Entrepreneurs Can Now Send And Request Money Using Voice On Google Assistant

Have you heard about Sending and Receiving Money With Your Voice through Google Assistant on your smartphone? If No, i bet you are missing a lot! The ...

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Have you heard about Sending and Receiving Money With Your Voice through Google Assistant on your smartphone? If No, i bet you are missing a lot! The digital world is fast improving and thereby favoring entrepreneurs who subjected themselves to be ‘tech-savy‘. The world has turned to a global village where sending and receiving of payment is now made very easier than ever everyday.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has never doze for a while but rather keep on making a world and better place to live for entrepreneurs. The company is still working out the best to integrate Google Assistant in many services outside there. According to a tech news blog, ‘Google looks to compete with Amazon’s Alexa and Siri by Apple when it comes to receiving and sending money online’.

The recent development by the tech giant company has the imbibed-ability for you, i and every entrepreneurs outside there to send money from your contacts by just using your dear voice and of course, Google Pay!

Send Money Using Google Voice Assistant

You may be thinking about what’s so special about this new feature. I don’t know either but not until i tried it. It’s super amazing and work like magic! This new development will let business owners to either request or send money through their Android and iOS phone by using Google Assistant. And one of the greatest feature is that, sending and receiving money through this app will be made possible with voice just like Google Home very soon.

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For those small business owners and freelancers who were already using Zelle, Square, Pay Cash by Apple, PayPal’s Venmo and so on, Google has favoured us with this service or mobile app which we can use to request for payment from clients. This aspiring development will makes us to build long and mutual relationship between buyers and seller and, continuity is one of the key to a successful business. Above all, this great app is for all and free!

How To Download Google Assistant?

If you want to download this, kindly to Google PlayStore or iOS store on your phone and search for this keywords Google Assistant and boom, You are good to go!

Send And Request Money Using Voice On Google Assistant

How to Send or Receive Money With Google Assistant – (Step-By-Step Guide)

Before you can be able to do transaction using Google Assistant, you need to have initially installed ‘Google Pay’ on your device (and don’t forget that you will need to install Google Assistant itself also.)
Let me remind you that Google Pay is now the new product of Android Pay and Google Wallet.

How to Sign Up for Google Assistant

To sign up is so easy. All you need to do is to get the app on your phone and link either a debit or credit card from MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa from US Banks.

°°° To Send Money °°°
After downloading the two apps above, launch Assistant and simply say “Send Stephen Olgade one thousand dollars for Sponsored Post”.

Note that “Stephen Olgade” is your friend’s or receiver Name and “one thousand dollars” is the amount you want to send and “for sponsored post” is the reason for the transaction.

So, after saying that, Google Assistant will automatically analyze what you said and show you the transaction, if the transaction is correct, you will say “Send” and you will finally confirm the transaction with your password or fingerprint.

°°° To Receive Money °°°°
All you have to do after installing both Google Assistant and Pay on your smartphone is to launch the App as usual and say “Hello Google, Request $100 from Stephen Olgade for Sponsored Post” and automatically, Google will do the rest after you confirmed that the transaction is correct.

After you confirmed the transaction, Google will send an email, text message or notification to the person if he has already installed Google Assistant on his/her Phone.
If the person didn’t have the Google Apps on his/her phone, a link to download the app will be sent to him by Google to sign up and the transaction will be done and completed.

Is Sending or Receiving Money Through Google Assistant Is Available For Nigerians and Other Countries?

Am afraid to say NO. To send and receive money with Assistant is not yet available for Nigerians and other countries but only for United States and it’s available in English.

We are still waiting for the time this great service will be extended to all entrepreneurs across the world but before then, what do you think about sending and receiving money with Google Assistant? I will like to hear from you and don’t forget to share this with your friends.


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