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How to Easily Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria (and Verify It)



PayPal Nigeria: How to Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria (That Sends and Receives Money)

How can I open a PayPal account in Nigeria, Is PayPal available for Nigerians, can I send and receive funds using PayPal in Nigeria and a whole lots of queries related to “PayPal Nigeria” are trending on search engines till this moment.

And I’m sure it is because you are among these smart entrepreneurs who are earnestly in need of PayPal account in Nigeria, that’s why you landed on this page either from social media or search engine.

But whatever the case may be, I will teach you right in this blog post how to create your own PayPal account in Nigeria that sends and receives funds.

In case you’re just hearing the term “PayPal“, it’s a world most popular method of payment used and accepted by many countries across the globe.

With PayPal account, you can receive money from people living abroad (US, UK, Canada, India etc) and you will not provide them details of your Nigeria bank account. All you need to do in order to receive money from people through PayPal within and outside Nigeria is to provide them your email address as used in the PayPal Account creation.

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But unfortunately, PayPal haven’t support users from Nigeria and this has become a major threat to making money online in the country because most of these online business requires PayPal for funds withdrawal.

But PayPal is gradually considering us but many of us in Nigeria still face some difficulties opening a PayPal account that sends and receives money efficiently.

The PayPal’s consideration on Nigerians is not that okay because most Nigerians with PayPal account are unable to make money online due to the fact that a Nigerian PayPal account can only not send or receive money conveniently and accurately.

Although there are ways to bypass this by using VPN etc.

But, this post seeks to enlighten Nigerians who intend to make money online on the official procedure for opening a PayPal account in Nigeria that sends and receives money.

Let talk about it right now…..

How to Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria

1.      Define your purpose

Before going on to set up your Nigeria’s PayPal account, you’ll need to have a well-defined purpose for opening.

This is what I mean, are you a merchant, freelancer, affiliate marketer or an internet marketer who wishes to accept payment through PayPal, you’re good to go.

Although PayPal isn’t made primarily for online businesses only, you can still make payments if you’re into the analogue (offline) business world, but it’s not recommended.

Simply put; if you do digital business, accept digital payments through PayPal in Nigeria. If on the other hand you’re into the analogue side of the divide, it’s best you stick with your conventional mode of payment.

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Bottom line is know what you need the PayPal account but, before thinking of opening a paypal account in Nigeria.

You may be asking….

What are the requirements to open a PayPal Account in Nigeria?

You don’t need much in order to get a verified PayPal account in Nigeria. But you’ll be needing the following:

  • An active email address
  • A government issued ID card (National ID card, Voters card, Driver’s licence etc.)
  • Your debit card (MasterCard or Visa)
  • And your computer (or smartphone) with data connection.

If you have gotten those items listed above, then let start creating your PayPal account together.

2.      Visit PayPal official website

Make sure you’re doing this on a PC or a good smartphone in “Desktop Mode” using a good browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Then, Go to and you will be redirected to

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3.      Click on SIGN UP

After visiting the official PayPal account website, at the homepage (the header), choose sign up since you’re creating a new PayPal account.

Afterwards fill in the following details:

  • Choose your country (Nigeria)
  • Fill in your first name
  • Fill in your last name (Your Surname)
  • Input your valid email address. I’ll advise you to create a new email for this purpose (you’d be asked of phone number later on).
  • Choose a suitable password. Note that Password should include alphabets, decimals and special characters like !?&-*;:#@.
  • Re-enter your password to CONFIRM and
  • Select NEXT.

4.      Fill In Your Correct Personal Details

The next page will request for your personal contact details. It’s a common trend among Nigerians to provide incorrect details while filling out forms either online or offline. Some do this on purpose may be to scam or to hide their privacy while others are due to error of some sort.

When it comes to filling out information on sites like when you’re trying to open a PayPal account in Nigeria, using correct/official details is important as a little mistake could lead to you not being able to add a card for receiving payment or make payments yourself.

Be sure to use official details when filling out forms on payments sites like this. Data like, Full name, date of birth, residential address and postal code should be correct as any discrepancies noticed may invariably render your account useless.

NOTE: What I mean by using your official personal details is to use information provided in your government issued means of identification such as your National ID card, Voters card, Driving licence or international passport.

