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You guys might have been asking questions such as the one in the heading of this post or simple questions like: “How can I learn about my customers and what they need?” If these are the type of questions you have been asking yourself or something related, then, I’m very happy to have you reading this blog post.

But before going further, have you ever heard about ‘free digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs’ to track your customers’ behaviours on either internet or social media pages? This is the best way to learn more about your customers and what they really want to buy.

If you are an entrepreneur in this modern world, you will agree with me that ‘digital marketing’ is one among the best ways to boost your sales by creating more awareness about your business or brand (including what you sells) to the targeted or prospective customers through ‘Social Media Marketing’.

But, there is a need for you to track your customers’ behaviours on those social media pages. Without you, knowing what your customers really want or what they interact with, then all your marketing strategies is nought!

I believed that I don’t have to talk too much about what social media marketing (SMM) is because you are already familiar with using of social media sites to share your opinion and most times, what you do either with your friends, family or business partner and I’m sure you will agree with me that it’s the best marketing tools so far (provided you know how to use it).

You can’t just rely on ‘social media’ sites to learn about your customers, some reviews left on your Facebook pages, Instagram comments’ area etc., are motivating but most of them are not really true. And to make use that those reviews are crystal true or not, you can’t be asking your fans or customers personally about how they feel when they use your product or service.

A well-known digital marketing agency once said that your customers or clients always leave ‘trails’ about what they want to buy or what they want on social media sites, search engines, and the internet at large. You, as a Smart Entrepreneur either in Nigeria or where you are, will need these ‘trails’ to increase your productivity, consumers’ satisfaction and marketing strategies.

But, you can’t get these ‘trails’ without the use of technology-driven digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs and digital marketers which you can start using today in order to learn more and understand your customers including what they want to buy.

What are these free digital marketing tools you can use to learn more about your customers? Here in this article, I will tell you the top 5 most used tools you can use to understand your customers and learn more about what they want to buy:

Free Digital Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2018

1. Google Analytics

Google analytics has been my best digital marketing tools which I use to learn more about my blog readers. I use this tools on all my blogs to understand how much they are really interested in what I write, how many time they spend reading each content, the countries they came from, what refer them to my blog, their age, gender and what they are interested in etc.

This tool is so professional especially for bloggers, eCommerce website owners, webmasters, social media marketers and other digital nomads to track their customers (also known as ‘Traffic’) and their behaviours.

The best thing about Google analytics as a digital marketing tool for entrepreneurs is that it’s FREE to use. There’s no limitation to any of its features. All you just need is to add your website to it and verify that you are the real owner of the website and that’s all.

If you’ve not been using Google analytics as one of your digital marketing tools, I will advise you to sign up for it today with your Google mail account (Gmail).

2. Hootsuite

While Google analytics is very advisable if you have a website or blog, Hootsuite is another digital marketing tool for entrepreneurs which you should also be used if you are the type that goes cr*zy on ‘social media’ while promoting your brand.

With Hootsuite, you can track all your social media pages at once! If it’s connected with your website and social media pages, you can set to automatically share your website or blog content to all your social media pages at once.

You can also use this tool to know when and where your brand (or your competitors’ brand) is mentioned when you set up feeds for it. With this, you can track what people are saying about you on any social media pages and how you can improve or rectify faulty area in your business.

Pertaining to your competitors, you can set up feeds for them as I said earlier. This will let you know how they interact with their customers and how their customers retaliate.

Hootsuite is a sure digital marketing tools for social media marketers and you. I will advise you to start using these tools today if you want to learn more about your customers.

Remember that more than 2 billions of people are using just Facebook every day not to add up how many people are using other social media sites. So, tap some people from social media pages to become your customers by learning more about them.

 3. SurveyMonkey

Remember I once said you can’t start asking your customers individually about how they feel about your brand though, an oral discussion would have been better to understand them more but you know it’s going to be time-consuming and financial draining.

But, do you know that with technological advancement, you can ask your customers different questions about your brand without leaving the comfort of your office or home and you will surely get honest replies from them? Yes, you can achieve this even in a better and professional way..

SurveyMonkey will help you make a professional and honest survey about your brand, your customers’ opinion pertaining to your brand and how you can improve your brand ways of production, marketing and support.

