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11 Best Ways to Promote or Market Your Music in Nigeria and Beyond



Luckily, you landed here to learn how you can promote your music in Nigeria or any place you’re living in this world. I don’t know when you started the hustle as an upcoming artist, but I will open your eyes to some effective but often taken for granted music promotion strategies in Nigeria.

Music promotion in Nigeria may look so easy but believe me, it’s not! Because there many people like you aspiring you to be a superstar in their genre and this of course, leads to high competition in the music industry especially when it comes to facing those big lions who are already dominating the street.

But, what are the best ways to market or promote your music in Nigeria? Before going into the details, we need to quickly remind ourselves what Music Promotion or Marketing means.

What is Music Promotion in Nigeria?

Music Promotion and Marketing is one major and one of the most important things to clearly figure out and implement in the right way for an artist or a music record label to be successful in Music Business.

In my previous article, I have discussed with my readers fully about Music Organization, Struggles, and how to be successful in the business…

Many upcoming artists in Nigeria and beyond has blindly ignored the important roles of music promotion and marketing and, that is why they are still struggling to meet their focused target but gladly enough, you as a musician or an affiliated individual to the music industry will learn pretty well from my selected “Best Ways to Market or Promote Your Music in Nigeria & Beyond”.

But before going further into the details, let discuss some important keywords associated with this article.

Music Promotion & Marketing

Music promotion and marketing is simply the processes of taking your recorded song(s) from the studio (say point A) along some routes (Say B – Y) to the final consumer/fans (let say Z) who will buy and hear that song and, in the end, you earn some (huge) bucks into your bank account and as well, built many of fans along your channel of your music promotion and marketing.

There are many opportunities associated with Music Promotion in Nigeria which you might have to know some of them before this article but, I will also state few of these music promotion and marketing strategies in this article, all you need to do is to keep calm, don’t scroll until you finish reading the whole words and sentences in each paragraph.

So, let ride on;

11 Best Ways to Promote or Market Your Music in Nigeria & Beyond

 1. Music Giggling

This is the first best way in music promotion and marketing in Nigeria.

But you may be asking…

What is music giggling?
Music Giggling is simply the cultural way of promoting and marketing your music. And you learn that “culture” is the way of life, so, typically, Music giggling deals with promotions that go with what we normally do.

Below are the ways to do complete Music Giggling that pays:-

Do Free Music Show:- Starting from your school, your house, to your street, to the entire town or city. With this, you will gain popularity and build fans.

Open-air Play:- Get Your Songs played in restaurants, hotels, clubhouses, and other open-air places within and outside your locality.

Collaborate with big artistes who are popular already. I’m not saying you should go bankrupt when doing this, there are many artists who are ready to collaborate with upcoming artistes with low or no charge.

Try to connect with them and make a song together.

• Etc.

Music giggling as the first approach to music promotion in Nigeria will really help in taking your career to another great step. All you need is to start thinking of how you can put this into action.

2. Social Media Marketing

Billions of people across the world are using Social media networks every day.

They use this tool to get connected with the latest news, gossip, trends, etc that is happening around in the world.

Most people like bloggers, business owners use these platforms to woo clients, potential customers, and as well, build names and brands.

Read this guide to increase your social media presence as a music entrepreneur. I hope this guide will help you.

A musician in Nigeria also can use social media to build name, record label’s brand, promote songs, and even meet other artistes.

The following are some Social media networks you can use:-

• Pinterest
• StumbleUpon
• Reddit
• Etc.

Olamide, a very famous Nigerian musician signed 3 artistes in a day on Instagram. There are many opportunities awaiting you on social media to promote your music in Nigeria, In fact, Music promotion in Nigeria and any other place in the world can’t be achieved without social media!

Read this tips to make money from Instagram for free

3. Promote & Market Music Digitally

If we are both alive until this century, we will be definitely sure that the Internet has taken over everything.

As explained in #2, I said social media plays a very vital role in music promotion and marketing.
There are some Digital marketing tools that will also help you… Even, more than your expectations.