To correctly open a paypal account in Nigeria, do the following

  • Choose your nationality. (Which should be Nigeria)
  • Your residential address comes next. You’re provided with two lines, ‘Address line 1’ and ‘Address line 2’. Make sure your address matches with the address used in your ID card or the means of identification you’ll be using.
  • Your city and postal code is the next option. You already know your city but you probably don’t know your postal code. It’s easy to get any information we need these days via the internet. So you could Google “State postal codes“, let’s say you leave in Lagos State, just Google “Lagos State postal codes” and you’d have a complete list of postal codes for various areas in Lagos State.
  • After filling out your city and postal code you’d need to input your state. This isn’t your state of origin, rather it’s your state of residence which should contain your city above. If your city is Port Harcourt, it means your state will be Rivers State.
  • Your date of birth. This also should be the same as what’s on Government issued ID card you’ll be using
  • Lastly you will have to input a valid phone number. The mobile number of choice should be an active number because PayPal will send OTP to confirm you’re the real owner of the account.

5.      Accept the PayPal Terms

After this, you’re left with two unchecked boxes, the first one “Stay logged in for faster checkout“, once checked, you don’t need to login each time you want to pay or receive money as long as you don’t change the browser.

The second box lets you confirm PayPal’s ‘User agreement’ and “Privacy statement’. Though it’s quite lengthy, reading these terms and policies helps in reducing future issues. After reading the agreement and statement, accept and click on the blue “Agree and Create Account” tab.

Congrats, you’ve successfully opened your new Nigeria’s PayPal account! But hey, don’t get too excited as you can’t send or receive payments yet.

No worries, you did nothing wrong but just continue with the steps below;

6.      Verify (and Activate) Your Nigeria’s PayPal Account

After the first steps above (Opening an account), it’s now the time to verify the paypal account in Nigeria and you will do so by firstly adding a card to it.

Your email address will be used to make payments directly to your PayPal account and in order to activate this you need to first of all confirm your email address.

Go to your email you used to register for the PayPal and on getting to the email, you will see a new message (from PayPal) asking you to confirm your application.

A four digit pin will be sent to your email, after confirmation, you’ll be able to send and receive payments and more using your Nigerian PayPal account. You’d also be assigned a unique ID called “Merchant ID” which is a 15 character key used in identifying your PayPal account.

Happy? Cool but you need to do something to perfectly set up your PayPal account in Nigeria. Here is what you need to do:

After confirming your email address, you’ll be taken to a new page where you asked to “Add a card to your PayPal account“. You can decline, if you wish to add your card later.

But, if you choose to add a card to verify your PayPal account as a Nigerian, note that Verve cards won’t work!

You’re to use either Visa or MasterCard which should work perfectly with your Nigerian PayPal account. Your bank of choice also plays a role in determining if your card will work on PayPal. UBA, Zenith Bank, Access Bank and GT Bank MasterCards are among the top cards that works perfectly for international payment and they’re acceptable by PayPal.

So contact your bank to see if your card is compatible with international online payments.

How to Add a Card to Verify PayPal Account in Nigeria

If your card is compatible, go ahead and link it to your PayPal account. Here is what you need to note:

  • Credit Card Number: This is the sixteen (16) digit number you usually see at the back of your debit card
  • Expiring Date: The month/year that your debit card will expire. It’s like 12/30, 12/19 etc.
  • CVV (or CSC): This is the 3 digit number usually seen at the back of your card, above the signature. It’s very important, it serves as your password to access your card. Don’t let people see it at all because scammers are scavenging everywhere.

If you have add your card details to the recent PayPal page, your card have been successfully linked to your PayPal account and you can now send or make payments. You need to complete your card linking as follows;

Getting 3 digit number to finally complete your PayPal account opening.

But Note: You need to have an approximate of $2 in your bank account which is equivalent to around N500.

PayPal will deduct $1.95 (let say N750) but don’t worry as this money will be sent back to your account after verify that you’re the real owner of the account.

Your bank will send you the notification that it was deducted from your account (as usual credit alert) and few hours later when you’re refunded, you will see another notification on your phone with some random text consisting of alphanumeric data.

The data look like PP*5685CODEkhgdkmg and so on.

You just need the 4 digit number after that PP* to complete your PayPal account verification and card linking.