SurveyMonkey won’t act like a not but a more professional digital marketing tool to get honest reviews from your customers but, make sure you ask good and reasonable questions with the aim of helping your brand to grow sales.

 4. Buzzsumo

Let quickly get back to social media when combined with the website again. Remember I said Google analytics is good to have full insight about visitors’ behaviour on your website or blog while Hootsuite will help you get all your social media pages together.

But I really love Buzzsumo for my contents and competitors’ contents’ research.

You don’t understand what Buzzsumo does?

Okay, Buzzsumo helps entrepreneurs especially bloggers and social media marketers to trending website contents on social media (or high social media signals).

This includes detection of trending ‘Keywords or Search terms’ people are reading on the internet and how much such contents is trending on social media.

Most of your customers are using social media every day, they interact with whatever they like to interact with, on social media while leaving ‘trails or clues’ of what they need. You can get this ‘trails’ using Buzzsumo.

Make sure you use this tool whenever you want to write a new sales copy or blog posts because it will help you determines how your contents will trend on social media and the internet at large.

5. Google Trends

They said ‘Google knows everything’, did you ever believe that? If you believe, then you agreed with the fact that Google is the most used search engines in the world, right?

You know, a lot of people including you and I search for some terms on google every day. Google makes use of these data (search terms) to help digital marketers and bloggers about what is trending on the internet through a special digital marketing tool known as ‘Google Trends’.

Just like the name implies, Google Trends will show you all trending search terms, the location where they are searched and this will, in turn, help you to know topic and keywords you can use to understand your existing customers through what they search for and woo new customers by pitching your business or brand’s services or products to them according to what they’ve searched for.

If you know about search engines’ optimization or keyword research, then this will be no storage to you.

Also, Google Trends is free to use and helpful.

6. Chatfuel

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world with average users of two billion per day. Most of your customers are using Facebook each and every day to do one thing or another.

But as a smart entrepreneur, you can use Facebook to learn about your customers, what that need and what they don’t by using a digital tool known as ‘FB messenger chatbot’ which you can build using chatfuel.

If you are using chatfuel or any other bots’ builder to your Facebook chatbot, you just need to set up some AI rules pertaining to your business inform of questions and answers.

This is very different from conducting a survey. With a Facebook chatbot, you can learn more about what your customers need through the phrases they input or asks your bot.

You can also use it to get your customers details including email addresses, countries and so on. These details which were automatically collected by your not can be used for marketing purpose.

In fact, Facebook Messenger chatbot is one of the most trending marketing strategies used to reach a wide audience. And I strongly recommend chatfuel for you because it’s very easier to build messenger chatbot without ‘coding’.

7. Ahref

Ahref is a beautiful and professional tool for digital marketers, bloggers or content marketers. Ahref is purely for SEO. To learn more about how your contents are trending on search engines.

You can use this tool as well to spy on your competitors’ website ranking including keywords, backlinks, domain & page authorities, backlink disavowing etc.

You can use this tool for content marketing, keyword research and full website SEO analysis. This tool will really help you in ranking your brand high on search engines.

Ahref is free also but has a premium plan which you can opt for, in order to enjoy advanced services.

If you are reading this conclusion part, that means you have read about all the seven digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs which they can use to learn more about their customers.

I will advise you to start using these free digital marketing tools today and start seeing a better version of your brand.

Do you have any question or you will like to add more to this article? Please kindly contact me immediately or signify using the comment box below. I love hearing your feedback about my blog posts. Kindly let share those feedbacks and reviews using the comment box below.

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    Digital Marketing

    How To Drive Traffic to a Beat Store in 2022 (5 Effective Ways)



    In this post, you are going to learn how to drive traffic to a beat store.

    If you have a beat store that’s not making sales one thing you may have been missing out on is targeted traffic.

    No traffic to your store simply means no one will be able to see your beats and when there is no exposure you won’t make sales.

    It’s the plain truth.

    Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business, you want to make sure you get as much traffic as possible.

    It’s why I decided to make this post in order to show you the different ways you can drive a lot of traffic to your store and make a hell load of sales.

    Looks like something you’d be interested in?

    Then keep reading.

