any travel plan is by getting a visa. This shows you’re already getting prepared for a journey. Your travel insurance will only last you for a specific journey, or list of journeys if your insurance firm offers such.

Your Visa should be in respect to your destination of interest, be it local or international. But getting a Visa isn’t smash and grab, it isn’t as easy as most people think. A lot of factors are considered before handing you a Visa especially for international trips. 

But a good way to salvage the situation is by utilizing the services of a travel agency. This could go a long way in easing the stress required to secure one. 

2. Choose a Reputable Insurance Company

This is very important to ensure you get the best services. As important as it could be, it could also be difficult as you get to see most of these firms with ADs on your face all the time. But there are quite some reputable options to choose from.

To save you the stress, I’ll quickly recommend a few: 

Top Travel Insurance Firms in Nigeria

  • AIICO Insurance
  • AXA Mansard
  • Leadway Assurance
  • Cornerstone Insurance
  • Mutual Benefits Insurance
  • Zenith Insurance. 

These are some of my best options out there. You could still consult with your travel agent to get more options 

3. Fill Out the Application Form Which Should look like this:

  • Personal Data: This section of the form will require your personal information. Your names, date of birth, gender, occupation, marital status, nationality, and passport number.
  • Next of Kin Information
  • Destination details and duration
  • Contact information
  • Other additional information: This could be health-related questions.

With these few steps, you could secure a travel insurance certificate for your next journey in Nigeria. But we have different types of health insurance plans, so which one should you choose? Check here for a guide

Types of Travel Insurance in Nigeria

We have three types of travel insurance in Nigeria for your different kinds of trips. They are;

1. Local Travel Insurance

This is quite new and isn’t recognized and provided by most insurance companies. As the name implies, it covers all risks involved when traveling within the country.

Local travel insurance goes beyond flight trips to journeys by any other means of human transportation in the country. So, you can rest assured that your next road trip is covered, in case you get to incur losses or damages.

Sadly, only a small number of firms offer this at the moment and this could lead to a highly-priced insurance plan. 

2. Schengen Travel Insurance

Schengen is the most popular type of travel insurance of the available plans in Nigeria and quite rightly so. It covers you for trips to most European countries – Schengen countries. This is composed of 26 member states from the European Union.

This is compulsory if you would be traveling to any of the countries in this region. As you get your Schengen Visa, you’d be prompted to get this form of the insurance certificate. Due to its popular nature, it is quite easy to secure one.

It has a medical cover, alongside other uncertainties that could arise from your journey. But this doesn’t affect your existing health plan, as it is more of an emergency in case of an accident.

3. International Travel Insurance Plan

Another type of insurance plan available in Nigeria is an international plan. This plan covers trips to destinations to the rest of the world, but not the Schengen countries. You could travel to any American, Asian, African, or Middle East country with this plan.

All risks involved in the journey to any of the countries in these regions covered by your insurance plan are taken care of. A major drawback is the lack of a body that ensures standards are respected. As such, what you might get as compensation may vary depending on your insurer, destination, and more.

How Much is Travel Insurance in Nigeria?

We’ve seen the different types of travel insurance offered in the country, and you may want to go ahead and purchase one for yourself. It could be quite stressful getting to know these plans as a newbie which is why I’ll be giving you an insight on what to expect.

This will help you in effectively planning out your budget before getting out there to purchase one. Kindly note that the figures below are not the actual figures and could change at any moment, these are estimates from various travel insurance firms in the country.

Here is the cost of travel insurance in Nigeria;

  • Cost of The Schengen Plan

As I mentioned earlier, this type of insurance applies to all European countries in the Schengen region, which is about 26 countries. Here you have some of the popular European nations on the list, so be rest assured that you’ll be covered when visiting any of these nations. 

The good thing about the Schengen plan is the standard which is maintained by all insurance firms, both within and outside the shores of Nigeria. One of those standards is a payment of up to €30,000 for emergency medical expenses.

For the Schengen travel insurance pricing in Nigeria, individuals who wish to visit any of the countries in this plan would have to pay between N2,500 to N4,000 for a single day trip. Families with a size of 2 – 6 people could get a good travel insurance plan ranging from N4,500 to N6,000 for a single day trip. For companies who offer “Multi Trips” plans, there could be a corresponding arithmetical increase in price, as the number of trips increases. 

  • Cost of the International Plan

The international travel insurance plan in Nigeria applies to all countries around the world, excluding the Schengen countries. It could be the Ghanaian brothers in West Africa, China in Asia, or even the United States in North America. 

A major concern though is instability in pricing for nations covered by this plan. The pricing is usually determined by the proximity of the destination country to your resident country. So in essence, the longer the destination, the more expensive it’ll be. They may be few exclusions to this, as other factors are also considered.