After entering the 4 digit number sent to your phone in the PayPal account verification, congratulations as you have perfectly completed everything!

What next? Start transacting with your account!

This is how you can open a PayPal account in Nigeria and get verified. Kindly share this article with your friends on social media and don’t forget to ask any question you have below.

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          VBank in Nigeria: Save Money, Get Loan, Invest & Earn on Referral



          Hello guys, have you heard about VFD Microfinance Bank or simply VBank in Nigeria? Not really? Well, I’m about to tell you what’s up about this bank; how you can save money, apply and get a loan, invest your savings wisely and get financial tips that will spark your financial curiosities.

          NOTE: This is not a sponsored post (i.e., I’m not paid to write about VBank or promote any of their services). This is just like other posts I write from my personal experience and what’s working for people.

          But I’m going to give you honest reviews about their products (or services), their mobile apps and their website. I will start the basics;

          What to Know about VFD Microfinance Bank

          According to the company’s overview, VFD Microfinance Bank is a financial services institution based in Lagos State, Nigeria. They operate fully in the ‘Microfinance Banking Sector’ and have different finance experts who come together to help transform their customers’ goals to reality.

          According to the company;

          We’re in the business of helping all our customers achieve their desires, solve intermittent problems and create wealth, through high yield savings accounts and low interest rates on loans.

          Although Vbank has its head office in Lagos, you can bank with them anywhere you are in Nigeria. You know this is made possible by virtue of advancement in financial technology – thanks to that.

          In fact, I’m living in Osun State and I have an account with them which I hope to grow my savings with them.

          But you may be thinking that you’ve heard about different digital banks and some seemed to be a fraud. And that may bring a particular question to your mind that;

          Is VFD Microfinance Bank or VBank Scam or Legit?

          Without much ado, VFD Microfinance Bank is Legit!

          Why do I say that?

          In the title of the post, you read that it’s Don Jazzy Endorsed, right?

          Yes, Don Jazzy openly endorsed VFD Microfinance Bank via his verified social media handle (here @Donjazzy) and that’s how I personally learned about this digital Microfinance bank in Nigeria.

          I believe Don Jazzy won’t put his global reputation on risk in order to vouch for a scam or fraudulent banking company.

          Well, I didn’t register an account with VFD immediately I learned about them from Don Baba, but had to check on their website and reputable to see if they will woo my darling self. And you know what? They seduced me with their services and had to register for an account immediately.

          I also learned (through research on Google) that VFD Microfinance bank is featured in Guardian Online Magazine, Techpoint Africa, Business Day, Nairametrics, and they’re in UNILAG – a reputable university in Lagos State.

          Now, let talk about what you can do with VFD Microfinance Bank.

          Why Using VBank in Nigeria?

          You know that temptation is a real bastard when it comes to money.

          Sometimes, you may find it difficult:

          • To save money in your piggy bank at home (because you might find yourself spending it easily)
          • Save with a bank (because the money will be deducted for some charges like SMS alert and other arrant charges)
          • Apply and get a loan easily in Nigeria

          But what If I tell you that with VBank in Nigeria, these challenges are eliminated because they created the platform for you in mind.

          Overview of VFD Microfinance Bank’s 5 Top Products and How They Help

          1. Employee Loan

          This is one of the loan packages for employees by VFD Microfinance bank and if you’re working with any company, you might be eligible.

          Note that your company must be able to sign a MoU with VFD and agree to pay back the loan from the salaries.

          How this helps

          If you are a staff of a company and you’ve been looking for a way to get loan, this package is for you and you’ll enjoy good interest rate, get the money within 6 hours after applying and you can back from the company salaries for 12 months (that’s a year)

          APPLY HERE:

          1. Travel Loan

          You’ve been trying to enjoy yourself somewhere outside the country and you don’t have enough money for the vacation, right? Don’t feel sad, VBank is now in Nigeria to help you with their travel loan package.

          VFD Microfinance Bank partnered with WONTRA, a company where you can book your flight, accommodation, rental cars and help you with amazing attractions and holidays.

          With this partnership, VFD Microfinance Bank will help you fulfill your dream to travel and enjoy yourself outside the country.