    FACT is;

    There are lots of traffic sources, however, when it comes to a beat store, you have to be creative.

    So you are getting the top effective 5 only.

    First I’ll list these top 5 traffic sources.

    Then I’ll go ahead to explain each of them for you to start implementing with your store to get results.

    How To Drive Traffic to a Beat Store in 2022 Featuring the Top 5 Effective Ways

    how to drive traffic to a beat store article

    1. GiveAway Beats or Instrumentals For Free
    2. Offer a Discount On First Beat Purchases
    3. Email Marketing
    4. Start Blogging
    5. Social Media Engagement
    • GiveAway Beats or Instrumentals For Free

    Giveaway beats are a great way to promote your music and get some free exposure. It’s also an easy way to build hype around your new tracks.

    People love free stuff, so this is a surefire way to get your music out there and gain some more fans.

    The best part about this strategy is that it works for both instrumental and vocal tracks. You could give away instrumentals for free, or make a deal with other artists where you will release their beats as part of the deal.

    This will help you gain exposure for your own tracks and give you something to offer in exchange for their promotion of theirs.

    You can take your release schedule on Reddit and post early versions of upcoming songs for free on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or any other streaming platform you have access to (be sure to tag them properly).

    The best part about this method of marketing is that you don’t have to spend anything on advertising, so if you have a product that is worth promoting, then give it away for free and see what happens.

    This method also works well if you have instrumentals or beats with high royalty rates because people will go crazy over the fact that they can get their hands on them for free.

    • Offer a Discount On First Beat Purchases

    drive traffic to beat store - offer discounts

    In order to drive traffic and sales, you need to offer a discount on first purchases. This will help build loyalty for your brand and compel people to buy more from you.

    With this strategy, you want to be sure that people who are interested in purchasing your beats will be able to do so at a low price point.

    The best way to accomplish this is by offering a discount on their first purchase. Make it so that if they buy one of your beats, they will get an additional 50% off their next purchase.

    This means that if they buy two beats, they will get 100% off their next purchase.

    This is an effective strategy because it gives people who have been thinking about buying beats an incentive to do so now instead of later or never at all.

    It also creates good word-of-mouth marketing as more people become aware of these deals and tell their friends about them.

    • Email Marketing

    Ever heard the term “The money is on the list?”

    Email marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a beat store.

    It’s free, easy, and effective.

    It is the most direct way of getting your customers’ attention. If you’re running an email list, then you can send out emails that contain content that will intrigue your audience. You can also use email to promote upcoming releases or special discounts.

    You can use email marketing to encourage people to buy beats online in exchange for exclusive access to a new release or extra content.

    For example; if you have a new album coming out soon, you could offer subscribers early access by signing up for an email list and then sending them an exclusive link when the album drops.

    Ai tools like copy ai can help you in creating high converting copies for your email marketing campaign and in turn, get your subscribers to take action.

    That should come in handy if you don’t know how to write compelling emails.

    If you have an email list that’s already growing and you’re looking for ways to develop it, even more, consider promoting your music store by sending out an email campaign every few days or so.

    You can promote new products or upcoming events and make sure that you’re reaching out to people who are most likely interested in what you offer.

    • Start Blogging

    You can drive traffic to your store by blogging.

    Blogging is a great way to reach out to the people who may be interested in your music, but who aren’t yet ready to buy it.

    If you blog regularly and write about topics that are relevant to your target audience, people will find you and trust you enough to give you their email address.

    You can then use that email address to send them information about upcoming releases, promotions, and sales.

    Here are two ways to drive traffic to your beat store through blogging:

    1. Write about new releases and promotions

    If there’s something new coming out from a beat store, make sure it’s listed on your blog first. You don’t want other websites stealing all the attention from yours!

    2. Promote discounts and events

    If there’s an event or sale at a beat store that you want people to know about, make sure they know!

    Post it on your blog as well as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    If you plan to use blogging as a channel to increase exposure to your store, one important thing to take note of is SEO.

    Learn SEO and use it to your advantage.

    • Social Media Engagement

    When it comes to driving traffic, there’s no way you’re leaving out social media.

