7 Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria


Are you trying to shop for some stuffs via the internet? If YES, you need to check on these 7 online shopping sites in Nigeria that makes shopping from home easier and safe.

During the primitive age when the internet was launched, no one envisioned staying at home or office, right in front of a personal computer (PC) or smartphone, and be able to make purchases online without having to take a long trip to shopping malls in Nigeria.

Well, gone are those days but the invention of computer gadgets and internet has been making a huge turn around in today’s world. It has happened and we’re now enjoying the technological development.

ICT has led to increased productivity among its users, as a task that formerly will take hours could now be achieved in few minutes. Online shopping is no doubt increasing productivity, reducing stress, money and making it safe to transact and transport goods from shopping sites’ warehouses to the respective house of the customers.

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But let not deceive ourselves. There are some online shopping sites in Nigeria sell expensive stuffs, some are glorified scammers being a major threat to shopping online in Nigeria while some aren’t really genuine.

But here are few tips to shop safely online in Nigeria

  • Avoid shopping sites without HTTPS. These are sites without SSL certificate which make it easier to steal your personal or credit card information.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest but try to look out for quality
  • Check on customers’ reviews before buying
  • Don’t approach a fake site but use these trusted online shopping sites in Nigeria
  • Don’t communicate with sellers outside the shopping site
  • Pay using the site’s payment gateway. Don’t wire money to anybody claiming to be an admin or seller claiming to be responsible.
  • When shopping online, don’t save your information on the website
  • Avoid telling other people the names, digits and details about your ATM card
  • If there’s option for payment after delivery, choose it.
  • Before paying, make sure you ask for recommendation.
  • If you choose to pay online but it seem the network is not good, don’t try again immediately but wait for 3-4 hours and try again
  • And always choose to be shrewd, don’t be attracted by over-advertising

Those are the few things to take notice if you don’t want to be scammed while shopping online in Nigeria and in any place in the world.

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That’s why I’ve taken my time to show you these best, cheap and safe shopping sites in the country which almost all these precautions has been taken care of.

Here are they:

List of top online shopping sites in Nigeria


1. Jumia | www.jumia.com.ng

Jumia is Nigeria’s №1 retail store, and they’ve continually proven their quality by delivering awesome services to the Nigerians. They got a functional and easy-to-navigate website which integrates perfectly with Jumia’s mobile app.

They’ve got products ranging from electronics, smartphones and laptops, fashion item, kitchen utensils, and many more. They’ve got a wide variety of products thereby giving customers plenty of choices to choose from and this is what sets them apart from the rest.

As one of the top online shopping sites in Nigeria, Jumia has continually introduced innovative services and products—one of these is “Jumia Pay” which provides a safe platform for customers paying for items online.

Jumia Pay has proven to be a secure and cool platform to make payments as it integrates perfectly with Jumia’s site and mobile app which can’t be seen by other payment options.

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Payments can be made online or offline in respect to items purchased and your location, some area are not covered by Jumia’s delivery platform therefore visiting the nearest pick-up station is advisable.

2. Konga | www.konga.com

Konga has been a major competitor with Jumia as top e-commerce brands in the country. It’s difficult to judge who’s best as several person have different opinions about these companies, but in this list, Konga comes in second and here’s why;

They’ve got a full range of phones, tablets, fashion items, computers and more from top brands. They’ve also got wider shopping filters to simplify your shopping experience on their site, they are based on colour, size, seller, price and more.

Safety is guaranteed on the Konga platform as their payment system keeps you safe from malicious hackers. Customer reviews on various products are also available which should help in your decision making.

Few years ago, Konga merged with Yudula in other to form the strongest online shopping sites in Nigeria and other African countries, but it seems Jumia can still overcome the duo in online shopping business around Nigeria and environs.

3. Jiji.ng | www.jiji.ng

This is another Nigeria’s biggest shopping sites, you can get almost anything you need from Jiji. It provides an avenue for thousands of buyers and sellers to transact business together. For the past 5 years, they’ve had more than 900,000 ADs and counting on the Jiji platform.

Unlike our first two sites, Jiji.ng allows buying and selling of used products around the country.