          Before you can be eligible, you will have to meet their requirements and accepts their terms and conditions. For more, read and apply here:

          1. Secured Loan

          You may need an urgent loan to take care of something like medical bills or anything, VFD Microfinance Bank understands that at this junction, you are seriously in need of cash and some people or bank might turn down your request for loan…

          That’s why they offer this package for anyone who can provide a collateral for the quick loan.

          Such collateral (or assets) must be proved by you by providing the necessary documents and other requirements.

          The good news is that you can get a loan up to N2millon as long as you secured it with an original asset.

          To learn more and Appy, check here:

          1. Unsecured Loan

          Unlike Secured loan package where you’ll have to provide a collateral, VBank offers loan to professionals informal employment of blue chip/multinational organization.

          In simple words, people who can apply for this loan are however banking professionals or regular customers and the maximum you can be given is N250k within 6 months.

          You will be given the fund within 24 hours of providing necessary documents.

          To learn more and to apply, check here:

          1. Savings

          Your case may be different, you may not need a loan but would like to save some money. IF that’s the case, VFD Microfinance Bank offers a hybrid savings package.

          You’re not just keeping your money here but you’re making your money to work for you while you save.

          With the VFD_MFB hybrid or Vbank saving package, you’ll earn a compounded monthly interest of 14% per annum on whatever you save.

          Note, this campaign is designed to help people who’re ready starting investing for as low as N50k.

          For more details about this and getting started, check here;

          Let talk about registering;

          How to Register an Account on VFD Microfinance Bank

          I will not go deep into this, because the registration steps are easy and I trust that it’ll be easy for you. To register with VBank, you’ll need:

          • Download the app – Click here to download for Android | iOS
          • A working email address
          • A passport photograph on your phone (to upload a profile pic)
          • Your BVN and/or Bank Account Details (Name of Bank and Account Number)
          • Use this code 👉 N8AXD – as your referral code or ID.

          If you have these ready, go to their website to register and follow the prompt steps.

          I personally use their android mobile app (which is free), you can get it on Google PlayStore (as shared above)

          Before registering, make sure that the phone number linked with your BVN is active because you’ll be sent a 4-digits PIN to validate your registration on VFD Microfinance Bank.

          After you’ve either registered with BVN or Bank details and might have done the validation successfully, the next thing is to navigate through your account!

          How to Send Transfer Money from Your Bank to VBank or VFD

          This is one of the problem people seems to be facing when using Vbank mobile app, but I’m going to show you how you can transfer or send money from your regular bank account to your new-found love, Vbank.

          Just let do this in 4 easy steps;

          • In your Vbank mobile app (after sign-in) at the homepage, long press on your account number to copy it, or simply write it down somewhere.
          • Go to your other bank app (either GTbank, Zenith or any bank), start sending normally like you usually do put your copied Vbank account number where it is necessary (where it suppose to be na – Beneficiary account number)
          • Now, you need to choose the Beneficiary Bank by searching for “VFD” and you’ll see the logo
          • Then complete the transaction as usual!

          This is very easy if you do send money through mobile apps, you can as well use USSD, but make sure you choose VFD Microfinance bank as the Beneficiary or receiving bank.

          Now, let’s talk about the;

          Added Benefit of VFD Microfinance Bank

          • You can become one of their sales agents and make money while helping to know about this helpful company, and follow-up until they start maintaining a certain balance on their account
          • You Can pay for bills such as Cable, Data, etc.
          • You can set and monitor a budget for each month
          • You are shown the analysis of your account (both inflow and outflow)
          • And you can rest assured of high security from their end.

          So, that’s what I can write about VBank in Nigeria

          Let me tell you that you need to be patient when registering because of internet service and you might encounter delay or validation errors (token). But if you notice this, wait for a while and try again. I faced this difficult, I entered requested and entered my token more than 8 times but finally, I register successfully.

          Also note that the 3 key agendas of VFD Microfinance Bank are Nigeria are to help you SAVE, INVEST, and gives LOAN if you meet their requirements.

          I will be updating you in case anything changes or added about VBank, till then, don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list in other to receive free banking tips, how to make money online, business ideas that work in Nigeria, and a lot of useful info.

          Also, kindly share this post with your friend if this helps.

