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Top 15 Business Blogs in Nigeria (2020)



In this post, I’ll be going over the best business blogs in Nigeria to keep up with the latest happenings in business because in today’s fast paced business world, one would need to be abreast with the latest happenings in the world of business, the latest business trends, business tips and best practices.

These business blogs are the best you can find in Nigeria, with quality contents to keep you up-to-date in the world of business, I’ll be dropping links you can use to access the various blogs I’ll be listing out below, be sure to add them to your bookmarks on your favorite browser for easy access.

Important Disclaimer: I’m not ranking any blog above others and the numbers here are not denoting hierarchy. But the main idea behind this blog post is to show you 15 best business blogs in Nigeria with helpful contents for smart entrepreneurs like you.

Top Business Blogs in Nigeria

1. Blog | is for me, the best blog for business inclined persons and corporations, virtually any class of person in the business world is taken into consideration. offers some of the best business tips and best practices to stay elevated in this ever-growing world of business.

The site is updated with the best content in business you could think of, why don’t you check it out and see for yourself.

2.      NextnaijaEntrpreneur Blog |

My second favorite, nextnaijaentrepreneur focuses on developing aspiring entrepreneur and sole proprietors, they offer well-tailored tips that focuses on increased productivity of an entrepreneur. Don’t get too perturbed by the word entrepreneur, the tips and advice provided on the sites is practically applicable to anyone in the world of business.

With the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, nextnaijaentrepreneur is doing a good job in creating entrepreneurs out of nothing.

3.      Nairametrics Blog |

NairaMetrics is one of the top all-encompassing business blogs in Nigeria, the site is fortified frequently with the best of best stories and insight in business, it exposes business persons to the best practices in business, youths with affinity for business aren’t left out, everyone is duly represented on the pages of this blog.

Personally, I’ve learnt a lot by visiting this site and it will be nice you do same.

4.      SME Digest Blog |

This blog is updated daily with some of the best news and happenings in and around the world of business, it covers field like entrepreneurship, insurance, stocks and other fields in the world of business.

As a business person, you’d find great posts with picturesque explanations for easy understanding, you could as well share the stories in there with your loved ones and friends to also keep them informed on the latest happenings.

5.      SMEbiz Info |

If you aspire to start your profitable business in Nigeria soon, there are some sites you’d need to frequent on, SME biz is one of such sites and I say this with every bit of certainty.

Navigation on this site is pretty easy and require less hassles, you visit, navigate, get any information you want without stress. On this sites, you’d be provided with the best tips, guides from experts.

6.      Gbolamedia |

Gbolamedia is also one of the best business blogs in Nigeria, with helpful insights guides and tips on the latest happenings in the business world. The blog provides the best information you could find in the world of business, this site is more concerned in the growth of business persons and entrepreneurs.

It was ranked as one of the 100 best SME blogs on the internet by Feedspot. Accessing Gbolamedia is pretty easy as the site is both mobile and desktop friendly with well outlined navigation.

7.      Utibe Etim |

From the name you can tell the blog’s owner – Utibe Etim. He’s one of the top bloggers in Nigeria and a programmer which focuses on web technologies – these technologies he has harnessed by creating one of the best blogs in the country that focuses on business. As with most blog owners, Utibe Etim uses his passion in addition to vast knowledge in the world of business to offer quality information for the consumption of business persons.

8.      Starta |

Another top business blog in Nigeria is Starta, despite its early status, the blog and its team of experts find a way to deliver fresh and quality contents to your PCs and smartphones. Topics on this site encompasses all fields in business and they cater for all in the business world especially start-ups.

9.      SME Toolkit |

Not your conventional hardware toolkit, but an online based toolkit with all the necessary tools in running modern business. The toolkit covers all from, stocks, business insiders, pro tips, and other important advice to keep you on the way to your business success.

If you are thinking of starting up any business in Nigeria, then frequent visit to this site will set you off the chasing park.

10.  Ventures Africa |

Ventures Africa focuses on the best business innovations in and around the continent of Africa – with specific interest in Nigeria since its owner is a Nigerian – Uzodinma Iweala.

