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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Konga and Yudula Merged to Become the Biggest eCommerce/Marketplace in Africa


Africa is about to see a great change in eCommerce business as two of the giants eCommerce companies, Yudula and Konga has merged together to form the biggest Marketplace company in the continent.

At the inception of year 2018, Konga was acquired by a business group which is known to as 'Zinox Group' and since then, gradual efforts has been into action behind the screen to roll out something big in African online market. The two merged online malls, Konga and Yudula has officially made this known to the world and announced 1st of May, 2018 as the new merged company's effective operations.

Their is no confusion about the merging when it comes to Branding as the two companies has agreed to operate under a brand name which is the Almighty "Konga".

According to one of the statements made by the management of the two companies, they said with assurance that "Konga" will be the biggest and most patronized eCommerce company in Africa (to becomes undefeatable) and, that is there main focus for merging together.

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The new "Konga" will have a little change but almost the same mode of business operation. They will integrate the following features of:
- Konga Online
the marketplace or eCommerce platform
- Konga retail and
- Offline service.

In addition to the recent development, the two companies also agreed to be using:
- Konga Pay
- Konga Express: (a well-known and respected logistics company with advanced method of delivery for both local and foreign customers) and finally
- Central Bank of Nigeria-Licenced Mobile Money

Mr. Olusiji Ijogun who is the chairman of Konga said this prosperous merging will make the new company to reach their goals quickly. That is, to expand and develop with steady acceleration among the eCommerce platforms in Africa by using the company's most advanced technology and business strategies.

He also added that Konga with now be operated under two Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) which are Nick Imudia who is appointed to control all the company's online business affairs and Nnamdi Ekeh who is to control all offline affairs of the company.
The chairman boosted that no other eCommerce company in Nigeria and Africa as a whole will be above them in any area of eCommerce business.

As we know that Konga is one of the best online marketplace in Africa and Yudula is a great offline stores for thousands of customers, the new merged Konga will now combine both their online and offline customers, workers, resources, partners etc together with their different business strategies to defeat any other marketplace in Africa.

According to ogbongeblog, the interesting part of this merger is the enablement for customers to order for a particular goods online, go to the nearest Konga offline store, pay and pick up what he/she has ordered online. Jide also stressed that this merging will increase the rate of business opportunities for prospective merchants and smart entrepreneurs in African countries.

The CEO of the Konga's offline business, Prince Nnamdi Ekeh said such amalgamation of two big eCommerce companies "Konga and Yudula" has never take place in Africa. He further said that the new "Konga" will be making use of advanced Konga's technology and online experience with the help of Yudula's great offline business strategies, network of stores and resources.

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One of the biggest ambition of new Konga eCommerce company that really wowed me personally is that, they will be in all the seven hundred and seventy-four (774) local government areas in Nigeria which will make it possible for all nooks and crannies of Nigerians to have access to the company's goods "at their fingertips".

Nick Imudia is the CEO of new Konga Online business affairs added to what her composite CEO said concerning this operational merger between Konga and Yudula.
She teased all their merchants, clients, consumers and shoppers that, the best about the company is on its way!

What do you think about this merging? Do you think Konga/Yudula will defeat our Jumia Marketplace in Nigeria? Well, your views, comment and sharing is accepted by me. Kindly click on the share buttons at the left handside of your computer's screen or the floating share buttons on your phone to help create awareness with your friends.

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