How Woleth Magazine Is Promoting Entrepreneurship in Nigeria


Have you ever heard about Woleth Magazine?

It’s a magazine that focuses on helping business owners (and entrepreneurship development) in Nigeria through both digital and print publications.

I think this is one of the best innovation so far…… I’ve grown up in Nigeria to understand that entertainment, politics and crimes of different levels are hyped and trending more than any other resourceful business ideas or entrepreneurial skills.

When we’re talking about entrepreneurship in Nigeria, we can boost of successive personalities like Jim Ovia of Zenith Bank plc, Tony Elumelu, Aliko Dangote and other richest men in Nigeria.

Aside from these gurus, we have the like of Linda Ikeji, Bukola Awosika, Debolalagos and few other Nigerians who are making ends meet from entrepreneurship.

But the sad news is that, most Nigerian youths are all after ‘quick scheme to get rich overnight’.

That’s why most are becoming internet fraudster popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’. Some believe that running into music industry is going to help them while most people believes school certificate is the only and best way out.

Well, I’m not downgrading any choice you’ve made.

But let me open your house a little bit.

We have hundred-thousands of people seeking admission every year while another hundred-thousands are graduating. But the job in Nigeria is not enough for just 10,000 people per year, meaning that some are still unemployed at home with their papers.

What about those who engage in Yahoo yahoo? The few of them who are making illegal money are usually caught. Some of them goes insane or even die due to arrant ritual that goes wrong.

If you think music is the way for you, you’ll keep recording freestyles until you got tired because it’s not easy as well….

So what’s the way out?

How can you earn living, take care of yourself and those around you in this situation we are?

But here is the good news….

Woleth Magazine is ready to help you, equip and guide you on the gradual steps you need to take in order to succeed here in Nigeria.

About Woleth Magazine

Woleth Magazine is an arm of Woleth Consulting, a start-up company who has so far indicated an interest in starting a magazine publication brand to help Nigerians in becoming a successful entrepreneurs.

The founder and CEO stated that Woleth Magazine is fully aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation by publishing interesting and insightful stories, as well as revealing the lifestyle of successive entrepreneurs to motivate the aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The founder also claimed that the direction most Nigerian youths are taking today is worrisome and makes one on edge of what the future has in stock.

The belief that the only way to change one’s status quo is either through crime or entertainment has repressed the potential development of skills necessary for national development.

He further indicated his disappointment in several Nigerians who seem to be justifying cybercrime.

According to him, we all need to be more cautious of the things we say so as not to drive future generations astray and incapable of differentiating between right and wrong.

It is no longer news that a large number of people are engaged in cybercrime popularly called yahoo yahoo, which has received a lot of controversy online.

About CEO of Woleth Magazine

The young CEO, Ihieri Uchenna Michael is a graduate of psychology from the University of Lagos claims that cybercriminals trying to justify their actions are exhibiting a form of psychological defense mechanism known as rationalization.

What did he mean by rationalization?

He explained that…..

Rationalization is an act of justifying one’s behavior and motivations by substituting acceptable reasons for the actual motivations.

He urges the society to cease from encouraging such behavior as it is the major source of reinforcement for cybercrime perpetrators.

He went on to insist that there is no excuse for defrauding people off their hard-earned money while he likened justification of yahoo yahoo to an attempt in justifying kidnapping and armed robbery but you can make legit money in Nigeria by becoming a skilled entrepreneur.

Truly nobody is holy but the moment we start saying things like that in public, we are passing the message that: “It is okay to do evil as long as other people are doing it”.

The greatest excuse these people gives is nothing but the slavery that happened years ago.

They acclaimed to be taking revenge on behalf of our forefathers. This motivation is very wrong and should be abolished before it influence the coming generation.

That’s why Woleth Magazine is on the mission to transmit positive messages that will impact and motivate today’s Nigeria and the coming generation to choose entrepreneurship instead of cybercrime.

Why I Started Woleth Magazine  – Uchenna Michael

This is what Ihieri Uchenna Michael have to say about this promising startup:

These are some of the reasons I decided to start Woleth magazine.

I believe that if we can publicize and recognize entrepreneurship very well, we would have more people indulging in entrepreneurship.

What has been done in the music industry is extraordinary , about 15 years ago we had very few youths aiming for that industry, today one in every five Nigerian youth you meet is an artiste.

If we can replicate that type of support, recognition and publicity to entrepreneurs, it would do us a lot of good.

Woleth magazine founder urges interested company heads and personalities to be receptive of his team as they’ll be reaching out for interviews and discussions.

Woleth magazine would have its first issue themed “Survivor” to feature interviews from several founders in a bid to understand the challenges they faced and learn from them.

But you may be asking…..

How Can I Get Copy of Woleth Magazine?

According to the earliest report gotten from the founder, the magazine will be available both in print and digital copy.

While the printed copy would be sold and targeted to organizations for office use and waiting rooms, the digital copy would be available for free downloads.

How to Get Featured on Woleth Magazine

If you will like your business or start-up to be featured in the magazine either to teach interested Nigeria about Entrepreneurs or motivate them to become, you can contact us or comment below  and I’ll connect you with them.

But you should be aware that the core prerequisite is that your business, brand or service must based on entrepreneurship, a legit one.

You can also advertise what you’re selling in the Magazine.

Because I’m personally an entrepreneur and I know how far it has been saving me from engaging in cybercrime activities, I fully support this development from woleth consulting.

I started entrepreneurship when I was 17 and I’m happy with the choice.

Although I haven’t arrived fully but I believe as technology keep advancing and I roll along with it through digital skills, innovations and different business ideas available in Nigeria, there’s no stopping to my success.

This is the right time to embrace entrepreneurship in Nigeria, Woleth Magazine is going to help you!


Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen is a Frontend engineer, technical writer, owner and part-time blogger here at Gbolamedia, incoming data scientist, an enthusiastic cynophilist, and a curious introvert. Stephen is currently available for full-time, part-time or contract-base role. Contact him here: on WhatsApp or check him on Linkedin


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