The blog’s love for innovations leads it owners scouring the continent in search of business innovations and bringing it right back to your internet enabled devices. Asides innovations, Ventures Africa also provide best stories and tip from the business world.

11.  Profitable Venture |

Ever thought of starting a profitable venture, well think no more as I present to you a blog which is directed towards the success of entrepreneurs. Nobody wants to be in charge of a business where nothing works, we are all in business to make profit and that what this site seeks to do by providing the best implements for growing any business.

12.  Entrepreneurship Secret |

Well this site should be of great interest to all entrepreneurs who want wish to get the best out of their businesses. As the name of the blog implies, secrets on the nitty-gritties of entrepreneurship and make you enjoy your business like never before.

13.  Startup Tips Daily |

As a newbie in the world of business, you’d need some tips to help you scale through the murky waters of business. provides daily tips for startups in Nigeria in a bid to aid them succeed through the preliminary stages of their business.

14.  Entrepreneur Business |

The entrepreneur business blog is one of the best business blogs in Nigeria for best tips and tutorials on running whatever business it is you run. Its expert team of entrepreneur provide some of the best laid out information in the business world, in a well-articulated manner.

15.  Entrepreneur Platform |

This is one the best online platform for business inclined individuals, with latest information in this face moving business world. You can also get insight on top skills in Nigeria that’re profitable and how you can start them. Every entrepreneur should endeavor to visit this platform for best in the business world.

What’s your opinion above these listed top business blogs in Nigeria?

So there you have guys, there you have it – the best business blogs in Nigeria. And once again remember that this is not a ranking blog post and I don’t have any intention to place any blog above others but I wrote this strictly for educational purpose,

I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts in the comments!

My name is Stephen Gbolagade, people say I'm a multi-skilled guy. I guess maybe because I'm a Blogger, Website Designer, SEO specialist, Content Writer, Business coach, Digital Marketer, and Self-taught Frontend Developer. But what do I have to say about myself? My contents, personality, and services will say and prove the person I am to you. __________________________________________________________________________You can hire me for Music Promotion, Website Design or Blog Setup, Marketing and any Digital-based tasks! __________________________________________________________________________ Contact me here on Facebook :: Instagram :: WhatsApp __________________________________________________________________________ If you're inspired by me and think it's necessary to buy me a cup of coffee, you can give me a tip HERE 👌



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      President Muhammadu Buhari’s Full Speech on #EndSars Protest



      Have you watched the broadcast of President Muhammadu Buhari’s full speech on the #EndSars protest? Well, many of us are opportune to watched it live on NTA (their YouTube channel).

      We all know what’s happening in the country since two weeks ago and the President hasn’t until today, address the citizens of Nigeria. Before he went live to deliver his speech, Nigerians had set their expectations so high to listen to see what Mr. President planned to do with Lekki Toll gate’s Massacre, Police brutality, bad government, corruption and other things happening in the country.

      But, well… Nigerians are left disappointed.

      I know by now, you have being seeing some posts on social media by Nigerians, saying they need need to leave this country and travel to Canada and sort of cruise like that regarding President Muhammadu Buhari’s full speech on #EndSars protest.

      You’re eager to listen to it right? Worry no more! You can watch the video below or read the speech.

      VIDEO: Full Broadcast of President Muhammadu Buhari on #EndSars Protest

      You can read the speech speech below;


      Fellow Nigerians,

      It has become necessary for me to address you having heard from many concerned Nigerians and having concluded a meeting with all the Security Chiefs.

      2. I must warn those who have hijacked and misdirected the initial, genuine and well – intended protest of some of our youths in parts of the country, against the excesses of some members of the now disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

      3. On Monday 12th October, I acknowledged the genuine concerns and agitations of members of the public regarding the excessive use of force by some members of SARS.

      4. The choice to demonstrate peacefully is a fundamental right of citizens as enshrined in Section 40 of our Constitution and other enactments; but this right to protest also imposes on the demonstrators the responsibility to respect the rights of other citizens, and the necessity to operate within the law.

      5. As a democratic government, we listened to, and carefully evaluated the five-point demands of the protesters. And, having accepted them, we immediately scrapped SARS, and put measures in place to address the other demands of our youth.

      6. On approving the termination of SARS, I already made it clear that it was in line with our commitment to the implementation of extensive Police reforms.

