How to Choose a UNIQUE Business Name for Your Company


I know there are many reasons for you to think of, and choose a unique business name for your company especially if you’re just getting started. This will save you from name competitors, defamation and create better user experience for your customers.

Thinking of a good business name and also registering it is one of the most important part you must wisely take care of.

To some business owner, it’s quite simple for them to come up with a nice and attractive business name while other people finds it tedious because a business name will tell the audience/customers/clients about what the business really renders and what it stands for.

If you are running a computer gadgets’ business and you came up with a confusing name like G-worldwide Nigeria Limited or Omega Views Arena etc., you are not going to meet your target because, those two business names seems to target Entertainment Company and A relaxation center respectively.

But, what if you simply choose “Your-Name Computer Resources Limited” or simply a name that is not confusing and common.

I’m not telling you that that is the best way to choose a unique business name but what am trying to say in essence is that the business name you are about to choose should be unique (free from infringement of any sorts), be understandable and should say something to a new customer or client even if he/she doesn’t know anything about your business initially.

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Here in this article, am going to tell you the easiest ways to choose and register a unique business name for your business.
Without wasting any time, let go into the business.

5 Steps to Come Up with a Unique Business Name

  1. Think About Your Initial Business Idea(s)

Do you remember that after thinking and determination about starting a business, you came up with business idea(s) right?

During the time of ideas or inspirations, I’m sure you would have gotten a solid foundation for your business thought. You might still be trying to choose between some alternative ideas but, your options are also the same.

This is what I mean, your initial business ideas may be Starting a Poultry Farming Business or running a cocoa farming business or operating on pepper, spices and recipes farming business etc. But here, your business ideas’ solid foundation is Farming Business because all those business ideas are still under farming.

So, how you choose a business name considering your business ideas or foundation?

According to The Balance, the best way to do this successfully is to answer the guidelines questions below.

But, I will answer them based on my own example. According to the illustration I gave about, I will like to start a poultry farming business. So let go;

(a) Ques: What message do you want to portray through your unique business name?
Ans: Poultry Farming

(b) Que: What are your biggest priorities for your business name? Do you want it to be easy to pronounce, different and unique, directly related to your products and services, etc.?
Ans: Yes

(c) Ques: What do you want people to think and feel when they see your business name?
Ans: Understand that I deal with poultry business like rearing and selling of livestock.

(d) Ques: What is your business structure and will your business name use a related abbreviation, such as Inc. or LLC?
Ans My business structure is farming and YES, I like to add a related abbreviations such as Nig. Ltd which stands for Nigeria Limited because I’m targeting only Nigeria Market.

• LLC means Limited Liability Company
• Inc. Means Incorporation – For big companies that deal with more than one product or service. For example, Microsoft Inc.

(e) Ques:: Does the length of the name matter? If so, do you want a short name or a longer name?
Ans: Length of the name matter to me because I want a business name that people can memorise at a glance… So, I prefers short business name.

(f) Ques: Do you Want Either Your Own Name or Alias to Appear in the business name? Or do you prefer Any Other Names like name that doesn’t exit?
Ans: I prefer to use either my name or Alias but since my names are too long for my business name likeness, I will choose to use my Alias instead.

Have you see how I got a business name for my business with ease? So finally according to the questions and my answers above, my business name is My Alias + Poultry Farms + Nig. Ltd which is basically Stephen Olgade Poultry Farms Nig. Limited or Olgade Poultry Farms Nig. ltd.

You can also do well with choosing a good business name if you following just this step but, let move on to other ways you can choose a good business name.

Register Your Unique Business Name

I got this well-detailed article for you about how to register a unique business name in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) using either offline or Online method. [click here to READ]

Wrapping Up:

A simplified adage says what is what doing, is worth doing well.
Once you have chosen a good and unique business name and have got it registered, you are now a step closer into building a successful business niche for yourself and also, you are branding your business officially.

Do you have any question?

Let me know through the comment box below and, don’t forget to share this with your friends!


Stephen Olgade
Stephen Olgade
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