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How to Easily Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria (and Verify It)



PayPal Nigeria: How to Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria (That Sends and Receives Money)

How can I open a PayPal account in Nigeria, Is PayPal available for Nigerians, can I send and receive funds using PayPal in Nigeria and a whole lots of queries related to “PayPal Nigeria” are trending on search engines till this moment.

And I’m sure it is because you are among these smart entrepreneurs who are earnestly in need of PayPal account in Nigeria, that’s why you landed on this page either from social media or search engine.

But whatever the case may be, I will teach you right in this blog post how to create your own PayPal account in Nigeria that sends and receives funds.

In case you’re just hearing the term “PayPal“, it’s a world most popular method of payment used and accepted by many countries across the globe.

With PayPal account, you can receive money from people living abroad (US, UK, Canada, India etc) and you will not provide them details of your Nigeria bank account. All you need to do in order to receive money from people through PayPal within and outside Nigeria is to provide them your email address as used in the PayPal Account creation.

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But unfortunately, PayPal haven’t support users from Nigeria and this has become a major threat to making money online in the country because most of these online business requires PayPal for funds withdrawal.

But PayPal is gradually considering us but many of us in Nigeria still face some difficulties opening a PayPal account that sends and receives money efficiently.

The PayPal’s consideration on Nigerians is not that okay because most Nigerians with PayPal account are unable to make money online due to the fact that a Nigerian PayPal account can only not send or receive money conveniently and accurately.

Although there are ways to bypass this by using VPN etc.

But, this post seeks to enlighten Nigerians who intend to make money online on the official procedure for opening a PayPal account in Nigeria that sends and receives money.

Let talk about it right now…..

How to Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria

1.      Define your purpose

Before going on to set up your Nigeria’s PayPal account, you’ll need to have a well-defined purpose for opening.

This is what I mean, are you a merchant, freelancer, affiliate marketer or an internet marketer who wishes to accept payment through PayPal, you’re good to go.

Although PayPal isn’t made primarily for online businesses only, you can still make payments if you’re into the analogue (offline) business world, but it’s not recommended.

Simply put; if you do digital business, accept digital payments through PayPal in Nigeria. If on the other hand you’re into the analogue side of the divide, it’s best you stick with your conventional mode of payment.

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Bottom line is know what you need the PayPal account but, before thinking of opening a paypal account in Nigeria.

You may be asking….

What are the requirements to open a PayPal Account in Nigeria?

You don’t need much in order to get a verified PayPal account in Nigeria. But you’ll be needing the following:

  • An active email address
  • A government issued ID card (National ID card, Voters card, Driver’s licence etc.)
  • Your debit card (MasterCard or Visa)
  • And your computer (or smartphone) with data connection.

If you have gotten those items listed above, then let start creating your PayPal account together.

2.      Visit PayPal official website

Make sure you’re doing this on a PC or a good smartphone in “Desktop Mode” using a good browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Then, Go to and you will be redirected to

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3.      Click on SIGN UP

After visiting the official PayPal account website, at the homepage (the header), choose sign up since you’re creating a new PayPal account.

Afterwards fill in the following details:

  • Choose your country (Nigeria)
  • Fill in your first name
  • Fill in your last name (Your Surname)
  • Input your valid email address. I’ll advise you to create a new email for this purpose (you’d be asked of phone number later on).
  • Choose a suitable password. Note that Password should include alphabets, decimals and special characters like !?&-*;:#@.
  • Re-enter your password to CONFIRM and
  • Select NEXT.

4.      Fill In Your Correct Personal Details

The next page will request for your personal contact details. It’s a common trend among Nigerians to provide incorrect details while filling out forms either online or offline. Some do this on purpose may be to scam or to hide their privacy while others are due to error of some sort.

When it comes to filling out information on sites like when you’re trying to open a PayPal account in Nigeria, using correct/official details is important as a little mistake could lead to you not being able to add a card for receiving payment or make payments yourself.

Be sure to use official details when filling out forms on payments sites like this. Data like, Full name, date of birth, residential address and postal code should be correct as any discrepancies noticed may invariably render your account useless.

NOTE: What I mean by using your official personal details is to use information provided in your government issued means of identification such as your National ID card, Voters card, Driving licence or international passport.