    Social media engagement is a key to driving traffic to your store. Use social media to promote your own business and your music, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

    Music lovers will want to hear what you have to say, so be sure to engage with them on their preferred networks. Keep in mind that not everyone uses the same social media platform so make sure you post on all of them.

    You can also use social media as a way to announce new releases or other news about your career as a musician. If you have an album coming out soon, for example, post about it on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #MyNewAlbum.

    When posting about new projects or releases, make sure that your posts include links to the song previews on your blog or website, or SoundCloud page so fans can preview them immediately after they view them in their feeds.

    • FAQS: How to drive traffic to a beat store

    Here are frequently asked questions by a lot of readers who are looking for ways to drive traffic to their beat store.

    How do I consistently sell beats?

    If you want to consistently sell your beats here are 5 tips you can follow:

    1. Create a compelling landing page with clear messaging and a call-to-action.
    2. Optimize your website for search engines such as Google and Bing.
    3. Promote your sales via social media and YouTube, as well as other platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
    4. Ask for referrals from satisfied customers or previous clients who have purchased beats from you before (in exchange for a discount).
    5. Use email marketing (i.e., newsletters) to remind potential customers about their favorite artists when they’re not thinking about them!

    How do I drive traffic to my beat store?

    1. There are a few ways to drive traffic to your beat store.
    2. Create a YouTube channel
    3. Use Instagram
    4. Write blog posts with relevant keywords
    5. Create a Facebook video ad
    6. Promote your website on social media

    How do I get my beats noticed?

    If you want to get your beats noticed, the first thing to do is to get your name out there.
    If you don’t have a website, you need to set up one. You can start with a simple WordPress site and build it up over time.
    You can then employ paid traffic, blogging, email marketing, etc. to drive traffic to your store and make sales.

    How do I drive traffic to my music?

    There are many ways to drive traffic to your music store. Below are just a few:

    1. Post on Facebook and Twitter
    2. Create content like articles and videos (on YouTube)
    3. Promote events and specials in the community
    4. Create a blog and write about your store or the industry in general


    Selling beats is one of the top online business models and when you are able to drive a lot of traffic to your store, it’s obvious you will make really good sales.

    Follow the effective traffic sources and methods listed in this post and you’re well on your way to success. If you are an upcoming artist, you can read up on how to promote your songs here.

    Have any questions or other sources you are currently using and would like to share with us?

    Please do so in the comments section and don’t forget to share this post on how to drive traffic to a beat store with your friends.

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    Liquidweb Vs Nexcess: The Differences and Best Web Hosting Deals



    Liquidweb vs Nexcess – Are they the same or competitors? What packages do they offer and prices? 

    If you’re a web designer, developer or business owner and you’re looking for the best web hosting deals on the planet, then let me introduce Liquidweb and Nexcess to you.

    Liquidweb and Nexcess are both one of he most reliable web hosting products in the world.

    But you might be a little bit confused if you’re seeing “Nexcess” on Liquidweb website or from the Nexcess’ logo, you see something like “A brand by Liquidweb”. Does that mean they’re the same or what?

    Right in this blog post, I will tell you the little differences between these two brand names, and what best web hosting deals they offers.

    What is Web Hosting?

    A web hosting can simply be refers to as a service that allows webmasters, individuals like you or organizations to post or put their website (or web pages) into the internet.

    It’s just like a “house” where you keep all the files, images, text, and everything on your website.

    With that brief explanation, you’ll agree with me that it’s important to have a house build on good foundation, do you agree?

    That’s where Liquidweb and Nexcess comes in.

    Liquidweb and Nexcess as I said earlier, offers one of the most reliable and powerful strong web hosting services in the world.

    But what are the differences between them?

    Let’s see the differences by checking what each brand stands for, and then we will compare them afterward. I’m going with Liquidweb first;

    What is Liquidweb?

    Liquidweb is an IT service management and web hosting company for web designers, developers, agencies, and business owners.

    Liquidweb has 3 brands under it, they are:

    1. Liquidweb itself
    2. Nexcess (which we will soon discussed)
    3. And StellarWP (for premium WordPress plugins and themes)

    Liquidweb has been around for more than 20 years, and that 2 decades has been amazing experience for her customers across the world.