      7. Sadly, the promptness with which we have acted seemed to have been misconstrued as a sign of weakness and twisted by some for their selfish unpatriotic interests.

      8. The result of this is clear to all observers: human lives have been lost; acts of sexual violence have been reported; two major correctional facilities were attacked and convicts freed; public and private properties completely destroyed or vandalised; the sanctity of the Palace of a Peace Maker, the Oba of Lagos has been violated. So-called protesters have invaded an International Airport and in the process disrupted the travel plans of fellow Nigerians and our visitors.

      9. All these executed in the name of the ENDSARS protests. I am indeed deeply pained that innocent lives have been lost. These tragedies are uncalled for and unnecessary. Certainly, there is no way whatsoever to connect these bad acts to legitimate expression of grievance of the youth of our country.

      10. The spreading of deliberate falsehood and misinformation through the social media in particular, that this government is oblivious to the pains and plight of its citizens is a ploy to mislead the unwary within and outside Nigeria into unfair judgement and disruptive behaviour.

      11. On the contrary, both our deeds and words have shown how committed this administration has been to the wellbeing and welfare of citizens, even with the steadily dwindling revenues, and the added responsibilities and restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

      12. Government has put in place measures and initiatives principally targeted at youths, women and the most vulnerable groups in our society. These included our broad plan to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in the next 10 years; the creation of N75 billion National Youth Investment Fund to provide opportunities for the youths and the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Survival Fund, through which government is:

      a. paying three months salaries of the staff of 100,000 micro, small – and medium – enterprises,
      b. paying for the registration of 250,000 businesses at the Corporate Affairs Commission,
      c. giving a grant of N30,000 to 100,000 artisans; and
      d. guaranteeing market for the products of traders.

      13. These are in addition to many other initiatives such as;
      a. Farmermoni,
      b. Tradermoni,
      c. Marketmoni,
      d. N-Power,
      e. N-Tech and
      f. N-Agro.

      14. No Nigerian Government in the past has methodically and seriously approached poverty-alleviation like we have done.

      15. With regard to the welfare of police personnel, the National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission has been directed to expedite action on the finalization of the new salary structure of members of the Nigeria Police Force. The emoluments of other paramilitary services are also being reviewed upwards.

      16. In order to underscore the importance of education in preparing youths for the future, this administration has come up with a new salary structure and other incentives for our teachers.

      17. Let me at this point reaffirm the Federal Government’s commitment to preserving the unity of this country.

      18. We will continue to improve good governance and our democratic process, including through sustained engagement.

      19. We shall continue to ensure that liberty and freedom, as well as the fundamental rights of all citizens are protected.

      20. But remember that government also has the obligation to protect lives and properties, as well as the right of citizens to go about their daily businesses freely and protected from acts of violence.

      21. To our neighbours in particular, and members of the international community, many of whom have expressed concern about the ongoing development in Nigeria, we thank you and urge you all to seek to know all the facts available before taking a position or rushing to judgment and making hasty pronouncements.

      22. In the circumstances, I would like to appeal to protesters to note and take advantage of the various well-thought-out initiatives of this administration designed to make their lives better and more meaningful, and resist the temptation of being used by some subversive elements to cause chaos with the aim of truncating our nascent democracy.

      23. For you to do otherwise will amount to undermining national security and the law and order situation. Under no circumstances will this be tolerated.

      24. I therefore call on our youths to discontinue the street protests and constructively engage government in finding solutions. Your voice has been heard loud and clear and we are responding.

      25. And I call on all Nigerians to go about their normal businesses, and enjoin security agencies to protect lives and properties of all law abiding citizens without doing harm to those they are meant to protect. Let me pay tribute to officers of the Nigeria Police Force who have tragically lost their lives in the line of duty.

      26. I would like to thank those state Governors, traditional and religious leaders who have appealed for calm and restraint. I also thank youth leaders who have restrained their followers from taking the law into their hands.

      27. This government respects and will continue to respect all the democratic rights and civil liberties of the people, but it will not allow anybody or groups to disrupt the peace of our nation.