Moving on, here is what you should expect as the actual pricing of the international insurance plan in Nigeria; an individual traveling to any of the African nations should expect to pay between N3,000 – N6,000 for a single day trip. Traveling to most Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea would also cost you between N3,000 – N6,000. Trips to the United States and other neighboring countries go for N4,000 – N6,000. 

Basically, here’s a snippet of what you should expect from both plans;

Cost of Insurance Plan in Nigeria: Schengen Vs International


Schengen Region


7 Days


14 Days



30 Days



60 Days



90 Days



180 DaysN82,500



These travel insurance plans (Schengen and International), could come in handy in any event of medical emergencies, delayed departure, canceled trips, emergency evacuation, and lost luggage. So you may want to get one before heading for your next trip.

So, if you’ve read this blog post so far and you think getting an insurance plan might not really be necessary, here are few things you need to know;

Why you need a Travel Insurance Plan in Nigeria

The question is, why do you even need a travel insurance plan, is it even necessary. Well, here are some good reasons to acquire one;

1. Take care of Medical Emergencies

If you happen to find you need medical support in a foreign country, a travel insurance plan could come in handy. Little wonder it is called “travel health insurance” in certain places.

2. Cushion Additional Expenses

Getting to spend beyond our budget due to certain factors may be a frustrating experience, but with a good travel plan, you can cushion the effect this has on your pocket.

3. Lost Luggage? No Problem!

Unfortunate events which we may find our luggage with valuable items missing isn’t one of the best ways to enjoy a trip. But sometimes, these things are inevitable no matter how careful we tend to be. Which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to get a good travel insurance plan on your next journey.

4. Alternate Means of Transport

In any event, where you may need to be transported via other means for certain reasons, a good plan will surely take care of this. Having this would make your trip worthwhile.

CONCLUSION – Getting Travel Insurance in Nigeria

We looked at the various reasons why you need a good travel insurance plan in Nigeria, and some of the best places to get one. This is going to save you a lot whenever you travel

Don’t forget that it is important to have your health insurance certificate ready, and other requirements mentioned above. If you’re confused, you can ask a question and I will help you reach out to a reputable insurance agency for the best assistance.

So be sure to get travel insurance for your next journey!

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10 Best HMO in Nigeria (2022) & Their Contacts – Health Insurance



Do you want to know the top Health Maintenance Organization or HMO in Nigeria? If you’ve been following our updates, you might have seen why getting a health insurance plan in Nigeria is quite beneficial. 

Despite the less complicated process of achieving this, a huge problem lies in choosing the best or one of the best. Which is why I’ll be showing you some of the top HMOs in the country you might want to check out.

The government has its own scheme (the NHIS) which addresses this need, but this leaves you with little to no options. Conversely, the private HMOs give you a wide range of options to pick from. Also, the services are flexible and meet the demands of varying personalities. 

There are various ways to get a good and affordable health insurance plan in Nigeria: one of those ways is through an insurance broker. And also, the best way to get a reliable health insurer is to find a good Health Maintenance Organization or HMO in Nigeria.

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There are lots of HMOs out there which could help in simplifying the process of getting a plan. But you may want to know;

What is an HMO in Nigeria and How Does it Work?

HMO is an abbreviation for Health Maintenance Organization. It is a network or a company that gives provision for health insurance coverage for a certain period of time (either monthly or yearly). Basically, this organization is made of medical or health insurers who work together to make sure their clients are given proper medical care by doctors at a very discount fee.

Let take a look at top Health Maintenance Organizations in Nigeria below

Health Insurance: Top HMO in Nigeria & Their Contacts

1. Hygeia HMO

Hygeia is an award-winning health management organization with a presence in Nigeria and some other African nations. Since launching in 1986, they have been a reputable name in the private health sector of the country. 

With branches scattered across various states; they are able to provide world-class health services to all and sundry. They remain focused on improving the health care of Nigerians, this they do by offering a wide variety of plans to suit your needs.

How to Contact Hygeia HMO in Nigeria:

Address: Bank of Industry Building (BOI), 2nd Floor, 21/22 Marina, Lagos.

Hygeia HMO’s Tel No: 08120910005, 08087183142, 08189242956


The second best HMO or health management organization in Nigeria on our list is AVON. This is another wonderful care provider with lots of health plans to choose from. Avon provides one of the best health insurance plans in the country; they are not only great but affordable. You don’t have to break the bank!

To make things easier, you could get a plan today by signing up online. With the customers at heart, they have a 24/7 contact center where you can lodge complaints and get help from their expert team of health professionals. 

You also get a large network of health care centers across Nigeria which is a big plus for you.

How to Contact Avon HMO in Nigeria

Address: 29 Rumens Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

Telephone: 01-2779800, 07002779800

3. Liberty Health/Total Health Trust HMO

THT is another wonderful option worth checking out. It’s an international brand with a presence in almost half of the African continent and more. Nigeria seems to have enjoyed quite a lot since operations began in the late 90s.

