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A 43-years-old Kenya & HIV-Positive Man Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Defiling 11-years-old Girl In Nairobi



Antony Saiso, A 43-years-old Kenya Man With HIV Positive Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Raping An 11-years-old Girl

In Kenya, a 43 years old man who is an HIV-Positive victim has been sentenced to life imprisonment for raping an 11 years old girl after long trial.

The 43 years old rapist known as Anthony Saiso has recently shown up before the Milimani Law court in Nairobi where the magistrate sentenced him to serve till he died in prison for the charge of defilation at Kabiko Estate in Ngong , kajiado county on 25th of June, 2016.

When the rapist was in the court to receive both judgement and punishment, he said crazily to the magistrate, Hellen Onkwani to bring the so-called defiled girl out and test her for HIV maybe she is also affected with the virus just like him. He brought this up to face his face of the charges laid before him but to no avail.

He said:

    “I urge this court to order that the complainant is examined to establish her status because I am HIV positive so that she can be put on antiretrovirals before it is too late.”

The Magistrate, ms Hellen Onkwani ordered that Saiso will need to be isolated from the community since he has proved himself to be “dangerous”, the magistrate continued that girls and women need to be secured from dangerous and felonious people like saiso who allegedly attacked and raped the 11-years-old girl on her way home from where she went to fetch water.

The magistrate said adults should take good care and protect the teenagers and kids from Soiso-alike who are always hungry to destroy anybody’s life without any hesitation or consideration. Ms Onkwani also warned the 11-years-old girl who was raped not to expose or say anything pertaining to her misfortune to anybody.

Saiso will be put under severe punishment as first offender under serious custodial sentence. The raped girl has been examined and result shows the severe injuries inflicted on her by Saiso.

Ms Hellen Onkwani said;

    “The offense you committed is serious and you need a stiff penalty for others who share habits like you to learn a lesson. Courts have a duty to protect those who vulnerable in the society.”

Antony Saiso has 14 days to appeal
against the sentence.

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1 Comment



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“President Gnassingbe Faure Exit” – Protesters in Togo Cries



Togo: Protesters Call For President Faure Gnassingbe Exit After 50 years of Dictatorship

Protesters lined up in the streets of Lome, the capital of Togo yesterday calling for the exit of President Faure Gnassingbe who has been in power for 15years after taking the presidential position from his father, Gnassingbe Eyadema who ruled Togo for 38years.

The president of Togo, Gnassingbe Faure had promised earlier to hold a conversation meeting with the opposition party since November but, nothing has been done to validate his promise to this moment.
The president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo and Alpha Conde of Guinea who were the mediators have also being working things out in order to have open negotiations between both groups.

The PUNCH reported that Jean-Pierre Fabre who is leader of the opposition party, “National Alliance for Change” said during the protests that:

For now the Guinean and Ghanaian presidents are trying to have ‘appeasement measures’ taken so that the talks can start. The protests are going to continue until our demands our met.

Also on Twitter:

The crowd today covers over a kilometer. The people of Togo are not backing off. We want change and we want it now. 50 years of dictatorship is ENOUGH #Togodebout #Fauremustgo @SaharaReporters @LeahHardingAJE @Omojuwa @DOmowale @Smith_JeffreyT @Daniel_Finnan

— Farida Nabourema (@Farida_N) December 2, 2017

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Human Slave Trade in Libya: French President, Emmanuel Macron Promise To Help Victims



Human Slave Trade in Libya: French President, Emmanuel Macron Promise To Help Victims

On the ongoing human slave trade in Libya, French President, Emmanuel Macron has said that he will ask European leaders to help the abducted Africans who were in danger in Libya, after reports appearing to show African migrants being traded there hit the world!

President Emmanuel Macron said in a speech in Burkina Faso on Tuesday to bring “Massive Support” to rescue the abducted human beings in Libya:

    “I will propose that Africa and Europe come to the rescue of the people trapped in Libya, by bringing massive support to the evacuation of people in danger.”

According to BellaNaija, President Emmanuel Macron also sought to make a clean break from his predecessors, saying that he came from a generation that would not tell Africans what to do and would focus his efforts on bridging ties between Africa and Europe.

He said:

“I am from a generation that doesn’t come to tell Africans what to do,” Macron said during a speech to university students in the Burkinabe capital Ouagadougou.

“I am from a generation for whom Nelson Mandela’s victory is one of the best political memories.”

President Emmanuel Macron is on a 3-day visit to West Africa that includes an EU-Africa summit in Ivory Coast’s capital Abidjan.

    “I will not stand by those who say the African continent is one of crises and misery. “I will be alongside those, who believe that Africa is neither a lost continent nor one that needs to be saved.”

Libya’s Human Slave Trade Under Investigation

West African migrants were being bought and sold openly in modern-day slave markets in Libya, survivors had told a UN agency helping them return home.

Libyan authorities have inaugurated a formal investigation into slave auctions in the country following an exclusive CNN report earlier this week, the government said on Friday.

Anes Alazabi who is an official with the internationally recognised government of Libya’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency said:

    “A high-level committee has been convened encompassing representatives from all the security apparatus to oversee this investigation.” “Priorities of the investigation are not only to convict those responsible for these inhumane acts, but also to identify the location of those, who have been sold in order to bring them to safety and return them to their countries of origin.’’

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First In World Record: Saudi Arabia Grant Citizenship To Robot



Saudi Becomes First to Grant Citizenship to a Robot

Sophia, a robot designed by Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics, gave a presentation that demonstrated her capacity for human expression. Sophia made global headlines when she was granted Saudi citizenship, make the kingdom the first country in the world to offer its citizenship to a robot. “I want to live and work with humans so I need to express the emotions to understand humans and build trust with people,” she said in an exchange with moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Keynote speaker Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO of SoftBank Group Corp, a Japanese telecommunications and Internet company, which is working with Saudi Arabia on the development of a new business and industrial city, discussed the future of mankind in relation to AI and robots.

“Every industry will be redefined,” he said, describing the “great opportunity” that lies ahead. “These computers, they will learn, they will read, they will see by themselves. That’s a scary future but anyway that’s coming,” he said.

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