How To Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Doing Anything


Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Doing Anything

If there was a way to make money online without doing anything at all, everyone would be doing it!
Money does not fall from the sky.

Actually, GbolaMedia does know how to make money online in Nigeria without doing anything at all, but it involves having a lot of money in the first place. Perhaps you have heard of the saying, it takes money to make money. If you already have a lot of money, you can invest it or lend it at a high interest rate, and earn money even while sleeping!

If you don’t have a lot of money in the first place, I’m afraid the only reliable way to make money is to get a job, work hard, and spend little or start working for money online.

Definitely spend less time on trying to figure out how to make quick money online.

But, on the other hand, I have heard of the story of the man who traded a paper clip with a house (a red paper clip for a pen, for a fancy doorknob, for a stove… and so and so on until eventually ended up with a house – 14 trades in total), but even this man, spent a lot of effort in finding just the right trades and traveled quite a bit to accomplish his trades. Well, you don’t get something for nothing, or so the saying goes.

But wait; I know you are here to learn how to make money online in Nigeria

It’s true as said previously that no man earn money from doing nothing. Unless, you render a service or sell a product (online or offline) or invest, you will be poor than church rats. Church rats have nothing to eat than tasteless papers while others rats are busy gather hulks of food somewhere.


make money online in nigeria

Now, to cut the long story short, How Can You Make Money Online in Nigeria?

There are many ways you can make money online in Nigeria but here, I will just mention few of them.

Read below:

#1 ==> Blogging.

Blogging is one of the common and interesting way to make money online in Nigeria.

It’s a way where you share information that are helpful and useful to visitors.  You can be blogging about Technology, Entertainment, Music or any other things you have passion for.You will make money online through blogging if you help people in advertising or promoting their products on the internet, using of contextual advertising networks like Google Adsense, Propeller, Chikita and many others.
Apparently, blogging is not easy but, without patient and consistent hardworking, you will make money online through blogging.

You can hire me to get you a blog.. Just send mail to “” or add on WhatsApp / Call “” +234(0) 80 6886 6068 .

#2 ==> Affiliate Marketing

Helping Top Websites and E-Commerce sites to sell their products or services and in turns, you earn commissions.
Top affiliate companies in Nigeria are Jumia, Konga etc.


#3 ==> Selling Useful E-books

If you are a skilled writer, you can write and packaged your writing in PDF format and, sell it to those who need it. You can write eBook on Food and Recipes, Tutorials, Novels etc.

#4 ==> Freelancing

Not working under a boss. Is that not pretty cool? You can veer to be writing for blogs and in turns, make money online. You can be designing websites or just helping people to market their products or services online to earn you money.
Top freelance writers are:-
• Upwork
• Freelancers etc.

Check here

#5 ==> Programming

This is so cool! But, you will need to learn how to code. Most influential people like Bill gates, Mark Zukerberg, Sundar Pichai and many others make their fortune from programming.
You can program a software application, game etc and sell it on the internet.

Note: You must learn how to code/program. If you are interested, you can start learning the following:-
• Python
• JavaScript
• CSs
• XML etc.

Go to for more details and also, learn from the website.

That’s all I can advice you about how to make money online in Nigeria without doing anything.

Pretty impressive, help me share this!

Stephen Olgade
Stephen Olgade
GbolaMedia is Tech & Startups Insight, Business Ideas and More.


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