5 Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria for Beginners

As a beginner, are you thinking of starting a profitable business in Nigeria? In my previous article about how you can start a business in Nigeria successfully, my first point is that you must have a business idea.
Business ideas especially in Nigeria varies from the amount of cash at hand or to loaned (Capital) to how you will maximize the idea into big profit.

An adage says “All Fingers are not equal”, I know this is practically true and at the same time, it’s true in every aspect of our life including business, fashion, health etc.
You may have a great business idea to start a profitable business in Nigeria but as a result of financial constraints, you have belittle or even give up the idea in you.
And most people really want to start big when they are small financially, don’t use other people time to judge yours. You can start a profitable business in Nigeria with few capital!

Profitable business ideas in Nigeria

Nigeria is the commercial business country in Africa, a little idea of yours could turn global market, it can inspire alot of young entrepreneurs but, provided you start with that little capital you have.

What are the profitable business you can start in Nigeria with little capital? Here in this article, am going to walk you through the top 5 Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria for Beginners with Little Capital but before I proceed, have this right on your positive mind that there is nothing impossible to start and achieve; once you have the business idea, you can do it, just start!

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Let begin;

5 Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria for Beginners with Little Capital

• (1) Food Business
Food business is a profitable business in Nigeria for both beginners and business experts which you can start with little capital.
I know you will surely agree with me that all human beings even, all the living things can’t survive without food.

If you can start a food business in Nigeria with that little capital you are having, you Will make millions of Naira provided you do it the right way.

Mr Biggs, Captain Cook etc started with token but now, these guys are making millions of naira across the country.

I know very much of an NYSC corps member who started food business when he wasn’t able to secure a job and now, he is man of himself. He got tens of workers working for him.

A woman of about 45years of age engaged in this food business and as a widow, she was able to sent four of children to university at once in Nigeria.

Food business in Nigeria is not a joke once you are serious about it. If you can try this irrespective of your age or gender and, you don’t give up on it, you will surely make it.

• (2) Tailoring or Fashion Designing
Although this business may be crowded in Nigeria but people who are earnestly doing it never stop earning from it.

We have numbers of young entrepreneurs in Nigeria who have really make it in the fashion designing business. A good example is Osakwe Amaka, a fashion designer born in Nigeria but, this 30 years old lady is gradually dominating the Africa fashion designing business even, to the foreign countries.
According to a reliable source, she design clothes for top celebrities and world known people like the kardashians, former Firstlady of United states of America, Michelle Obama and alot of influential people across the world. She was even nominated for the “Young Person of the year” at The Africa Awards 2017.
How did Amaka achieve all these? Through fashion designing business which she started in Nigeria till this era of dominating the world fashion business.
Alot of fashion designers in Nigeria are making it big time in the business.

All you need to do is to learn sewing from either a fashion designing school and after your graduation, you are good to maximize this business idea and probably make money in Nigeria.

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• (3) Beads And Ornaments Production
Bead making is now one of the most trending and profitable business in Nigeria which you can start with little capital.

It’s very easy to learn bead making and ornamental products. All you need is to focus on what your are learning and within couple of months, you are done.
Beads and ornamental production did not have a static ways of production, it’s dynamic; it involves your sense of creativity to bring new, unique and attractive styles.

A lady which I know very and she’s operating this business in Nigeria is making money from it. Not only this lady; I read about a man who built a good looking house and bought himself a car through the business.

All you need is packaging. Senators’ wives, governor wives’, and other influential women can’t do with beads and these ornamental products. They spends hundred of thousands naira on beads even than gold jewelries nowadays.

About-to-Wed couples spends lavishing on bead products to make the bride more beautiful and presenting.

Apart from bead jewelries, they make use of beads to design bags, shoes etc.
Just start! Bead making is profitable in Nigeria.

• (4) Baking, Frying and Selling of Snacks at Roadsides
This is very common among the industrious igbo guys. Selling of snacks is a profitable business in Nigeria for beginners with little capital but want to dive into the the full entrepreneurship system and even be their own boss.

Let start from puff-puff and buns. You can start with N5,000 and within 4 months, the money will turn to or more than N50,000. All these small scale business like this are really profitable in Nigeria but some people as a result of pride or ignorant put this business aside and keep dreaming of making millions of naira suddenly.

Also, You can buy plantains with #3,000, vegetable oil with #1,000,
Nylon for packaging with #500
And that is #4,500, approximately to #5,000.
Believe me, you will make #10,000 after selling your them.

And the more you sell, the more you will be investing on other types of snacks. You can add Sausage rolls, Minced pie, and other snacks products to your business and gradually, you are making it already.

I know of a man who narrated his story from selling puff-puff and buns till he start his own baking and confectionery company. He owns up to 3 different baking companies now.

You can choose to sell your snacks at roadside, public motor garages, schools, filling stations etc.

• (5) Small Scale Farming
Agriculture is our main source of economy in Nigeria apart from crude oil. Farmers plants and harvest food and other useful agro-based raw-materials for industries who will in turns turn them to processed commodities.

Why did I included small farming as one of the top 5 Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria for Beginners with Little Capital?

If you are able to get a piece of land, try to cut the weed or grasses off and plant only maize on the land. The maize you will plant on the land is not up to #100 maize. After harvesting, sell it to those who sells roasted corn and do pap, you will realized that by the time you calculated all the profit you have made, it will be nothing less than #10,000 if you monitored it well.

After getting few bucks, rent a farm (either cocoa farm or any type of farm), work on it and at the end of that year, the #10,000 will be #100,000. Their is no long logic in small scale farming, just start from little and keep expanding your investment till you make more money.

A farm labourer turned lucrative cocoa farmer shared how he started from helping farmers to cut grasses, make heaps/ridges, mulch, plant and help the farmers to harvests their crops till he started saving money gradually and afford to rent a cocoa farm and, his first harvest wasn’t buoyant until the second year.
Now, the man has alot of cocoa farms with other farms cassava farms etc., an attractive house, saloon car, pick up car, motorcycles and two big Cocoa stores.

Small scale farming is profitable enough for beginners with little capital in Nigeria. Just try it out!

Wrapping Up: 5 Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria for Beginners with Little Capital

I know you have one or two things from this article as beginner who want to start a business in Nigeria. All the business ideas I aligned above are easy to start with while spending little capital. The happiest things is that, once you come up with a business idea you have passion for, you will surely be successful in the business.

It may seem as wasting your time when you first start operating this business but, remember that Winners never quit, only losers do. I know you are a winner, don’t give up.

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