Business Management: How Communications Aids A Successful Life

In business management, how does communications aids a successful life?
We will all agree that Communication plays a vital role in our everyday life, and it’s one of the most useful tools for a successful business because, no transaction can be made without communications.
In this article, we will briefly discuss the meaning of the term business management, “Communication”, reasons that words are crucial to a successful life, why we need to care about speech, and especially the importance of Emoticons.

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Business Management: What is Business Communication?

Business Management is the strategic ways of doing the dos and avoiding the don’t in anything we engaged in that earns us living. Communication plays a very crucial role in Business management and this at large leads to successful life.

What is communication?
The term “Communication” originated from Latin word, “commūnicāre” which means “To Share.”
Communication is simply the act or process of disseminating intended information from one person or group of people (the sender) to another person or group of people(receiver). It is usually through a medium, while using mutually understood symbols, diagram, languages, or alphabets.

Communication can be grouped into the following forms:

• Spoken or Verbal Communication: Oral discussion, Face-to-Face interaction, information on medias etc.

• Non-Verbal Communication: Body language, gestures, dressing and grooming etc.

• Written Communication: All types of written information that is sent or received from someone, like letters, emails, chats on social networks etc.

• Visualizations: What we only see, but understand the message, like Pictures, Graphs, Charts etc.

If you received information from any of the forms above, you must bear in mind that “The intended Outcome of Communication is to create Mutual Understanding or Agreement, either positive or negative.”

Business Management: Concept of Communications in a Successful Life


Unarguably, people who have high skills in interpersonal communication tend to be happy and have a successful life. They can easily express themselves with courage, and understand other people as well. This builds rapport and relationships. A lot of people have no problem in making their needs known, but unfortunately they don’t know how to persuade or encourage their listeners to act upon it.

Ways to Allow Mutual Communications Play Its Roles in Business Management and Real life

• When someone is conveying a message to you, the best thing to do is LISTEN. Study their body language, expression, eye contact and their intonation at that moment. Also, ask any question that confused you. As you listen, study and ask for clarification when you are confused: you`ll get the the best answer, and they will feel heard.

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• Don’t complain or whine, even if it’s critical or bad information. Instead, make your point known positively and politely as you offer a solution.
If the negative or critical message will not be well-received by others, it becomes even more important to be positive. It is also important to listen carefully during these situations. Remain focused on a resolution, rather than assigning blame or dwelling on the issue.

• Take a moment to think, rather than replying immediately. Consider what you want to communicate and how to do this without creating any problem. It’s okay to say you need a moment to think before responding, be courageous and clever.
After you take a moment to think, you might have developed what you want to say. By paying attention to your body language, making a positive facial expression, or proper voice speed, the response will be great. What you intended to say will encourage dialogue and problem-solving.

To build or live a successful life, words and speech require a great deal of practice. To live a successful life, misunderstandings and hurt feelings must be avoided.
It is difficult to figure out the best way to communicate in a variety of situations, but this skill can be studied. With enough practice and thought, it can be put into action- but it`s not a tedious skill to practice since communication is an important part of life.

Emoticons: Importance of Emoticons as part of Communications

As you have learnt, communication involves the use of signs, symbols or icons. And these icons used for communication are called “emoticons” or “smileys”.
According to Wikipedia, An ’emoticon’ is a small group of symbols arranged to show happiness, sadness and other emotions.

The word ‘Emoticon’ is a portmanteau or a joining together of two words/phrases to create a new word.
I.e ‘Emotion’ + ‘Icon’ = ‘Emoticon’

What is the importance of an Emoticon?

In the impersonal world of electronic communication, emoticons give us another way to share our feelings and clarify our meaning without writing too much!

Finally, Why We Need to Care About How We Talk During Business and Real life

Effective and efficient communication plays a vital role in our everyday life. It has the ability to confuse, clarify, encourage, instruct or teach. We need to care about how we convey a message in order to build a successful interpersonal relationship with others. Face-to-face or written forms of communication can be seen in daily life when you listen to the radio, talk to your friends, chats on social media or send an email message. Verbal communication is the beginning of that process, and soon follows the validating responses we all like to have.

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You have read my article about how Communications play a vital roles in business management and in our everyday life. Also, I talked about Emoticons which almost everybody is using to share feelings or emotions and, it saves too much of wording during communication especially, the written form.

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