Top 10 Freelance Websites to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Ever thought of any joining any platform where you can earn some money online without spending a dime? Cool! I’ll be introducing top 10 free websites to make money online in Nigeria.

By the time you finish with this article, you’ll be glad that you found this amazing (hidden) freelance marketplace available for us in Nigeria.

But, there are people outside there who really don’t believe something like this. I mean most people think it’s quite impossible to have an online platform where you can make money in Nigeria without investing anything. Some people believe such websites will exist but it’s quite unfortunate that they’re not aware of any of these freelance websites to make money online in Nigeria.

If you’re fall into any of these two scenario above, it’s my pleasure once again that you are here reading this blog post. But I’ll advise you not to skim or rush anything because a slight missed information may take you another days (or years) of hard net-surfing to recover.

Today’s world has seen many upgrade in different sectors as technology is increasing by the day. Making money online in Nigeria has also seen significant upgrade as you can now earn passively via some legit websites without spending a anything.

There are more than 100 ways of making money online and from different sites. But here in this article, I’ll only mention just 10 of the freelance websites to make money online in Nigeria.

But people keep asking…….

How Can I Make Money Online in Nigeria?

Well, it’s pretty easy these days with sophisticated smartphones or laptops with data connection enabled.

There are different ways to make money online in this country ranging from blogging, freelancing, vlogging etc.

Check out this article on the latest ways of earn passively online in Nigeria for some ideas.

I don’t know which of the method of making money online you’ve been introduced to but if you can have access to any of the websites I’ll be sharing below, I’m sure that your story will change from bring pauper to progress.

The freelance websites to make money online in Nigeria aligned below have been tested and trusted with good reputation, and positive reviews from millions of users across the world. So, there’s nothing to be scared of.

Most of these sites requires people who are highly skilled in any works of life (mostly, digitally). This implies that you’ve got to have a skill so as to make money on them.

But note that if you’re interested in any of these websites, you’re aiming to become a freelancer.

Who is a Freelancer in Nigeria?

A freelancer in Nigeria is like a freelancer any where in the world.

A freelancer is someone who have mastered or know a digital skills and he/she render service related to his skills to people who are in need of it, while the person rendering this service collects money in returns.

Such skills includes as website design, content writing, graphic designs, digital marketing etc.

Read this article on how to become a successful freelancer in Nigeria for more ideas on who a freelancer is.

Top 10 freelance websites to make money online in Nigeria

1.     Fiverr |

This is the most famous website for making money online for Nigerians, with millions of Nigerians making consistent income on this platform.

Fiverr is currently rated as the best freelance marketplace in the world with millions of buyers and sellers transacting every day.

It’s also my #1 free website to make money online in Nigeria because i have personally been using the platform for more than 3 years till date.

Once you’ve got the skill to render and you have good communication skills, you’re going to get hired.

The minimum price of service on Fiverr is $5 which is equivalent to N1,800 and their is no limit to how much you can earn.

There are numerous positive reviews about Fiverr and how good the platform is with multiple methods of payment, ability to communicate privately, access to some job samples and many more, this has made it a go-to website for making money online in Nigeria.

You can easily get approved on Fiverr as a Nigerian and you don’t need to pay anything before you’re allowed to send offer or request to clients (otherwise known as buyers).

2.   UpWork |

This is a community of both expert and aspiring freelancers coming together to form one of the best freelance sites to make money in Nigeria.

UpWork currently have over twelve million registered freelancers doing approximately one billion dollar worth of jobs.

Most Nigerians make a lot of money online doing jobs online and UpWork offers you the opportunity to make a good living for yourself using their platform.

They’ve got 5 million clients who provide an estimated 3 million jobs yearly and you too can earn if you’ve mastered your trade, only the best get the best jobs available on UpWork.

But to be sincere with you, UpWork doesn’t approve Nigerians’ application.


Nobody knows but I’m sure if you’re a Nigerian, you will be guessing right now but anyway you may be right.

You can still get approved Upwork account if you know how to play the game nut there’s another thing about upwork; you’ll need to be buying ‘connects’ before you can be able to send offer or request to client.

Regardless of the minor issues above, upwork is the second best freelance websites to make money online in Nigeria!

3.   Asuqu |

Asuqu is a well-known brand in not just Nigeria, but also in Africa for connecting various freelancers to clients.

