Top 10 Hot-selling Products for Mini-Importation & Dropshipping in Nigeria


Have you ever thought of starting a Dropshipping or mini-importation business in Nigeria but, you’re at a junction confused about the Hot-selling and profitable products to start with?

Well, I will show you the hot-selling and profitable products for mini-importation and Dropshipping. And somewhere in this page, I will share a link to a guide that’ll walk you through the processes of starting your dropshipping business in Nigeria.

Mini-importation and Dropshipping are the two goldmines in the ecommerce industry for smart entrepreneurs. Millions of Naira (and Dollars) has been made from these two businesses.

They are one of the most profitable businesses in the country. And in the future, it might be a great rival of most businesses we have presently.

The goal of dropshipping is to make sales without having or buying any physical inventory to stock goods. For Dropshipping, you can create a site, with the aid of Shopify, WooCommerce etc., then, add products and start selling. You could make changes to your inventory quite easily and update products without paying additional fees.

But for mini-importation business in Nigeria, you will need to gather some capital and buy products that will return high profit to you.

Let me tell you my personal experience:

In my personal experience with mini-importation, you need to study and understand the market before you ever think of buying in products from abroad. I bought a goods worth N37,000, used the total sum of N13,000 to ship it to my house (that’s N50,000 in total).

If I sell the products at its current price that time, I will make N99,700, meaning, I will have N49,700 as my own profit.

But you know what, the market change, the price of that products was cut to one-quarter. Meaning that the products I bought with N50k will now be sold for N12,500!

Instead of gaining, I lost N37,500 instead!

What am I trying to tell you? You need to understand the market very well before you ever think of investing your capital on Mini-importation.

But for Dropshipping, it’s risk-free. You have nothing to lose no matter what happened in the market.

To start dropshipping business, kindly read this complete guide on dropshipping.

Although dropshipping is profitable, not all products will guarantee you profit. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of seven hot selling products for dropshipping in Nigeria.

There also tools that can help in finding top selling products and could use any of those. But for this article, we’ll be focusing on the top seven.

So, let go!

10 Hot-selling Products for Dropshipping & Mini-Importation in Nigeria

1.      Shoes:

Shoes are a necessary commodity in today’s world. Humans are been given birth daily with foot so the demand for foot wears isn’t going away anytime soon.

People need to put on shoes, and there are many reasons for this — some do it casually, others for events and other purposes.

One sweet thing about dropshipping and importing shoes in Nigeria is the wide varieties that are available on offer — we’ve got sneakers, sport shoes, formal shoes etc.

Putting things into broader perspective, we’ve male and female dress shoes from which other types of shoes originates from. According to a recent study, women generally have more shoes for different occasions than their opposite sex.

You’ll have to choose from the wide array of shoe type, size, gender type and focus mainly on that. Once you’ve got focus on something, it’s much easier to channel all resources towards it and getting the best from it.

I should also remind you that basically all shoes are lightweight and therefore easier to dropship or import — you wouldn’t have to pay much for shipping.

2.      Bags:

Bags just like shoes, are on high demand there have been an increased demand in shoes in the past decade from both sexes especially the females. Shoes and bags do share some similarities which makes them perfect for importing and dropshipping in Nigeria. Of the many similarities, two are of high importance to dropshippers or an importer is that, bags are both lightweight and of wide variety.

The demand for bags seems pretty high and it’s continually on the rise, dropshippers and smart importer can cash in on this lucrative business and make money without sweat. This is a multi-billion Dollar industry that many entrepreneurs want to tap into a you should too.

There are many suppliers of bags for dropshipping or importing to Nigeria, one good example is DropWow. They offer wide variety of bags from the best manufacturers at a relatively low price. You can get basically any bag you’re looking for on this site, they even sell bag accessories.

Bags will continue to be in demand as long as people keep traveling, moving to places and more — people just want to temporarily store things and using bag is a great way to do that.

3.      Phones & Accessories

In today’s world of constant communication, information and more, mobile phones have gone beyond making phone calls and texts. A typical smartphone today can be your camera/video recorder, mp3 player, scanner (you’ll need an app for this), your typewriter etc. The list is endless.

More awesome features will be added in the future, technology grows daily so don’t get freak out when you’re told your next smartphone comes with highly sophisticated features which may be literally beyond your imagination.

With the growing need of owning a smartphone, dropshippers and importers can cash in on this. People seem not to get enough of their current smartphones, some have two, three and more — even kids these days now owns a smartphone.

Many people get tired of using a particular smartphone, and there many reasons for this — new technology, new version, better specs etc. So, you can see the demand is really high, some people change their phones frequently so as to keep up with the latest on everything.

This is the best time to start dropshipping smartphones in Nigeria, the demand is really high and you can make good profit in the process.

NB: You could also dropship smartphone accessories to complement your smartphone sales. You would make more money doing this.