Below are some Digital Sites to Promote, Market and Sell Your Music in Nigeria:-

• Etc…

NOTE:- Click on anyone you wish to use above and you will be directed to the website where you will create your own account. Also, procedures to register your account will be given to you on the website.

4. Music Promotion in Nigeria Through Websites &  Blogs

This is the most used method in music promotion in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

One thing you must do behind the scenes of your music career is to get and have your own website or blog for your record label to promote both your songs, build fans through those who visit your blog or website. Having your own blog or website is not enough in promoting your music but, the most effective way is to Reach out to Other Bloggers who are on entertainment, music, or general niche.

Thankfully, we have thousands of websites where you can promote your music in Nigeria with affordable cost price. An example is Naijaloaded.

P.S: To Create and Design your own website or blog, Hire me now.
Send me a message on WhatsApp or Call: 080 6886 6068

But you may want to ask…

How Much Does It Cost to Promote Music in Nigeria

The cost of music promotion in Nigeria varies from as low as N10,000 – N30,000 and, to infinity depending on the bloggers you approach and the popularity of the blogs. So, there is no precise cost price to promote your music in Nigeria. Big blogs like Naijaloaded will charge from N50,000 upwards.

When I was blogging on the music niche, my first payment was just N500 because the blog was so new then. But as time goes on, I started collecting N2,000 to N10,000.

10 Popular Sites You Can Promote Music in Nigeria

Below are few but famous websites you can promote your music in Nigeria:


Apart from NaijaPals where you can upload your song for free (but you’ll promote yourself), other popular sites listed above will take nothing less than N30,000 to help you upload and promote your music in Nigeria…

5. Upload Your Music Videos to YouTube & Social Media

What we see virtually stores in our brain than what we hear only.
Music Videos promotion in Nigeria is also effective than what you may think. Billions of people watch videos online every day, while can’t you tap your own fans from these people, why can’t you give your videos for them to watch and see your creativity and talent’s manifestations?

On YouTube which is the second most visited website in the world (Alexa Ranking), billions of people uploads and watch videos on the website every day.
The amazing thing I love about YouTube is its monetization…

What do I mean?

I mean, you can upload your videos for free and make money on it from what we know as “AdSense“.
Please, read this guide about Making Money with YouTube videos.

Apart from YouTube, below are Video websites where you can do Music Promotion and Marketing:-

• Vimeo
• DailyMotion
• Facebook Video
• Instagram Video
• Etc.

6. Use E-mail Marketing

Bloggers and webmasters use E-mail campaigns to share their contents, eBooks, and other products to their subscribers and in return, this yields them large subscribers, traffic, and finally to sales.

Note:- You create an account with a mail handler and, you integrate it with your website or blog through a code that you will generate from your mail handler account. There are free plans which you can be used but, if you have some bucks, you can go for Premium.

Click and sign up on any of the following mail handlers:-

• Maligne
• Etc..

In this blog, I use Mailchimp and it’s very easy for me to use in collating potential readers as my subscribers, You also can try it out.

7. Paid Advertising

You can as well do paid advertising to promote and market your music.

Paid Advertising often appears on websites that relate to your ads’ texts globally.
You will have to pay some bucks and choose a plan that’s is more affordable to you.

Below are some Big Advertising Networks where you can promote and market your music:-

• Google Adwords
• Facebook Ads
• YouTube Ads
• Instagram Ads
• LinkedIn Ads
• Twitter Ads
• Etc..

If you are interested in any of the Advertising networks above, search for it on google, and the website that offers the service will appear first, click on it and follow the prompt procedures.

NOTE:- You Must have a MasterCard.

Other Ways of Promoting & Marketing Your Music in Nigeria Are:-

•*8. Try to secure and have Radio Interviews

•*9. Crowdfunding:- Join crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo

•*10. Find Disc Jockey (DJ) to help you mix your songs and play them during his outings.

•*11. Build an App for your Music Brand. To do this easily, Click Here.