Like other freelancing or online money making websites, it’s free and easy to join but you’re charged 15% for any money you make on the platform and you get paid only after the completion of a project.

Asuqu was established with the aim of empowering Africans and since its establishment, they have 1,000+ registered users actively working on the platform.

Although, the platform is still new but there are tendencies you’re going to make money selling your skills before the competition gets too high like that of Fiverr and UpWork.

4.   Envato Studio |

From the name of this site, it’s evident that this portal was built for creative minds who wish to make money using their creative talent.

With categories ranging from WordPress theme design to logo designs, developer and designers can now make money with the help of their creativity on Envato Studio.

Envato Studio got a site that’s easy to navigate in other to ensure very smooth communication among clients and freelancers. Rated globally as one of the top 5 freelance websites available for freelancers.

This is due to their wide range of experts, cost effective services and more which you can get when you’re a freelancer on their platform.

5.    SourceGig |

Founded by Ejeme Otene Aaron, SourceGig is a good and local-based freelance websites to make money online in Nigeria without any sign-up fee, you’re only charged 10% for each completed project on the platform.

Payment is done instantly after completing your job to your bank account. They’ve got a mobile friendly site which makes it easier to make money even while on the go.

This is recommended site for Nigerians who wish to make money while plying your trade online. There is also a referral system which you can refer any job that maybe a little difficult for you to a highly skilled personnel.

6.   Toptal |

This is a company looking for top freelancers worldwide, with top firms seeking to hire you as a freelancer. They specialize on designers, software developers, financial experts, etc.

Some top firms with affiliations to Toptal includes, airbnb, HP, Zendesk, NetApp, and Thumbtack. With this you could sell your skill to any individual or one of the reputable firm in the today’s world and make money online easily while you’re in Nigeria.

Toptal has proven to be professional and they accepts experts into to join their platform in order to deliver the best possible service.

You’re also guaranteed of effective communication for both parties so as to ensure a seamless process of transactions.

7.    Guru |

Are you a guru in any field, do you have skilled fingers and brain for doing most complicated tasks?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you’ve got a chance to be hired by is an online platform that simplifies the process of connecting employers and freelancers. As a Nigerian looking to make money online, this should be one of your top freelance website to make some cool money.

There are more than a million jobs available on and you can join the 3,000,000+ who are already making money on this platform.

8.   ClixSense |

This is an online community for making money by completing various tasks.

There are many earning options on the ClixSense platform. They includes;

  • Paid Surveys — Manufacturer worldwide are looking to test their products/services online thereby posting surveys to get feedback from users about some certain products/service, you can earn money online while doing this.
  • Cash Offers — Another means of earning on the ClixSense portal is via cash offers where you are paid for downloading a specified app, watching videos and many more.
  • Referrals — Once you refer a friend and they sign up, you get to earn 30% of any money earned by your friend.

If you’re smart enough, you can make hefty income online on ClixSense.

9.   Swagbucks |

Many people may be little skeptical about the reputation of SwagBucks but take it from me, they do deliver on their promises.

At registration which is completely free, you get a $10 signup bonus but withdrawal can be done when you have a minimum of $25 on your Swagbucks account.

You may be asking…..

How can I earn on Swagbucks?

Well it’s pretty simple! All you have to do is to either:

  • Shop for products online
  • Watch Videos
  • Complete a questionnaire

Doing any of the three afore-mentioned above, you can begin earn passive income from the comfort of your home in Nigeria without spending a dime.

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk) |

Here is an online community where you can complete numerous online task and earn in the process.

Mturk is geared towards creating a seamless working environment among individuals and businesses by assigning micro tasks to various individuals.

With the increase in rate of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, developers get to benefit mostly from Mturk.

Mturk has so far been increasing in efficiency, optimized flexibility and the amazing thing is their reduced cost in today’s working environment.

Join amazon mechanical turk (Mturk) today if you’re really serious about making money online.

Wrapping up

Making money online is pretty easy (but not that easier) these days and we’ve got many companies which compliments your efforts by simplifying the process of making money online here in Nigeria.

As aligned above, you can join any of these freelance websites to make money online in Nigeria and start experimenting on them.

Share this article with your friends in order to help them also.

But wait, which will you be using and why? Tell us using the comment box below.


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