      Thank you all. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

      That’s the full speech of President Buhari on #EndSars protest 😉

      I don’t know what to say on this… But someone commented on Twitter that the President Buhari’s speech make the whole country “speechless” — Maybe that’s why I don’t know what to say.

      But I know most Nigerians are disappointed.

      But just in case you’re thinking of traveling out of the country and you don’t know how to start, here is how to get your international passport in Nigeria

      What do you think about the 10 minutes speech? Kindly use the comment box below.


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      8 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Household Expenses



      Are you finding it quite difficult to reduce your household expenses? Okay, don’t feel depressed, this page is what you need to get motivated and take that action!

      Among all lessons we have learned during this COVID-19 “pandemic period”, one good lesson we should always stick to,  is how to manage our funds and resources. Millions of people across the world became unemployed as a result of this world-renowned virus, but how do they survive? By simply cutting their expenses and wise management of their savings.

      It is very important we learn how to manage our money wisely, or hence, we might end up becoming financially broke or a debtor. I know you don’t want that!

      Today I’ll be showing you how to reduce your budget and lower your household expenses. These tips work for everybody, regardless of who you are, either you’re a 9-5 employee or an entrepreneur.

      So, let’s check them together!

      8 Ways To Reduce and Manage Your Household Expenses

      Tip #1. Cut Off Your Cell Phone Plan

      Having and using a cell phone is quite expensive when studied critically. No doubt they’re beneficial… but we also get charged for services, tax, etc., that we can’t even explain. This is why it’s important to choose a good cell phone plan.

      According to NCC (Nigeria Communication Commission), Nigerians collectively spent about N450 Billion per month on recharge cards and data connections. That is approximately $1.17 million spent every month on cell phone plans.

      You know what?

      The amount of money spent on recharge cards and data connections covered about 73% of Nigerians’ expenses while the remaining 27% covered foodstuff, emergency funds, skincare, and other personal stuff.

      I’m sure you’re one of those people enriching these telecommunication companies every month, I personally buy data worth N15,000 every month!

      We need to learn how to reduce these expenses, and the best way we can do that is to reduce the hours we spent on social media apps (especially, Instagram and Facebook), YouTube, and online streaming sites.

      Also, a prepaid plan is the most suitable option. You can get it with the major carriers at almost half the price of the regular plan. The beauty of prepaid plans are the added bonuses and incentives. Things like unlimited calls, unlimited SMSs, reduced call rates, and lots more. 

      RELATED: How to Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

      If you’re looking to save some bucks, cut the regular plan and switch to a prepaid plan.

      Tip #2. Do Away With Cable Subscription

      One of the best ways you can reduce your household expenses is by ditching your cable plan. I know it feels good to lay on the couch after the day’s work… sipping your favorite drink… watching a good movie. I get it. But you’re on a budget and some things have to go.

      Thankfully, we have digital platforms today where you can watch your favorite TV and sports shows. You can watch TV on YouTube, Netflix is a good option—it costs less per month, Showbox for Android users is great, or you could get a fire stick. 

      There are lots of these services out there, using any will help in maximizing your finances in the long run.

      Tip #3. Get an Insurance

      We live in a world where everything is risky either on land, in water, or at home. Accidents can happen anytime, you can start developing a kind of sickness any day, your car might develop faults and different unforeseen circumstances that may suddenly require you to spend money.

      Sometimes, you have to borrow money from your friends, co-operative society, or take a loan from your bank, in order to take care of those issues. 

      But to help you manage your funds and reduce your expenses, Insurance plans are ready to cover that for you.

      If you are a car owner, it is very important to have auto insurance. It comes in handy because you never know when uncertainties or accidents may occur. But the cost of these plans does take a toll on your finances.

      If your business requires traveling a lot, you can opt-in for travel insurance, and you can do the same for health insurance.

      You can always shop around for a less expensive plan. The big carriers tend to charge you higher than necessary. This may be due to you having certain covers you don’t need at the moment, or you’re probably in a wrong plan.

      Take out time to review your current insurance plan, do away with covers you don’t need. Or better still, check out smaller firms with similar benefits but at a lower cost.

      Tip #4. Cancel Memberships

      Membership plans do get you exclusive features and other juicy benefits. This could be membership plans from your gym, Netflix, Amazon, or Audible. Whatever it is. If it’s not necessary at the moment, cancel it.

