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New Apple Phone & PC Set To Hit The Market on July 9



Apple’s New Phone, PC To Be Available in Starting July 9 – Full Specifications And Prices

Apple’s refreshed line-up of MacBooks, iMacs, along with iMac Pro will be available in starting July 10

The devices were showcased at company’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California.

Apple’s upgraded MacBook Pros, new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, iMacs, and more products recently got a price-cut in 🇮n thanks to Goods and Services Tax (GST). Let us take a look at the new prices:

Apple MacBook Air, which has been updated with 1.8GHz Broadwell chip will be priced starting at ₹ 77,200 for the 128GB variant. The 256GB option will be priced at ₹ 92,500.

Apple upgraded all MacBook Pros (introduced in 2016) with Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake processors. Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro (without TouchBar) will cost ₹1,04,900 for 128GB option, while the one with TouchBar will be available starting at ₹1,54,900 for 256GB storage option. The 512GB version of Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, with TouchBar) can be bought at ₹1,71, 900. Coming to the 15-inch MacBook Pro, it will be available starting at ₹2,05,900.

Apple 12-inch MacBook will be priced at ₹1,04,800 for the base (256GB) storage model. The 512GB variant will be available at ₹1,28,700. It gets a 12-inch LED-backlit Retina display and new Force Touch keypad.

SOURCE: Duta Tech

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Guest Post

MalwareBytes: Top Free Anti-Malware Software for Digital Nomads



Have you heard about MalwareBytes before, it is a free and top malware software for digital nomads. As we know that, Malware comes in different form but one thing is for sure. We want our system clean; we don’t want it to attack our system.

MalwareBytes: What is Malware?

Basically malware is software or a program which is designed to destruct, damage and to gain access to our systems. Let’s put it simply “Malware is any piece of a program or a software which is written with the intent of doing stuff which a user don’t allow/ destroying, damage or to gain access to your systems”
Malware includes viruses, Trojan horses, worms and many others like spywares. These malicious can perform a lot of non-expecting functions like: destruction, stealing, encryption, deleting your data and hijacking e.t.c.

Does my computer have virus?

Top Tools For Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

No need to worry I have a quick solution which you can use to secure your system.

About MalwareBytes

It is an excellent malware tool, but free version lacks real time protection.
Malwarebytes is an American Internet security company with offices in Santa Clara, California, Clearwater, Florida, Tallinn, Estonia and Cork, Ireland. It specializes in protecting home computers, smartphones, and companies.
You can utilize THUS Anti-Malware free for whatever length of time that you like, however there’s a vital proviso: constant insurance, the quick ‘hyper scan’ mode and malevolent site blocking highlights all lapse following 14 days – and that implies you’re passing up a major opportunity for a portion of the program’s best highlights.

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MalwareBytes has made reputation for destroying every type of malware and spyware that different projects miss, and its chameleon innovation – which by and by lapses after a fortnight in the free form – implies it’s less powerless to assaults that purposely target security programming.

Think of the free version as a short-term savior or a test drive; the Premium version costs £19.95 (about US$30, AU$40) per year.
Don’t worry if you can’t afford “Download MalwareBytes Free Full Version”.

MalwareBytes always cutting edge software detects and removes Trojans, worms, Spyware, and other high risk malware.

MalwareByte Update Fix System Speed

A new update pushed by malwarebyte this week for their malware anti-malware product caused a lot of problems and bugs for their users. It actually caused mbamservice.exe consumed a lot of memory and upaward to 90% of consumption of central processing unit.
To simply resolve this issue simply start MBAM and check for new updates.

This is a Guest Post by Theehti Tech Blog

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5 Ways You Can Use Technology To Help your Business Especially in Nigeria



Technology helps us alot in term of business especially in underdeveloped countries like Nigeria. It helps both big and small business organizations or individuals to implement their profitable business idea(s), use their capital and acquire profits in effective, easier and smarter ways.

Using technology in your business will not only ease some arrant stresses but will also make you to familiarize your brand, products and services to the whole world!
The fact here is that, the whole world has turned to a global village because of technology and, making use of this must-have tool will yield more benefits than the transitional processes.

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But, how can you use technology to do well with your business and let it to more lucrative and firmly established? Here in this article, am going to tell you five (5) different guides on how technology can really be of help to your business especially in Nigeria without passing through any tedious process.

5 Ways You Can Use Technology To Help your Business Especially in Nigeria

==> (1) Use Technological Tools with Your Products or Services
Instead of using most of your time to trace one product or service meant to be delivered to a customer by traveling or taking a trip to the customer’s house, neglecting other business ideas and other customers to focus on just “a customer”, why can’t you simply adopt the using of what we call Tracking Software or Development?