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          List of BIC or SWIFT Codes of Nigerian Banks – for International Money Transfer



          Have you ever been asked to input your Nigerian Banks’ Swift Code when you’re trying to make a payment with your card or want to receive some funds through wire or international money transfer? If yes, and that’s why you’re here, I will show you all the SWIFT codes of Nigerian Banks as it is in 2020.

          If you’ve been trying to receive some money through “international transfer” to your local bank in Nigeria from oversea countries like USA, Holland etc., you’ll be required to enter IBAN, Name, Name of your Bank, Address, Swift code and other personal data before the transaction can be successfully processed.

          Check This Out: 7 Best Ways to Receive Money in Nigeria from Abroad (international Transfer)

          Unlike inter-bank transactions in Nigeria where you only need to give your Name, Bank Name and account Number to the person hoping to send you money and you’re good to go. Without this swift code, you won’t be able to receive your money to your local bank in Nigeria.

          But you may be asking that…

          What is Swift Code

          First, SWIFT is an abbreviation for ‘Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication’.

          From the acronym, a SWIFT code is a worldwide accepted unique form of identification to identify and locate a bank or a financial institution. This enables all banks in the world to exchange transactions without any problem.

          No wonder, SWIFT code is also referred to as BIC

          BIC is also an abbreviation which stands for ‘Business Identifier Code’

          In my own experience, it’s either you’re asked of SWIFT code or BIC. So, always remember that SWIFT CODE and BIC are the same code which I will be showing you (Nigerian Banks’ Swift Codes or BIC).

          Also note that SWIFT code or BIC is used to identify headquarter of your bank. If they need to identify your bank’s branch (that you’re using exactly), they’ll ask for your bank sorting code instead which is just 6 characters which are figures.

          SWIFT Code or BIC is usually 8 or 11 characters. And if it’s 8, it identifies the headquarters but if it’s 11 characters, it identifies the branch. But all Swift codes of Nigerian Banks are just 8 characters, meaning that it will identifies the headquarter of your bank.

          You may also want to know how they get these SWIFT codes for Nigerian Banks right? Okay, I’ll tell you.

          BIC or Swift codes of Nigerian Banks are gotten just like other banks or financial institution in the world. Here is how they’re gotten;

          How SWIFT Codes or BIC Are Gotten in Nigeria (all over the world)

          Note the first 8 characters long and then the next 3 characters. And I will be using GT bank swift code (GTBINGLA) as specimen for you to understand better;

          • 4 characters that comes FIRST stands for BANK Code which are letters (e.g GTBI)
          • 2 characters that comes NEXT stands for country code (for Nigeria, it is NG)
          • The NEXT 2 characters stands for Location code of headquarter Bank (for GT, it Lagos, so Location code is LA)

          That’s how Guaranty Trust Bank got their own Swift code, which is GTBI + NG + LA which is equal to GTBINLA.

          Can you see how they form the swift code for Nigerian banks? If I don’t tell you, you won’t know right? Now clap for me, lol.

          But what if you see 11 characters long swift code, what does the last 3 characters stands for?

          • The LAST 3 characters stands for Branch code.

          But in most cases, only the 8 character will be good especially if you’re using your Nigerian Bank Swift Code.

          And Note that ‘NGLA’ comes last in all swift codes of Nigerian Banks because all head offices of banks in Nigeria are located in LAGOS, Nigeria except Stanbic IBTC.

          Now, let talk about what you’re here to check – all BIC or Swift codes of Nigerian Banks;

          All SWIFT Codes of Nigerian Banks in 2020

          Here are the SWIFT codes for all Nigerian Banks in ascending order:

          1. Access Bank SWIFT Code – ABNGNGLA

          2. Central Bank of Nigeria SWIFT Code – CBNINGLA

          3. CITI Bank SWIFT Code – CITINGLA

          4. Diamond Bank SWIFT Code – DBLNNGLA

          5. ECO Bank SWIFT Code – ECOCNGLA

          6. Equitorial Bank SWIFT Code – EQUTNGLA

          7. First Bank of Nigeria SWIFT Code – FBNINGLA

          8. First City Monument Bank (FCMB) SWIFT Code– FCMBNGLA

          9. Fidelity Bank of Nigeria SWIFT Code – FIDTNGLA

          10. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) SWIFT Code – GTBINGLA

          11. Heritage Bank SWIFT Code – HBCLNGLA

          12. Unity Bank SWIFT Code – ICITNGLA

          13. Jaiz Bank SWIFT Code – JAIZNGLA

          14. Polaris Bank SWIFT Code – PRDTNGLA

          15. Sterling Bank SWIFT Code – NAMENGLA

          16. Bank PHB SWIFT Code – PLNINGLA

          17. Keystone Bank SWIFT Code – PLNINGLA

          18. Skye Bank SWIFT Code – PRDTNGLA

          19. Stanbic IBTC SWIFT Code – SBICNGLX

          20. Standard Chartered Bank SWIFT Code – SCBLNGLA

          21. Union Bank SWIFT Code – UBNINGLA

          22. United Bank for Africa (UBA) SWIFT Code – UNAFNGLA

          23. WEMA Bank SWIFT Code – WEMANGLA

          24. Zenith Bank SWIFT Code – ZEIBNGLA

          SO, that’s the list of all SWIFT Codes of Nigeria Banks

          If you think this article is helpful, can you share it with your friends for them to gain as well? Cool, kindly click on the floating social media ICONS and the article will be automatically shared on your social medias’ timelines.



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          7 Best Ways to Send & Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria



          Are you looking for risk-free, convenient and best way to send and money from abroad in Nigeria? Then this page is for you! If you’re a freelancer, online business person or you have family living outside the country, you may need to send money to them or they send to you here in Nigeria. But what’s the best and easier way to do this?

          Typically, it’s much easier to send or receive money right here in Nigeria from anyone within the country, at least, we have the financial institutions and their internet banking services. But in case with international payments, it’s not easy and sometimes, risky.

          There are many reasons why sending money to Nigeria from abroad is risky such as certain financial rules apply may be exclusive to a particular nation, logistics, trust (fear of being scammed) and many more.

          1. Despite all these differences, people still receive money from abroad in Nigeria, and you too can.

          Most of these payment methods or services to receive money in Nigeria are online based, and as such you should be familiar with navigating the internet while you can also try some offline without the internet. These payment services – either online or offline have their strong points and weaknesses, this implies that there’s NO 100% ‘best way’ to receive money in Nigeria from foreign  countries, rather you could choose the most suitable option based on your situation and recipient, and in some cases the originating country.

          Below are some of the best ways you can receive or send money from (or to) abroad in Nigeria.

          How to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria

          1.      Western Union

          First on my list in the popular Western Union (WU) services that lets you send and receive money from friends and family members living outside Nigeria. Western Union is also listed as a means of payment in some online freelance marketplace across the globe.

          It being first on this list doesn’t make it the best means of receiving payment from abroad. In term of reputation and general market awareness, Western Union seem to be the most recognized platform for receiving international payments.

          How to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria with Western Union

          This means of receiving payment involves:

          • Visiting the nearest commercial bank, as almost all commercial banks in the country are agents to this service and I advise you use this medium when you receiving a huge sum of money.
          • Tell the bank you need to set up a way you can receive money from foreigners with Western Union and they will set everything up for you.
          • You can do better without visiting the bank by creating an account on Western Union’s website.
          • After setting up your account, the next thing is to send your details to the foreigners in order to send you the money
          • After sending him/her your details, ask for the MTCN
          • After 24 hours, go to any commercial bank to withdraw your money.

          Frequently Asked Question about Western Union

          • QUES 1: What’s the requirement to open a Western union account to receive money from Abroad in Nigeria?

          ANS: You will need an ID card that bear the name and address you want to use to receive the money.

          Note that using the Western Union service to receive payments offers little to no convenience as you’d be bombarded with lots of paper works; a valid mean of identification, the Money Control Transfer Number (the sender will send this to you), amount to be credited as indicated by the sender, the sender’s country and name. These are just the basics as several banks have varying requirements.

          • QUES 2: Do I need my account number to receive money with Western Union?

          ANS: No, you don’t need your account number.

          • QUES 3: How much does it cost to send money with Western Union in Nigeria?

          ANS:  According to CNN Money, Western Union charges $5 for a money transfer of up to $50, but a transfer of $900 could cost $76.

          • QUES 4: What’s the meaning of MTCN in Western Union?