      You wouldn’t miss much. There are alternatives you could check out: YouTube for Netflix, visit a local library in place of Audible, and work out at home instead of going to the gym. Remember, you’re trying to cut costs.

      Tip #5. Consider Reducing Your Rent

      It’s time to do away with luxurious living if you stay in a rented apartment. Take for instance you live in a 3 bedroom apartment…you could switch to a 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom to reduce household expenses.

      Also, if you can, assuming this wouldn’t affect your work: try switching locations if possible. Certain areas are characterized by huge housing costs but you can change to less expensive areas if possible.

      I know a guy who spent up to $2,500 (N800,000) on his new rented apartment, he had enough money in his savings to take care of feeding and other necessary stuff for the few months. But as an entrepreneur, he invested the savings on a business which went against him!

      Dude is broke, and the next thing for him is to relocate to a small apartment which will cost N40,000 per year ($100/yr) instead of his previous N90,000 per year ($220/yr).

      So, don’t be afraid to reduce your rent, change the location, and start looking for the bigger picture (stabilizing your business and getting your own house).

      Tip #6. Cook in Your House, Stop Eating Outside!

      Yes, you read right. And you’re asking if it’s possible? Of course, it is possible. We don’t tend to keep records of how much we spend on food and restaurants. I don’t do that.

      And so we go ahead without knowing because we think the amount we spend per meal or snack is little. No, it’s not. When summed up, we could see how much we’ve spent and how big the amount is.

      I was a regular fan of a restaurant close to my house. I spent up to N1500 on every meal. To me, I thought that’s cool and not too much to satisfy my belly. But at the end of the first 30 days, I realized that N45,000 has left my pocket on just a 1-square meal per day. And that doesn’t include the transport fare to buy the food, the tips, and money spent on food for another 2-square meal.

      Averagely, I spent up to N60,000 in that month on food. 

      Again, you may think it’s very small when you’re spending it, but when you calculate the total money spent at the end of the month, you’ll see how much you’ve spent.

      So, I decided to start buying foodstuffs and cooking at home (I have kitchen utensils already). I spent an average of N15,000 per month on foodstuff, and like N200 per day on other things I need to buy, that is N6,000.

      It means I spend N21,000 on food I prepare myself instead of the previous N60,000 on outside food (saving N39,000)!

      So please… stop eating out. Start cooking at home and see how much of an impact it makes. Yes, it might be difficult but you need to stop.

      Tip #7. Reduce Your Grocery Bill

      Staying with our previous tip, I asked you to cook at home. But wait! What if you’ve been spending more than you should on groceries? If you’re guilty of this (maybe you’re not) here’s how you can reduce your grocery bill.

      You can start patronizing stores that offer discounts. Others may have deals like “By One, Get One Free”, or you could shop online using coupons. Don’t tell me you don’t love those deals…those discounts. You do, right? So go ahead and change your grocery store or supermarket.

      Buy your groceries in bulk instead of buying at a very expensive price per one or two.

      Also, notice those things you don’t really use and stop buying them or maybe, reduce the quantity. 

      Tip #8. Fancy Grooming… Are They Even Necessary?

      Sure they are! I know we all crave those fancy stuff such as good shoes, chains, clothes, coffees with milk, cream, sugar, or whatever. But there comes a time when we need to sit back and ask: Do I really need this? Especially if you’re like me who is grinding to save some money.

      Go get yourself a coffee maker and start making yours at home. If you’re not going to any occasion that demands you for new clothes, don’t buy it, if your shoe leather is getting worn-off, fix it by giving it to a professional shoemaker instead of disposing of it.

      I know it’s convenient to get out there and fix your nails, make your hair, or do some makeup. Right now you need to consider doing these things yourself.

      Are they difficult?

      Not at all. Unless you’re too busy. If you’re not, pick up your phone and head over to YouTube to start learning these things and start saving money. 

      CONCLUSION – These Tips Will Help You Manage Your Funds and Reduce Your Expenses

      There you have it: 8 Ways to Reduce your household expenses. I know we love to do all these things: we love to eat out, live in luxurious homes, have some fancy coffee daily, then come home to watch our cable TV.

