Top 10 Business Ideas for Housewives & Moms in Nigeria

Lucrative business ideas for housewives in Nigeria – In today’s world women are beginning to take the initiative – not depending on their husbands for money and other material things, they’re getting it all on their own. Asides working class moms, housewives can also make good money by starting a profitable business.

In this post we’ll be going through some of the best business ideas for housewives in Nigeria. These ideas may be simple businesses or even tech-inclined in any way but, women are also doing great things in the world of tech. Most of this businesses requires little to no capital, some will requires some tutoring which you can find online.

Profitable Business Ideas for Housewives in Nigeria

1.      Catering (BAKING)

Catering is one good way any housewife could make good income, it doesn’t require much to do. I will say baking is a much easier option among the numerous catering ideas as it doesn’t stress you out – it easier!

In baking, you’re spoiled for options, there are lots of thing you could bake as housewife and make good money. We have, cupcakes, doughnut, meat pie, burger, little breads and even chin-chin. All these products will make you good money not matter where you find yourself in Nigeria – once they taste nice you make lots of costumers.

2.      Writing

If you’ve got good writing skills, then you could make good money writing for different corporations, and even yourself – by writing books.

If you’ve got the skill and perhaps don’t know how to go about it, then I’ll give you some suggestions on how to start.

As a mom at home all day, working offline wouldn’t be ideal – unless you wish to write books, if that’s not want you want. Then there are lots of online platforms seeking for good writers with good writing skills. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then you could visit any the freelance platforms listed here.

3.      Fashion Design

The fashion design industry in Nigeria is pretty huge and has lots of potentials for intending fashion designers. Although I’ll say this field of business is saturated, if you’ve got the ‘know-how’, a good fashion sense, and the right equipment, then you could make good money from the comfort of your home without depending much on your significant order.

I’ll say this type of business idea for housewives in Nigeria is more capital intensive than the two above, you’ll need to purchase some equipment to aid your work, as for workspace, you could choose a portion of any room, or any room and caress your hand.

4.      Web Design

Still on design, but now a much more tech inclined type – website design is of  business ideas for housewives in Nigeria that I can recommend to both men and women, because I have been doing this for a while and the return is pretty good than any other businesses i have invested in.

Gone are the days where certain professions are left for a specific gender, many technical and technological tasks were left for the male folks, with little to no participation from their female counterpart.

Today, lot of ladies are beginning to do great things in the world of tech and you could join the trend and maybe stamp your name in the ‘tech hall of fame’!

We have many web design agencies in the country who are doing pretty well, and they have females like you as part of their team members.

Women by default love design and as such, delving into this field wouldn’t be much of a tasks – it would be more like fun!

5.      Bead Making

Still dwelling on things that has to do with design and fashion, bead making is another good business ideas for housewives in Nigeria to make money.

Bead making I’ll say is less capital intensive – it requires little to no capital as you may already have some beads which you could use in starting up this nice business.

One good thing about bead making is its ease it gives to the maker, you could still do other things while making good beads.

6.      Digital Marketing

Moving back to more techy ideas, digital making has made many rich in recent times, it requires less effort as you could do this using any of you smart gadgets – your smartphone or PC.

Digital marketers are needed in our today world as businesses keep seeing the benefits of digital advertisement. The era of TV and radio jingles is slowly phasing away due to the efficiency of marketing digitally, you could target a specific set of individuals.

This business idea may be difficult to acquire mastery, not to worry if you’ve got the passion, then you could learn the ‘ins and out’ of this business on various online platform – Google, YouTube, Udemy and more.

7.      Vlogging

Vlogging functions more like blogging, but in this case, using audio-visual means in telling stories and ideas about things. Vlogging is beginning to gain credence in today information filled world, many bloggers are beginning to go visual, use videos to tell their stories.

People generally love learning through visual means as it’s easier to comprehend the information shared via the use of videos. If you think you can do this, then be prepared to get a camera, or preferably a smartphone with good camera for a start.

Get your ideas of income and go to to create a channel and go on to dominate your niche!

8.      Blogging

Blogging pays a lots – yeah it does and anyone could make good money in this business. This idea I would say is pretty nice as there is no limit to how much you can earn. There lots of bloggers in Nigeria today who are making money via blogging – students, working class persons and even housewives, there lies lots of money making possibilities.

Starting this business will require you to have a good gadget with good supply of the internet, constant research and reading on your chosen niche and the ability to convert your thoughts to words, with these in place, you ‘re good to go.

9.      Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is crucial to the success of any business, most businesses creates opportunities for affiliates who use their products or services and also wish to make some money in the process.

This is one of the best business ideas for housewives in Nigeria because, you don’t need to break the bank before you can start and, you can make lots of money while recommending or helping big companies to sell their products or services.

As a housewife who wish to venture into the business, you’d need some tutoring on how to go about it the right way – there are many who are affiliated to many companies, but they make little to no money, while others who go about it the right way make good money off it.


10.  Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the new gold in today’s internet driven business, a world where you could own a nicely furnished retail store right from the comfort of your home, run it effectively and make good money from it as a housewife.

There are numerous platforms for aiding you through the nitty-gritties of dropshipping in Nigeria, I’ve shared some of the best platforms for dropshipping in previous articles, do well to check them out.

As a housewife you could make lots of good money by owning a retail store online, as with affiliate marketing you’d need some tutorials in a bid to master this line of lucrative business.

Wrapping up – Top Business Ideas for Housewives in Nigeria

As a housewife you’d have little or nothing to worry about financially as long as you engaged in any lucrative business, the ideas outlined above are among the best you could think of. What’s your take on these business ideas for housewives in Nigeria? I’ll be waiting for your feedback(s) in the comment box below.

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