Is Pen-Name Right For A Writer?

Having A Pen Name, Is it wrong? This is a question somebody asked me before I slept yesterday. Though, the question was funny but a good one which I... Read more » – Legit or Scam Business?

Is Fiverr A Scam Business? Fiverr is a very legit business… Freelancers are making legit money there… Our problem in Nigeria, I think, it comes from some people’s side... Read more »

Effects of Gym Trainning on Human Reproductive Health – Frequently Asked Question

What is the effect of gym training on human reproductive health? While being overweight 🍕🥓🍦🍰 can make us infertile, too much exercise 🏃🏋⛹ can also make us less fertile,... Read more »

Should Parents Depends on Teens?

Parents Depends on Their Children Who Were Teens *QUESTION: is it right for parents to depend on their children while they’re still teens? Parents should always try their best... Read more »

How Can I Prevent Heart Attacks?

Prevent Heart Attacks ***QUESTION: How Can I Prevent Heart Attacks? Although some heart attacks can’t be prevented, there is a lot you can do to reduce the possibility of... Read more »

My Best Friend Is A Gossiper, What Should I Do?

Best Friend is a gossip queen ** QUESTION:- I found out my best friend is a gossip queen. What Should I Do? A friend who betrays people’s trust cannot... Read more »
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