    Try Liquidweb

    According to Crunchbase, Liquidweb is part of the Madison Dearborn Partners family of companies, Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC (“MDP”).

    Liquidweb was founded by Matthew Hill, but sold the company to MDP in 2015.

    “MDP” is a Chicago-based prestigious company as it is recognized among the 5000 fastest-growing companies by INC. Magazine in the world.

    What is Nexcess?

    Nexcess is also a web hosting company, a “digital commerce cloud platform” by Liquidweb.

    But Nexcess is a little (blood) brother to Liquidweb. That is, Nexcess is part of, or a brand owned by Liquidweb.

    Try Nexcess

    But when we say like a little brother, there must be a difference between Liquidweb and Nexcess. Right?

    Liquidweb Vs Nexcess: The Difference

    1.      Web Hosting Services

    Liquidweb is a web hosting provider for;

    • VPS (Virtual Private Servers)
    • Dedicated servers
    • Cloud dedicated servers
    • HIPAA Compliant servers
    • Reseller Web hosting

    WHILE Nexcess focuses on

    • Managed WordPress hosting
    • WooCommerce hosting
    • Magento hosting.

    2.      Pricing: Liquidweb Vs Nexcess Hosting Deal

    Of course, the pricing packages of Liquidweb and Nexcess are different because they offer difference web hosting packages.

    But either ways, there are the best web hosting package you can get when compared to other competitors in the world.

    For Liquidweb hosting packages, you can get;

    • VPS hosting package for as low as $15/month
    • Dedicated servers at $169/month
    • Cloud servers at $149/$
    • HIPAA starts at $343/month
    • Database hosting at $1,498/month
    • Server clusters at $743/month

    For Nexcess web hosting packages, you can get;

    • Managed WordPress hosting package starts from $19/month
    • Managed WooCommerce Hosting at $19/month
    • Magento hosting at $49/month

    These prices are very affordable compared to other competitors.

    That’s the two main differences between Liquidweb and Nexcess. Check the infographic below for recap and differences;

    Liquidweb VS Nexcess Explained

    Liquidweb VS Nexcess Explained

    But Is Liquidweb and Nexcess Reliable?

    They’re not just one of the most affordable, but also, reliable and strong. I recommend you go for them, and you’ll never regret it.

    According to a popular web hosting reviewing website,, Liquidweb is rated 9/10 which is “SUPERB”. says Liquidweb got 4.0/5

    Isn’t that amazing?

    Here is the breakdown;

    Customer Score for Liquidweb

    • Reliability – 9.2/10
    • Pricing – 8.7/10
    • User Friendly – 9.1/10
    • Support – 9.0/10
    • Features – 9.1/10

    That’s actually 9.02/10 on average. Nobody is perfect, and for Liquidweb not to get the remaining 0.88 is abide with that adage.

    When Liquidweb is compared to WPEngine (a competitor), Liquidweb wins.

    Get Started with Liquidweb Here

    What about Nexcess?

    According to the same web hosting reviewing website,, Nexcess is rated 5.2/10 which is tagged “DECENT”.

    Well, that’s still good but way too small above average.

    When Nexcess is compared to BlueHost (a competitor), Bluehost score 4.4/10 which means Nexcess is ranked better than Bluehost.

    Let’s see why Nexcess scored 5.2;

    Customer Score for Nexcess

    • Reliability – 5.3/10
    • Pricing – 5.6/10
    • User Friendly – 5.5/10
    • Support – 5.4/10
    • Features – 5.3/10

    That’s 5.42 overall.

    Most of complaints about Nexcess is bad customer care support. Aside from that, no genuine complain and I think Nexcess (under Liquidweb) is fixing this.

    One of the reasons why people love MDP and Liquidweb is because of what they invested in customer care management and Nexcess is part of the family now.

    If you’ll love to use Nexcess for your next managed shared hosting, click here to get started

    What to Enjoy for Using Liquidweb and Nexcess?

    1. Speed
    2. Technical support
    3. Good Uptime
    4. Reliability
    5. Powerful servers’ specifications/features.
    6. Free migration
    7. Free SSL certificate
    8. Optimized websites
    9. Thousands of themes and lot of page builders
    10. And many more such as free emails too.