Big companies like Jumia, Konga, Payoneer, Google and others make use of tracking software and this has really help their business alot.
I.e, it saves more time, expenditure, human labour and it increases their productivity.

Also, make use of project & task management tools to ease the stress of your business’ productivity and other responsibilities that must be taken care of. Bring everything in your business into the internet, use different software and applications.
And, don’t forget that everything about your business should be digitalized, I.e by adopting effective email management which you can use to send important informations to all your customers at once within a minute without leaving your house or office.

Top 7 Tools For Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

If you want to train your staff especially the interns, use webinar to expand your online business training, bring your team members who are in different locations to the same and single page.

Use Intranet e.g Wi-Fi service within your business. Financial Institutions (Banks) and other some companies do make use of this. This help them to save expenses on normal data use or call.

==> (5) Online Customer Service for Your Business Will be indeed Great
You can’t be using calling over calling for your business customer service, It will put more pressure on your customer care representatives and if you are dealing with thousands of customers who might need to get to your business through your customer care services, how many staff or workers will you employ to be dealing with this? Alot!

But technology it more easier for business owners to respond their customers’ enquiries. Social media can be use to conduct customer care service… All you need to do is to embed some lines of code or plugin related to this to your business website.
Also, allow the use of online help desk or ticket system to deal with customers issue and Use online surveys and questionnaires to know more about customers’ feedback.

Wrapping Up: How Technology Helps Your Business

Started frim the beginning to the end of this article, I have shared to five ways on how you can use technology to help you business… I hope it’s well understandable?

If yes, then help me to take just a minute to share this post with your friends on social media… Just click on the share button below.

Thanks and don’t forget to comment

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Guest Post

7 Top Tools for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers



Have you been surfing the search engines in order to get the top tools for digital nomads and remote workers? If yes, then this guest post by one of my reader is for you.

We are now in the era of technology, companies are using remote workers to boost their productivity and decrease cost. Remote Workers/Virtual Assistant is possible with access to high internet speed, Mobile technology and remote Gadgets with Gadgets meant for the specific task.

Companies like Dell, Cyber coders and WordPress are examples of companies that make use of remote workers and freelancers.
Their believe is that making use of the policy would help to increase workforce proficiency and it can give them edge over their rival. Whose require their workers to report in every day? Without some specific software created for the task, it won’t be possible; which we will discuss about in this article.

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Let start:

7 Top Tools for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

==> (1) Basecamp: Is a Web based Chat tool that allows the remote sharing of files and code in real life frame. It was produce by 37Signals, a private held company, its primary features are to-do-lists, forum-like messaging, file sharing and time tracking. It was designed for group communication.

Tools for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

==> (2) Pivot Tracker: Is a easy to use, collective and versatile software story based project management tool that give access to software development team to collaborate in real-time, it enable developers to spend more time on work instead of spending hours on writing report and others.

==> (3) Buffer: This software is mostly use by bloggers to schedule post for social media, it is a software use to manage social Networks. It is designed to allow the control of multiple social media account, it allow multiple control of social media accounts with few clicks (Post can be schedule to twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

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==> (4) Yammer: It allows private way of communication within company, Organization and Factories, allow Communication with customers, collaborate with business partners.

==> (5) Google Drive: is a great tool for remote workers, it is a Cloud storage, provide by Google. It allow users to do cloud storage, sharing of files and collaborative editing. You can save files for years, it allows easy accessibility to data, all you have to do is save, forget and retrieve later when needed.
Google Drive is also a remote Worker tool that allow users to share and save file provided by Google. It allow users to do Cloud Storage, file sharing and collaboration task, launched on April 24, 2012. It also provide office tendency for Windows and Mac OS Computers. It also users to access their files from Net without need for Apps.

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==> (6) Skype: Is a telecommunication application platform that focus on providing Video Chat, Voice Call, instant messaging and video Conference calls. Available in 9 Operating System (Window, Mac os, Linux, Android, IOS windows, Phololens, Xbox one) and in 108 Languages. It gives users the benefits to Communicate over the internet with the aid of Microphone reducing barrier in distance.

==> (7) TeamViewer: By mere looking at the the name, you should have being able to guess the function of the software (You should think of group work). It offers one of the world most collaboration tools, it provide remote support, connects people, places and things(Computers), web conferencing is allowed, it is accessible with a web browser and available in 10 Operating System(Window RT, Window Phone 8, iOS, Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Blackberry Operating System)

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