How to Dress Like a Successful and Smart Entrepreneur

How to Dress Like a Successful and Smart Entrepreneur

To really show your clients that you are worth investing in, you must learn perfect grooming tips to woo them. I mean, you must learn how to dress as ...

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To really show your clients that you are worth investing in, you must learn perfect grooming tips to woo them. I mean, you must learn how to dress as a successful and smart entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs meet different clients on different occasions, most of us are chairing boards of directors, firms, agencies, conglomerated companies, individuals and government bodies with the aim of achieving the best for the respective companies or organizations they are representing.

Major reason why you need to dress corporately is not just to be attractive or show how extravagant you but you need to dress the way you wanted to be addressed, your business skills or intelligence are not enough!
In business both offline and online branding, you need to understand how to meet-up and simplify your corporate or business dressing etiquettes. To be sincere, dressing etiquette and sense should be one of the key factors that all people aspiring to be successful and smart entrepreneurs should have.

Good to know that most business organizations like the banks, hospital and other agencies have their own dressing code. For example the government here in Nigeria allows their workers (otherwise known as civil servants) to wear their native attires only on Friday while institution like banks, hospitals always are expected to put on their corporate suit and polished pair of shoes while most self-employed dress the way they like or feel.

But, the world of dressing and grooming is entirely different for entrepreneurs, no matter the source of your job and its dressing code. Here in this article, am going to work you through some tips on how to dress like a smart and successful entrepreneur.

Perfect Dressing Tips For Successful & Smart Entrepreneurs

==+ Take Your Dressing As An Investment: Before going to your office or to boutique for shopping, you must buy classic and corporate styles that suit your body shape, size and complexion. Don’t think because your friends are wearing Gucci, Versace, Fila or Nike, you must wear them also. You need to dress to fit your business not the latest trends in the town. Do take enough time to pick out of many and never wear body-revealing clothes (Mostly women). Some clients hate this while some want this but as a corporate entrepreneur, you must not wear seducing clothes or have such intention to negotiate with clients with your dressing but rather, seduce them with your business Skills and Intelligence!

==+ Change Your Wordrobe Constantly: Although I won’t advise you to take all your savings to buy clothes that suit your business and body. But, it will be good if you shop for new dresses at least once (or as much as possible) in a month. You should tell your regular clients, prospects or business partners that you are happy and successful in your chosen career and one of the best ways to do this is through your dressing. Don’t look retarded, tactless, or awful in appearance. Change all old clothes to New One. If you don’t know how to shop for clothes that fit you and your business, ask those who are professionals in fashion.

==+ Build Good Body Shape: If your body shape is not good enough, you must try the right and safe remedy to build it up. Doing exercise or going to gym regularly will give you perfect body shape. The reason for this is that, no matter how fabulous you dress without having good body shape, such grooming won’t go than beyond your room. You may look stupid to some people and this may cause depression or frustration if you find out what people or your business partners are saying behind you.

==+ Keep Your Make-up Simple: This concern the women who like using cosmetics in an excessive way. Let go of make-up products that are too flashy but instead choose the one that will shows entrepreneurship and serious in you. Remember you are dressing for business not for partying and you must not annoy your clients or allow them to take you for granted because of the way you dress. If your make-up is faulty, there are possibility that you will face some faults with clients and business partners. If you can’t perfectly do good and nice make up for yourself, I will advise you to consult a make-up artist for help.

==+ Remember To Do Like A Roman When You Are In Rome: I mean, you should understand how to dress for each business occasion. You can’t be working in a bank or hospital and be wearing jean and canvass to office, you cannot be going to farming to make the heaps or ridges and put on suit, you can’t be a military man and be wearing “mufty” to station or barrack (although, you may wear the police vest or any designated dresses by the military officials). You must select clothes according to the nature of your business or profession.

==+ Understand The Atmospheric Condition: Always, dress according to the weather condition. If it’s during rainy season, wear clothes that will protect your formal dressing from being immersed by rain like coat, jacket etc. Go for clothing materials that are reflective of the season. Clothes that are thick are good for fall and winter and it’s not advisable for summer but instead, Light linen fabric or clothing materials will be good for it (summer).

==+ Avoid “Color Riot”: This is a “must” for all entrepreneurs who want to dress up well and gaily as a successful and smart entrepreneurs. For business and corporate sake, it will be perfect if your coat, tie, shoes, handbag, shirt, skirt, trousers, belts and other things you will put on Match each other. For women, a black handbag should be match with black shoe. For men, a blue coat should match with blue trouser and so on. If you do this in right proportion, this will show your creativity, intelligence and how much more you can take care of things perfectly.

==+ Wear Quality Dresses: As I have said earlier, you don’t need to put yourself into debt before you dress like a smart entrepreneurs and that’s why I suggested that you should buy Clothes for at least once in a month or more depending on your salary or income. But, make sure that the “one” you will be buying will be a quality “one” not fake. Most clients will study everything you put on before they can give their project or contract to you. You remember the adage that says “Dress as you Want to Be Regarded” So, wear quality materials if you want your clients and business partners to take you so important.

Lastly, take “Action”! Don’t just read.
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