Wrapping up – Music Promotion in Nigeria

If you are reading this part, that means you have been following me all the way from the genesis of this article and now, you are reading my final conclusion but wait, have you been Inspired at all?

So far in this article, I have taught you 11 Best Ways to Market or Promote Your Music in Nigeria or anywhere you are.

Did you have any questions, queries, or comments? I will be very glad if you can let me hear it through the comment box below and, I promised to get back to you.

Thanks for reading and, please share the love!




    David k

    August 4, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    Thanks so much bro, this post is the best ever…….❤️❤️❤️


    Centre Stuff

    September 8, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    Nice Post bro… May God see us through in this hustle.I love and appreciate it, one love.



    September 14, 2019 at 5:18 pm

    Very Interesting Post and Well detailed. ❤️



    October 15, 2019 at 12:26 am

    Thanks my brother and friend for your bank of information about the music industry


    Smen Music

    October 17, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    Great post, blogging and influencial promotion is one of the best among the list. You can reach more followers and fans quickly.

    You can distribute your music to Boomplay. Smen Music Distribution will get your music on Boomplay for Free.

    Visit https:// smenmusic.



    October 29, 2019 at 7:00 am

    Please, one must have at least how much to promote a video and a song, Please quick answer, I have some one to help me now. And if you can help me, Please tell me how to spend it

    • stephen olgade

      October 31, 2019 at 3:59 am

      From N15,000 upwards… But contact me on WhatsApp (080 6886 6068) to discuss about this.



    November 11, 2019 at 6:32 am

    Thank alot for this wonderful insight actually information is power..



    December 4, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    This is very powerful sir, I will chat you on WhatsApp I have already built website but I seek for a professional who can manage the site for me.


    Mati Splash

    December 15, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    So excited. Am happy for Reading this Post.


    Fidelinho Johnson

    February 28, 2020 at 8:07 pm

    Thanks bro. You really get me inspired, I can’t really appreciate u a lot, till we see 1 good day!



    April 14, 2020 at 9:25 pm

    Very helpful, thanks Alot.

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Social Media Marketing

7 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs to Track Customers’ Behaviours in 2018



What Are the Free Digital Marketing Tools Available in Nigeria to Understand My Customers’ Behaviors on Search Engines & Social Media?

You guys might have been asking questions such as the one in the heading of this post or simple questions like: “How can I learn about my customers and what they need?” If these are the type of questions you have been asking yourself or something related, then, I’m very happy to have you reading this blog post.

But before going further, have you ever heard about ‘free digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs’ to track your customers’ behaviours on either internet or social media pages? This is the best way to learn more about your customers and what they really want to buy.

If you are an entrepreneur in this modern world, you will agree with me that ‘digital marketing’ is one among the best ways to boost your sales by creating more awareness about your business or brand (including what you sells) to the targeted or prospective customers through ‘Social Media Marketing’.

But, there is a need for you to track your customers’ behaviours on those social media pages. Without you, knowing what your customers really want or what they interacts with, then all your marketing strategies is nought!

READ: Top Tools for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

I believed that I don’t have too talk too much about what social media marketing (SMM) is, because you are already familiar with using of social media sites to share your opinion and most times, what you do either with your friends, family or business partner and I’m sure you will agree with me that it’s the best marketing tools so far (provided you know how to use it).

digital nomads.

You can’t just rely on ‘social media’ sites to learn about your customers, some reviews left on your Facebook pages, Instagram comments’ area etc., are motivating but most of them are not really true. And to make use that those reviews are crystal true or not, you can’t be asking your fans or customers personally about how they feel when they use your product or service.

A well-known digital marketing agency once said that your customers or clients always leaves ‘trails’ about what they want to buy or what they want on social media sites, search engines, and the internet at large. You, as a Smart Entrepreneur either in Nigeria or where you are will need these ‘trails’ to increase your productivity, consumers’ satisfaction and marketing strategies.

But, you can’t get these ‘trails’ without the use of technology-driven digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs and digital marketers which you can start using today in order to learn more and understand your customers including what they want to buy.