      But right now, you need to implement these tips above. If you can’t do it all, no problem. But make sure you implement the ones you can.

      So over to you, which of these things will you be cutting? Let’s hear from you.

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      Top 7 MLM Companies in Nigeria To Make Real Money



      I believe you landed here in quest of best among the Multilevel Marketing or MLM companies in Nigeria to make real money. This blog post will mention and recommend 7 best out of them at the time of writing it.

      You must have been introduced to certain money-making platforms

      Some did work out, some didn’t work as planned. 

      Or the worst case: it didn’t even work out. You were scammed!

      With that in mind, I want to show you something different. I will show you platforms that have been in the game and built a good reputation over the years.

      What I’m about to show you isn’t scripted. It’s REAL!

      Today, I’ll be your tour guide as we explore the 7 MLM companies to make REAL money in Nigeria.

      Time is money, and guess what? I’ve taken so much already.

      If you’re ready, hop on the car, and let’s ride.

      But in case you’re new to the term “MLM”, you might be thinking that;

      What is MLM?

      MLM, an abbreviation for Multi-level Marketing, is a business where members earn commissions from marketing products of a particular company. 

      In essence, the more you sell, the more cash you make; and at the same time, your level increases.

      How to Make Money with MLM Companies in Nigeria

      As a Multilevel marketer with any of these MLM companies, you are encouraged to bring in the new participants as this increases your profit and level. 

      For you to succeed, you should be able to convince someone into buying and using a product, and/or becoming one of your success line (probably called downlines).

      And in the Multilevel marketing business, when they say “PROFITS” in a multilevel marketing business, it doesn’t always mean “MONEY”. Sometimes when you reach a certain milestone, you might be eligible to travel outside the country with your partner, get a brand new car, and so on.

      Is MLM in Nigeria Business Profitable?

      Yes, MLM business is profitable in Nigeria, you can make millions of Naira if done correctly with patience. And it will surprise you that it’s one of the most recognized businesses in the world. It’s ranked alongside real estate business and top others.

      With that out of the way, here are they; 

      Top 7 MLM companies in Nigeria:

      1. Oriflame Cosmetics

      The name sounds familiar, right?

      Okay, Oriflame is a producer of some popular beauty and cosmetic products — from deodorants to lotions, hair oil, and any other beauty product you can think of. They’ve got it all.

      Oriflame also has the leading market share of beauty products in 30 countries but has its headquarters in Sweden.

      With over 50 years of experience, they’ve been able to maintain an amazing reputation in 60 countries.

      It gets better…

      You can also make money by marketing Oriflame’s awesome products in Nigeria by joining their consultancy program.

      As a consultant, you get to make money from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

      What’s more?

      Newly registered members could earn up to N49,400 in cash.

      So what are you waiting for? Sign up to start making money with these easy steps. 

      How to Register or Get Started with Oriflame in Nigeria

      Step 1. Using your favorite browser, visit Oriflame’s website (Here). On the homepage, tap on the 3-dash by the top-left corner.

      Step 2. At the bottom of the page, hit “REGISTER”. You’ll be taken to a new page, wait while it loads.

      Step 3. After loading, fill out the form, read and accept the terms of service, then hit Sign Up. 

      After that, confirm your email. Congratulations, you’re now an Oriflame consultant.

      2. Longrich

      THE second-best MLM company in Nigeria on our list is Longrich.

      They are similar to Oriflame in terms of product type.

      Longrich is one of China’s best producers of cosmetic products. They’ve been in the field for over 30 years.

      If you want to look beautiful, they’ve got a wide variety of healthcare, household, skincare, and personal care products. And they are not expensive.

      In a bid to give back to society, Longrich has employed over 10,000 personnel in more than 50 countries of the world.

      They’ve been in Nigeria since 2012. Since then, many people have been beneficiaries of their MLM structure.

      Want to join Longrich?

      Head over to Longrich’s website (Here) to get more details on how to register. It’s free! 

      3. NeoLife (GNLD International) 

      NEOLife has been involved with food nutrition products since 1958, and according to the MLM company, their product is fully backed by science and nature.