To correctly open a paypal account in Nigeria, do the following

  • Choose your nationality. (Which should be Nigeria)
  • Your residential address comes next. You’re provided with two lines, ‘Address line 1’ and ‘Address line 2’. Make sure your address matches with the address used in your ID card or the means of identification you’ll be using.
  • Your city and postal code is the next option. You already know your city but you probably don’t know your postal code. It’s easy to get any information we need these days via the internet. So you could Google “State postal codes“, let’s say you leave in Lagos State, just Google “Lagos State postal codes” and you’d have a complete list of postal codes for various areas in Lagos State.
  • After filling out your city and postal code you’d need to input your state. This isn’t your state of origin, rather it’s your state of residence which should contain your city above. If your city is Port Harcourt, it means your state will be Rivers State.
  • Your date of birth. This also should be the same as what’s on Government issued ID card you’ll be using
  • Lastly you will have to input a valid phone number. The mobile number of choice should be an active number because PayPal will send OTP to confirm you’re the real owner of the account.

5.      Accept the PayPal Terms

After this, you’re left with two unchecked boxes, the first one “Stay logged in for faster checkout“, once checked, you don’t need to login each time you want to pay or receive money as long as you don’t change the browser.

The second box lets you confirm PayPal’s ‘User agreement’ and “Privacy statement’. Though it’s quite lengthy, reading these terms and policies helps in reducing future issues. After reading the agreement and statement, accept and click on the blue “Agree and Create Account” tab.

Congrats, you’ve successfully opened your new Nigeria’s PayPal account! But hey, don’t get too excited as you can’t send or receive payments yet.

No worries, you did nothing wrong but just continue with the steps below;

6.      Verify (and Activate) Your Nigeria’s PayPal Account

After the first steps above (Opening an account), it’s now the time to verify the paypal account in Nigeria and you will do so by firstly adding a card to it.

Your email address will be used to make payments directly to your PayPal account and in order to activate this you need to first of all confirm your email address.

Go to your email you used to register for the PayPal and on getting to the email, you will see a new message (from PayPal) asking you to confirm your application.

A four digit pin will be sent to your email, after confirmation, you’ll be able to send and receive payments and more using your Nigerian PayPal account. You’d also be assigned a unique ID called “Merchant ID” which is a 15 character key used in identifying your PayPal account.

Happy? Cool but you need to do something to perfectly set up your PayPal account in Nigeria. Here is what you need to do:

After confirming your email address, you’ll be taken to a new page where you asked to “Add a card to your PayPal account“. You can decline, if you wish to add your card later.

But, if you choose to add a card to verify your PayPal account as a Nigerian, note that Verve cards won’t work!

You’re to use either Visa or MasterCard which should work perfectly with your Nigerian PayPal account. Your bank of choice also plays a role in determining if your card will work on PayPal. UBA, Zenith Bank, Access Bank and GT Bank MasterCards are among the top cards that works perfectly for international payment and they’re acceptable by PayPal.

So contact your bank to see if your card is compatible with international online payments.

How to Add a Card to Verify PayPal Account in Nigeria

If your card is compatible, go ahead and link it to your PayPal account. Here is what you need to note:

  • Credit Card Number: This is the sixteen (16) digit number you usually see at the back of your debit card
  • Expiring Date: The month/year that your debit card will expire. It’s like 12/30, 12/19 etc.
  • CVV (or CSC): This is the 3 digit number usually seen at the back of your card, above the signature. It’s very important, it serves as your password to access your card. Don’t let people see it at all because scammers are scavenging everywhere.

If you have add your card details to the recent PayPal page, your card have been successfully linked to your PayPal account and you can now send or make payments. You need to complete your card linking as follows;

Getting 3 digit number to finally complete your PayPal account opening.

But Note: You need to have an approximate of $2 in your bank account which is equivalent to around N500.

PayPal will deduct $1.95 (let say N750) but don’t worry as this money will be sent back to your account after verify that you’re the real owner of the account.

Your bank will send you the notification that it was deducted from your account (as usual credit alert) and few hours later when you’re refunded, you will see another notification on your phone with some random text consisting of alphanumeric data.

The data look like PP*5685CODEkhgdkmg and so on.

You just need the 4 digit number after that PP* to complete your PayPal account verification and card linking.

After entering the 4 digit number sent to your phone in the PayPal account verification, congratulations as you have perfectly completed everything!

What next? Start transacting with your account!