What are these free digital marketing tools you can use to learn more about your customers? Here in this article, I will tell you top 5 most used tools you can use to understand your customers and learn more about what they want to buy:

Free Digital Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2018

1. Google Analytics
Google analytics has been my best digital marketing tools which I use to learn more about my blog readers. I use this tools on all my blogs to understand how much they are really interested in what I writes, how many time they spend reading each content, the countries they came from, what refer them to my blog, their age, gender and what they are interested in etc.

This tool is so professional especially for bloggers, Ecommerce website owners, webmasters, social media marketers and other digital nomads to track their customers (also know as ‘Traffic’) and their behaviours.

The best thing about Google analytics as a digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs is that, it’s FREE to use. There’s no limitation to any of its features. All you just need is to add your website to it and verify that you are the real owner of the website and that’s all.

If you’ve not been using Google analytics as one of your digital marketing tools, I will advise you to sign up for it today with your Google mail account (gmail).

2. Hootsuite
While Google analytics is very advisable if you have a website or blog, Hootsuite is another digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs which you should also be using if you are the type that goes cr*zy on ‘social media’ while promoting your brand.

With Hootsuite, you can track all your social media pages at once! If it’s connected with you website and social media pages, you can set to automatically share your website or blog content to all your social media pages at once.

You can also use this tool to know when and where your brand (or your competitors’ brand) is mentioned when you set up feeds for it. With this, you can track what people are saying about you on any social media pages and how you can improve or rectify faulty area in your business.

Read: 7 Most Amazing Social Media Marketers Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Business

Pertaining to your competitors, you can set up feeds for them as I said earlier. This will let you know how they interacts with their customers and how their customers retaliates.

Hootsuite is a sure digital marketing tools for social media marketers and you. I will advise you to start using this tools today if you want to learn more about your customers.

Remember that more than 2 billions of people are using just Facebook everyday not to add up how many people are using other social media sites. So, tap some people from social media pages to become your customers by learning more about them.

 3. SurveyMonkey
Remember I once said you can’t start asking your customers individually about how they feel about your brand though, oral discussion would have been better to understand them more but you know it’s going to be time consuming and financial draining.

But, do you know that with technology advancement, you can ask your customers different questions about your brand without leaving the comfort of your office or home and you will surely get honest replies from them? Yes, you can achieve this even in a better and professional way..

SurveyMonkey will help you make a professional and honest survey about your brand, your customers’ opinion pertaining to your brand and how you can improve your brand ways of production, marketing and support.

SurveyMonkey won’t act like a not but a more professional digital marketing tools to get honest reviews from your customers but, make sure you ask good and reasonable questions with the aim of helping your brand to grow sales.

 4. Buzzsumo
Let quickly get back to social media when combined with website again. Remember I said Google analytics is good to have full insight about visitors’ behaviour on your website or blog while hootsuite will help you get all your social media pages together.

But I really love Buzzsumo for my contents and competitors’ contents’ research.

You don’t understand what Buzzsumo does?

Okay, Buzzsumo helps entrepreneurs especially bloggers and social media marketers to trending website contents on social media (or high social media signals).

This includes detection of trending ‘Keywords or Search terms’ people are reading on the internet and how much such contents is trending on social media.

Most of your customers are using social media everyday, they interacts with whatever they like to interact with, on social media while leaving ‘trails or clues’ of what they need. You can get this ‘trails’ using Buzzsumo.

Make sure you use this tool whenever you want to write a new salescopy or blog posts because, it will help you determines how your contents will trend on social media and internet at large.

5. Google Trends
They said ‘Google knows everything’, did you ever believe that? If you believe, then you agreed with the fact that Google is the most used search engines in the world, right?

You know, a lot of people including you and I search for some terms on google everyday. Google makes use of these data (search terms) to help digital marketers and bloggers about what is trending on the internet through a special digital marketing tool known as ‘Google Trends’.

