#FinTech: 10 Best Personal Finance Apps in Nigeria


Just like in different parts of the world, personal finance apps in Nigeria are capable enough to keep track of your business’ monetary transactions while maximizing the potential of making incentives on the way.

In a country that’s slowly catching up with digital trends, the citizens, who in search of money, have resorted to less prominent ways of making money and transacting business. The ease of setting up and running a profitable business is beginning to get better.

To make it much better, smart Nigerians have invented much better ways of facilitating business, carrying out financial transactions, or online money-making by creating suitable platforms to enable better businesses and most importantly, a good financial life.

Enter Fintech apps in Nigeria!

Today, I’ll be sharing the best 10 personal finance apps in Nigeria to take your finances to the next level. I’ve made more money by utilizing these apps. The good part is that they’re all available on your favorite app store, whether Android or iOS.

Before we dive in, kindly note that this post and the contents therein is not financial advice. You’re solely responsible for transactions or investments carried out on any of the apps below.

While this post stands to inform you, I also advise you to carry out proper research before making any investment or carrying out any transactions.

Now that we understand each other, let’s explore the top Fintech or personal finance apps in the country.

Best Personal Finance Apps in Nigeria – (Fintech apps)

1. Piggyvest

One of the best personal finance apps in Nigeria, Piggyvest is all you need to take your saving to another level. So basically, Piggyvest is a high-interest saving account that gives you more incentives than what you get from your commercial banks.

Piggyvest comes with many savings packages with interest rates ranging from 7 – 13% per annum. The Safelock feature lets you lock out funds for a long time. A similar thing applies to the Target Savings feature where you can incentivize your savings plan by setting a target.

These are two of the best saving plans on the Piggyvest platform but there’s more to it. You also get an investment option right at the heart of the app. With Piggyvest, you just can’t go wrong. Plus it’s got one of the best-looking designs which makes it much better looking and fun.

The best part of this app is that, you’ll be rewarded N1,000 if you join now and start saving money.

…and If you invite 1 person to use the app just like you, you will be given another N1,000 as referral commission. If you invite like 10 people, how much will Piggyvest give you as reward? Do the math yourself.

Note that the main purpose of this fintech app is to help you save and invest wisely, the referral bonus should be taken as ‘bonus’.

Click here to start using Piggyvest now!

2. Barter (By Flutterwave)

We all know Flutterwave, at least you should if you’re conversant with online payments over the last couple of years. But this is Barter, a really useful app for carrying out payments.

Paying for online services has never been this easier. Barter breaks the barrier of the dollar spending limit on Naira’s debit card. Its flagship feature is the ability to create and use Virtual Cards (especially dollar cards).

With Barter, you can pay for your favorite online services like Spotify subscription, Apple Music, and a host of other services. It cost just $2 to create a fully-functional dollar card, while $4 will give you a working Gift Card. 

Do check out Barter as a host of other amazing features awaits you on the app.

3. Bundle

Though they’ve been other cryptocurrency service providers in Nigeria, in just a short period, Bundle has taken the crypto space by storm. 

This is one of the best personal finance or fintech apps in Nigeria that lets you buy and trade in your favorite digital currencies with ease.

With as little as N1,000 you can state making from some crypto money from Bundle. The charges, as compared to other providers, are relatively cheaper. Plus, you also get your favorite cryptos like BTC, BNB, ETH, Doge, TRX, and more.

Bundle also lets you save in your favorite stable coins and earn some cool interests. There are Fixed and Flexible saving options to also make money.

Bundle is still in its early days, but with many subtle improvements in recent times, we can only expect nothing but the best in the coming years.

Click here to Join Bundle for FREE!

4. Invest Bamboo

Up until recently, there’s been this belief that it’s practically difficult to invest in the stock market due to its accompanying complexities. Well, that’s in the past and left for historians to add that to their history books. 

With the Bamboo app, investing in the stock market (U.S. Stocks) has been made much easier.

Bamboo allows you to earn commissions by investing in some of the top U.S. firms like Apple, Tesla, Google, and more. 

The app also features a watchlist to keep track of your favorite stocks. In the same light, you also get the latest news, information, and educational materials on better ways to grow your stocks. It’s another nice app to add to streams of income.

5. BuyCoins Africa

With cryptocurrency going mainstream in Nigeria, more and more service providers are springing up to make digital currencies more accessible to Nigerians. And this is where BuyCoins comes in!