This is how you can open a PayPal account in Nigeria and get verified. Kindly share this article with your friends on social media and don’t forget to ask any question you have below.

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          WorldRemit Transfer: How to Send & Receive Money in Nigeria



          WorldRemit Transfer Nigeria

          WorldRemit Transfer is one of the best methods to send money to Nigeria, or receive money from your client or family member(s) Abroad. 

          But in case you don’t know how to use platforms like WorldRemit, and you really need a faster and cheaper way to make transaction, consider if your case is like “Jerry” below;

          Jerry has always been obsessed with what he considers outrageous charges he pays while sending money home to friends, family and loved ones in Nigeria using the conventional money transfer platforms.

          In one of these occasions he was advised by a cousin “James” who visited from the U.K to try out “WorldRemit Transfer” platform since that has been his personal brand lately having discovered they operate with a transfer fee he considers ridiculously cheap.

          Jerry didn’t blink before jumping in to try it out, and what were his findings? WorldRemit was not only cheaper, it was swift, seamless and secured with varying delivery options in Nigeria.

          Given this, if as a Nigerian, African, etc., who wishes to send money to Nigeria or any other African country for up-keep, medical, education, investment, building, freelance payment, etc. 

          WorldRemit Transfer may just be one of the viable options you will have to consider.

          What is WorldRemit?

          WorldRemit is a cross-border digital payment solution that provides international money transfer service. It’s a fast and secure service in which you can transfer money online via smartphone, computer or any other device.

          This platform is designed in a way that you are not required to visit an agent location to facilitate your remittance, you are good at home, office, from the comfort of your desktop and mobile device.

          Benefits of using the WorldRemit Transfer in Nigeria

          Using WorldRemit Transfer service in Nigeria could benefit you in a number of ways, since it’s one of the most up-to-date money transfer platforms with requisite functionality.

          • There’s no limitation (unlike PayPal) in sending money to Nigeria since the service is available to over 150 countries locally around the globe
          • Unlike most money transfer platforms, WorldRemit is designed with a multi-currency functionality which allows you to send money in a preferred local currency
          • It’s an instant transfer which avails the receiver immediate pick-up without delays considering remittances could be meant to serve emergency purposes
          • Using the WorldRemit platform has never been questionable in terms of security and convenience giving money could be sent from the comfort of your mobile device using the service app.

          Who can use the WorldRemit service

          Everyone above 18 years old, capable of accessing financial services with a legal work permit and are duly not under any form of obligation/limitation as perceived by the Bureau of finance in the residence country can use WorldRemit.

          Requirements to Use WorldRemit

          To use the WorldRemit Transfer service, you are required to make provision for the following

          • Valid Identity card as approved by the relevant authority in your residence country
          • A WorldRemit app/agent location
          • The beneficiary’s complete name and phone number
          • A credit/debit card linked to your WorldRemit app

          With the above information and condition strictly met, you are one leg into sending your remittance to Nigeria or any other country where this service is available.

          How to Send Money to Nigeria/Africa with WorldRemit

          Note:  Sending money to Nigeria or any other country follows the same protocol and could be referred to as a one size fits all scenario.

          Traditionally you can either send money in two ways;

          • The WorldRemit app or 
          • From an agent location.

          Considering the ease of doing things most users prefer the mobile app since you do not have to travel down to an agent location whatsoever.

          To send money from an WorldRemit Agent location

          • Indicate your intention at the agent location,
          • You will be required to complete a transfer form
          • Endeavor to provide the receiver’s name and phone number at the appropriate column

          Note: If you capture any other name other than the receiver has on his/her valid ID card in Nigeria such transfers may experience delay and would not be paid out.

          It’s advised that the receivers should send their complete name as contained on their valid ID card in Nigeria suitable for money transfer namely (National ID card, Voter’s card, International Passport, driver’s license and the BVN).

          • Hand in the transfer amount to the agent
          • The agent will process the transfer, thereafter you will receive the transaction details, usually the “8-digit” reference number, amount being sent and the sender’s complete name.

          The receiver will receive a transaction alert on their mobile phone since it has been inputted on the system during transaction processing, in a situation they could not get a beep, kindly forward every necessary details across since they’ll need them for cash pick-up at any of the participating banks location in Nigeria.

          Note: WorldRemit uses the “OTP” as a secondary security layer for a payout and why you must ensure the receiver’s phone number is correctly captured during transaction processing at the agent location.