4.      Clothing Products

I don’t need to state the importance of clothes in our lives, it’s elementary! But I’ll say it’s a pretty lucrative item to start making money via dropshipping. We all wear clothes, we like to stock a wide variety of clothing in our wardrobes — old clothes, new clothes, latest fashion styles, these is what a typical wardrobe of an individual looks like.

People change clothes often and some do perform a wardrobe overhaul at some point.

Bottom line is; people like to have many clothes and I don’t know why — I think it’s inherent in humans.

Dropshipping or importing clothes is quite different from the conventional sale of clothes you may be used to. I’ll give you reasons why.

  • In dropshipping business, you can easily update your store by replacing old products with new ones, replace old trends with current trends. This is done for free. You don’t have to pay a dime.

But in the conventional retail or wholesaling of clothes, once you’ve bought your products from the manufacturer, you’ll need to buy again to update your trends even though you’re left with old stock. This scenario is eliminated via dropshipping — that’s the beauty of dropshipping clothes!

We’ve gone through generalized products above. Let check on more specific hot selling products for Mini-importation and Dropshipping in Nigeria.

5.      Slime

Slime is a really nice product and most sort after product in dropshipping. It’s a fun product to play with, a substance that can change from solid to liquid and solid to liquid.

There are different types of slime you could choose from; Fluffy slime, cleaning slime, popping slime, Glow-in-the-dark slime, Borax-free slime, and Glitter slime. It’s the most wanted product in the e-commerce market right now and dropshippers (and smart importer) do benefit from it.

You can get it from the popular Chinese brand — AliExpress or other top e-commerce sites.

6.      Wireless Chargers

Some technologies do get boring at some point and so is the case with wired charging. People need better ways to charge their smartphones these days, they’re beginning to dislike those long wires which at some point might get broken and therefore need replacement.

Wireless chargers, just like most wireless technologies, are here to stay. In fact, they aren’t going away soon. The convenience of placing your smartphone on a device and starts charging right away — nothing beats that. Although wireless charger may not deliver speeds like the wired chargers, it’s still worth having as research are working on improving its speed.

Dropshipping and/or importing wireless chargers is highly profitable and you should seize the opportunity to begin yours soon.

7.      Posture Correction Belts

Health is wealth they say!

People are looking for better ways to manage their health easily. Good posture is one sure way of living a healthy lifestyle. It quite difficult to obtain a good posture these days, with most jobs requiring us to assume wrong postures.

This problem could be solved with the use of ‘Posture correction belt(s)’ — it’s a belt that makes it easier to assume a proper posture whether at home or at work. It portable and easy to use — no wonder people are scrambling to get their hands on one.

As a dropshipper or aspiring importer, I see no reason you shouldn’t be adding this to your product list on your site.

8.      Waist Trainers

This may look as if it’s also “posture correction belt” but, waist trainer is different from posture corrector (or belt).

Some ladies are suffering from obesity and some others, want to have perfect body shape. That’s why it’s a great idea to start waist trainers’ dropshipping business in Nigeria.

You can buy a waist trainer for as low as $10 (N3,600) and sell it for N10,000 in Nigeria.

9.      Cosmetics & Jewelries

I don’t need to say much things about dropshipping and importing cosmetics products and jewelries. You know how ladies treats their makeups and always want to have the complete dressing, which includes using of matching jewelries.

So, if you’re thinking of going into dropshipping or mini-importation business soon, kindly think of these two hot-selling products.

Do you know that a powder can cost N50 and sold here in Nigeria for N300 – N500?

You don’t need to doubt this, Cosmetics and Jewelries are profitable products indeed.

10.  Home Utensils

What I mean by home utensils is everything we’re using at home. Ranging from bathroom to kitchen and in other part of a home.

This is what I’m saying, you can import products like toothbrush, pots, stoves or electric cooker, soap cases, towel, plastics, plates, jugs, cups, spoons, your extension box etc. All these products are either dropshipped or imported from foreign countries.

The truth is that, these products are cheap when bought from CHINA.

You may be thinking that China products are fake but let me tell you that more than 70% of products we are using in Nigeria comes from China, including your lovely smartphone.

So, think of these home utensil products and start your business like a pro!

In conclusion to Hot-selling Products for Mini-importation & Dropshipping in Nigeria

So, these are the hottest selling items you can lay your hands on in your dropshipping and mini-importation business in Nigeria. The above products have seen a reasonable amount of demand in the first half of the year and may likely continue beyond 2020.

Note, if you need to start a dropshipping business, I can help you set up a good and responsive dropshipping website. You can contact me here or visit our agency website to contact us.

What’s your take about these listed hot-selling products for mini-importation and dropshipping in Nigeria? Kindly let me know in the comment box below.

Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen is a Frontend engineer, technical writer, owner and part-time blogger here at Gbolamedia, incoming data scientist, an enthusiastic cynophilist, and a curious introvert. Stephen is currently available for full-time, part-time or contract-base role. Contact him here: on WhatsApp or check him on Linkedin


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