    Conclusion: Liquidweb Vs Nexcess – Remember this!

    Liquidweb and Nexcess are good web hosting platforms, and highly recommended for business owners, web designers, developers, agencies and organizations.

    They’re not just good, but they offer one of top 1% affordable and reliable web hosting services in the world with “heroic” customer support.

    If you want to design a business website, blog or a portfolio, I can help you build it on Liquidweb or Nexcess, then you’ll see how speedy they are. If you’re interested, click here to contact me or checkout and hire my web design agency here.

    Don’t forget to share this blog post with someone by clicking on the floating social media icons below.

    Also, kindly subscribe to my newsletter in order to receive updates related to this, and money-making opportunities.

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    How to Upload Your Song to Spotify in Nigeria – 2 Easy Ways!



    Have you ever want to upload your song to Spotify in Nigeria, you’ve been looking for a sure plug to help distribute your music to digital music platforms like Spotify in Nigeria?

    If that’s why you’re here, worry no more!

    As an upcoming artist, one of your greatest goal is to make money from your music, right? But like I used to say, selecting the 20-in-1 DJ mix at the rate of N150 is not where the today’s superstars like Wizkid are making money.

    They have streams of income which includes the royalty from streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes etc.

    But to be honest with you, it’s quite tedious (but not impossible) to get your songs on these platforms not to talk of earning any royalty.

    So in this blog post, I will talk about the ways you can get your song on Spotify in Nigeria.

    Quick intro to Spotify;

    What is Spotify?

    Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming platform and media services provider,  founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentz in the year 2006.

    Spotify in Nigeria

    Spotify was not available in Nigeria until 23rd of February, 2021.

    Earlier before Spotify is made available in Nigeria, Nigerians stream their favorite’s songs on the likes of Apple Music, YouTube Music etc.

    But why was Spotify not available in Nigeria until 2021?

    The reason is not known, but a typical and smart Nigerian can simply discern the reason behind that.

    It’s not because of economic, Nigeria has the biggest economy in Africa but Spotify is available in other African countries except Nigeria until 2021.

    Remember that Stripe (the present owner of the Nigeria’s paystack) is not available for Nigerians, and also PayPal, Facebook monetization etc., are not totally available in Nigeria.

    But thanks to our amiable content creators and artists who are projecting our image to the World, Spotify is now available legally in Nigeria.

    The question we have been asking is “How can you get your song on Spotify in Nigeria?”, that’s where I’m going to now.

    But before then, I want you to believe whatever you read here and don’t fall for cheap scammers who are claiming to be “a good plug” for Spotify music distribution in Nigeria.

    How to Upload Your Song to Spotify in Nigeria

    There are two ways to get your songs on Spotify, as a signed artist or an Independent artist.

    Let talk about these two;

    1. An Independent or Unsigned Artist

    If you’re an independent or “unsigned” artist and you’ve been trying real hard to get your songs on Spotify in Nigeria, let me tell you this;

    You cannot upload your own song to Spotify just like you are doing on AudioMack and other free music streaming platforms.

    The only way to get your song on Spotify as an Independent or Unsigned artist is to get hire the service of a “licensed music distributor”.

    Who is a music distributor?

    A music distributor in this context is a company or an agency that has been licensed or authorized to publish contents on these Streaming platform including Spotify.

    This will require you to pay a certain amount of money, because they’re working on your behalf with Spotify and the best part is that Spotify recognizes them.

    So, if a cheap scammer has been sending you ridiculous offer to get your songs on Spotify, ask for his or her proof of being licensed first before you do giveaway for him (well, they’re usually “Him”).

    The question you may want to ask is;

    How can I get honest and Licensed Music Distributor in Nigeria?

    The best way is to do your own research or ask people to refer a good music distributor for you.

    Note that I asked you to request for proof that the person, company or the agency is licensed.

    You can ask your friends who have gotten their songs on Spotify already. Never ask someone doesn’t have song on these streaming platforms.

    To help you a little bit, below are few of them;

    Uploading Song to Spotify: Top 5 Digital Music Distributor in Nigeria

    Kindly note that I’m not standing for them or using my platform to promote them, I got them from my research on search engine, you can confirm them and also find more by doing your own research.