          To send money from your WorldRemit app

          This is the easiest means to effect a transfer so far, to do this

          • Kindly visit Google Play Store and download the “WorldRemit app” available on both IOS and operating systems.
          •  Having downloaded the app, you will need to sign up at once
          • On successful sign up, kindly login to commence your transfer

          Note: You are required to link your credit/debit card from where you are expected to pay for your remittance, hope that’s clear? Good.

          • Click on the menu, tap on “How it works” enter the amount you wish to send and pick a delivery option either bank account or cash pick-up.

          Where a bank account is preferred, the receiver will have to withdraw the remittance across the counter without visiting the money transfer department in Nigeria (banks).

          Remittance can now be received in USD.

          Banks that Supports WorldRemit in Nigeria

          There are basically 5 participating banks namely: 

          • Polaris bank, 
          • First bank, 
          • Access bank
          • Fidelity bank and 
          • GTBank.

          If the receiver has an account with any of these banks, the money will be deposited in USD by creating an automatic Dollar account for such customers, all they’ll do is simply walk into the branch, fill a withdrawal slip and complete a withdrawal “asap.”

          • In the next column, kindly enter the recipient details: complete name, phone number, and destination.
          • Add your personal information as seen on the app
          • Link your card and complete your payment
          • On successful completion “8-digit” transaction reference will be generated alongside other details.
          • Kindly forward same to the receiver in Nigeria or any other country with which he/she can claim the money at the bank.

          How to Receive Money from WorldRemit in Nigeria

          It is assumed that you have either received the transaction details straight to your mobile phone or you have received from the sender, or both. Whichever happens first, what matters is that the information has been received. 

          It’s time to proceed to the bank for your Cash pick-up.

          Requirements for WorldRemit cash pick-up

          • Transfer 8-digit reference number
          • Sender complete details (name)
          • Amount being sent
          • Valid ID card (Voter’s card, National ID card, Driver’s license, International Passport and BVN) any of the listed ID’s can serve.
          • A mobile phone number linked to the transaction

          In Nigeria the only authorized agents are banks, so you are expected to visit any of the participating banks mainly Polaris bank, First bank, Access bank, Fidelity bank and GTBank.

          Note: Receipt method is strictly dependent on the preference made by the sender while routing the remittance. It could be via bank account or cash pick-up.

          • Where a bank account is the case:

          You are required to visit the advised bank by the sender/WorldRemit, on arrival you will have to complete a withdrawal slip just like when you intend to withdraw from your naira account.

          The difference here is that the currency and the amount column should be completed in USD, both in figure and words. Hand over the slip to the paying teller who should complete your payment without delays.

          • Where you have been advised on cash pick-up

          Kindly walk into any of the aforementioned banks, except where a particular bank is being advised. Enquire to see the money transfer teller.

          You will be required to complete a WorldRemit transfer form, complete the form while paying attention to details. Return the same to the teller with your valid ID card having completed.

          The teller verifies the ID and crosscheck your form against the transfer details on the system, where every other detail is in the right order. 

          Payment processing will send an “OTP” to your mobile phone number linked to the transfer initially.

          You are required to communicate the “One Time Password” to the paying teller who inputs the same in the column required on his/her system to complete your payout finally.

          Having completed the payout you will receive cash in USD.

          Note: You are not to be paid in naira or any currency other than the USD at this time.

          Take your money to the parallel market for exchange and start spending, do not forget to buy me a bottle of Coke afterward (smiles).

          Frequently asked questions on WorldRemit transfers

          Q1. WorldRemit transfer daily/limit to Nigeria?

          Unlike other money transfer platforms, you can transfer as much as $5000 per transaction to Nigeria without weekly, monthly or quarterly restrictions. However, you will be required to provide additional information on the WorldRemit app for your “KYC” if you wish to send higher limits.

          Q2. How to track/correct WorldRemit receiver details

          There’s always a need to track your transfer to ascertain its status either available for payout or already paid out, there’s likewise a room to track and correct WorldRemit receiver details where there’s an error in receiver’s name which may delay a payout in Nigeria.

          Given this, the receiver is expected to provide the sender with the right name sequence as seen on his/her valid ID card.

          Q3. How long does WorldRemit take to Nigeria?