Just like the name implies, Google Trends will show you all trending search terms, location where they are searched and this will in turn help you to know topic and keywords you can use to understand your existing customers through what they searches for, and woo new customers by pitching your business or brand’s services or products to them according to what they’ve searched for.

If you know about search engines’ optimization or keyword research, then this will be no storage to you.

Also, Google Trends is free to use and helpful.

6. Chatfuel
Facebook is the largest social media network in the world with average users of two billion per day. Most of your customers are using Facebook each and everyday to do one thing or another.

But as a smart entrepreneur, you can use Facebook to learn about your customers, what that need and what they don’t by using a digital tool known as ‘FB messenger chatbot’ which you can built using chatfuel.

If you are using chatfuel or any other bots’ builder to your Facebook chatbot, you just need to set up some AI rules pertaining to your business inform of questions and answers.

This is very different from conducting a survey. With Facebook chatbot, you can learn more about what your customers need through the phrases they input or asks your bot.

You can also use it to get your customers details including email addresses, countries and so on. These details which was automatically collected by your not can be used for marketing purpose.

Read: Top Business Strategies that Work for Startup Entrepreneurs 

In fact, Facebook messenger chatbot is one of the most trending marketing strategies used to reach wide audience. And I strongly recommend chatfuel for you because it’s very easier to build messenger chatbot without ‘coding’.

7. Ahref
Ahref is a beautiful and professional tool for digital marketers, bloggers or content marketers. Ahref is purely for SEO. To learn more about how your contents is trending on search engines.

You can use this tool as well to spy on your competitors website ranking including keywords, backlinks, domain & page authorities, backlink disavowing etc.

You can use this tool for content marketing, keywords research and full website SEO analysis. This tool will really help you in ranking your brand high on search engines.

Ahref is free also but has premium plan which you can opt for, in order to enjoy advanced services.

If you are reading this conclusion part, that means you have read about all the seven digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs which they can use to learn more about their customers.

I will advise you to start using these free digital marketing tools today and start seeing better version of your brand.

Do you have any question or you will like to add more to this article? Please kindly contact me immediately or signify using the comment box below. I love hearing your feedback about my blog posts. Kindly let share those feedbacks and reviews using the comment box below.

Please share!!!

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Social Media Marketing

25 Proven Ways To Grow Your Social Media Presence As An Entrepreneur



Your business really need to have huge and impressive social media presence among your competitors.
Why? Because with social media, you will gain alot of visitors from different geographical location in the world which most of them will turn to your customers or clients and, I do know that you have had alot of testimonies on how social media can help your business either from a friend or acquaintance.

The best ways to grow your business social media presence is to become a social media influencer. A social media influencer is someone who have created an online empire of followers and friends through social media sites. Most of this influencers has more than four thousand (4000) friends and active followers on Did You Know That Doing Business Is Now Possible on WhatsApp? Click Here to Get Started and Download FREE “WhatsApp for Business App”

How can you become an influencer? You don’t need to bother yourself too much again because, that is the reason I prepared this article for you and I hope it meet your expectations.
In one of my blog posts, I have highlighted Seven (7) amazing social media marketing tips which you can implement to promote your business but today, I will be telling another 25 Ways to Grow Your Business’ Social Media Presence and my aim for this article is to help you increase your products or services’ sales or patronages.

Without wasting much time, let quickly dive into the main topic;

25 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence As An Entrepreneur – The Beginners & Pro Guide to Become An Influencer

==> (1) Identify Goals and Objectives:
Before you make anything live and public on any social media sites, always make sure that you your goals and objectives for writing that posts are well emphasized and you should make your words especially keywords simple to understand.

==> (2) Let Them Know you are Human:
What do I mean by this? I mean you should Let your audiences see a cool side of you. Always interact with them on your social media accounts – Very often! This doesn’t mean just spamming up your timeline with arrant links when posting your article and expecting them to read or click on it.

==> (3) Understand Their Needs:
Understanding what your audience needs will help you be able to interact with them on a more intimate level. Knowing what they want to read about and what they believe in will help you understand what you need to give to them.

