In Ilesa, Yahoo Boys Killed Two Mobile Police Officers

Yahoo Boys Killed Two Mobile Policemen In Ilesa, Osun State

It was indeed a very sad scene to witness in Ilesa, Osun State today as some young guys who were internet fraudsters popularly referred to as Yahoo Boy allegedly killed two mobile police officers who were on road checkpoint along ilesa-osogbo road, AKAD in ilesa.

According to the eyes-witnesses, the alleged yahoo boys were in a Toyota Camry saloon car with plate number “LAGOS – MUS 313 ET” driving restlessly without any intention to stop at the police checkpoint and also, the two policemen on the road refused to run for their lives as they think that the car will obey their duties on the road but, to full amazement, the two policemen were crushed to death instantly.

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The vehicle alongside with its driver has been taken to the police station while the two mobile police officers were taken to the mortuary.

When a man was asked about his view on such catastrophic incident, he said Both the yahoo boys and the police in general are to be blamed for any incident like this.

On the policemen sides, they are faulted because of their inability to discharged their duties as expected. He added that the policemen do take bribe from the yahoo boys for any wrong done. And, as a result of this, the yahoo boys are breaking every rules as they wish.

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Among the rules are: Reckless driving which has killed alot of people both young and old. The man added that the yahoo boys do kill people anyhow for ritual purposes.

Another woman said that the rest of the police officers will learn the lesson of life from this incident and, they will stop collecting money from the yahoo boys and the innocent citizens again.

In conclusion, a police officer who was also at the scene said that, their will be a great seriousness in battling the Yahoo Boys in the town and the entire state.
He added that any yahoo boy caught will be punished.

NOTE: The image here is not the original photo for this incident, it is taken from the Web.

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