Top 10 Agricultural Businesses in Nigeria with Little Capital but Huge Profit

Nigeria is a nation blessed with many resources which fetches the nation’s income, from crude oil to coal, limestone and even rich soils for farm produce. Talking of farm produce, we’ll be going through the top 10 agricultural businesses in Nigeria that you can start with little capital and make huge profit

Of course we all know that investing in agriculture is one of the best thing a person can do in their lifetime, especially in Nigeria where there’s no enough space for those seeking white-collar jobs.

Some of the richest persons in Nigeria make most of their money via investing in agricultural businesses. A perfect example is Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, General Muhammad Buhari, Aliko Dangote and others.

Although most “schooled” fellow thing that farming is a symbol of poverty and somehow not worth devoting time for, because it brings little profits.

But, Investing in any or various agricultural businesses in Nigeria with the right orientations, fetches hefty income.

Well, to be honest with you, not all agro materials gives a lot of cash. Some yields more gain while some yield less. But let talk about talk about these profitable agricultural businesses you can start with little capital and make some profit;

 Top 10 Lucrative Agricultural Businesses in Nigeria – (W/ Little Capital)

1. Plantain Plantation Business

Plantain is a nice meal and packs very nutritional contents, like iron and vitamin D. Plantain is a multipurpose dish, the popular ‘boli’ is made off plantain and guess what, the people love it — I haven’t seen anyone who dislikes boli, not one!

Aside Boli, plantain could be either fried, and/or eaten with rice, boiled, or even used in the production of other delicious delicacies.

You see people selling plantain chips in streets, car park, supermarket and even that fancy restaurant near you.

With all these use cases, the idea of setting up a plantain plantation would be great, just a rich land and you’re in business.

All you need is to get a piece of land, clear the bushes, find or buy the plantain suckers and plant them all.

Plantain’s plant doesn’t die or perish except you clear them off, and this make it a good business to start. Because it will keep reproducing, even if you cut them.

2. Cassava Plantation Business

Cassava farming is one good lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria. It’s a known fact that most Nigerians loves ‘garri’ — which is a derivative of cassava — I love it too.

Aside it’s most conventional use case which is the production of garri, most tribes use it for the production of other food items. If you’ve ever gone through the pack of most baked items, you’d find cassava flour in almost all of them.

Cassava farming has been giving money since Nigeria’s inception and it still does in today’s Nigeria — even though it’s now saturated.

All you need to start this business is to find a good piece of land, make heaps, find or buy cassava trees and plant!

3. Poultry Farming Business

We all love chicken and yeah you could also make agro-money in Nigeria via a poultry farm. Most persons in the country prefer chicken to any other form of meat, as such they always go for it. Poultry produce have some of the best nutritional contents you can’t find in other forms of meat.

Starting up your poultry isn’t quite difficult as you don’t need a land for it, just a good poultry house, some hens and cocks, and poultry feed. One hazardous factor in poultry farming is the offensive smell it gives out, but recently there are ways reduce the intensity of the smell.

N.B. There’s no better time to start your poultry than now, December is fast approaching and Christmas festivities drawing near!

Apart from poultry farming, you can also extend to egg delivery business which is also lucrative.

4. Snail Rearing Business

One of the best decisions you’d take in your life is investing that money of yours in rearing of snails — don’t get it twisted, I meant every word in that sentence.

Snail are nice creature with many health benefits, and best of all they’re hermaphrodites — this is every business persons delight, you don’t need to go hunting for opposite sexes.

Aside it nutritional benefits, rearing of snail provides good money for anyone who wishes to do this business, best of all, the market isn’t saturated.

If you would like to start this business, here is a guide on how to start snail rearing business in Nigeria (and make huge profit)

5. Pineapple Farming Business

A very sweet fruit that serves lots of purpose and used in different industries. Pineapple is one of the top lucrative agro products in Nigeria. It’s fortified with a good measure of vitamin C, and other nutritional minerals.

One good thing is that it’s generally love by all and as this adds to your earning potential. One visible application of pineapple is its use in the production of pineapple juice by juice factories.

Whether juice or eaten originally, you’d be able to make good money off pineapple farming if you start today.

Once you have your land ready, only the suckers are needed and you’re good to go!

6. Fishery

Fishes are nice creatures and also a nice way to make money is by rearing them. You need to be aware that fishes are of different species and not all offers profit, some have high profit margin than others.

I’ll advise you go for catfish rearing if you want to make good money in this business, reason is that you can easily rear them and second, they’re in high demand especially for those lovely fresh fish pepper-soups.

Rearing catfish is really one of the most profitable agricultural businesses in Nigeria

7. Piggery

Pork meat is a very sweet meat, for me it’s more delicious than all meat types present in the country. Starting a piggery business in Nigeria might be a little tricky due to the dirty nature of pigs — as dirty as pig they say.

A male and female pig could give up to a double dozen of kids at once, and as they continue to reproduce the more money you’d be making. You’d have to feed these pigs constantly else — the parents may eat their young ones alive — that’s how they are!

8. Coconut Plantation Business

With the discovery of coconut’s rich nutritional content on the skin, the demand for coconut is on the rise. Coconut is very rich and can serve numerous purposes; it could be used in preparing coconut rice, it’s nicely eaten with corn during the season and it’s also sweet when eaten alone.

Lots of persons are beginning to see the importance of this, and as such setting up coconut plantation and you should join the train too. You need vast land in order to start this agricultural business in Nigeria, and it’s capital intensive.

9. Cattle Rearing (Cows)

Another top agro business that is very lucrative in Nigeria is the rearing of cattle or sheep. The produce can be used for milk production, and also as meat.

This is a very capital intensive business as you’d need large land for grazing and lots of cattle to start up. It might be difficult in the beginning but as time goes on, you’d love the business.

You’ll see that northerners take this business with every passion in them and, if you ask or observe the butcher around you about cattle rearing, he will tell you it’s one of the most lucrative agricultural businesses in Nigeria to invest in.

10. Palm Oil Plantation Business

Palm oil as we all know can’t be eaten solely on its own, but it is used in preparing many dishes, from cooking to frying and for other purposes as well. It is used for other purposes in other industries in the manufacturing of several products.

You’d need a huge capital and vast land for starting up this business and mind you, it’s highly saturated.

There’s another way you can make money with palm oil and this really make it one of the most profitable agricultural businesses in Nigeria.

This other way is called ‘flipping business’

Prices of commodities varies in Nigeria (just as exchange rate isn’t constant), you need to observe the market thoroughly and know when the price of palm oil’s ‘keg’ increase or decreases.

Your aim is to buy as much as possible when it decreases. Let say a ‘keg’ of palm oil reduced from N8,000 to N6,500. You can buy 10 kegs and keep it inside a safe place by putting them on plank of woods (avoid the kegs of oil touching ground)

Study the market until the price of each keg increase more than the invested capital. For instance, the price might increase suddenly to N9,000 and if you sell all you palm oil at this rate, you’ll make N25,000 in profit.

Wrapping Off – Top Agricultural Businesses in Nigeria

There lots of things you can do to make good money in Nigeria, but investing in agriculture is one sure fire way to add to your earning potential as well.

There are lots of lucrative agricultural businesses in Nigeria and I’ve given you the top 10 of them.

Do let me know what you think about these businesses and you can share with your friends on social media if you love this article.

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