As a seller, you simply take a picture of what you like to sell, add your contact information and post it as an AD. If you intend on buying from Jiji.ng, simply visit the site to see all the available ADs.

These ADs are categorized into group which should help you in choosing a product quickly. Some categories you may find are; phones, cars, health and beauty, houses, electronics, home appliance and jobs.

With Jiji you don’t need to worry about delivery time, as you can get a seller which is pretty close to you. You’ve got plenty of options to choose from, you’re also guaranteed of finding anything you search for.

To be sincere, Jiji.ng is exactly like cloned Craigslist!

4. OLX | www.olx.com.ng

OLX is another top online shopping sites in Nigeria at the moment. They’ve got a similar structure to Jiji but there are few differences. You’ve got more categories on OLX which is nice.

Presently, there are nine categories on the site — nearby ads, vehicles, phones/tablets, home/furniture/garden, real estate, electronics, jobs and services, animals and pets, hobbies/art/sports.

I should have placed OLX above Jiji but unfortunately, there have been complaints in various quarters about fraudulent acts, well it happens when instructions are not followed.

I mean instructions like, not paying for a product if it doesn’t fit the description on the site. Kindly be aware of this and don’t pay for a product before delivery, also note that transaction between both parties shouldn’t be done in a hidden place.

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Regardless of this minor issue that can be conquered, Olx.com.ng is a nice option for your online shopping in Nigeria.

5. Slot | www.slot.ng

Slot.Ng is another top online shopping site where you can get the best smartphones, laptops, tablets, gadgets and accessories.

They’ve continually breached the gap in today’s information technology world with their outstanding gadgets and electronics since its launch in 1998. Unlike other online shopping sites in Nigeria, Slot has got offline stores in major cities across the country for those who are not inclined to shopping online for some reason.

They’ve also introduced some interesting innovations to their customers which you probably won’t find anywhere else, things like great customer support/after sales repair, phone screen insurance, phone trade-in (where you trade your old phone for a new one), and Stolen phone recovery app (can be installed when you buy a phone from them). All these led to the company winning the Business Day Most Innovative SME Award in 2017.

If you’re going to shop online for quality phones, laptops or any gadget, think of SLOT.NG

6. Kara | www.kara.com.ng

Next on our list is Kara, although quite new they’ve been delivering the goods in terms of quality service.

They give you plenty of options to pick from with their wide range of phones, electronics, computers and office equipment, fashion products, groceries, kids toy and automobiles. All these, with a well-developed website that’s easily navigated, synced with flexible payment systems which make it easier for these products to be purchased and delivered directly to your doorstep without any hassles.

Kara believes in satisfying the customers and they’ve really shown this by providing cheap price for products from top local and foreign brands, shipping fee is slightly lower when compared to other competitors.

In the future if they continue providing great service, they are going to duel with aforementioned online shopping sites such as Jumia and Konga.

But till then, check Kara.com.ng out and see if they really fit to be listed among this top online shopping sites in Nigeria.

7. WebMall | www.webmall.ng

WebMall is certainly a top player in Nigeria’s e-commerce space with customer satisfaction as its priority.

Asides from offering high quality products, the ecommerce company also assures customers of variety by providing wide range of smartphones, TVs, fashion, electric, kitchen, sports, health and fitness products.

In purchasing your goods, you’ll either be paying online with your debit card or through bank deposit.

They also stock products from top international brands if you wish to treat yourself to foreign products. With WebMall, Logistics is topnotch with a delivery service that delivers directly to your location.

Amazing discounts and deals are offered regularly to their customers. You should look out for the WebMall “cyber week” which usually takes place on the last week of November.

Wrapping Up – Best online shopping sites in Nigeria

You’ve gone through our list of top online shopping sites in Nigeria, isn’t it convenient to make a purchase from any of these stores rather than queuing to purchase as it usually happens with offline store? It sure is!

Please note that this is not sponsored post or I’m trying to promote an affiliate offer. In fact, there’s no affiliate link embedded in any of the links here.

So, be rest assure that this is an honest list of best shopping sites you can use for your online shopping in Nigeria.

Please don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends using the social media buttons floating here below your screen on smartphone and at the right side of your PC or desktop view.

Thanks for checking out the best online shopping sites in Nigeria on Gbolamedia blog.


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