          Transfers to Nigeria and other countries are usually instant without delays, the receiver can cash out the same day in event the money is meant for high priority reasons like medicals, travel, etc.

          Q4. WorldRemit bank transfer?

          You can actually receive a transfer via any of the participating banks as mentioned earlier. The money could be sent and an immediate account opened IRO your transaction or as cash pick-up across the counter.

          Q5. Which other method can I use for Money Transfer Except WorldRemit in Nigeria?

          You can try platforms like Payoneer, Remitly, Ria Money, MoneyGram etc…. (Check here for other methods)

          Conclusion: You Can Start Using WorldRemit to Send & Receive Money

          WorldRemit transfer is a competitive brand that has gained users over the last few years giving to its effective, secure, safe and swift service delivery enshrined in a seamless user experience. Money transfer has never been this easy.

          Have questions on this topic you’d need clarity or on money transfer generally? Let’s get talking via the comment box.

          About Guest Author

          Raphael Orji is a freelance writer, content marketing strategist with unique experience in banking , finance, and money transfer. He works with small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs in building brand image with quality content marketing strategy. He blogs over Fintechngr.

          This Post “WorldRemit Transfer: How to Send & Receive Money with WorldRemit in Nigeria” first appeared on – Do not copy!


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          How to Save in US Dollar in Nigeria – 4 Different Methods



          How to Save in US Dollar in Nigeria

          Is it really possible to save in US Dollar in Nigeria?

          If yes, is it legal and safe? How and where can I start? Those are the questions I’m going to answer in this blog post. But let’s start answering the first question;

          Why Should I Save in US Dollar in Nigeria?

          Because Nigeria inflation rate is getting worse!

          Naira was one of the strongest currencies in the world, even it was once stronger than the famous US Dollar. But now, reverse is the case.

          Nigerian Naira (NGN) is becoming one of the weakest (cheapest) currencies in the world.

          Although Naira is not among the top 10 weakest in the world for now, but the current state of Naira is not something to be happy about. It’s affecting our cost of living.

          For instance;

          If you have saved N500,000 in the bank last year (2020) when $1 was N410, it simply means you saved approximately $1,220.

          But now in 2021 when a US Dollar is closing at N522, that your N500,000 will now be $958 approximately.

          By saving in Naira, you’ve lost about $262 which is equivalent to N136,764.

          But you may be thinking that; ehn, I still have the N500,000 I saved since last year till date. Nothing has been deducted.

          Yes, you’re right. That N500,000 is still there but let me tell you this;

          That your N500,000 is now N363,764 😥

          You can calculate that yourself using the US Dollar rate when you saved the money and the current US Dollar rate.

          If a plot of land in your area cost N500,000 that last year, how much will it be by now? Probably it will increase to something close to N700,000.

          Remember, you can afford to buy that plot of land for N500k last year, but now, you can’t!

          Same thing applied to most thing you buy and use at home such as vegetable oil, rice, and so on. The prices are increasing every day.


          Because those industries calculate their prices with respect to US Dollars’ exchange rate.

          The price of everything is increasing and Nigeria’s Naira is losing its value, that’s a big disaster and the reason you should learn how to save in US Dollar in Nigeria now!

          You should start saving in US Dollar as that will put you on safer side, thereby making money in the process.

          ALSO READ: How to Smart Ways to Save Money in Nigeria

          The next question you might be curious about is;

          Is it legal and Safe to Save in US Dollar in Nigeria?

          First, it is 100% legal to save in any type of currency in Nigeria as long as you’re not scamming or engaging in money laundering.

          Second, it is safe depending on which platform or how you’re saving your US Dollar in Nigeria.

          Now, let’s talk about where and how you can start saving US Dollar in Nigeria.

          How to Save in US Dollar in Nigeria (and Earn Money)

          1.      Piggyvest FLEX Dollar

          Piggyvest has been around for a while, and it’s currently the best platform to save money in Nigeria. Although there are other competitors like Cowryrise but Piggyvest seems to be undefeated.

          Well, we are not here to praise Piggyvest.

          But how can you save in US Dollar in Nigeria with Piggyvest?

