Business Technology: 5 Top Business Strategies That Works for Smart Entrepreneurs Like You

Business Technology

Did you know the latest working business strategies in the entrepreneurship world? As a business owner with great and profitable business ideas, you may have noticed some changes in the economy of your country or the world at large. Most times, things may not seems to be working for your company and you may even think of quitting but, did you know that if you change your ways of thinking, ways of implementing your ideas and how you strategized your business, you won’t be shaken by any economic meltdown.

Fortunately for smart entrepreneurs, Business nowadays is now made easy with the use of technology and other things which has changed the landscape of businesses entirely. There is no need to bother with how we will be reaching out to our audience across the world; we can connect and create meaning information for them without a steam of sweat.

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Technology have so long been one of the major principal of a successful businesses. Technology doesn’t only work alone in business but also, with the help of information, there is way for you to leverage your business ideas and communicate with your business partners.

promoting/marketing your products or services through social media platforms, then you must think mobile.

How Can You Think Mobile?
• Have a mobile Friendly Website: If you have a website for your business, it should be mobile friendly. If your ecommerce or business website is not mobile friendly, expect poor sales and conversion.

• You must also have an application (App) for your business and, you must target a Android and iOS users the most.

• Adopt the use QR codes for your products and services.

• Beacons

• And other useful APP for your business.

The world is fast moving digitally and, you must carry yourself and business along with it. Most of your clients and buyers are using mobile phones, for you to get your services, products and promotions to them, you must think mobile.

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==> (2) Engage Mutually With Your Customers:
The best business strategy focuses on customers the most. As a smart entrepreneurs, you must know how to engaged with your customers well than any other business owners outside there. A well engaged relationship between you and your customers will drive your business to the Zenith.

A smart entrepreneur and business owner who founded “Vision Critical”, Andrew Reid said “Customers are beginning to understand that their true value to companies goes well beyond their wallets. This is the age of the empowered customer, when a single complaint on social media can cost a business millions of dollars, an online review can shape the fortune of a restaurant and feedback can significantly affect business decisions.”

How can you improve your business strategies by thinking about your customers?

There are some ways you can improve your relationship with customers and have sales but here, I will mention 3. They are:-
Getting More Personal With Them: Although, you may not be able to be checking on your customers one after the other but, there are better ways to kill the goat except slaughtering. I mean, there are other ways you can get personal with your customers.
All you have to be doing is to gets their feedbacks, reviews and comments often.
You can do this by allowing comment on your business website, have live chat features on it, get to them through Emails and newsletters and moreover, always accept criticism.

Branding & Customization: To keep your customers more engaged, you must think of what they think… That’s quality products, services and experiences.
Also, attract new customers with packaging and branding. Let your products comes out with 100% uniqueness and color. For example, you can choose “red” as your official company color and, all the things from your company or bearing the name of your company must have this unique texture.

Give Out Things Freely: To attract new customers and to retain the existing ones, you must appreciate their patronage often through discounts, bonuses, competitions with rewards or prizes etc. Doing this will make new customers coming and the old ones to keep patronising.

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==> (3) Implement Unique Business Marketing Strategies:
How are you doing your marketing? Are you following others people’s ways of marketing? If your answer is yes then, you must come back to your sense immediately.

I don’t mean to scold you but, you must be wise and remember that you are having head-2-head with business competitors whom their own ways of marketing should be different from yours.
You can copy their marketing strategies but, do it better than them.

A business marketing expert, Susan Solovic said “in 2015 small business owners will look at the big picture and design their own ‘marketing blend‘ that includes several marketing strategies.”

What she mean is that, you should leverage your marketing strategies to all platforms you can afford. For instance, you can combine Street business giggling with Emails, facebook ads, twitter ads, google adword, pinterest, content marketing, search engine optimization and CRM.

A veteran digital marketer advised that:
• Re-evaluate the target audience
• Determine what works and what doesn’t.
• Re-prioritize and be smart about resource allocation and investment.

==> (4) Think of Contents and Contents Marketing: In business world, content is considered as “Product” not just words because, that is what will attract your customers the most. Whenever you want to advertise or market any of your products, think of great and captivating content that can easily attract them.

Don’t forget that when you are doing video promotion, contents should be put together effectively. Those words, sound and voice is your video content so, it must be great and unique!

If you lack content and content marketing, you should think well and change your ways. Hire trending technology about business and to the outside world.

If your workers including YOU are not trending with the latest technologies or strategies, how can you expect your company or team to develop business strategies in the coming year?
Training your staffs and yourself will proves that your company has a “skills supply chain” challenge.

Final Words:
Being a smart entrepreneur doesn’t mean you should just rely on your own personal philosophy but, you need to think of your customers, and how to get them engaged so as to retail them.

Also, focus on attracting new customers by giving out prizes, freebies, discounts and any other ways you can entertain them. Think of quality products and think mobile.

Don’t forget that content and content marketing is one thing the best key to a successful business.

Get to know your customers’ feedbacks, reviews and how to impress them. Train them on what they may not know are not good in doing.
Don’t forget that the toddlers of today will become parents tomorrow if they don’t die young…. The interns of today will become the Professionals of tomorrow, Always employ and train INTERNS (at least Annually).

If you can take all these into action, then you have proved yourself as a smart entrepreneur who is ready to improve his/her business strategies.


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