Uche Pedro: BellaNaijaStyle.com Is LIVE For African Fashions

BellaNaijaStyle: Uche Pedro Finally Launch Her Lifestyle Website

Yay! BellaNaijaStyle is Fully Launched by BellaNaija CEO, Uche Pedro.
It’s a good thing having the full and brand new Lifestyle website which will be disseminating the lifestyle heritage of Nigeria and the whole of Africa to the world.

According to the founder of BellaNaija and the anything BellaNaijaStyle, she said:

    “Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed the African fashion industry emerge into its own – from indigenous runway shows across various African countries to moving beyond the peripheries of the global fashion conversation and taking centre stage. It is important that we not only consciously take part in these conversations, but also engineer them to ensure we can confidently claim ownership of a narrative that’s embracing of our true realities.”

She added That her team is dedicated to bringing genuine and helpful fashion stories that will inspires Africans in terms of Fashion and style.

    “It is the shift in agency and our dedication to telling authentic stories about the African continent that inspired the birth of BellaNaija.com over a decade ago, and now, the evolution of BellaNaija Style to expand into its own home – www.bellanaijastyle.com We are the insider’s guide to African Fashion, providing a bird’s eye view of the African Fashion Industry, critically accessing its promise, its capabilities, and its realities while also celebrating the dynamic and inspiring creatives within fashions value chain. As always, our content will inspire, it will inspire you to build that successful career in fashion, to see the industry beyond its challenges and focus on opportunities, to embrace colour block chic for the summer and the new kid on the block whose latest collection is fire! We have a point of view, but we are also here to know yours! To be the resource and guide on the African Fashion Industry as well as curating a stylish wardrobe and the lifestyle that goes with it. We are as dynamic as our readers, clued in and observing everything so we can report it back to you.”
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Let start reading about African Fashions and Styles on BellaNaijaStyle.com

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