          It’s simply by using the “Flex Dollar” feature on the platform. Piggyvest’s Flex Dollar lets you save in US Dollars even though you are in Nigeria. Here is how to do it;

          How to Save in US Dollar in Nigeria Using Piggyvest

          • Click here to Sign up for a new account;
          • Verify your email address, phone number (under Account Tab >> Account Setting);
          • Add your Debit card(s) linked with your BVN (under Account Tab >> My Cards and Bank Settings);
          • Note that Piggyvest will give you a new account number (Go to Account Tab, you’ll see Flex Number by WEMA) copy that number;
          • Make transfer from your Bank account to that FLEX number you copied earlier;
          • If the transfer was successful, you should see the money in your Piggyvest Balance now (Confirm it)
          • If the money is now in your Piggvest account, it’s time to buy the US Dollar;
          • Click on SAVINGS on your dashboard, then scroll down to click on Flex Dollar;
          • Click on “Save in Dollars”;
          • Check the current dollar rate, if it’s okay by you, type in how many DOLLARS you want to buy;
          • Then proceed to pay with the Balance in your Piggyvest (the one you transferred earlier) or pay with your ATM Card

          That’s how to easily save in US Dollar in Nigeria with Piggyvest.

          Here’s a big deal about Piggyvest;

          You can make money while you’re saving on Piggyvest by interest, investing or referring your friends to join Piggyvest.

          If you join Piggyvest with this link, I will earn N1,000 for referring you, and you’re also earn N1,000 for joining. But you must complete all registrations and start saving money before the money will be released to us.

          Now, let’s talk about another way you can save in Dollars in Nigeria;

          2.      Get a Domiciliary Bank Account

          Getting a Domiciliary account in Nigeria is another way to save money in US Dollars.

          And also, a double win for you if you will like to receive US Dollars from your family members or clients outside Nigeria.

          Getting a domiciliary account in Nigeria is easy but the requirement might be a problem. For instance, some banks require minimum deposit of $100 (N52,000).

          That might not be a problem tho, but you MUST bring two current account users of that bank (e.g. GT Bank, Zenith etc.) as referees.

          Because of these two current account users, many of us were left with no choice than to give it up.

          But oh oh, there’s a solution 😉

          The solution requires no minimum deposit, and you don’t need to bring any current account user.

          Will you like to know?

          Well, we rise by lifting others 😊

          How to Get Free Domiciliary Account in Nigeria

          • Open a new account at WEMA Bank;
          • Get the ALAT by WEMA app on Google Playstore;
          • Login to the ALAT app using your WEMA Bank details;
          • On the homepage, click on “Accounts”;
          • Then click on “Create Account”;
          • Finally, click on “Domiciliary Account”;
          • Click on “Proceed” and,
          • Your Domiciliary account will be created in less than a minute!

          You can maintain maximum of $2,000 on the ALAT’s domiciliary account. If you think you may need more, go to WEMA Bank to lift the limit.

          But isn’t that amazing? You can create a DOM account without leaving your house and it’s FREE. People sell this kind of information but to me, sharing is caring. Enjoy!

          3.      Cryptocurrency (Save in USDT)

          Cryptocurrency is a life saver for many of us. Although we may not be trading, but saving in cryptocurrency has been one of the passive ways to make money in Nigeria.

          I’m not saying you should that saving in all other type of cryptocurrencies but if you’re looking for another good option to save in US Dollars in Nigeria, then buying and keeping USDT is the best.

          What is USDT?

          USDT are coins issued by Tether, currently the third largest digital coin.

          USDT is just like the US Dollar, but the difference is that;

          US Dollars are held by banks and can be transfer between banks to banks, use physically as means of exchange.

          But USDT is a stable digital coin tied to US Dollar which can be used as means of exchange between crypto wallets ($1 = 1 USDT).

          How to Save in US Dollar in Nigeria (USDT)

          If you buy 100 USDT, it also means you have $100.

          Currently, you can’t buy USDT from any bank (it’s a digital coin like Bitcoin). But you can buy as much as possible of USDT on almost all cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

          How to Save in US Dollar in Nigeria with “USDT”

          • Use or Get a crypto exchange platform;

          I recommend Buycoins, it will be very easy to add funds from your Naira bank account to Buycoins and then buy USDT.

          You can use Binance too (the easier one for you).

          • On your crypto account, create USDT wallet if it hasn’t been created for you;
          • If you are using a Nigerian crypto exchange like Buycoins or Bundle, you can easily buy USDT with your bank account (Kuda, GT, Zenith, FCMB, Access are mostly accepted)
          • If you’re using an exchange platform like Binance, you will have to buy the USDT using P2P method (risky) or convert your coins like Bitcoin to USDT (if you have).
          • That’s all.