==> (4) Include the Icons on Your Website:
Make sure to include the icons of your social media networks on your personal website. This will make it easier for those coming to read your stuff to like and follow you.

==> (5) Link Your Profile to Your Website:
Link your Facebook, Twitter, or any of your other social media profiles to your website.

READ: Why You Need A Business Mentor and 5 Qualities of A Good Business Mentor

==> (6) Share with Everyone:
Share your social media accounts with everyone you know. Don’t be spammy – but don’t be afraid to share.

==> (7) Create an Integrated Social Media Strategy:
You want to make sure each social media network you are involved in serves a purpose.

==> (8) Produce Valuable Content:
You also want to ensure you are producing the most valuable content – not only into your blog but also on your social networking accounts.

==> (9) Engage with Everyone:
You want to engage with those who post on your social media pages. This means when someone posts something, talk back to them.

==> (10) Optimize your Social Media Accounts:
Optimizing your social media accounts means using keywords. Use the keywords that go with your business.

==> (11) Use Hashtags Often:
Hashtags are in these days. Everyone is using them to bring more people to their blogs or websites. Using hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus will help bring more people onto your social media accounts and your website – but use them carefully.

==> (12) Add the Social Icons to Your Emails:
Think about it: You send out emails all day long. If you have your social media icons in your email, people will likely get curious and start to check out your pages and eventually, your website.

==> (13) Provide a Benefit to Your Audience:
People who visit your social media page or website are asking ‘What’s in it for me?’ Show them by giving something away for free – something designed to draw them into your business by building trust or peaking interest.

==> (14) Branch Out:
Don’t just use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram. There are tons of other social media platforms.

==> (15) Use Games:
People like to respond to questions, and they like to be right. Using trivia games to bring in more likes, follows, and traffic is a great way to build up engagement and bring in more customers.

==> (16) Consistently Post at a Comfortable Rate:
It gets frustrating visiting one of your favorite blogs and seeing it hasn’t been updated in a while. This means you should post often at a comfortable rate.

==> (17) Try Not to Outsource:
Try to post on your blog, website, and social media accounts yourself. This will give you an authentic look. If you do decide to outsource, make sure it is to someone who has a similar voice to yours.

==> (18) Do your Research:
Each type of business is going have different experiences on social media – for example, a restaurant is going to have a much different plan than a used car lot. Take the time to research other ways to get more likes and follows to your social media accounts.

==> (19) Give them a Reason:
Give your customers a reason to like your page and follow you on Twitter. Show them you will be posting often and make sure to post interesting updates often.

==> (20) Tackle Customer Complaints Efficiently:
If you do end up with a complaint from someone on your website, tackle it fast and efficiently. Respond and be professional – even if they aren’t.

==> (21) Provide Questions and Answers:
Provide questions and answers on your social media accounts and your website. Use a frequently asked questions section to help answer their questions efficiently.

==> (22) Ask Clients to Share and Connect
Sometimes just by asking your clients and maybe even potential clients to share and connect with your social media networks, you just might be able to bring in more fans.

==> (23) Create a Plan and Stick to it
Create your plan to bring in more fans. Stick to it and do what you think is working more often. If you find something that works really well, stick to it.

==> (24) Treat Each Social Network as an Individual One:
Treat each social network account individually. Share them individually and share them often to bring in more fans.

==> (25) Go Further in Customer Service:
Make sure if someone has a problem, go above and beyond to help them reach a conclusion. If you do this, it will show you are doing your best to provide them with as much help as possible and they will realize you are a good person with a good business. This will make them want to come back.

