How to Start a Profitable Egg Supply or Delivery Business in Nigeria


7 Practical Ways to Start Egg Supply or Delivery Business in Nigeria

According to Google Trending searches (in Nigeria) about how to make money or start a profitable business, a lot of Nigerians like you are asking questions like ‘How can I start a business with 1000 Naira in Nigeria?’, ‘What can I do to Make Money in Nigeria?’, ‘How do I start egg supply or delivery business in Nigeria?’ and sort of questions like that.

I will show you the researched and working guide on how you can start a profitable egg business supply or distribution business in Nigeria even if you are on a very low budget.

Egg supply or delivery business has been hidden to millions of millions of people in this country and that’s the reason most stranded graduates ventures into illegal businesses. Of course, what do you expect them to do? They went to primary school, secondary, wrote JAMB for years, got into the university (suffered big times), and managed to serve at NYSC but after all these years, time and money spent, no JOB!

Why is there no job for our graduates in Nigeria?

It’s simply because, the rate at which millions of students got admitted into the universities and millions of graduates are also leaving out of universities (simultaneously) is stunning, crazily, and overwhelming! Even if they luckily get a white-collar job to do, they will still remain the same or moving randomly in life but the good news is that entrepreneurship can help you get heard, seen, and paid like it has helped a lot of entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Start this egg delivery business in Nigeria (if you really want to) because of its health benefits which is the greatest reason and because it’s highly consumable.

In summary, below are the reason why egg supply or delivery business in Nigeria is advisable and lucrative:

Benefits of Egg Delivery Business in Nigeria

1. The egg is very rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals with yolk which contains cholesterol, etc. (it contains all nine essential amino acids)

2. It’s highly recommended for pregnant mothers and especially during breastfeeding because it contains a substance known as ‘Choline’ which is essential for brain development.

3. It reduces the risk of stroke or heart disease.

4. It is generally eaten at home as food

5. It’s used in restaurants, canteens, hotels and other places

6. Confectioneries make use of eggs to make biscuits, bread, cookies, buns, and other snacks, etc.

Having those 6 facts about Eggs in your mind, the next thing is ‘how can I really start this business?’ let ride on!

How to Start Egg Supply or Delivery Business in Nigeria


The first thing you need to have before getting into any business is your ‘Goal’ and passion to pursue that goal. Egg supply business is a delicate and lucrative business, it’s also likely that a lot of people will try to discourage you because they are afraid that you might go bankrupt if you do the business.

You can also the person who is discouraging yourself because of the unforeseen risks you might have to face in this business but, you need to define your ‘Goal’ and ‘Determination’. Nothing in life comes easily especially a successful entrepreneurship journey.

So, have a stubborn goal that you must do this egg supply business and you must make it in Nigeria!


A goal without any action is a ‘goalless’ goal! I believe you would have gotten some funds to finance your business. But if you have nothing with you but you really have the righteous goal to start this business, you can ask your family members, friends, or go to your bank to obtain some loan to kick-start this business.

If none of them is responding to your request, then you can work it out yourself by doing some menial jobs in order to raise some funds or read this guide on how you can make legit money online.

How much do you need for this business? According to those who are already doing this egg supply or delivery business, they suggested that you can start with the sum of N80,000 – N100,000.


You have gotten your starting bucks with you, right? Good! The next step is to go in search of poultry farms where they sell out eggs is cheap and large quantities.

This is the most important part of your business. Even if you have a lot of money to invest but you got a bad and unreliable farmer or farm, you can lose a lot of customers and even go bankrupt! I’m not scaring you, I’m just telling you that you need to be very careful in selecting the ‘source’ of what you want to invest in.

Ask your friends, search on google, and keep asking a lot of people where you can get a very reliable poultry farm. The more you search, the more you discover many farms.

Try to shortlisted those ‘many farms’ to few (like 5 or less). The best way you can do this is to carefully study how they operate, interact with customers, and their level of loyalty. After shortlisting them, make sure you build a close business relationship with them all, be honest with them (in case you need Eggs on credit, and so on).


You need to set up your equipment and your shop to host customers for your business. The following are some of my suggestion about the materials and assets you need for this egg supply business in Nigeria:
• A spacious shop that is free from flooding or shiny sun. Make sure it’s well roofed, free from rodents and should be attractive enough.
• Some crates and boxes to hold the eggs
• A Van to transport the eggs from your shop to customers’ places. This is not really compulsory but it will be very helpful to gain more customers and earn you more income. You can also plan with a cab driver to be helping you out.
• Get a business card and invoice book.


Do you remember that I suggested you start this business with at least N80K – N100K? Don’t use all the 80k to buy Eggs at once. Remember you don’t have customers yet and eggs can spoil easily when it’s mishandled or kept carelessly.

Make sure you did enough research about different prices of eggs from farms, from wholesalers like you, and how much the general consumers are buying a piece and crate of eggs.

When buying your eggs, don’t just buy from a farm but from at least 3-5 farms to know which one is cheaper, good and mostly bought by customers. After buying, keep your shop well ventilated, free from cataracts, sun, and make sure you wisely arrange them into crates.

Some people arrange their eggs in a bowl or box instead of a crate. If you feel like doing the same thing, make sure you put enough clothes inside the box or bowl before arranging your eggs in it.


Your egg supply or delivery business is gradually getting together, right? But, here is one of the biggest factor you must consider before you can make more sales.

How can you market your egg business in Nigeria like a pro? The following are a few tips I can give you:
• Make and distribute business cards to friends, family members and anybody you see
• Make a banner to advertise your business in your street, crowded areas, etc.
• Approach and make friends with chefs, market women who make sure of eggs, canteens, restaurants, or hotel manager owners.
• If you have enough money, you can do jingles on Radio stations.
• Advertise on related blogs or websites that can get you heard, seen, and patronized.
• Social media marketing is very important and you should embrace it.

Some people also offer cheap price as one of their marketing strategies, you can try it or consider doing promo or bonanza.


This is very important if you don’t want to get yourself into trouble from some trade associations or some government officials. Registering your business is very good and advisable in such a way that it will make your business look more professional and trusted.

The only legit place to register your business in Nigeria is through the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C). You can register it yourself or hire someone (especially a trusted lawyer) to do it for you.

I have a well-written article here on how you can successfully register your business in Nigeria without facing any issue or falling into scammers’ trap. Read from the hyperlinked quote below:

READ: How to Register Your Business in Nigeria with CAC


That’s all about how you can start egg supply or delivery business in Nigeria. If you are reading this, it means you have read more than 1500 words on this topic which some people find tedious.

My advice to you is that, if you are really determined to engage yourself in this business, wait no more! Just get yourself working on it and remember that thousands of people like you are venturing into a business to do. Here is your chance to get yourself doing something.

Do you have any question or any addition you will like to make? Kindly help me use the comment box below and don’t forget to share this with your friends also. Thanks and visit again.


Stephen Olgade
Stephen Olgade
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