          Buying and storing USDT is same as keeping the US Dollars, but can only be done on cryptocurrency wallets.

          4.      Buy and Sell Foreign Currencies

          This is my second-best choice when it comes to saving US Dollars in Nigeria.

          All you have to do is to buy foreign currencies from those who want to sell and you keep or sell later. The reason why this is a good option is because you’ll be saving money and at the same time earn money.

          Let’s say you bought $100 at the rate of N450 per dollar, that means you spent N45,000 to buy that dollars.

          But later, you might sell the $100 at the rate of N470 or even N510 per dollar, that is N47,000 or N51,000… You used a stone to kill two birds; saving in US Dollar and making small profits.

          Note that the earning potential here is unlimited, the more you buy, the more the profit.

          I’ve once earned over N70k in a day by just buying and selling US Dollars.

          This sound like what you like to do, right?

          But there’s a problem.

          You will need all or any of the following payment accounts;

          • PayPal
          • Skrill
          • Payoneer
          • Zelle
          • CashApp
          • Greendot

          PayPal is the most famous and widely-used payment gateway in the world, then followed by Payoneer.

          You can get Payoneer and Skrill in Nigeria without any issue, you need to verify with your real ID and you’re done.

          RELATED: How to Get Payoneer Account in Nigeria

          You can also register a PayPal account in Nigeria, but you’re only limited to receiving money. You can’t send or withdraw… such a bad thing!

          But what if I show you how to create a PayPal account that can send and receive funds in Nigeria, will that be great? I have a YouTube video where I show people how to do that.

          So click here to got to my YouTube channels, (and subscribe please) the video is waiting for you there.

          Forget others, you can’t create an account as someone residing in Nigeria (except you do it the criminal ways).

          If you have PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill accounts, you can start buying and saving US Dollars in Nigeria (and other foreign currencies like EUROS) and make money in the process.

          JUST IN CASE: I buy Payoneer, PayPal and Skrill funds. CONTACT ME if you want to sell $50 minimum.

          Conclusion: How to Save in US Dollar in Nigeria

          The four different ways explained above are working for me perfectly, and I know it will work for you too.

          If you know any other way, we can save in US Dollars, kindly put it in the comment box below and I will check it and maybe update this blog post after testing it.

          I know you might skip the paragraph I mentioned that I can teach you how to create a working PayPal account that can send and receive funds in Nigeria. It’s on my YouTube channels, click here to check it out.

          If you have any question, please let me know through the comment box below and I will reply as soon as possible.

          But this article might be helpful to someone else, don’t you think so?

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          Thanks for reading.

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          Cardless Withdrawal in Nigeria: How to Withdraw Money from ATM Without Card



          Cardless Withdrawal in Nigeria

          (Learn how to use Cardless Withdrawal in Nigeria to withdraw money from your bank on any ATM gallery without your ATM card or making a bank transfer to anybody. This tutorial applies to all Banks in Nigeria)

          You urgently need to withdraw some money but you’re not with your ATM card (MasterCard, Verve or VISA), does that mean there’s no possible way except you make a bank transfer or get your card?

          Definitely No!

          The Cardless Withdrawal in Nigeria got you!

          Right in this blog post, I will show you how you can withdraw money from any ATM stand in Nigeria without your ATM card.

          I’m not going to bore you with long text, but straight to the point. 

          But before I start the easy tutorial, kindly note that Cardless Withdrawal is 100% legal and safe as long as someone who knows your banking details didn’t steals your phone to perform the transaction.

          So, that’s a warning for you; don’t ever let anybody have access to your phone without your consent or lock your banking apps and ensure you don’t reveal your banking PIN to anybody.

          Now, let’s talk about how you can withdraw cash from an ATM without using your MasterCard, VISA or Verve.

          How to Use Cardless Withdrawal in Nigeria

          I’m going to split this tutorial into two methods and you can choose (or use) any of them.

          1. Using Your Banking Mobile App
          2. Using Your Bank USSD Code

          Basically, if you want to use cardless withdrawal, you need to generate a token or what is called Paycode. This paycode is what you will punch on the ATM with the selected 4-digits PIN and amount.

          How much is the cardless withdrawal fee in Nigeria?

