15 Ways Technology Affects Our Life Especially in Nigeria

How does technology affects our life in Nigeria? This is an intriguing question but I know you are well familiar with the word “Technology” and, you have been enjoying most of its benefits around or within your vibes.
Technology play some very vital roles in our life. It affects our life both positively and negatively but how?

In this article, am going to tell you top 15 Ways technology affects our daily. Am sure you would have noticed or experience them either previously or presently.
But for you to get the full scope of this article, I will advice you to get either a couching chair or any convenient seat, grab a cup of warm coffee or chill soft drinks and let ride on.

What is Technology?

According to Online Business: 7 Ways You Can Make Money Online

Also, you don’t need to start hawking your goods anymore. Technology has made it possible for you to sell everything you wanna sell on the internet. Companies like jumia, Amazon, Konga, Jiji and some other companies has made it possible for us to market and sell our goods and services easily on the Internet. You can as well build your own ecommerce website or blog for your business.

Technology has really proved itself to be the zenith life of business.

==> 5. Health
Better health facilities like X-ray machines, dialysis machines, filter and other machines which are built to improve our health are being provided to patients and research done by doctors has laid the foundations for biological control diseases. By sitting at home, we can get medical treatment by consulting the doctor just by a video call.

==> 6. Beauty and Cosmetics
With technology, fancy beauty products like body creams, hair creams, powders of different colours, eye pencils etc are manufactured to help make us look gorgeous and beautiful.

==> 7. Clothing and Wears
Back in those days, clothes and foot wears are roughly from cottons, latex rubber etc but, it has now become old fashion!

With advancement in technology, big machines are invented for textile industries to manufacture quality and attractive clothes from raw materials. while the cobblers and shoe makers make use of machine to make good and quality foot wears for us.

==> 8. Building and Construction
We can now erect skyscraper buildings easily with the right adoption of technology.
Machines, Metals and other equipment used in building and constructions are by-products of technology.

==> 9. Development and Conservation of Natural resources
Natural resources are things created by God. They includes the land, water, trees, precious stones etc.
If these natural resources were not conserved in the right way, they will be of no use for us in the nearest future.

Gold, diamond, silver and other precious stones are mine by machines (some mine them without machine) and they are conserved for industries who will turn them from crude raw materials jewelries, metal coating etc.

With technology, setting up our different houses with different appliances is now possible.

==> 10. Entertainment
We can now play videos’ game inside our house without walking a distance to catch fun. Technology has made it possible for you to watch movies at our own convenience.
We also hear radio to get the latest news, informations are share through the radio and TV stations.

Artistes, actors and actresses usually goes to those rocks, recording and editing of videos are invented by engineers etc.

Technology is playing a very important role in Entertainment.

Now, let move on to the Negative side of Technology and its effects on our life.

Negative Effects of Technology on our Life in Nigeria

Technology have done alot for us which are good and, we are still hoping for more. But, there are alot of problems associated with technology, what are they?

==> 11. Wars
Since the advancement of technology, human beings from different countries across the world are building more weapons that will be used at anytime during any war outbreak.
Without technology, there is no way an atomic bomb can be built, without technology, there is no way some people can be threatening the weaker or undeveloped countries just because they have dreadful and big weapons which they controls with computers made by the effect of technology.

==> 12. Health problems
Advancement in technology has exposed us to easy ways of having health problems, how? Smoke from cars or automobiles are very bad to our health, must this smoke was accidentally breathe in, it causes disturbance in the free-flow of normal air in our lungs and, air won’t be delivered to the brain, why? Because normal air we breathe in should contain Carbon dioxide but, smoke is just Carbon monoxide or Carbon (I) oxide… This can cause brain or lungs cancer.

Apart from the smoke from automobiles, X-ray machine also create a health problem if it’s misused or over used. X-ray scanning can decrease a patient’s life.

Technology is also one major factor behind health problems in the world.

==> 13. Depletion of Natural Resources
With technology, some of our natural resources are depleted. A good example is Depletion of Ozone Layer.
Ozone layer serves as blanket that cover the atmosphere (sky) in order to protect us from harmful rays (Ultra-violent ray) given out by sun. If not for Ozone layer, our skin will have been burnt by the sun.

But, technology is depleting this ozone layer… How? In some developed or industrial cities like Lagos, Nigeria where there are big companies, ozone layer are easily depleted here because, gases and smoke discharged by this companies into the atmosphere are very bad.

Other natural gases like oxygen, carbon etc are also depleted in this process. This has led to the dead of million of people.

==> 14. Pollution
Above (point 13), you read that gases or smoke discharged by companies depletes natural resources.. Yes, pollutions of any kind are also formed.

For instance, smoke causes air pollution, the engines or machines used by these companies causes noise pollution.

Chemicals or dyes discharged by these companies into the river or ocean causes water pollution and, life of aquatic animals will be in danger as s result of this.

==> 15. Immoralities and Laziness
With the advancement of technology, watching pornography, nude pictures are now one of lifestyles that most people indulge in and, this has led to immoral acts like rapping, fornication, divorces among couples etc. – This is what technology brought to us because, there is no watching of porns in the primitive age.

Also, most people have become a total lazy bone. No more grinding of pepper with stones just like the traditional age, electric blenders have replaced it. No more fetching of water again, water pumping machines are now available.

Although, technology makes our work easier, faster and neat but, some people can’t do anything without machine and, this is very bad!

From Editor’s desk
That’s all I got for you today. I hope you have been informed and inspired? In this article, I have told you the 15 ways technology affects our life in Nigeria and, am very sure that you will be convinced at least with just a point.

Am very happy to have you here. Do you have anything to say…. Maybe to criticize, commend, add or subtract from this article…??

Please, kindly use the comment box below and, I will get back to you instantly!


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  1. Technology has definitely affected our lives positively…only those who seek to abuse technology, only them get the evil side of it; not entirely tho. technology brought about music, transportation, health services and many more. We should be grateful to God for it.

  2. Thanks Mr ope for your stunning comment.
    I appreciate the fact that you agreed with me that Technology have really affects our life both positively and negatively.
    Please, kindly visit this blog again

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