How to Link Your Phone Number with NIN – 2 Easy Steps


You need to urgently link your phone number with NIN now because, the Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC directed all Network Providers to block or deactivate SIM cards of their subscribers who have not link their National Identity Number (NIN) with their active phone numbers.

This Order by NCC created panic as this will result to millions of SIM cards to be blocked. The federal government is trying to have database of all Nigerians, and maybe to also combat any issue of fraud. Why? Because during SIM card registrations, all you need to do is to fill the KYC form with your details and the SIM reg. will register your SIM card for you without asking for your National ID card.

And according to federal government, the reason while the NCC partnered with Network providers and NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) to deal with it once and for all, is to cut theft, terrorism and kidnapping in the country.

They added that, the new development will make it possible to trace anybody they want to trace when needed.

In fact, some of these SIM registration agents will not ask you a question than your name, and they’ll input what they like in the SIM registration portal. The SIM card I bought last is an example. The SIM reg. agent do the biometrics himself and when his device camera couldn’t accept my picture, he snapped a lady in his shop.

Almost all SIM cards owners in Nigeria are victims.

But don’t panic, you’ll learn the right way to link your NIN with your phone numbers without paying a dime to anybody or going to any Network provider’s business office.

How to Link Your Phone Number with NIN in Nigeria

Here are easy ways to link your NIN with your phone numbers.  (Note that the steps varies with respect to your internet provider).

1.      Get Your National Identification Number (NIN)

This is of course the first attempt. If you have your brown NIMC paper, you can easily find your NIN at the left side of the paper slip just below your bio.

Just in case you haven’t got the brown NIMC paper or you misplaced it, you can easily get your NIN in two different ways:

How to Get Your NIN through SMS

By dialing this code >> *346# <<< on the number associated with your National ID card (the number you gave to the NIMC agent when you enrolled for NIN).

If you dial the code, select “NIN Retrieval” from the options by replying with “1” but, Select “NIN Search” from the option again (if you lost your details).

Your NIN will be displayed, note it down

Note that only MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile subscribers can get their NIN through this SMS method. And ensure that you have up to N20 or more on the phone number you want to use.

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After getting your NIN, the next thing is to link;

2.      Link Your Phone Number with NIN According to Network Provider

Here is where we are actually going to;

·       How to Link Your MTN Number with NIN

The first method is to use USSD code which is pretty easy.

Simply dial *785# and put in your NIN in the textarea that will appear.

You’ll receive a response that your NIN has been received successfully but still undergoing further verification. If you’re verified successfully, MTN will send you a message to notify you.

The second method is to use your browser. Ensure your data connection is active.

Go to

Fill in your details and click on “Submit”.

·       How to Link Your Airtel Number with NIN

Dial *121*1# on the Airtel phone number you want to link with NIN, Type in your NIN and that’s all.

You can also use the online portal.

Go to and follow the instructions.

·       How to Link Your GLO Number with NIN

You have to send a short message before you can link your GLO number with NIN unlike MTN and Airtel.

Here is how to do it;

Send “UpdateNIN NIN FirstName LastName” to 109

Note: You must type the “UpdateNIN”

Then replace the next (or standalone) NIN with your National Identification Number as shown on your ID card.

Then your First Name and Last Name.

E.g I will send >>> UpdateNIN 23457788939 Stephen Gbolagade <<< to 109.

·       How to Link Your 9Mobile Number with NIN

Code coming soon.

But for now, visit the nearest 9mobile office with your National ID Card to link your 9mobile Number with your NIN.

Frequently Asked Questions on Linking Phone Numbers with NIN

  1. How many days do I have left to link my phone numbers with NIN?

You have just less than 2 weeks left before they deactivate your phone number for failing to link your NIN as warned.

  1. Can I link more than one number to my NIN?

Yes, you can link more than one phone numbers, just ensure you follow the right procedure aligned above.

  1. Can I go to the Telecom office to link my NIN?

Yes, you can simply go there along with your National ID card or that brown slip to link it.

  1. Can I use my BVN instead of linking NIN with my number?

No, NIN is different from BVN. In fact NIN is linked to BVN too, so get your NIN and link your phone number before deactivation.


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