Summary & Conclusion: 25 Ways to Grow Your Business’ Social Media Presence – Becoming An Influencer Are:-

• Identifying Goals and Objectives
• Interacting with Your Followers & Friends
• Understanding their Needs
• Including your Website’s Icon or Logo to Your Posts
• Link your Social media accounts to your Website
• Sharing your Posts and Social Profiles With Everyone
• By Creating an Integrated Social Media Strategy
• Produce Valuable Content
• Engage with Everyone
• Optimize your Social Media Accounts
• Use Hashtags Often
• Add the Social Icons to Your Emails
• Provide a Benefit to Your Audience
• Branch Out
• Use game
• Consistently Post at a Comfortable Rate
• Try Not to Outsource
• Do Your Research
• Give them A Reason
• Tackle Customer Complaints Efficiently
• Provide Questions and Answers
• Ask Clients to Share and Connect
• Create a Plan and Stick to it
• Treat Each Social Network as an Individual One
• Go Further in Customer Service

That’s all… Please, don’t just read only but take action! Do you have any questions or idea, kindly let us discuss it/them by telling me what’s your view about this article in the comment box below.

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WhatsApp Business App – A Great Tool for Customer Care Service



As an entrepreneur, have you heard the good news that WhatsApp Business App is now available for us in Nigeria?

In one of my post, “Social Media Marketing Tips for Business Effectively”, I made a well-detailed explanation on how you can use social media sites to woo customers and boost your sales and I made mentioned of building more followers on Instagram for effective social media marketing.

But, as at the time of writing the article, WhatsApp Business App hasn’t been made available for download and use in Nigeria.

So in this article, am going to work you through the complete guides on how you can create a sales empire for your business with WhatsApp Messaging App.

The new version of the messaging app focused on small-scale businesses. It allows entrepreneurs to communicate with their customers easily.

I know that this is going to be easy than the previous & normal WhatsApp app which only focus on chatting, status updating, sharing of files, documents etc. But the Amazing feature I love about the previous app is the enablement of the Broadcast List which can also be used for your business promotion but this new WhatsApp for Business App will help you more than a lot.

It will allow you to your own WhatsApp business profile or account with important information like Business name, Website, email, store/office addresses, email, business descriptions, WhatsApp verified business account listing, labels (for contacts) and other amazing features like Metrics which will gives you the reports about your messages.

NOTE:- All features on the previous WhatsApp messaging app are also on this WhatsApp Business App.

One of the FAQs by those who haven’t got the app or still hesitating to get it is that, “Can they be able to use the WhatsApp for Business App and the normal WhatsApp messenger on the same smartphone?”
Well, according to 7 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips To Promote Your Business

How to Setup Whatsapp Business App Profile: Dealing With Features and Their Functions

==> (1) Business Profile:- This includes your business/store/office address, contacts (including Emails and Website), description, Time you normally open everyday.
Function: With this, your customers will be able to get basic information they need above your business and how they can easily locate your business.

==> (2) Label: This is a great feature which you can use to categorize your business clients. For instance, some maybe categorized under New Orders, Paid and Complete Others, Pending Payment, Paying Customers etc.
You can also add a custom label of your own.

==> (3) STATs: Tell you how far your messages are sent. I.e, whatsapp business app will tell you if your messages has been sent successfully, delivered and read. This is not a new feature, I guess you know.

==> (4) Business Messaging Tools: This featured tools includes:-
• Away Messages to indicate that you’re away;
• Quick Replies to save and reuse messages you frequently send;
• Greeting Message to introduce your new contacts/customers to your business.

==> (5) Customer Service or Whatsapp Web: This is where you complain about any issues or error challenging you and also, you can ask any questions through this tool.
Note that, this tool will direct you to your browser in order to connect you with Whatsapp Website.

==> (6) Access Normal Whatsapp & Whatsapp Business App On the Same Smartphone: You can use these two app on your phone but with two different phone numbers.

==> (7) Landline/Fixed Number Support: Here, you are privileged to have an Hotline Phone Number for your business which you can easily and always be contacted with.
All you need to do is that during your verification, choose the “Call me” option to receive the code over a phone call.

==> (8) Some other Features: This includes all other features you have been using on your normal whatsapp messenger before such as sending of photos, audios, videos, status etc.


I hope this article will help you to get started with Whatsapp Business App without facing any stress? Please, do tell us what you think about this App.

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