Good News! Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria is Now Available — Withdraw from Wallet


Are you looking for a way to withdraw cash from your bitcoin wallet in Nigeria, or you’re even doubting if this will be possible? Well, that was impossible for some years but now, you can now withdraw your bitcoin earnings via Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria.

As you know that Bitcoin is a digital currently, the most traded in financial market. Regardless of its ups and downs prices, investing in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency business is one of the most lucrative and passive ways to make money in Nigeria.

There are lot of people who’ve made fortune from cryptocurrency, and people are still making some hefty income from bitcoin in Nigeria.

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Here is one of the sad demerit of it;

Smart entrepreneurs are really making money from crypto in this country but unfortunately, they’re not enjoying their profits to the ‘fullest’. Why? Because some percentage of their profits are lost to exchangers.

Well, that was the only way you can enjoy your bitcoin earning in Nigeria, I mean sending those bitcoin from your wallet to the exchangers’ wallets and he will send you cash in returns.

This is what I’m saying;

Let say 1Btc is $20,000 on normal exchange rate.

But if you want to sell the same 1Btc to an exchanger in Nigeria, you could be paid $18,000 — $19,000. But I’m sure no exchanger will give you $20k.

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In some countries, they have ATM machine to withdraw cash from their bitcoin wallets. Which makes it possible for them to enjoy their maximum profits trading or investing in bitcoin. They don’t have to send to any exchangers unlike Nigerians.

Apart from loosing some percentage of your profits to an exchanger in Nigeria, you can also be scammed.

To be safe and enjoy all the benefits that comes with bitcoin, we need to have a stable Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria to withdraw cash from your bitcoin wallet.

First Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria is Launched

For the past few years, we didn’t have such in Nigeria, I don’t no why. Maybe because it’s too expensive or those cryptocurrency entrepreneurs didn’t value it.

But I’m happy to announce to you that; there’s a Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria where you can withdraw your bitcoin earning!

Yes, hundreds of people are happy on Facebook when a media entrepreneur who is also into crypto business, Makinde Azeez (founder & CEO of famous made the public announcement that his Bitcoin ATM just got delivered to him. And of course he shared the picture of himself with the BATM as a proof.

Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria by Makinde Azeez
Naijaloaded CEO, Makinde Azeez with the First Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria

Although, Makinde Azeez bought the first (and currently the only) Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria but I’m sure that someone else is ala thinking of the same thing in this country.

Currently the bitcoin ATM can only be found in Lagos, Nigeria

Although Makinde Azeez is not in all 774 local government areas in 36 States in Nigeria, but you as a person who’s into cryptocurrency can benefit from him.

Ask me how!

Remember I said the only way to withdraw cash from your bitcoin wallet in Nigeria is to sell it to exchangers in return for money or cash.

That’s the method we are still going to be managing for now until we have these Bitcoin ATM saturated in Nigeria.

So, how are you going to withdraw cash from your bitcoin wallet in Nigeria?

It’s simply by contacting Makinde Azeez!
To contact him physically, you will need to find his location in Lagos and close the transaction between you guys or contact him digitally (online).

To contact him digitally, you’ll send the bitcoin to him and he’ll help you withdraw it from his BATM.

Note that he’s not going to do the transactions for free. He will surely charge you a taken according to how much you want to withdraw from your bitcoin wallet.

No matter how much he charge you, it’s safer than giving your hard-earned and expensive bitcoin to someone that will scam you or ripped out some profits more than normal as his exchange fee or percentage.

Let me use the previous example to explain this better.

If normal exchange rate for 1btc is $20,000. An bitcoin exchanger in Nigeria may buy it from you at $19,000, making you to loose a whole $1,000!

And that $1,000 in Nigeria currency is equivalentIs to N362,000! That’s lot of money. In fact, you can use this to start a business or buy a plot of land in some areas in Nigeria.

But sending your bitcoin to Makinde Azeez for Cash withdrawal will be little bit lesser.

Why sending your bitcoin to Makinde Azeez for Cash withdrawal via Bitcoin ATM? Is he trusted?

Yes! He’s trusted and has been building his reputation online for past decade. He’s the founder of Naijaloaded where you download your latest music.

Please note that a lot of people will be trying to impersonate him or act as if they are his agents in order to scam you but please, don’t fall from them.

I don’t how many percent he’ll take but very possible he will be the best and most  affordable bitcoin exchanger in Nigeria.

Conclusion — Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria, Withdraw Cash from Bitcoin Wallets

This is NOT a sponsored post or post published for advertising sake!

I don’t know Makinde Azeez and same from his side. But as an entrepreneur, it’s a good news that someone made an effort to sacrifice and buy this expensive bitcoin ATM in Nigeria.

And also, making it more easier to withdraw cash from your bitcoin wallet without loosing much from your profits.

You may be asking..

How can I Contact Makinde Azeez?

To contact him is easy but you need to be very careful because people are impersonating him a lot. I won’t drop any link here but you can go to go to, click on the contact us page and you’re good to go.

Please don’t fall for scam trying to get to him. I can help you get his personal WhatsApp number if you wish (kindly comment below for this)

Also, I’m not a cryptocurrency exchanger. So don’t contact me for this.

But if you have payoneer funds, I can buy from you at a good exchange rate.

Over to you….

Are you happy for this good news? Will you like to try the bitcoin ATM out? Do you have anything to say about this bitcoin ATM and cash withdrawal from your bitcoin wallet? Please let share them using the comment box below

And don’t forget to share!

Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen is a Frontend engineer, technical writer, owner and part-time blogger here at Gbolamedia, incoming data scientist, an enthusiastic cynophilist, and a curious introvert. Stephen is currently available for full-time, part-time or contract-base role. Contact him here: on WhatsApp or check him on Linkedin


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