    Friendly Reminder: I’m (or my agency) is not a licensed music distributor. So I can’t help you publish or upload your song to Spotify in Nigeria or anywhere. I have been receiving a lot of offer like this, but please I can’t do it.

    What I can only do is Music promotion, you can contact me for this.

    So, that is the only way you can get your song on Spotify in Nigeria as an independent or unsigned artist.

    But hehehehe…..

    There’s another way.

    Oh, you’re curious to know right?

    Well, that way is to get signed to a record label which I’m going to explain right now!

    1. Signed Artist

    I don’t need to explain but let me just give an intro.’

    If you’re signed to a recognized record label, then you don’t have to bother about having your songs on Spotify in Nigeria.

    The record label will simply take care of it on your behalf.


    Ok. Also note that you don’t have direct connection with Spotify either your song is there through a distributor or your record label.

    No no no… that doesn’t mean your craft, songs are not recognized by Spotify.

    It’s just that your distributor or record label will be acting as bridge that cover the distance between you and the online streaming platform.

    Your record label (according to your agreement) will pay you royalty but with distributor, you can have full control over your earnings.

    See, don’t let this last part start beating in your mind.

    I mean, don’t let the word “earning” burst your head. You’re an upcoming artist, work on getting your sound heard first.

    Start promoting your songs now, who know maybe a record label owner might love your craft and sign you (I’m not assuring you of this), but the keywords I’m emphasizing on is “promote your songs”.

    In case you need a plug for music promotion in Nigeria, you can contact me and I will get involved. But kindly note that my service fee starts from N50,000.

    If you’re ready, click here to contact me.

    The last part;

    How to Make Money on Spotify in Nigeria

    There are two clear way to make money on Spotify in Nigeria, or anywhere in the world. They are:

    • Get your songs on Spotify
    • Promote Your songs to gain more streams

    The first part “getting your songs on Spotify in Nigeria” is what this page is all about. If you want to learn about the second way, check this blog post on how to promote your songs in Nigeria.

    How Is Money Made on Spotify?

    I know you have such an inquisitive nature (just like me *winks*), and I’m going to give you chill water to quench that thirst.

    Before people can stream any song on Spotify, they would have register and subscribe to a plan.

    Let’s say about N900 per month.

    That money will be paid to Spotify. 

    And remember that Spotify is not the owner of the songs, so they will have compensate the singers who did a great job.

    But Spotify will not just say,

    okay, we made $1b subscription this month and we have 50,000 singers, let share $800m between them and each singer will have $16,000 each…”

    It’s not going to work like that… There’s nothing like equality in this world.

    The world entirely live by “what you sow is what you’ll reap”.

    So in essence, the more people stream your song on Spotify, the more you will be paid.

    As an upcoming artist, if you hustled your way to get your song on Spotify, don’t think you’ve made it in life.

    That’s why I said you should build your fan base first, let people know you – promote your songs!

    Let assume that you have 500 loyal fans and 100 out of them pre-order your song on Spotify at the rate of N500 or $1 each. And you’re paid 70 cents ($0.70), that’s $0.70 x 100 = $70 for you.

    That sounds like a good start.

    What if you have 1 million people did the same, that’s $70,000.

    Oh my God, superstars are really making money from their songs. That’s why they keep shouting “stream our new song” or “pre-order here”.

    Well, you are just a step closer.

    Kindly note that these figures are not real, I’m just using them as example to explain how money is made on Spotify.

    But to be honest, money are made on these streaming platforms that offers premium plans.

    Conclusion: How to Upload Your Song to Spotify in Nigeria

    Remember that there are only two ways to get your music on Spotify, it’s either you:

    • – Get signed to a record label and your label will sort it out for you or,
    • – Hire the service of a digital music distribution agency.

    Below are frequently asked questions regarding pushing music on Spotify.

    1. How much will I pay to upload my song to Spotify in Nigeria?

    Answer: Uploading music on Spotify is absolutely FREE regardless of how many songs you’re uploading. But note that If you’re using a distributor, they may ask you to pay for their service and I hope that’s understandable.

    1. How does Spotify’s royalty work?

    Answer: You will be paid per stream and that is $4 per 1,000 streams.

    That’s it for now.

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