      They promise to end poor nutrition and poverty, which is awesome. Not only that, but they also have some incentive awaiting their distributors as they climb each ladder of success in their multilevel marketing business with NeoLife.

      They are in 10 African countries, which Nigeria is one of them.

      Registering is FREE as a member, but if you want to become a distributor, you’ll need to get your starter kits which include all documents (ID card, bag, etc) you need to get started and some products worth 100PV which validate you as a standard distributor with the company.

      Note: PV stands for Point Value. Which most MLM companies use to calculate their distributors’ performances.

      If you’re interested, kindly contact me here. I will connect you with someone who’ll register you for FREE and train you on how to earn a living with the business, without hawking any product!

      4. AIM Global (Alliance in Motion Global)

      AIM Global is also among the top MLM companies in Nigeria that offer wonderful benefits to its members.


      For over 10 years, they’ve been in the business of transforming lives by offering “remarkable products”. Members and users value money by using any of AIM Global’s products.

      In addition to that, AIM Global offers them one of the best compensation plans in the industry. 

      With the rise and fall of many MLM companies, AIM Global has proven to be a formidable entity with a stable business structure. This is what earned them the hearts of millions around the world.

      If they’ve earned yours, visit AIM Global (Here) to sign up. Or follow my steps below:

      How to Register or Get Started with AIM Global in Nigeria

      Step 1. Head over to the website using the link above. At the top-right corner, tap on the 3-dash to expand the options.

      Step 2. Tap the last option or “DTS Login”

      Step 3. On the next screen, hit “Register” and fill out your details.

      That’s it! You can now start making money as a multilevel marketer by exploring other options on the site.

      5. Norland Nigeria

      Norland is a multi-faceted MLM company with a presence in many countries, including Nigeria.

      Norland has amazing products in many fields. Some of the prominent ones include medicine, cosmetics, e-commerce, finance, and logistics. 

      Currently, the company boasts of 1 million+ participants who are benefiting from its MLM program.

      In Nigeria, there’s a huge community of Norland participants in different states of the country. With the numerous benefits, the community keeps growing daily.

      And you can join by choosing any of their entry-level plans: 

      • Senior
      • Bronze
      • Silver
      • Gold 
      • Diamond

      If this sounds good to you, head over to their site (Here)

      6. Recharge and Get Paid

      This is the new boy in town, but hey, he means business.

      For real, Recharge and Get Paid does what the names say. 

      RAGP is poised towards growing the welfare of Nigerian with its compensation plans.

      A lot of benefits await you as a new distributor. It doesn’t stop there, you also get other benefits as you grow in level.

      When you’re done, you can start up with as little as N5,000.

      The site is easy to navigate, just click on this link to get started.

      7. Organo Gold

      Finally on our list of MLM companies that guarantee financial independence is Organo Gold. 

      As the name implies, they are the gold standard brand for organic tea and coffee products.

      From a coffee shop in Canada, they’ve gone on to dominate other brands with their great line of products.

      With Organo Gold, you get a wide variety of teas and coffees to pick from. These are not your ordinary coffee and tea you drink almost daily, they are organic products with lots of health benefits.

      Speaking of benefits, Organo Gold also gives you a chance to make money while enjoying its products.

      Among the many out there, they’ve proven to be one of the top MLM companies; they give you the best of both worlds!

      So, if you want to be wealthy you can join Organo Gold (Here).

      But let me quickly answer some questions relating to MLM.

      Frequently Asked Questions: MLM Companies in Nigeria

      • Is MLM a Ponzi or ‘quick to get rich’ scheme?

      No, MLM is a very legit business, if you’re okay to run the business while prospecting new people to join your business tree.

      • What is the difference between MLM business and Ponzi schemes?

      The differences are clear: MLM companies have products but Ponzi schemes do not, but rather promise people with sweet lies. Also, strong MLM companies last longer than Ponzi schemes.

      WRAPPING UP – Best MLM Companies in Nigeria

      If you go online, you’ll find a lot of MLM companies. For some, you can make good money, while others are a waste of time.

      This is why you should check out these MLM companies in Nigeria that you can make real money and be financially independent.

      What did I miss? 

      Do you have any companies to suggest? Or you want to go with our pick?

      Let’s hear from you.

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