          Kindly note that N100 will be deducted for using the Cardless withdrawal service in Nigeria. If you want to withdraw N5000, have it in mind that N5100 will be debited from your account.

          How to perform Cardless Withdrawal Withdrawal via Banking Mobile App

          Note that this cardless withdrawal procedure is the same for all banks (GTBank, First Bank, UBA, Diamond, VFD Bank etc.), although, it might be slightly different due to how the banking mobile apps are designed. 

          And we are going to do this in two easy steps;

          STEP 1: On your Mobile App

          • Open your banking mobile app (if you don’t have, go to Playstore or Appstore to download your bank’s mobile app e.g GTWorld)
          • Sign in with your preferred method
          • Go to your mobile app menu and click on Cardless withdrawal (on GTworld app, click on Cashout in the home screen)
          • Select the account to debit (simply select your savings account or account with money)
          • If your app ask for the cashout terminal (such as GTBank), choose ATM
          • Select or write the amount you want to withdraw
          • Choose any 4-digits PIN to authenticate the cardless withdrawal at any ATM stand
          • Click on continue or submit

          That’s all you need to do on your mobile app.

          Now an automated 11-digits number known as PAYCODE or TOKEN will be sent to your phone number attached to that account number. Now, the next and final step!

          STEP 2: On the ATM Gallery

          Please make sure you have received SMS that have your Cardless withdrawal Paycode or token. Open your message system app on your phone.

          • After getting your 11-digits PAYCODE or TOKEN for cardless withdrawal, click on any button on the ATM
          • Now, select Cardless Withdrawal or Paycode feature >> Click on PROCEED
          • Now, you will be asked to enter your paycode or token: Enter the long number sent to you from your bank correctly
          • Type amount (you don’t need to include the N100 fee, it’s automatic)
          • Finally click on PROCEED

          The ATM will process your transaction and if the details you entered are correct, the money will be dispensed within one minute or less.

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          That’s how you use cardless withdrawal in Nigeria via the mobile bank app.

          But what if you want to withdraw money and the internet connection is poor or you’re not with your browsing phone? You can use the banking USSD, here is how;

          How to Do Cardless Withdrawal Withdrawal in Nigeria via the Bank USSD Code

          • Dial the bank USSD code: In case you don’t know your Bank’s USSD CODE, check below
          • Choose Cardless or Cardless withdrawal (if you don’t see this option on first page, go to NEXT till you find it)
          • Select or write amount
          • Choose a PIN (4-digits)
          • Submit

          An SMS will be sent to you within 3 seconds. The SMS contains your Paycode or Token.

          If you have seen that, go to the nearest ATM gallery and follow the STEP 2 under Mobile app method above.

          NOTE: If you have account with VERVE, you can as well use it to generate the cardless withdrawal token by logging onto the Verve mobile app or generate Paycode using *322*8*Amount#

          Just in case you don’t know your bank USSD code, check them here:

          Full List of Nigerian Banks USSD Code for Banking Transactions

          • Access (Diamond) Bank — *901#
          • EcoBank — *326#
          • Fidelity Bank — *770#
          • First Bank — *894#
          • First City Monument Bank (FCMB) — *389*214#
          • Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) — *737#
          • Heritage Bank — *322*00#
          • JAIZ Bank — *389*301#
          • Keystone Bank *7111# 
          • Polaris Bank *833#
          • Stanbic IBTC Bank *909#
          • Sterling Bank — *822#
          • United Bank for Africa (UBA) — *919#
          • Union Bank — *826#
          • Unity Bank — *7799#
          • VFD Bank  — *5037#
          • Wema Bank — *945#
          • Zenith Bank — *966#

          Conclusion: How to Withdraw Money with Cardless Withdrawal in Nigeria

          kindly be aware that I’m not a banker, an affiliate, partner or representative of any Bank in Nigeria. I’m just sharing the useful information you need, this may help you one day when you’re stranded.

          If you have any questions, kindly contact the bank customer care and please don’t share your banking or confidential details here. I will not be responsible for anything that puts you into risk simply by putting your details here.

          So, that’s all about withdrawing money from an ATM without your card.

          If you have done this before, can you please share your experience on Cardless withdrawal in Nigeria with us? Mine has been so smooth and fast.

          Help share this content with your friend also, so that they can learn how to withdraw money with an ATM card, you don’t know who this might help….

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