BuyCoins_Africa is a traditional cryptocurrency app that allows Nigerians to buy, hold, and sell their favorite cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, USDC and NGNT. 

A good thing about the Buycoin app is its ease-of-use. Even a newbie will go through the numerous functionalities available on the app. To get the full benefits of the Buycoin app, you’ll need to provide valid documents such as BVN for verification purposes.

The best thing about Buycoin is the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading!

While it’s quite difficult for some exchange and trading platforms to quickly adapt to the CBN bans on Cryptocurrency in Nigeria, Buycoins is among the top platform that has been supporting P2P trading in Nigeria.

Asides the P2P trading, you can also use Buycoins’ sister app, SendCash_Africa to receive payments, especially freelancers who offer services to non-Nigerians. Your location shouldn’t be a barrier. You can add crypto as an option for receiving payment.

6. Kuda Bank

Digital banking is slowly becoming a trend in the Nigerian financial system. And Kuda Bank is at the forefront of it all. 

Also known as the ‘Bank of the free‘, Kuda is changing the way we carry out banking activities and this is why it is first banking app to make the list of this best personal finance apps in Nigeria.

Unlike what we have with conventional commercial banks, Kuda Bank is free of SMS alert charges, card maintenance fees, and other fees that we usually pay on using these banking services. 

Kuda also offers advanced levels of security to safely use your account. And as an extra, freelancers can easily receive their Payoneer funds by linking to their Kuda account.

The best part?

You don’t need to visit a physical office to own an account, you even get a free debit card once you open an account.

use “XN566F1L” to Join & Click Here to Start Using Kuda Bank Now

7. VFD Microfinance Bank

Not entirely a virtual bank, but VFD Microfinance bank does provide services in tandem with digital banks. VFD is quite new but has gained traction in just a few years of launching, and was even endorsed by Don Jazzy. 

VFD Bank provides all the financial services you also get from other commercial banks. No arrant charges, all transactions are almost free except what is beyond VBank’s capability such as the cardless withdrawal services and cable payment.

But the good thing is: you cut your losses on flimsy charges which you get from these other banks. But there’s more. VFD Microfinance finance bank also gives you wonderful interest on your savings if you choose to. 

You also get access to various loans like employee, travel, secured, or unsecured loan, if you meet the requirements. The mobile app also lets you pay for bills, flights, TV subscriptions, and many more. It’s a complete banking package you can’t resist.

Use this code “N8AXD” to Join VFD (VBank) Today & Start Enjoying Good Banking Transactions!

8. Chipper Cash

Making cross-border payments hasn’t been this easy. With Chipper Cash you can easily chip your friends, relatives, and business partners across Africa. You earn commissions for carrying out transactions. 

You also get to pay bills without any charges. Plus you get to make transfers across different African countries including Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda for free. 

To earn more, you can join their referral program to earn commissions as friends join and use Chipper Cash via your link.

9. Trove

Trove is quite similar to the Bamboo app I shared above. Trove is much robust in the sense that it lets you invest in both U.S. and Nigerian stocks. The app interface is pretty neat and categorizes everything into the right sections for easy navigation.

Trove will give you tips, news, and more about the stock market. There’s also a section on the app where you get to see the trending stocks to invest in, plus the latest news on your favorite stock.

Trove makes it easy to trade stocks and also earn commissions in the process. 

10. Rubies Digital Bank

Rubies is a fully digital bank that lets you carry banking activities right from the comfort of your smartphone without having to visit a physical bank.

With Rubies, you can pay your bills, buy airtime, and pay for services on your phone. You can also create a savings plan to gain more interest on your savings.

One feature to watch out for is Rubies’ flat fee of N10 for all transfers, no matter what amount. If you are into the digital side of banking – which you should – then you should try out Rubies today.

Personal Finance Apps in Nigeria – Are they worth using?

If you choose to make some extra money, then you should check them out. But as you do, please carry out extra research before investing in any of the above platforms. Feel free to share other platforms you use for personal finance. 

Also, feel free to share your experience with any of the apps listed above if you’ve tried them. 

So, there you go – the top 10 personal finance apps in Nigeria.

Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen Gbolagadehttps://www.stephengade.com/
Stephen is a Frontend engineer, technical writer, owner and part-time blogger here at Gbolamedia, incoming data scientist, an enthusiastic cynophilist, and a curious introvert. Stephen is currently available for full-time, part-time or contract-base role. Contact him here: on WhatsApp or check him on Linkedin


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