5 Ways You Can Use Technology To Help your Business Especially in Nigeria

Technology helps us alot in term of business especially in underdeveloped countries like Nigeria. It helps both big and small business organizations or individuals to implement their profitable business idea(s), use their capital and acquire profits in effective, easier and smarter ways.

Using technology in your business will not only ease some arrant stresses but will also make you to familiarize your brand, products and services to the whole world!
The fact here is that, the whole world has turned to a global village because of technology and, making use of this must-have tool will yield more benefits than the transitional processes.

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But, how can you use technology to do well with your business and let it to more lucrative and firmly established? Here in this article, am going to tell you five (5) different guides on how technology can really be of help to your business especially in Nigeria without passing through any tedious process.

5 Ways You Can Use Technology To Help your Business Especially in Nigeria

==> (1) Use Technological Tools with Your Products or Services
Instead of using most of your time to trace one product or service meant to be delivered to a customer by traveling or taking a trip to the customer’s house, neglecting other business ideas and other customers to focus on just “a customer”, why can’t you simply adopt the using of what we call Tracking Software or Development?

Big companies like Jumia, Konga, Payoneer, Google and others make use of tracking software and this has really help their business alot.
I.e, it saves more time, expenditure, human labour and it increases their productivity.

Also, make use of project & task management tools to ease the stress of your business’ productivity and other responsibilities that must be taken care of. Bring everything in your business into the internet, use different software and applications.
And, don’t forget that everything about your business should be digitalized, I.e by adopting effective email management which you can use to send important informations to all your customers at once within a minute without leaving your house or office.

Ways Allow Technology Help Business Nigeria

==> (2) Monitor Your Debits and Credits Online
In few years ago when technology hasn’t been fully widely used, big companies who deal with hundreds, thousands and millions of customer do use files in form of written paper documents to keep their expenditures and their customers will also have to travel from far distance in order to make payment for the product or service they want but today, it has become old and funny story.
You can buy and make payment for any product you like from a company on the internet and immediately, the invoice or receipt will be sent to your email while a date your product will be be delivered to your doorstep will be sent to you also.

How do you think this aspect of technology can help your business? It will save travelling expenses, save the issue of writing paper invoice times without numbers, you will not also have to waste your ink and sheets of paper. In fact, paper documents can be plagiarized or changed easily. Don’t tell me that your appended signature will secure such paper document because Signature nowadays can be easily forged or manipulated.

Use the following technology tools to help your business:-
Online Invoice Service: This will reduce the stress of collecting payment from customers.
Online Budget Tracking: This will help you to track your expenses
Accounting Software
Add online payment method like PayPal, MasterCard, Bitcoin etc. to any of your services or products through your website.
• Online Book-keeping
• Etc.

==> (3) Market Your Business Online
Your company can’t have a service in Nigeria and be travelling across the world in order to advice it globally. I’m sure that if you try this for 4 months, you will shut down your business due to bankrupt as most of your gain and loan will be spent on travelling only.

With the advancement of technology, it’s now easier for you to market your business without leaving your house or office. In point one above, I made mentioned about setting up Email management… Yes, Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to tell people within and outside your country about what your company offers.

Also, Social media sites like facebook and twitter will help your business alot because most people including your targeted customers spends hours on social media sites. For instance, it was reported that more than one billion people are using Facebook everyday and Nigeria as a country will take millions out of the billion people.

Another marketing strategy Is the use of blog or website related to your business, making use of Online Advertising Networks like Google AdWord, Buzzcity, MediaNet, Propeller etc.
Video Marketing is another helpful strategy for your business.

===> (4) Use Technological Means of Communication & Files Sharing With Your Customers & Team Members or Company
The first thing here is not new to you, you don’t need to face or see your team members before you talk about business plans, you don’t need to see your customers before you sell or deliver their products to them.

Just set up Effective Instant Messaging within your company and customers.
If you need to share files with them, use online storage method like Google drive, Docs, Dropbox etc., so that they will just download eBooks, applications or read any the required information online.

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If you want to train your staff especially the interns, use webinar to expand your online business training, bring your team members who are in different locations to the same and single page.

Use Intranet e.g Wi-Fi service within your business. Financial Institutions (Banks) and other some companies do make use of this. This help them to save expenses on normal data use or call.

==> (5) Online Customer Service for Your Business Will be indeed Great
You can’t be using calling over calling for your business customer service, It will put more pressure on your customer care representatives and if you are dealing with thousands of customers who might need to get to your business through your customer care services, how many staff or workers will you employ to be dealing with this? Alot!

But technology it more easier for business owners to respond their customers’ enquiries. Social media can be use to conduct customer care service… All you need to do is to embed some lines of code or plugin related to this to your business website.
Also, allow the use of online help desk or ticket system to deal with customers issue and Use online surveys and questionnaires to know more about customers’ feedback.

Wrapping Up: How Technology Helps Your Business

Started frim the beginning to the end of this article, I have shared to five ways on how you can use technology to help you business… I hope it’s well understandable?

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