          ANS: MTCN stands for Money Transfer Control Number. It’s a tracking number or a 10-digit reference code assigned to every single money transfer made with western union.

          Okay, let check the second option if it’ll be more easier;

          2.      Payoneer

          More like the PayPal service, but Nigeria are still plagued with the inability to receive funds; more like a one-way street! With issues like this, many Nigerians have decided to switch while awaiting the good news from PayPal.

          Payoneer is a pretty new services and not well known, it packs lots of feature like what’s found on PayPal and also offers you a MasterCard or Visa card which you can use locally in withdrawing your funds. Many freelance sites such as FIVERR are integrating this service as a means of payments.

          Such wide acceptance goes to show the credibility and efficiency of such a means of payment.

          As a freelancer, it makes life easier as it keeps you away from the banks (and all its stress) and lets you focus more on your job while using your Payoneer card on the go.

          Amazing Offer: Click here to open a payoneer account and earn $25 bonus!

          3.      MoneyGram

          Many compare MoneyGram to Western Union, well they’re not wrong as these two has similar structure and close looking features, but what is MoneyGram and how can one use it in receive money from abroad in Nigeria.

          MoneyGram is world payment system that eases the means of payment across the world, this process made it possible by its affiliation with commercial banks across the globe. You can use the MoneyGram service by visiting any commercial banks in Nigeria – most banks with Western Union also supports MoneyGram, and as with its counterpart lots of paper work awaits you.

          Requirements to Receive Money in Nigeria from Abroad with MoneyGram

          You will need stuffs like:

          • A valid ID card having the name and address you gave the foreigner.
          • Reference number, Sender’s name and his/her country in order to withdraw the money.

          Other requirements will be requested depending on the bank you visit.

          N/B: It’s important you use your current bank as this makes the process much easier.

          4.      World Remit

          Another wonderful service you could use in receiving funds internationally in Nigeria is World Remit.

          World Remit is an online based money transfer service that facilitates the easy transfer of money from overseas to Nigeria. This service was launched primarily with the intention of easy cash transactions for international workers. As a freelancer or relative to someone overseas, you’d find the service pretty useful and straight-forward.

          One selling point of this services is its less charge rate when compared to it counterparts. Not much of paper work is required, just some few clicks online and you good to go. It’s not advisable to use this service for receiving large amounts!

          5.      Ria Money

          Ria Money is a similar service like that of Western Union and MoneyGram. One distinction is that Ria Money also uses local kiosk and shops in and around major cities in the facilitation of cash transfers. It’s quite similar to WU in terms of structure, lesser transaction fees are charged thereby leading to longer transaction times.

          The service can be accessed online or via its local agents scattered around in Nigeria and can be used in receiving money. You can also receive your funds via credit cards, bank accounts, but you’d incur more charges when you make use of either credit or debit cards.

          6.      Skrill

          Skrill has been around for a while now, it’s built mainly for skilled workers who intend to monetize their skills online. Mainly freelancers especially in this side of the world find it difficult to receive payments after doing a job for their clients.

          PayPal which is widely supported by most of these sites still doesn’t allow users in Nigeria to receive money – you could say that this is a substitute for PayPal. Skrill is now widely supported by freelance sites and beginning to garner global acceptance.

          The service which is online based will allow you to link either your credit card or local bank account to its site, with this you could be rest assured of getting all your payments in a timely manner.

          7.      Wire Transfer

          Last on this list is the good old Wire transfer which transfers the cash directly to your bank account. A major drawback in using this means in receiving payment from abroad in Nigeria is the time it takes the money to arrive your account, and other technical difficulties that may arise from using Wire Transfer.

          As long as you have a functional bank account, you could use this service in receiving funds, but be ready to wait for at least, 3-5 business days.

          Rounding Off: How to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria

          Some people would expect PayPal to be on the list but, I’ve intentionally skipped them. Reason is due to the technicalities involve if you choose to go through the back door, not everyone will be comfortable with that as PayPal Nigeria doesn’t support receiving of funds.

          In conclusion, these medium however easy or complicated they may be, have their best use cases and you should choose your preferred method based on the current situation.

          I hope you’ve learnt a lot, let me know which of this services you use to receive money from abroad in Nigeria and I’ll be glad t0 update this post with your new method if its result is great.

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