THT offers a good number of health plans for corporations, SMEs, individuals, and even multinationals. These plans are quite good, with awesome benefits which gives you good value for money. 

In Nigeria, they’ve got over a thousand health care providers scattered around the country, this makes it easier to get sound health services no matter where you find yourself.

How to Contact THT HMO in Nigeria

Address: 2 Marconi Road, Palmgrove Estate, Lagos.

TEL No: 07090858575, 07090858202, 08034021430

4. Integrated Healthcare HMO

In a fast-changing world with lots of innovations being brought to the fore, certain health problems rely on technology to get better results. This is what you get from an HMO in Nigeria who doesn’t just treat these problems but is focused on preventing these problems. 

With constant enlightenment, it’s much easier to have a healthier society by adhering to preventive measures.

Integrated Healthcare caters for different levels of society; from small businesses to large corporations, tertiary institutions, and individuals at large. With care centers around various parts of the country; they have been able to provide good health services, which is well monitored by a team of experts in different fields.

How to Contact Integrated Healthcare HMO in Nigeria

Address: 12 Jos Street, Area 3, Garki, Abuja.

Tel No: 08070833373, 08051322662

5. Prohealth HMO

This is another household name in terms of healthcare delivery in Nigeria. They’ve been around for quite some time with a lot of positive remarks from customers.

Prohealth partners with hundreds of care centers around the country to give customers the best of health services. Their plans are efficient, yet affordable, to cater for a vast variety of individuals and businesses.

How to Contact ProHealth HMO

Address: 62 Lobito Crescent, Off Ademola Adetokunbo Wuse II Abuja.

Tel No: 08062691967, 08033497651, 08033903647

6. Novo Health Africa HMO

Novo is an accredited health management organization operating in Nigeria and other neighboring countries. Their quality of service has earned them a place on our list. 

Their plans are well suited to cater to different personalities; from individuals to retailers and also those in the formal economy.

With a good number of partners, they’re able to carry out regular sensitization across various communities in Nigeria. This, plus their world-class services makes them one of the top HMO in Nigeria.

How to Contact Health Africa HMO in Nigeria

Address: 1, Adekola Balogun Street Off Remi Olowude Street, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

Tel No: 08174602236, 08174602025

7. Reliance Nigeria HMO

Reliance – a reliable health management organization with lots of goodies available to its numerous customers. They provide healthcare services that are quite affordable by almost everyone. 

These different plans are customized to accommodate all in the society; from the high ranking politician to a civil servant working for the government.

Getting a plan with Reliance gives you access to quality health professionals, no matter where you are in the country. You’re also entitled to the best healthcare facilities across Nigeria, with good support and supervision; making sure you get the best care.

How to Contact Reliance Nigeria HMO

Address: 18 Jimoh Oladehinde Street, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel NO: 0700-RELIANCE (0700-73542623)

8. Swift HMO

The term “Swift” depicts speed. This HMO doesn’t only provide health services in a timely manner, but they employ the services of high-quality professionals, backed by the latest medical technologies, to provide one of the best health services in the country. These services are of great quality, but they are also quite affordable.

Swift is focused on preventive care, which is one of the features of a good HMO. You’re offered free medical check-ups at intervals, access to a PCP for a year, and you also get to learn from their regular sensitization campaigns.

What’s more? There’s 24/7 customer support, the use of cutting-edge medical technologies, and access to some of the best doctors in Nigeria.

How to Contact Swift HMO in Nigeria

Address: 2 Fabac Close, off Ligali Ayorinde St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel No: 0701 351 5523

9. Princeton HMO

Launched in 1999, Princeton has continually worked to promote a healthy lifestyle for all Nigerians. They offer some of the best healthcare services which are suitable for you regardless of your age, level of education, or social status.

Princeton HMO bridges the gap between the citizens and medical facilities in the country. This is achieved by partnering with the best hospitals and care facilities in the country, in order to provide top quality and affordable health services.

How to Contact Princeton HMO 

Address: Block A, Suite 30, Alausa Shopping Mall, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja

Phone: 0700 400 4000

10. RedCare HMO

We wrap up our list of the best HMO in Nigeria with another wonderful brand – RedCare. A firm that is focused on delivering quality health services throughout Nigeria; with plans ranging from corporate to private individuals.

RedCare works simultaneously with expert healthcare personnel to promote a healthy lifestyle in the country. With its network of over 600 hospitals across various cities in the country, they are able to cater for the health needs of Nigerians regardless of their location.

How to Contact Redcare HMO in Nigeria

Address: 41 Gbolade Adebanjo St, Ilupeju 100001, Lagos

Tel No: 0700 733 2273

Rounding Off: Best HMO in Nigeria

So, here are the top Health Maintenance Organizations or HMO in Nigeria. They’ve been set up to cater for all your healthcare needs, why don’t you try any of them and see what difference it makes!

Disclaimer: The addresses and telephone numbers are gotten from NHIS official website as listed here

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