Top 20 Pros and Cons of YouTube All Digital Marketer & Vlogger Must Know!

pros & COns of YouTube

What are the Top Pros and Cons of Youtube?

Do you know that there are some Pros and Cons of YouTube you must know as an entrepreneur or aspiring Vlogger or Digital Marketer? Good idea! because this is the first step you must take if you want to become a successful entrepreneur on YouTube or any other video hosting platform.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platforms and among top 5 most visited website in the world (according to Alexa Rank). It has uncountable number of videos catering to the interests of billions of people all around the globe. 

You think of a niche and YouTube will undoubtedly have a related video to offer be it entertainment, education, lifestyle, beauty, cooking or anything else and the list can go on and on.

Now in this article, we will discuss YouTube in the area of your business especially in education and the probable pros and cons:

Top 20 Pros and Cons of YouTube

Below are the top 10 Pros of YouTube you need to know ⇊⇊⇓

Pros of YouTube Platform

1. Unlimited videos: YouTube offers a broad spectrum of videos in a number of educational fields. Learning is a never-ending process, and one can never really say that he knows “everything” so people who have the urge to learn more or want to learn from scratch they can get everything on YouTube. 

2. Broaden the outlook: You get to know the perspective of people all around the world on a single subject. It helps to broaden your mental horizon that may be restricted because of the limited resources or lack of right educational environment. 

3. YouTube is free: It is economical as you can see unlimited videos and learn new things free of cost. You can acquire knowledge from the world’s most renowned professors and teachers in the comfort of your home and that too without spending a penny. On the contrary, if you sign up for a training program, it will always need some investment. 

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4. Enhance your skills: You can brush up your professional skills with the help of experienced and skilled professional’s videos that can help you to climb up the professional ladder. 

5. Help teachers too: If you are a teacher even then, you can take help of the YouTube videos to give a clear picture of your subject to the students. It is always easier for students to understand a topic if they are taught with visual training and real-time examples. 

6. Multiple ways to approach a single task: Everyone has their preferences for understanding methods like some prefer writing material some may like a visual explanation. YouTube has a vast repository of videos of various kinds for the same task so everybody can learn in their preferred learning technique and comfort zone.

Top 20 Pros and Cons of YouTube

7. Like-minded connections: Vloggers and audience can connect with each other and share their questions and personal take on the subject. It can help them to see and explore topics in a whole new light that would have been hidden otherwise. 

8. Unlimited viewing: You can watch the videos as many times as you want till you understand it entirely as there is no limit to view YouTube videos. 

9. Learning at your terms: For freelancers or people who wish to pursue a new career but do not have time to do it can easily subscribe to the YouTube tutorials and learn it as per their time availability. 

10. YouTube Edu: YouTube has also introduced YouTube Edu that is a sub-section of YouTube specifically for educational purposes. It has a listing of more than 50, 000, 00 videos from reputable organizations like Stanford, Ted talks, Khan Academy and many more. The videos cater to learners of various groups ranging from primary, secondary, university level and others. Schools can also add their videos which will allow the students to learn their subjects online and access the study material from anywhere. YouTube Edu allows restricted access, i.e., it won’t let the students see anything else apart from their subject content.

Cons of YouTube platform:

Every facility comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It can never be 100% ideal, the same goes for YouTube it has a large number of pros, but we cannot overlook the shortcomings of this platform.

1. Not wholly reliable: YouTube allows anyone from anywhere to upload videos. The catch here is that no governing authority can verify the content to be authentic or not. People often upload videos for making quick bucks or promote their product that has nothing to do with the reliability of the content uploaded. Sorting the right videos is a tedious and expensive task, and not everyone is capable of doing it. 

2. Always require an Internet connection: YouTube videos need Internet connectivity all the time. Remote places or areas that lack Internet connectivity cannot make use of these videos. Apart from that if the video is super long then even if you have Internet but it has slow speed, it will take forever to load. 

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3. Nuisance content: Let us face it that all of us have sometimes come across a video that was not suitable for viewing. The same can happen to a younger audience who might view something that is not suited to their age. It can mislead them from the actual agenda of studying and do other nonsensical stuff. 

4. Advertisement: Advertisements are eccentric parts of YouTube videos. It is quite irritating, and sometimes you do not even have the options to skip it. You have to watch even when it has nothing to do with the content you are trying to learn or teach. 

5. Misuse of the video content: YouTube provides information that is accessible to everyone and many times terrorists and other miscreants can misuse this information for wrongdoings. 

6. Takes time to make money: If you are often influenced by the amount of money that YouTubers make, and you want to take the same road, then you should know that to earn money through YouTube is not an easy thing to do and it takes a lot of time and effort. 

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7. Copyright issues: People often take advantage of other’s knowledge and upload it on YouTube in their name. If it is caught, then the video is usually pulled down otherwise somebody else’s efforts are used by someone else.

8. Learning needs equipment: YouTube for education will need a computer or a tablet or a Smartphone to be able to access the videos. It might not be possible for everyone to afford it and use it for the learning process. 

9. Videos cannot be edited easily: The YouTube videos are often static, and it is not easy to modify an existing video. So, you need to be technology friendly to be able to make any changes. 

10. Creating videos need investment and skilled people: The development of educational videos need a dedicated workforce and experienced people to handle it correctly which often results in higher expenditure.

YouTube is a great tool for easing out the learning process and everybody whether a teacher or a learner can benefit from it. If the negatives and the positive are balanced effectively then there is a lot more than can be achieved from YouTube learning videos.

Author Bio: Sohail is passionate about traveling and exploring new places. He also love writing articles that motivates students to live a better life. Currently, he is associated with a private tuition agency in Singapore.

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